Amy Finally Lives Out Her FantasiesAmy Finally Lives Out Her Fantasies


(Author’s note: I gladly welcome feedback whether positive or not. However, if you do not like the subjects of a male receiving strapon sex or eating his own cum, I suggest you won’t want to read this. Thanks.)


Amy wasn’t exactly the dominatrix type, in fact she was a very shy ‘girl next door’. She loved sex, but never initiated it, nor did she ever express any fantasies. Even if she wanted something in particular (sexually-speaking), she would never say it, instead she’d wait for me to figure it out and offer. Even oral sex — which she absolutely loved — she could not bear to ask for.

Her shyness was both cute and agonizing. Anytime I’d ask her if there was anything different she wanted to try, she’d always tell me everything we did was great, but I could tell she was holding back. It was obvious there was a hidden sexual tiger waiting to come out of her.

As I attempted to explore the possibilities of what her true secret fantasies could be, she’d more than willingingly try everything I suggested but still refused to ask for it herself, even though she’d often follow up by saying “I’d always wanted to try that!”

The newest thing in our sex life was strap-on sex. I’d always enjoyed receiving anal play. It started with ex-girlfriend who would finger my ass during blowjobs and 69’ing. Once that relationship ended, missing the feeling of a finger up my ass, I tried buttplugs. My next girlfriend really got into that and soon had me accepting dildos and eventually a strapon.

As I worked my way through various sexual escapades with Amy, I admitted to her my enjoyment of a good pegging and asked her if she’d be willing to try it, and as usual, her face lit up expressing how that was always a fantasy of hers.

With each taboo act we tried, our already awesome almanbahis şikayet sexlife got better.

Last night, after we returned from a friend’s dinner party, we decided to keep our own party continuing by opening a bottle of wine. Then another. Mixed with the drinks we’d had earlier, we were both more inebriated than we’d been in a long, long time.

Our drunkeness led to friskiness which soon saw us in bed having sex in every way we could imagine. The video camera was running — as it often did when we were feeling kinky. The booze had Amy feeling a lot more risque than I’d ever seen and for the first time, she showed a bit of aggressiveness.

Amy stopped our 69 session by walking over to the dresser and removed the bottom drawer, behind which was a bag of our sex toys. She took out her strapon harness and affixed her life-like 8″ dildo. This was not unusual, however as she approached the bed with her rubber cock jutting out from between her legs, what she said next was very unlike Amy: “Get down on your knees and suck my rubber cock,” she ordered.

I sat there stunned by her sudden assertiveness, wondering if I’d heard her right. Her next “suck it now!” command was clear evidence that I had. I got off the bed and onto my knees on the floor and took hold of her dildo. I thought of all the blowjobs I’ve received and tried to emulate the techniques I’d enjoyed. I flicked my tongue under the head of her dildo and slid my tongue along the sides before wrapping my lips around the head and bobbing on Amy’s toy cock. She grabbed my head and guided it up and down the length.

Her mouth was uttering all kinds of un-Amy-like comments and orders like, “Oooh yeah that looks so good watching you suck my cock”.

Before long, she told me to assume the position, I got on almanbahis canlı casino all fours on the bed and felt the warm lube drip down my ass, followed by her rubbing the head of her dildo around my opening, smearing around the lubricant. Already a bit loose from her finger-fucking me while 69’ing, the didlo slid in easily.

The first slide in is always overwhelming for me and she knows each time to give me a few seconds to accept it. After I got over that initial sensation of penetration, I said “okay, fuck me.”

She would always start off slow and accelerate throughout, but this time she added some more new experiences, namely as she reached around to my cock, she said, “Ooohh, it’s so wet with pre-cum, you’re soaked.” She rubbed her hand all around the head then let go of my cock and brought her hand to my face. “Taste your pre-cum, eat it!” she ordered.

I happily obliged and as I sucked it from her, I felt her dildo ramming my ass, heightened by yet another new side of her when she slapped my ass with her other hand and calling me her “little fuckslut.”

She asked me if I liked sucking her cock, to which I grunted a yes. She asked if I liked the taste of my precum, for which I gave her another affirmative. Then as she moved both her hands to my hips and pounded my ass harder and harder, while I jacked my cock, she asked if I liked getting fucked up the ass, to which I replied with a loud, “Oh fuck yeah, I love it!”

I knew I was going to cum soon so I wanted to look into her eyes when that happened. I lay on my back and felt her dildo slide back in while she held my legs up in the air, her hands wrapped around my ankles. She told me to raise my ass a bit higher and as my hand continued to pump my cock, she asked if I was going to cum.

When I told almanbahis casino her I was close, she told me she wanted me to open my mouth and try to shoot onto my face and try to catch it with my tongue. I was feeling way too good to protest so I raised my head and tried to point my cock at my face.

Within seconds I felt the familiar sensation of impreding orgasm. She grabbed hold of my cock pushing my hand away and squeezed out the most intense orgasm I’d ever experienced.

Amy knew just exactly how to squeeze and where to apply pressure to ensure my cum shot out like a projectile. The first splatter hit my cheek but the next shot clear into my mouth. The next hit my chin and the rest onto my chest and stomach.

The taste was salty, but surprisingly not at all unpleasant. In fact, I had to admit I enjoyed it, and so as she removed her dildo from my ass, I scooped more cum from my stomach on to my finger and into my mouth.

“That’s so hot,” Amy said. “Eat it, eat your hot delicious jizz,” she added while using her finger and her tongue to scoop up more and feed me my own spunk.

We kissed deeply, my juices splashing around in our mouths until I finally swallowed the last of it. We then lay motionless for a few minutes. I brought my hands to my head and said, “Wow! What got into you?”

“I don’t know, I just decided to finally loosen up and go with my desires,” she explained. “Did you enjoy it?”

“Are you nuts? I LOVED every second of it!” I exclaimed.

Figuring the alcohol played a very large role in her sudden assertivness, I decided to explore for more of her secret fantasies before her buzz wore off.

“Any other desires you want to let loose with?” I asked coyly.

“Well, yes, there is one,” she said meekly. I feared she’d go back to her usual shy self, so I quickly asked what is was. She hesitated, and I felt I was losing the suddenly aggressive Amy. I kept asking — pestering, really — until she finally caved in and told me her secret fantasy. It was nothing short of shocking.

(To be continued…)

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