American COP Priya Goes to IndiaAmerican COP Priya Goes to India


Authors Note: This is a stand alone story, though can be read along with the previous stories Punjabi Cop Priya adventures.


Few months have passed since the suspect had escaped after giving her uncontrollable orgasms and stealing her Gun. LAPD placed Priya under suspension and later fired her from the department as they used her gun in another crime. After all these happenings, Priya went into a downward spiral. She started drinking and passed her time locked inside her home. Worried about her state of affair, her mom came to the rescue. She insisted to spend some time outside America, maybe go back to India for a couple of months.

“Sonam will take excellent care of you.”

“I am big enough to take care of myself. I am 29 mom,” replied Priya.

With tears Priya’s mom said, “If you had married, there would be somebody to take care of you in tough times.”

“Don’t start this again mom. I am happy as it is.”

“Happy? Even your dad doesn’t empty liquor bottles like this in a day. Hear me out. Go to India and spend a couple of months. Travel through different states. It will be a soul searching”

“Mom, just leave me out of this. LEAVE ME ALONE.”

Not wanting to anger her daughter further, she finished her conversation for the day and left to her home.

It was afternoon, and Priya was still on the sofa. She was wearing a white tank top and black boy shorts that ended well above the knees. Her milky complexion made her look like Apsaras. Apsaras in Indian religion and mythology are the celestial singers and dancers who, together with the celestial musicians, inhabit the heaven of the god Indra, the lord of the heavens. Originally water nymphs, the Apsaras provide sensual pleasure for both gods and men.

The calling bell disturbed her grief filled heart, announcing the arrival of Pizza. She thought her mom must have ordered it before she went to home. Priya opened the door, expecting to answer the delivery boy. It was a girl.

“How is your day mam? Here is your Pizza,” asked the delivery girl.

“Hmm… Fine.” Priya ended the conversation, not interested in small talk.

“Thank you, mam,” recited the delivery girl as she took the receipt and the money. “It is you!! You are the cop who saved me in the alley another day from a bunch of thieves. I never had time to thank you.”

“Its all right. I am not a cop now. Now move away,” barked Priya. She had saved so many people when she was a street cop before moving to detective. She doesn’t remember anyone now.

“So what mam? You don’t need a uniform to save someone. You are not in a pleasant mood, but you are an inspiration to me. I have turned my life around because of you. Don’t get holed up. You can inspire many more women in your life.”

As the slices of pizzas went inside, Priya looked around her home, which now looked like a large trash can with empty bottles of soda and pizza boxes. Her hands were trembling. This is not who she was. Determined to start her next phase of life, Priya started picking up her clothes for laundry and dialed her mom to book a ticket to India.


The flight was normal. She changed over at Dubai and Delhi to reach Ludhiana, where her sister Sonam greeted her. Sonam was a 31-year-old MILF with big boobs and enormous ass. Typical Punjabi house wife with white complexion and plump body because of alcohol and no care attitude. Her husband worked near to Delhi and travelled on weekends. She had two children, both of them are in school. Priya slept her ass off trying to get out of jet lag. In the evenings it was refreshing to spend some time with her children. In one of those evening, Sonam stared at her.

“what are you looking?”

“Just thinking about the past and looking at your body. You have kept it in shape.”

“Hey!!! remember I was a cop. These hands once held guns.”

“Yes. I knew that. Now these hands will hold a loaded gun with two bullets,” Sonam was referring to penis and balls.

“Not today, not soon. I came for peace of mind, not for the pleasure.”

“With pleasure comes peace.”

“Nah., I don’t think Indian men have the guts to ask out less fuck me.”

“Remember. It was these men who made you as their slut during my marriage.”

“That was eight-year back and I am a different woman now.”

“Piyush is planning to go the village this week end. Maybe you should accompany him and spend some time there. My father-in-law would love to have you,” chuckled Sonam.

Priya was feeling wet down there. Sonam’s father-in-law Manish was not the man, to whom Priya had lost her virginity, but he was definitely the first one to make her cum and şişli bayan escort made sex enjoyable.

“Is he still strong as he was eight years before?” questioned Priya.

“He is stronger than ever. As he ages, it is becoming very difficult to please him. His penis never goes down so easily.”

“Are you coming with me?”

“No. Not for now. Exams are coming by. I will join later.”


Friday rolled by and Priya packed a small suitcase for her trip. If Manish has not lost his touch, she doesn’t need clothes for the time at the village. Her suitcase consisted mostly of contraptions and condoms. Piyush came home on Friday Night. Priya could hear Sonam moaning throughout the night and in the morning, they started to village.

“Looks like somebody had tremendous night.”

Piyush smiled sluggishly, “Someone will have a tremendous week. What about that?”

“I am just looking forward to a pleasant time and relaxed mind.”

“I am sure my dad won’t disappoint you.”

Rest of the journey was uneventful. They reached the village by noon. Manish greeted both. His hug to Priya was right, but nothing wrongful. He had allocated her a separate bedroom on the top floor with an attached bathroom and toilet. They had lunch and Piyush left hurriedly to get back to his wife for another round of fucking. Priya was tired of journey and went to sleep. When she woke up, sun was already setting. She freshens up and came down, Dinner was already being served. But Priya didn’t have the stomach to eat the dinner.

“A glass of milk would be fine for me,” requested Priya.

Servant looked at Manish, and he nodded. Servant went inside bring her the milk.

“Why don’t you sit dear?”

Priya was in no mood to sit. She knew he was looking for every bit of opportunity to fuck her.

“I know what you are thinking. You have come here to take your mind off, so why don’t you focus on that, instead of thinking of past.”

Manish continued, “Why don’t you come with for the night watch. I heard you were police and it would great if you could help this old lad.”

“I was once a police, Manish ji. Now I am just a woman.”

“Once a policeman, always a policeman. Come on. You have been well rested. Why don’t come with me for the night’s watch?”

There is nothing to do here now. As he said she was well rested and sleeping at night would be difficult. Without waiting for the answer, Manish order the servant to pack dinner for her, to eat in the fields.

Priya changed to something comfortable for the night. A boy short as an inner and denim pants, covered top with sweater. Manish wore a traditional dhoti tied around his legs with shirt, turban and a stick to fend off snakes.

“I didn’t think you would cover yourself up this much. It’s not going to be too cold,” commented Manish on the weather.

“It’s a precaution, my body is still not comfortable to the change in weather.”

Priya had visited the fields before. It was here once Manish rammed pussy so hard she had trouble walking the next day. There was also a bore well with a small reservoir to control the flow of water. A small cabin up into the skies acted as a security tower.

Manish took the stairs first. Priya could see his balls hanging through the dhoti as he moved up. Priya followed, wiggling her ass.

The cabin was small and open to the surroundings with a thatched roof. It had a water pot on the side and a small box. Manish opened the box and unrevealed its contents. It had a torchlight, match box, cigars, country alcohol and small country made hand gun.

“Here catch this,” Manish threw the gun at her. “I hope they trained you well in America. As soon as you hear a sound, flash the light and shoot at the boars. Don’t hesitate.”

Priya caught the gun and torch light. “Here are some cigars and alcohol. If you feel cold, you can use this. Since you have slept all afternoon, you take the first shift. Wake me when the moon crosses over our hut to the other side.”

Priya was staring at him, speechless. When she taught of going to fields, she taught of mingling with nature and freeing the mind, not the police duty and not with the gun.

Manish had removed his dhoti now.

“What are doing?” questioned Priya.

“I am going to piss. Turn that side if you don’t want to see.”

Manish then used one side of the hut as a toilet. His piss flowed to the ground like a waterfall. Priya doesn’t want to turn around and see his penis. But she couldn’t stop it. As she turned, Manish had taken piss and started wanking his penis to shed of the last few droplets. He then laid his dhoti down as a bedspread şişli escort and proceeded on to sleep on it. He used the same dhoti to cover his lower body as well.

“That piss will attract boars, that’s where you should concentrate. Good Night,” without waiting for her answer, he closed his eyes.

Manish penis was huge as it used to be. She looked at her watch. It was half-past nine. Moon was at her horizon. If Manish is correct. She has to wake him up at around midnight.

Priya sat on the floor and started her watch. The winter has almost ended, and it was not freezing. In fact, there was only a mild breeze, which caused her to sweat. She now hated for not wearing a t-shirt inside the sweater. With no one around, she removed her top and her breasts were now in glorious view. The mild breeze caught her nipples and made it harder.

As the time went by, Priya was immersed in her taught of how her life changed from innocent girl to a cop and getting unceremoniously fired. She got up every few times to change the position, look at various sides and have some water. At around midnight, she was tired, and she demanded some sleep. Before waking up Manish, she wants to piss urgently. Hence, she removed her Denim and shorts. She wants now naked in a security tower in the middle of nowhere with her father-in-law. She wished her suspect was here now, taking control of her body. She squatted at the opposite side of where Manish peed and released her hot golden fluid, much to the relief of the body.

But the relief didn’t hold much longer. She squatted down and started releasing golden jet stream of urine. There was a rumbling noise far away in the fields. The noise picked up and approached fastly. Priyas instinct took over, her pussy lips shut to stop the urine. Her hands went to the gun, and she took the prone position and aimed at the fast-approaching noise.

Suddenly she felt an immense weight on her body, Manish has now gotten up and is lying on the top of her, with his penis wedged between the crack of her buttocks.

“What the hell?” shouted Priya.

“Usssh, Stay silent and aim now.”

Shaking her head, she focused on the noise, waiting for it to clear the fields and come into open view.

“Stay Focused. Any time now.” advised Manish.

As the boar appeared, Priya shot pulled the trigger. The bullet went straight into the boar’s head. Poor animal limped and finally rested in the pool of wet urine that Priya had passed on earlier.

“Nice Shot.” congratulated Manish.

“Now get off me.”

Manish got up, followed by Priya. It took a moment for her to realise that she was naked. But it doesn’t matter now, as Manish had already seen and touched her. The breeze had dried, and it was sweaty.

“My watch is over. It’s your turn now.”

“Of course, dear. Would you like to come down and see your hunt?”

The offer was tempting. She wanted to see her hunt, but the prospect to getting down and coming back up would require wearing clothes and doing so would make her a lot more sweaty.

“I would rather see in the morning,” said Priya.

“But we can’t leave it there for the night. It will attract other animals.We need to lock it up in the pump hut now so that in the morning we can sell it or cut into pieces for food.”

It was a disgusting thought made her stomach grinch. But Priya refused. She made an offer to watch out, when Manish did the work, which he gladly accepted. As she again took the prone position, she realized that the floor of the hut was not even, but with sharp spikes because they were tied together with sticks of bamboo. She needs something on the floor to cover with, before she can lie down comfortably.

Looking down, she saw Manish sniffing her urine spot. She wanted to shout at him, but it made her excited. She earlier felt his manhood on her buttocks comforting. It has always been. Her attempts at rejecting and scolding Manish was because of the insecurity cause by her earlier lover cum suspect.

Manish took a little over half an hour to finish his job.

“You can sleep now.”

Priya rolled her sweater to a makeshift pillow. She tried wearing her pants, but it was a little tight. She rejected the idea and decided to sleep naked.

Manish removed his dhoti as he handed it over to Priya said, “Here use this as bed spread.”

Priya reluctantly took it and laid down. Millions of thought ran through her mind. Her first case, her first sex with her boyfriend when she was 20, when Manish and the villagers fucked her ruthlessly which made her lost social inhibition of sex and started liking it, her incredible but last sex experience with her suspect.

She mecidiyeköy escort couldn’t sleep. Her thoughts made her to look at Manish, who was now walking the hut with his penis dangling.

“There is a bottle of rum, if you want.” offered Manish.

Both took a sip, Manish said, “I know everything that has happened in America. Don’t worry about it. You are not only a beautiful woman but also a smart woman. You killed that boar in one shot. Few men in this village could do so. Never doubt yourself. Even though it is awkward between us because of the previous experiences of sex, I assure you can be here far as long as you like and I will never touch you until you are ready.”

Priya felt the words reassuring.

Manish continued,” I wish we had met earlier under different circumstances. You could have been my daughter if I had not fucked you earlier. Now get some sleep, it going to be dawn.”

Priya didn’t expect those words. She never thought of Manish as a father, but his words earlier were genuine.

Priya hugged him, and Manish hugged her back. He wasn’t prodding his hands into her naked body. It was a token of love.

“Thank you,” said Priya, “I can be your daughter and still you can fuck me.”

Priya lowered down his torso and started taking his penis in her mouth.

“Ah! My daughter has learned some new tricks.”

Priya’s hand barely wrapped around the thickness of his cock. The tip of her tongue found the mushroom head of his cock. His precum leaked onto her plump lips. I teased him with her tongue and showered his swollen head with quick tantalizing licks, while gently tugging on his balls.

Manish was in pleasure. For a man of his job, a blow job was heaven. Local women won’t take his dick in their mouth. They find it disgusting but here, Priya was in the process of make him cum sooner that he expected. She squeezed him tightly, tugging hard on his cock. His moans of pleasure encouraged her to continue. Placing my hands on his thighs for stability, I continued inch by inch until his cock hit the back of my throat.

She struggled to contain him in her mouth. But she desperately wanted to be a good daughter for him. she was sure he was about to explode before he unexpectedly stood up.

“Ly down, Priya,” he said hoarsely.

As soon as she was on the makeshift bed, she felt his warm breath on her pussy as he slowly rubbed the tip of his cock up and down her slit. He enjoyed teasing her mercilessly.

“Do you want me inside you?”



I arched back as he took my tight pussy with his long, hard dick.

“Fuck,” I cried. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

“Oh!!! My sweet daughter. It was lovely to have you back,” Manish said.

Manish positioned himself and guided his thick hard cock into her now slightly gaping wet cunt, she felt so tight, he almost felt he would cum soon. He had to stop momentarily to regain his composure, “what’s the matter? Priya asked. Manish explained that he needed a pause otherwise he would unload his balls deep inside her warm sticky cunt sooner that expected. He felt the sensation die down and knew then it was ok to continue.

Meanwhile Priya tuned herself and go into a doggy position. Manish positioned his cock and entered her love hole slow and steady. He got into a rhythm. Moon has now reached the other side and its white light covered Priya’s ass producing a glistening effect mixed with Priyas moans. Manish was in a trance. She moaned and gasped and offered all sorts of encouragement which weren’t necessary. “Yes, fuck me, just like that, keeping fucking me”. Manish would not stop fucking her, even if the world stops spinning now.

At some point it has become hard to maintain the savage momentum that has built up. Manish was in cloud nine. He wished he could have seen her face more, seen the pleasure on it, but he would take the view of her ass as a consolation prize. A few moments later, the magic words: “Manish, Manish, I’m going to cum!”. He can feel her clenching around me as she does so, can feel her hips bucking against mine. It’s too much, and he felt himself reach the edge.

He pulls out his cock out a few seconds before and then he emptied across her body. His first squirt is so powerful that it splatters across her shoulder blades. By the time it was finished, he collapsed on the floor. He had covered her lowered back and her ass cheeks with his cum.

Priya dropped onto her stomach with a moan of satisfaction.


It was heat from the early sun that woke her up. She couldn’t see as sunlight was directly falling on her eyes. As she woke up from her makeshift bed, she realized someone was in the shed along with her. She thought it was Manish waiting for her. As she turned her head, it shocked Priya to see the servant who served her milk earlier in the night, sitting behind her quietly and admiring her naked body.

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