Amazing Grace Part Twenty-Five Chapters 97-99Amazing Grace Part Twenty-Five Chapters 97-99


Chapter Seventy-ThreeJan Spoorman, a Dutch tour guide, opened the door to his passenger and back seats. “Someone can sit up front,” he said, hoping the pretty redhead would choose to do so.Sadly, she declined. “Mac, you’ve got longer legs; you should sit up front.”It wasn’t a total loss, as he could sneak peeks at her in the rear-view mirror. She was lovely to look at and had an aura about her that assured him that this tour of the Dutch countryside would be delightful.He chatted away as he drove, telling the Stewarts about the history of the windmills of Zaanse Schans. Once there, Mac and Grace spent time visiting a sawmill, making hot chocolate from scratch, and visiting the little shops in the village.Grace stopped at one point to take a picture of an upside-down duck in the pond that made her laugh. Jan found it endearing that such a sophisticated woman could find child-like delight in something so simple as a duck with its tail feathers in the air.Mac grinned to himself. He recognized the look on Jan’s face and felt instant pride at the fact that Grace was his wife. It wasn’t just that she turned heads, although she certainly did. It was more the effect she had on people. It was hard to put into words, but it made Mac awfully glad she was his.Jan drove them around for hours, visiting little fishing villages and seeing delightful old buildings, bridges, and unique architecture. They got out of the car on the edge of a farm to get up close and personal with a few cows. One cow nudged Grace with its wet nose and had them all laughing.They ate lunch in a little café in Volendam called De Dijk, where they ordered krokets and French fries, and they chatted about Dutch history.Jan again offered Grace the front seat on the way back to Amsterdam, but she declined again, insisting that Mac’s longer legs would be better accommodated in the front seat. Jan was disappointed but made the most of stealing glances at her in the mirror as he took them through some detours through some fancy neighborhoods. They made stops along the way to see how cheese was made, take in a wooden shoe-making demonstration, and, of course, shop for souvenirs. When he’d run out of things to show them, he reluctantly returned to the Conservatorium. They hugged goodbye, feeling like they’d spent the day with a new old friend.After Jan dropped them off, Mac and Grace headed up to their suite to rest before dinner. Their intentions were good, but it wasn’t long before their hands were all over each other. With clothes strewn all over the floor, Mac pinned Grace’s arms over her head on the bed.”I’ve wanted you all damn day,” he said as he kissed his way down her neck to her exquisite breasts.“Mmm, that feels amazing; bahis siteleri don’t stop,” she purred as her body responded to his touch.He sucked on one nipple and then the other until she begged him to enter her. He kept her hands captive while he rubbed the head of his cock along the wet opening to her needy little pussy.“Oh, do you need something, Grace?” he asked playfully.“God, yes! I need you inside me!”Mac grinned wickedly. “Oh, does my horny little wife need to be filled with my hot, hard cock?”“Fuck me, Mac!”“Well, when you ask so nicely, how can I refuse?”He let go of her arms, lifted her legs over his shoulders, and thrust into her, making her moan.“Oh, fuck, you feel so good inside me, Mac. Please, I need you to take me hard, fast, and deep!”Mac was more than happy to oblige. He watched her magnificent tits bounce while he pumped into her and felt her body tremble as the first of her orgasms took hold of her. He continued to hammer into her as she screamed and cried, “Oh, fuckkkkk!”Several more orgasms had her squealing with delight before his balls tightened and let go, filling her with his seed.Moments later, when their breathing returned to normal, Mac put his arms around Grace and held her while she listened to his heart beating in his chest.“You undo me, Grace. I had thought to treat you to some subtle seduction, but you bring out the animal in me. I hope I wasn’t too…”“Stop, you’re going to spoil a perfectly amazing time. I needed a good hard fuck, and you did not disappoint me. You can seduce me later.”Mac laughed. “You’re a greedy little wife. I love it!”They opted for dinner in their room to chill after a full day of sightseeing.“What was your favorite part of the day?” Grace asked as she sipped some tea and put her feet up.“The sawmill was pretty damned cool,” Mac said, grinning. “How about you? What part did you like best?”“Making hot chocolate from scratch was delightful,” she said. “Either that or the wooden shoe-making. It was very nice of Lindy to engrave our last name on the shoe and let us keep it.”Mac joined Grace on the couch and took the teacup out of her hand. He set it on the table and moved in for a passionate kiss. One thing led to another, and soon they were on the bed again.True to her word, Grace didn’t argue when Mac gave her an erotic massage and teased her slowly. When he felt he could wait no longer, he said, “Ride me, Grace.”She straddled his stiff shaft and worked herself down onto him slowly. It was his turn to moan. “Christ, your pussy is so fucking wet!”“The way you were touching me left me drenched. Now, lie back and let me work you into a frenzy.”Grace was grinding her pussy on Mac, moving gracefully as she fucked him slowly. His hands canlı bahis siteleri settled onto her hips as he met her rhythm, and he watched as lust and desire washed over her face. She was driving him mad, and he loved every minute of it!Eventually, her pace quickened as her first orgasm ripped through her body, flooding Mac’s cock with her sweet juices. Suddenly, he lifted her off of him and said, “Suck your nectar off my shaft.”Grace did as he asked, and soon, Mac found himself torn between taking her ass, as he’d thought about all through dinner, or cumming down her throat.He waited too long; there was no turning back. His balls tightened as she took him all the way in until her nose touched his belly, and he exploded. Grace swallowed every drop as she massaged his sac to make sure he didn’t hold anything back.“Holy fuck! You’re so fucking awesome!” Mac cried out.Grace looked into his eyes and smiled sweetly. “I’m glad you enjoyed.”“Enjoyed doesn’t even cover it. I’m so damn lucky!”“Me too!”Sleep came quickly that night, as the mix of sightseeing and rousing sex wore them out. Chapter Seventy-FourCaptain Dave was, indeed, an entertaining character, as Inga had suggested. As they made their way through the canals of Amsterdam bright and early Saturday morning, he made sure to point out whenever another tour boat would go by.“Look at all the faces of those people; not a single smile!” he joked. “They aren’t having any fun, I guess. But we are!”Grace was fascinated with every detail that Captain Dave shared about the buildings, the boathouses, and the history of Amsterdam. She hadn’t realized how intricate the system of canals was and felt like they kept going on and on. All in all, it was a lovely way to spend the morning.Afterward, she convinced Mac to spend some time strolling through the narrow streets and window shop along the way. They found a cute little café for lunch where he ordered a burger, and she enjoyed krokets, yet again.“Mm, these are delicious! Not as good as Inga’s, but almost,” Grace commented.They meandered around until they found a taxi to take them back to the hotel. Once they were in their room, Mac suggested enjoying a little downtime.“By downtime, do you mean relaxing or sex?” Grace asked.“My, my, aren’t you the insatiable one?” Mac teased.“Yes! Yes, I am!” she replied, reaching for Mac’s belt buckle. She had him freed of his jeans in no time and pushed him down on the bed so she could shimmy out of her own tight jeans and join him.“Look how hard you’ve made me,” he moaned.“Feel how wet you’ve made me,” she purred.They spent the next half hour teasing, licking, and driving each other mad with desire. Suddenly, Grace flipped over and wiggled her ass. canlı bahis “Is this what you want?” she asked seductively.A wicked grin appeared on Mac’s face. “Oh, fuck yeah!”Using plenty of lube on her puckered star, he slipped a finger in first to prepare her tight back door for his thick prick.When he felt she was ready, he pushed the head of his cock gently against her rosebud. He took things slow, easing himself into her an inch at a time until she became accustomed to his girth. Once he was entirely inside her, his thrusts were unhurried and deliberate. It was exquisite being inside her tight ass, and he wanted to last as long as possible.Handing Grace her vibrating wand, Mac said, “Tease your pussy while I fuck this hot little ass.”Grace found her favorite setting and enjoyed the stimulation while he moved rhythmically, picking up the pace a bit. Eventually, he grabbed her hips and buried himself in her back door. When they came, they did so together; her pussy spraying her juices everywhere and his cock depositing its load deep inside her.He pulled out and collapsed on the bed beside her. Pulling her into his arms, he said, “You make it tempting to blow off our dinner plans and stay in bed.”“As much as that idea doesn’t suck, I was kind of looking forward to dinner at Taiko,” she answered.“What time is our reservation?”“Eight o’clock. I couldn’t get anything earlier.”Mac grinned. “Plenty of time to have an appetizer then.”“Appetizer?”“Spread your legs for me, Grace. I’ve got a craving for your sweet honey.”Grace laughed softly. “Well, if you insist.”“I do.”Dinner at Taiko was delicious, and Mac was glad Grace had insisted they not miss their reservation. Afterward, they spent a little time walking around in the hotel and reminiscing about their first time together in Amsterdam. He remembered seeing her in the green dress she’d bought herself while shopping at a boutique in Negen Straatjes and how he wanted her so badly.He laughed as he recalled how she’d made him wait for sex until they’d reached Paris. Now, the sassy little redhead couldn’t get enough, not that he was complaining. He felt the same way. In fact, he wondered what the odds were that she’d go for one more round once they were back in the room.As if reading his mind, Grace said, “I’m trying to think if there is a position we haven’t tried yet.”“You might just be the most intuitive woman on Earth,” Mac mused. “I was thinking the same thing.”“You know how in the movies, the couple barely makes it into the room, and then the guy pushes the girl up against the wall and fucks her standing up?” Grace asked.“We’ve done that in the elevator at home,” Mac reminded her.“True,” she said, nodding. “But we’ve never done that in a hotel room.”“Well then, let’s get our asses upstairs and see if we can act out that scene.” Chapter Seventy-FiveAfter a rousing round of stand-up sex, complete with knocking over a lamp, they cuddled together on the couch.

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