Amateur NightAmateur Night


Shaun was 25 and in his second year of law school. One of his buddies was getting married and a group of his friends had gone out for a pre-bachelor party night on the town after one of their more important exams was completed. Sort of a “planning” night of which places would be best to hit during the bachelor party etcetera. Not really his scene as Shaun much preferred going to places he might actually have a chance of taking one of the girls home but he went along because, well, Shaun like naked girls- even if they weren’t sleeping with him.

Most of the clubs were seedy hole in the wall places that reeked of stale beer and had slobs in stained wife beaters as their main clientele. Diamonds, though, was an upscale place that had a good reputation and was a local favorite. The parking lot was well lit and had a decent number of cars and they even saw some attractive girls coming out as they made their way to the entrance. All good signs.

They walked in and Shaun felt the roar of the crowd as much as he heard it. He couldn’t believe the noise in the club and they quickly paid their cover fees. Shaun tried to ask what was going on but couldn’t hear the doorman over the crowd. They rounded the corner into the main club and Shaun was shocked. It was huge. It had to be 40,000 square feet and it was packed with people. Not just men, as Shaun was expecting, but men and women. And not a single stained wife beater in the bunch. The women all looked like they’d dressed for a night of dancing and the men were dressed nicely. Shaun felt underdressed in a Hawaiian shirt and jeans. They worked their way around the crowd to the bar and finally ordered some drinks. While waiting, Shaun watched a girl on stage, and wondered how she possibly got the job. She couldn’t dance, didn’t have any clue how to work the audience and generally wasn’t super attractive. She did have big tits, though, so she was still getting tips from the one or two guys she acknowledged. When she finished, the DJ said her name and then announced the next contestant in amateur night.

“Oh sweet! Amateurs! Let’s move forward.” his buddy yelled in his ear and, as Shaun watched the girl moving from behind the curtain on the stage, he readily agreed.

She was already working the crowd way better than the previous girl and, at least to him, was a 10 plus. She had long legs above her heels and she was wearing a tight miniskirt with an oversize mens’ button up tied at the waist, a vest, and a fedora. The song was “You Can Leave Your Hat On” and Shaun couldn’t take his eyes off her. Shaun kept moving until he realized he was looking up at her from the bottom of the stage. She had just unzipped her skirt and slid it down her legs while dropping down with her butt right in front of him. She was wearing a g-string and slowly straightened her legs as she rocked her hips back, right over his head. Shaun swear he could smell her and she looked back over her shoulder and down at him then winked before she walked back to the center of the stage and spun around the pole a couple of times.

The shirt looked like a dress hiked up over her panties and she unbuttoned it while she worked her hips to the beat, then she pulled open one side after the other before letting it drop to the stage behind her. Now she was wearing a bikini top, g string, and a fedora and her skin glistened. Shaun couldn’t decide whether it was sweat or she had sprayed herself down with something prior to going on stage but it didn’t matter. The effect was magical and Shaun held up all the cash he had.

She looked him in the eye as she walked forward and dropped to her knees and then crawled the last couple feet between him and her. As far as Shaun knew everything else stopped. He couldn’t hear the music or the crowd or, for that matter, see anything except her green eyes. She snapped her head around, swinging her long auburn hair and never once lost eye contact with him. To this day, Shaun can’t figure out how she did it. Then she rocked back with her crotch in his face and put one hand by her feet and threw her bikini top into the crowd just as the song ended. When she sat back up on her knees again, she slowly reached out and grabbed the bahis şirketleri cash from his hand and put the fedora on his head. Then she said “thanks” and got up to collect the ridiculous amount of bills remaining on the stage while the crowd roared. Shaun never even saw her tits.

His buddies were whooping and hollering at him and passing the hat back and forth amongst themselves and then the DJ announced the competition had ended and it was time for voting. Five or six girls came out on the stage and awaited the results, by applause. Shaun’s girl won, hands down. As she took her bow, Shaun walked back up to the stage and offered her the hat back.

Another slow reach and “thanks”. Over the crowd’s cheering Shaun tried to tell her his name but she couldn’t hear him. Eventually she took a final bow and the girls all left the stage to be replaced by the professionals. None of them interested him and Shaun nursed his drink while he tried to spy his girl somewhere amongst the crowd.

When a feminine hand reached over his shoulder and put a drink down in front of him, he couldn’t mistake the shine on her skin and nearly jumped out of his.

“Since I took all your money, I figured the least I could do would be buy you drink.” She reached her hand out to shake his and his buddies started whooping again. She laughed and Shaun told them all to fuck off, which simply caused more yelling and laughter.

“I’m Shaun.” Shaun couldn’t figure out what else to say.

“Sophia. So, Shaun, you always throw your money away like that, or is this the start of a beautiful friendship?” The glint in her eyes and the self-satisfied shit-eating grin on her face told him this woman was a force to be reckoned with but Shaun couldn’t escape it.

“This is definitely the start of something beautiful.” It felt like that stupid line Tom Cruise gave Kelly McGillis in Top Gun but it just came out. And, apparently, it worked because she laughed like a mad woman.

“Well, let’s get started then.” She sat down on his lap and they talked over the noise of the table.

She was 23 and had just earned her rent for the month. She was not a professional dancer but had danced most of her life in some form or another and had done this once before. A friend of hers had told her about how much money the girls made, even without winning, and she thought that it might be a fun way to make a lot of money quick. She hadn’t expected to win (an extra $500 on top of the tips). After a while his buddies had had their fill and were ready to move on to the next bar. Shaun looked at her and she looked at him and she squeezed his hand.

“I’ve got my car.” she raised her eyebrows at him.

“I’ve got a ride. I’ll see you guys on Monday.” Shaun’s friends all cheered again then got up.

Sophia and Shaun walked to her car and talked for a few more minutes and she finally looked him in the eye and asked. “Did you even see my tits?”

“Honestly? No. I saw your legs and then your face and missed pretty much everything else.”

She attacked him. In a heartbeat it felt like the car was going to burn up with them inside. They couldn’t stop. The car was fogged up in seconds and they had their hands everywhere. Shaun didn’t see her breasts in the club but they felt great. He slipped his hand inside her shirt and rubbed her nipples. She cooed into his ear and bit his neck then Shaun pinched her and she squealed.

She broke away and breathed huskily “We need to take this somewhere more comfortable.” Then she ran her hand up his thigh and kissed him chastely on the cheek and giggled. She started the car and they were off to her place.

Shaun didn’t remember how long it took or any part of the ride except looking at her and thinking this was going to be a good night. Kind of like that song, “December ’63”, except Shaun already knew her name. When they got to her place, they stumbled through the living room to her bedroom, leaving shoes, skirt, vest and belt in their wake. She closed the door behind them, pushed him back on the bed, and pulled the fly of his pants open as Shaun reached for those wonderful breasts he still hadn’t seen.

She snaked her hand into his bahis firmaları pants and leaned in to kiss him then squeezed him firmly and pulled away again. She started unbuttoning her shirt and doing a dance similar to the one she did in the club. This dance was just for him, though, and Shaun watched as intently as he had in the club. When she pulled her shirt open to reveal herself, Shaun caught his breath.

“Perfect.” he whispered. There really isn’t another word for it; her breasts were perfect. Gravity defying, full B or small C cups with tight nipples a little darker and pinker than the rest of her skin, which was also flawless. She had a small waist and a flat stomach over her curvy, feminine hips. She let the shirt fall to the floor and stood in only her panties.

This time, Shaun moved forward and pulled her to him, kissing his way from her navel up to her neck. He turned and put her on the bed while he knelt in front of her, making his way back downward. Shaun blew lightly on one nipple when passed it by then made his way to the waistband of her panties and ran the tip of his tongue along it slowly, watching the goosebumps rise on her skin as he moved. Then he moved back to her breasts. Sophia breathed more quickly when he circled one nipple with his tongue and gasped when he pinched the other lightly. Shaun lingered at her breasts a while before he worked his way up to kiss her again. She pulled him to her tightly, grinding her hips against him. Shaun reached down and slipped his thumbs into the waist band of her panties and pulled. She lifted her hips ever so slightly. He slid his hand along the firm muscles of her butt and pulled the panties over her hips and down her legs and tossed them on the floor. He leaned forward and kissed her gently at the top of her mons and inhaled her scent. Shaun got dizzy, she smelled so good.

“You smell fantastic.” Shaun licked her slowly, from the bottom of her lips until he snapped his tongue at the top, drumming gently on her clit. She hissed through her teeth every time Shaun touched her clit and began bucking her hips up to meet him. After a few strokes, she grabbed his hair and held his head so Shaun concentrated on her clit- swirling his tongue around it while he sucked with increasing pressure. She picked her head up off the bed and their eyes met again. She started shuddering. Shaun held her hips and continued licking gently along her folds while her orgasm spread through her. When she stopped quivering she pulled him up to her.

“I don’t think I’ve ever come that fast, before. Last time I danced I was so horny I masturbated for, like, two hours but this is so much better. I’m going to get a drink, you want something?”

“Some water would be good.”

She got up and grabbed her shirt again. Shaun watched her walk to the door as she buttoned a couple of the buttons and then lay his head back on the bed when she closed the door behind her.

Shaun heard her making noises in the kitchen, then voices. He didn’t realize she had roommates when they first came in but it made sense. No way she could afford this place on her own, even if it was small. Unless she was rich or she was full of shit about dancing. Shaun figured he didn’t care much either way, it was still a great night already, even if she did turn out to be bat shit crazy or something. “Typical guy,” he thought, “thinking with his dick.”

She came back in carrying a couple bottles of water and a bowl of fruit. “Sorry, Amanda, my roommate, heard us and asked how it went. And I figured we’d want some snacks, too.” She popped a strawberry in her mouth and crawled over the bed to him, on her elbows, trying to keep the food from spilling. Shaun took the bottles of water from her and put one on the nightstand. He opened the other and took a sip. Sophia leaned forward with another strawberry in her teeth and stuck it in his mouth, then kissed him as Shaun tried to chew. Shaun finished the strawberry and pulled her to him for a more thorough kiss. She threw her leg over his, straddling him, and ground her hips on him a bit. “Still ready to go, I see.”

“Well, you’re on top of me, in that shirt, with no panties and bra. Have you seen kaçak bahis siteleri yourself? How could I not be ready to go?” Shaun reached up and squeezed her breasts gently to help get his point across. She giggled and scooted back until she was sitting on his knees, then leaned down and licked his nipple. She swirled her tongue around it and put one hand inside his pants to stroke him. “Ooh, you’re really ready.” She mouthed the word around his nipple as pre-come oozed out of his cock and she rubbed it over the head with her thumb. She started making her way down to his stomach, leaving tiny kisses as she trailed down his abdomen. Shaun had done this to women over the years but rarely had one do it to him. Like her, Shaun ended up with goosebumps all over his stomach. She pulled his underwear down enough to release his cock and looked at it closely. “Mmm, nice.” She licked more pre-come from the head and popped the head in her mouth and ran the tip of her tongue around the rim.

“Holy shit, that feels incredible.” Shaun felt her smile around his phallus and then she took more in and did the tongue thing while she sucked deeply. Electricity shot from his toes to his crotch and all the muscles in his back tensed at once. She laughed again and the vibrations added yet another layer of sensation Shaun could barely take. He pulled her off him and kissed her deeply as she straddled him again, rubbing her wetness on his sensitive glans.

“I think it’s time we got rid of the pants, mister.” She quickly turned around and started pushing his pants down his legs, her ass in the air over his chest. When his pants reached his feet, Shaun grabbed her hips and pulled her back to him then kicked his pants and underwear onto the floor. Shaun lifted his head and started licking her again, this time starting at her clit and working all the way to her sphincter. She sighed deeply and slurped the head of his cock back in her mouth and took him all the way to the root. Shaun nearly exploded. He concentrated on making her feel good and tried not to succumb to what she was doing to him. He probed, licked, flicked, and lapped until she was squirming again, bringing her hips down further and further until she was grinding against him, trapping his head between her velvet folds and the bed. Shaun could feel the shaking start in her legs as she forgot about him and let her second orgasm wash over her.

When she caught her breath, she turned around again and kissed him and ran her tongue around his lips. “You know, I don’t taste half bad.”

“No, you taste damn good.”

She reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a condom from the drawer then reached down and somehow put it on him one handed without ever looking at what she was doing. Shaun was thoroughly impressed. Then she sat on top of him again.

She rubbed back and forth while she unbuttoned her shirt again, and Shaun reached up to play with her nipples. He pinched gently as she reached down and guided him into her then slowly sank down on him and paused with her eyes closed. Shaun continued playing with her breasts as she rose up and nearly came off him then repeated the process. The slow pace was agonizingly wonderful and kept them both on the edge for what seemed an eternity. Eventually, though, they needed release and Sophia leaned forward onto him and they rolled over so Shaun was in control. He picked up the pace and they both were covered in sweat by the time Shaun came. As Shaun let go, he pushed deeply into her and watched her play with a nipple in one hand and rub her clit with the other. She started coming a third time and Shaun thought she’d break his cock the muscle contractions were so powerful. He held still until all the spasms subsided for both of them.

Shaun lay down next to her and closed his eyes until he felt something against his lips. He opened his eyes and she was feeding him fruit again.

“Definitely more satisfying than masturbating.”

“I agree completely.” Shaun replied and they both laughed. She handed him a bottle of water and he sipped at it then excused himself to the bathroom. When he returned, they talked for a couple hours and began the whole process over again.

They didn’t leave her apartment that weekend; hell, they barely left the bedroom, and they’ve been together for the last 6 years. Every few months they relive the experience and make new memories but that’s another chapter for another time.

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