Aly the Tease – Ghostly LoversAly the Tease – Ghostly Lovers


I never used to believe in ghosts or the paranormal. In fact, I’d think you were crazy for even mentioning it around me. There was no way that your spirit or soul was capable of roaming this earth once your life has ended. Either you went to heaven or straight to hell, no in between. I used to always believe that until my husband, Rick, died. Talk about an eye opener. We met when we were both twenty-three and fresh out of college. We met at a local bar and pretty much fell in love from the get go. He was an amazing man and was really good to me. And after a few short months of dating, we were married. He was the perfect husband and soon after, he was the perfect father to our first son, Daniel. He was the best friend that anyone could ask for, me including. That’s why it was so devastating when he was diagnosed with cancer just a few years after we were married. It was so heart breaking to sit and watch him and know there was nothing I could do to help him. It only made matters worse when he suddenly died. I couldn’t help it, I flung myself over his lifeless body and cried and cried, “You can’t leave yet, you can’t leave yet!” I was a hysterical mess. And that’s when I felt something strange happen. It was like a part of his soul went through me. I didn’t feel like he was exactly gone yet, like he wasn’t ready to cross over. I didn’t think much of it and tried to go on about my life. The mourning stage was very difficult for me. I couldn’t stop thinking about him and his sudden departure. I would sit there and cry and cry by myself. I kept thinking about our future and how it was suddenly ripped away from me. “Why me?” I asked over and over again. “Why did this have to happen to me?” This is when strange things started to happen around the house. About a week after my mournful sobbing began, I was suddenly filled with the urge to get up and write something down. I had this voice that I’d never heard before, telling me to get up and grab a pen and piece of paper, to place the pen in my left hand and give up control. And I literally felt something grab my hand and begin to write a message on the piece of paper. Mary, Don’t be afraid, but this is Rick. I just wanted to tell you that everything will be okay and I’ll be around here to watch over you and Daniel for as long as you will allow me to. I still love you very much and I’m so sorry I had to go as soon as I did. I was stunned; I couldn’t believe that he was able to manipulate my hand to write out a message. Granted it was sloppy because I’m not left handed, but who’s going to complain about the quality of the writing when it’s from a loved one who’s no longer around? I certainly wasn’t. I was also relieved to see that he wasn’t fully gone from this world, and that he wanted to be around here to look after myself and our son. I was actually comforted by the presence of an unseen spirit. Having Rick around as a ghost helped me get over the mourning stage and ultimately move on with my life. I was laying in bed one night, shortly after he gave me that message, and suddenly I felt an arm drape over me and someone snuggling in behind me. My eyes were closed but I knew exactly who it was. I knew it was Rick holding me. It felt like nothing had changed, like he was actually there. I opened my eyes to look at him and nothing was there. I still felt him, but I couldn’t see him. “Rick, I love you so much. Please don’t go,” I softly whispered. Suddenly I felt his hand start to caress my side. “That feels good, don’t stop.” I closed my eyes as I felt him caress my side, before moving down to my ass. I was ready to let him do what he wanted to me. I felt him slide my nightie up and push my panties down. Suddenly a cold chill went between my legs, as if he was working his fingers into my pussy. I was very wet for the ghost of my husband. That was a very weird concept to grasp at the moment, but I went with it. He quickly brought me to orgasm. Then something weird happened – I felt my leg being lifted up before something bigger, but just as cold, penetrates me. This is when I knew I was making love to the ghost of my husband. I couldn’t believe it, but it all felt so real and so very good. He continued thrusting in and out of me, my moans were getting louder and louder. I felt so close, so quick and he hadn’t been inside me for no longer than five minutes. He sped up his thrusting and soon, I felt myself tense up and then shudder over his ice cold cock. It felt so amazing to be able to get myself off without having to be touched. He knew my tendencies and what it took to make me cum. He still knew this even after he was dead. And after I came, he was gone. I felt lonely in that bed once again, but I knew he was still around just watching over me. As the weeks ensued, so did his presence. Like I said, it’s like he never left. And what was so nice about it, was that every now and then, I would be led to grab a pen and piece of paper. Rick would leave me little notes from time to time, and what was so romantic about this, is that he wanted to set up a date with me. It always felt like he was there and that I could actually have a conversation with him. And the intimacy and passion felt so alive, so real. What I loved the most is that I could occasionally see him and feel him. One night we had set up a date – candles, blanket, wine, food and music. It was a very romantic evening and actually felt like he was in the room with me. We had an intimate date night and the sex to follow was absolutely mind blowing. I’ve never felt that kind of intense passion with anyone. In fact, it was like he became a much better lover after he died. He paid more attention to my needs and desires, as if he was able to tap into my soul and read exactly how I wanted to be treated, what he needed to do to get me off and just every little thing that the perfect lover – or soul mate – would do or know about you. But I knew that I would eventually have to move on and he knew this too. And the night he came to me and let me know this, it about broke my heart, but I knew he was right. Ankara escort I needed to stop living in seclusion and be with an actual man. He wrote another saying that I need to move on and that he would be around less and less until I found someone new. It hurt to see him leave like that, but I knew it was for the best. I shouldn’t hold on to a spirit when I really needed the touch of real flesh and bone beside me instead of the way things were. From that point on, I went out more and eventually found the man that was right for me. Even though I no longer have Rick, I can’t help to think about him and the wonderful times we shared together. He’ll always have a place in my heart, but now I belong to David and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Like I said, I never believed in ghosts or anything of the paranormal realm. After Rick died, I knew that was actually possible. And as for sex with a spirit, I would’ve claimed you were out of your mind until it happened to me. This has been my story about a Ghostly Lover. Mike sat the book down after reading the story about the woman who was visited by her dead husband. It’s a touching story and he couldn’t help to think that’s exactly what he would do to Aly if he was allowed to. With both of their faiths, it probably wouldn’t be that hard of a task to accomplish. After all, it would allow him to remain here that much longer. He decided to get up and do something to take his mind off the story. He pulled out his cell phone and sent out a text to Dan and Brett – Haunted hospital on Roosevelt, you down? Dan was the first to reply saying he was in, but Brett wanted to think about it first. Mike made a phone call. “Dude, you gotta go with Dan and I,” Mike said as soon as Brett answered the phone. “From the stories I’ve heard of that place, I don’t wanna go anywhere near it,” Brett shot, a little fear and apprehension evident in his voice. “Oh you pussy! Look, it’ll be safer if there are at least three of us. You know, like that show Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel? We can be just like them. Besides, you do somewhat resemble the one who gets scared easily.” Mike was basically poking fun at him by now. “Fuck you! But I’ll give it some serious consideration though. When do you want to go?” “Uh, probably Friday night. Depends on what works for both you and Dan.” “Alright, well I’ll think about it and let you know by then.” “Sounds good…pussy,” Mike laughed as he hung up before Brett could say anything. *** Mike wasn’t exactly sure what he was getting himself into. He tried to do some research on the abandoned hospital so he had some sort of insight on what he was dealing with. Every link that popped up led him astray, like something was telling him that the only way he was going to know, is to find out first hand. And this thought scared the hell out of him. What if something happened to him or someone else in the group? Would he be able to handle the consequences of what could come out of this foolish decision to enter this hospital – a place he was warned not to go to alone? He received a confirmation text from Brett stating he was in and willing to go explore this fortress of horrors that has claimed the lives of many that have entered its confines. There was no room for regret, for errors that could ultimately result in the demise of one or more of their group. But that was preparing for the worst and expecting the best. And expecting the best is exactly what’s on his agenda for this damned hospital. He was nervous as you can possibly be, but he wasn’t going to let that get in the way of his fascination for the unknown. In fact, it was added motivation for doing something that he had always wanted to do. Mike wasn’t sure if the girls – other than Aly – had planned on joining them. He didn’t want to put them in harm’s way, but if they really wanted to go, should he deny them of that? There’s no way he would be able to live with himself if anything happened to the others all because he wanted to go in the hospital in the first place. In spite of his own ego, Mike decided to call upon a paranormal team to assist them in their investigation. He wanted to make sure he had people with him that knew what they could possibly be dealing with as they enter this treacherous building full of any kind of spirit you can think of. He wanted to make sure this was all documented so they all had physical proof of the unknown – assuming they actually caught some spirits as they roamed the abandoned halls of this paranormal gateway that awaited them. Just the thought of the building freaked Mike out to no end. Would he be able to actually go through with it? As the days passed, so did his anxiety levels. He became more ancy, more jumpy as his mind and thoughts were consumed with this damned building. Aly noticed this right away and tried to throw out some reassurance that everything would be okay, but he all but ignored her. “Mike, you do realize that there will be professionals in there with us, right?” Aly asked him in hopes of calming him down as she watched him with his face glued to the monitor of his lap top. “Yeah, yeah, I know,” he shot back dismissively. “Then why are you so damn jumpy and ignoring me all the time?” She walked over next to him and had half the mind to close his screen, but thought better of it. He looked away from the screen and up to her pretty face. This was the first time in a few days that he noticed how upset she looked with him. And out of nowhere, he snapped back into reality. “I’m sorry, baby, I guess I just became obsessed with this damn hospital…that’s not good.” He closed his lap top and stood up to embrace her. “Tomorrow is the day we go in there. After that, I’m all yours. This I promise you, okay baby?” He looked lovingly in her eyes, hoping she would be understanding about this and know she’ll get him back once this horrid idea is finished. “Okay,” she paused, looking down, “I hope so cause I don’t like this one bit. It’s like this place is taking you away from me,” she finished as she looked Ankara escort bayan back up to meet his gaze. “No, it’s not, I promise. I’ve just wanted to make sure we’re completely prepared for this hospital. Don’t worry, baby, nothing could take me away from you,” he assured her with a kiss. “Okay, good,” she said with a smile as she kissed him back. *** After receiving confirmation that Rachel and Linda would be joining along, Mike and Aly left to meet up with the paranormal team at the grounds of the hospital to gather some more insight and knowledge on how the investigation was going to be conducted and the different equipment and tools that were going to be used. They arrived a few minutes before the paranormal team did and just opted to sit out front and wait. After all, they still had to wait for Dan, Brett, Linda and Rachel to show up as well. In the meantime, they were the only company in the wakes of this uninviting building that loomed over them, as they sat there and waited with apprehension for the team and the rest of their group to arrive. Aly was very clingy to Mike in the short moments before the team arrived. They both knew there was no turning back now and all but accepted they were going to actually be going inside this god forsaken building. At least they weren’t going in alone, rather with people who have done this sort of thing in the past. That much was at least comforting to Mike, who was beginning to feel very nervous. Oh, God, what am I about to get myself into here? They exited the safe confines of his truck and went to meet the team. “Hey, I’m Mike and this is Aly, it’s a pleasure to meet you guys,” he said as they approached the team with hands extended. “Nice to meet, you two. I’m Frank and this Mark and Debby. We’ve heard of this place, but this is the first time we’ve been able to enter it. And we are excited about this. Glad you decided to give us a call. Follow me and we’ll show you what kind of equipment we’ll be using tonight,” Frank said as he motioned them over to look at their equipment. “Okay, cool. Oh, and we’ll also have four more show up at any moment now…and speaking of which, here they are,” Mike said as he pointed to Dan’s car pulling up behind the team’s van. “Oh, okay, well that’s a little better now. More people should mean more teams,” Mark said while looking over at the car of people getting out. “You never know what you’re going to run into when going into buildings like these.” “You mean we have to split up? I thought we were going around in one group?” Aly asked, a new fear creeping through her. “You’re typically more successful if you split up into smaller groups. It’s less intimidating for the spirits to show up if there isn’t as many people present. That’s what you wanted, right?” Debby chimed in. “Well, yeah…it’s just that I was under the impression that we would do this as one group, not smaller groups. Wouldn’t it be safer with one group?” Aly was clinging pretty tight to Mike’s arm. “Of course, but your chances of seeing anything paranormal are drastically reduced with a larger crowd. Like I said, the spirits are more intimidated if there are more people around. Small groups – more likely to see and capture something over a larger group,” Debby answered as Frank pulled out all the equipment. “Okay, I guess, but I’m sticking with you, baby.” She was stuck on him like glue. “Here’s our equipment if you wanna gather ‘round,” Frank began, “first, we have these static night vision cameras that enable us to see in the pitch blackness of the hospital. It’s very important that we pay special attention to the LED screens so you know what’s ahead of you. Also – before it gets dark – we’re gonna go inside and find places to set up the cameras to record what – if anything – happens while we aren’t in that area. “Next, we have an EMF detector – Electromagnetic Field detector – which detects the presence of an electromagnetic field. It’s believed that spirits are made up of electromagnetic energy and emit their own electromagnetic field when they manifest. When a spirit comes around the EMF detector, the needle here will jump, depending on the strength of the spirit’s energy. “This little device,” he began as he pulled out what looked like a digital recorder, “is a digital recorder. This device will pick up on any EVP’s – Electronic Voice Phenomenon – which is believed to be the voices of spirits that can’t be picked up by our ears alone. We’ll be carrying these around with us as well as leaving some in various rooms to record whatever activity may go on while we aren’t in there. “And last, we’ll have a ton of batteries because these spirits will draw out as much energy as they can to manifest themselves. Electronic devices are a perfect example of the energy source they’ll use. Not to mention, if you leave yourself susceptible – or open – to them, they can feed off your own energy as well. If you’ve ever noticed on different ghost shows, that sometimes one or more people will began to feel really weak before something weird happens,” he finished explaining as he grabbed a couple cameras before Mark and Debby followed suit. Aly was still freaked out, but there was no way she was backing out now. She didn’t want to disappoint Mike, or make herself look like a pussy in front of the rest of them. She knew she would catch all kinds of shit for backing out. Despite her turning stomach and clamed up hands, she followed them inside the hospital, clinging for dear life on Mike’s arm. Just think of happy thoughts…ponies, unicorns, Mike, sex…mmmm, sexxx. Oh get a grip on yourself! Ponies, teddy, blankets, rain… She kept repeating those words to herself over and over again, and surprisingly, it worked out a little better than she had anticipated. She felt foolish for even being that scared. After all, she did find this somewhat fascinating. But the idea of having to split up into groups didn’t go over so well. Any other haunted place she would’ve been just fine, but the fact that people had died here while Escort Ankara investigating was a little unnerving. And the way these people died is a still a mystery. She figured if she clings tight to Mike, then she would be safer. Hopefully the rest of the crowd will be okay. “We’re gonna set up a camera right here to cover the entrance,” Mark said as he began scanning the room to decide on which direction to face it. “Might as well place it directly in front of the door. That’s the best place to pick up on as much of the room as possible.” “Why don’t you set up two of them right here? One on the left side of the doors, facing more towards the right. And the other one on the right side of the door, facing towards the left. That way both sides of the room are covered,” Mike suggested as he watched Frank place one camera directly in front of the door that would only catch the center of the room and not get anything that happened from the sides. “That’s not a bad idea actually,” Frank began as he moved the camera to the left side of the door, “that way, both cameras could simultaneously capture movement.” He grabbed a second camera and placed it on the right side of the door. “Alright, let’s get going and set up these other cameras before it gets dark. Once that happens, it’s going to be pitch black in here. “Now, for a little background and synopsis of this place. It’s been reported that a former patient was murdered here by a couple of nurses. Their motives are still very vague to this day, but it’s believed that she’s the main presence to occupy this old hospital. If I remember right, her name was Kylie Parker. From what I’ve heard, she’s not an evil or malicious spirit, but during different EVP sessions, people have claimed that they’ve heard a female voice come through asking for ‘help’ and that ‘she’s fine’. No one is really sure what to make of that since her medical files were destroyed after her death.” Frank finished his story and began walking down the hallways to continue the set up. The rest of the group followed Frank around as he set up different cameras around the hospital. He laid a few of the digital records in each room and had even taped a few of them on the door ways, in hopes of catching some EVP’s that were out in the hallways. It was a very delicate process to make sure that the different cameras and recorders were set up in the best possible position for them to be as successful as possible. It wouldn’t really matter if a camera had caught just a glimpse of a ghost, but catching more of it would further solidify their evidence. The cameras would also be able to prove that no one was in the room if they do catch an EVP. Mike was very intrigued with the set up process. He had watched Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel quite often, but he didn’t know the process in which they went through to set up for these lockdowns. Seeing the different cameras, digital recorders and electromagnetic field detectors was enlightening. He thought he knew his shit about Ghost hunting, but after this, he realized he didn’t know half of it. And to be able to walk around with this paranormal team was surreal in itself. Man, I should’ve done this a lot sooner. Setting up all the equipment took roughly an hour. They had just enough time to get back outside and prepare for the nights’ events inside this old hospital. And what was weird about the whole situation, is that no one was able to determine the name of this hospital. Anyone that had ever gone through either didn’t say a word about it, or they never left building. Mike had hopes to find something here to uncover some of this old place history; even if that came with the price of putting himself in jeopardy. As they were walking out the doors, something caught Mike’s eye in an open room just a few rooms from the main entrance, almost as if he was being led into that way. He walked into the room – alone – and noticed an old diary laying under a couple sheets of dry wall that had fallen over time. Only the corner was exposed, so he picked it up and it instantly opened to this page. *** 29th June 1948 I’ve been at the Wilson Memorial Hospital for over a month now. The doctors can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong with me. I’ve been feeling weak, depressed and sometimes angry lately with the lack of knowledge that these doctors seem to possess. I’ve tried numerous times to leave and find a new hospital, but they just won’t allow me to leave. There has to be something I can do. The only reason I’m even here in the first place is because I had a bad fever and continuous vomiting. Yet they still can’t seem to notice that maybe it’s the flu? It’s getting frustrating because the fever broke and the vomiting has stopped. I wake up feeling fine every morning, but as soon as I wake up, a nurse comes in and gives me an injection of something. Within minutes, I feel sick again. It’s like they are trying to keep me sick. But this has only recently begun. And that was after one of the nurses, who I think is in love with Docor Laferty, walked in and saw me ‘proving’ to him that I feel just fine. I don’t know if this is just me or not, but it seems like the nurses don’t want me to leave…ever. The staff of Wilson Memorial Hospital won’t let my family in to see me. They keep telling them that my condition isn’t well enough for them to be exposed to me. I can hear my father out in the lobby yelling at the nurses to let him “go see his baby girl”. It’s heart breaking because I want to see them so bad and tell them what they’ve been doing to me. I want my parents to know what kind of sick and sadistic hospital this is. I’m afraid that I won’t ever get to see them again. I’ve tried telling the nurses that I’m feeling fine, but they still insist that I’m not well enough to leave, or well enough for my family to come in. I’m on the verge of losing hope that I won’t ever leave this damned place. And that’s a very unpleasant thought. *** 3rd July 1948 It’s been a few days since I’ve been able to write to you, Journal. It feels like this is the only way to somewhat keep my sanity. But I have to tell someone what’s going on with me, even if I can’t tell an actual human being. I feel so disconnected from reality. The nurses and doctors won’t let me leave this damn room. I feel so trapped and it’s unnerving! Things have been gradually getting worse here.

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