Along Came JulieAlong Came Julie


I was home alone; without boyfriend to call (I didn’t want one) or a family to hang out with (they were out on a holiday for 3 days) . Normally I really like to stay alone, but not when I’m horny. In such moments you just want someone to get inside you and fuck your brains out. And it drives you insane when there’s no one to do it, especially since you can’t just relieve yourself on your own. Once you’re used to long equipments, short fingers just don’t satisfy you anymore (especially when they belong to you).

Too bored to stay stuck, I opened the computer and got online. To my luck a girlfriend of mine was also there. She’s bi(sexual) and that’s the only part of her that’s not a part of me. But anyway, we got to talk and I told her that I was lonely and so horny that I could easily insert the largest thing I could find to release it. Afterwards she asked me if I’d like her to come over and help me with this problem, saying she’s got exactly what I need. I thought `what the hell!` and said I’d be grateful. She said she’d be here as soon as she packed some stuff.

When it comes to sex, I’d try anything at least once and a partner was the thing I needed. Julie had a reputation which made me feel even more excited; it was said that there wasn’t a guy/girl she couldn’t please.

In 30 minutes she arrived. As I opened the door, I could hardly hide my excitement. She grinned at me and told me to leave everything to her; I had no complaints.

In the living room she placed the DVD into the player and we sat down together. Chosen to her liking, there were only girls on the screen who lived together in a house and fucked each other at least 4 times a day. Even as I watched them undress, I noticed I was getting wet. She took it as a good sign and said I was a quick developer.

After an hour watching the lesbians I was so full that I’d release it at the first touch. Leaving the TV on, Julie came onto me. She didn’t even kiss me from my lips but just sucked onto my nipples which caused me build inside even more. Then with her hands she spread my legs real wide to Anadolu Yakası Escort reveal my wet pussy. She said it was the most beautiful pussy she’s ever seen and asked if I was ready for something a little different.

She undressed herself, making me gasp at the sight of her gorgeous body. Her breasts were so great… Now, I want to talk about only her pussy though. It looked so amazing I actually felt embarrassed; Julie had called mine the same way. It was actually weird, because I felt an urge to just slide my tongue in and (not just lick but) eat her out. When I shared this thought with her, a big grin appeared on her cute face.

-Not now, but we’ll certainly come to that chapter later, baby.” she said. “But first let me show you some tricks. You think you’re as wet as you can get? I’ll prove you’re so wrong!”

Then she opened her bag and took some stuff from there, while telling me to relax as much as I could. When I thought I was pretty relaxed, she said I was way too tense and helped me:

She laid me on the couch and spread my legs, until they hurt, completely getting a visual of my pussy. Then she was coming over me: Her legs were opened in such an angle, that our pussies felt each other and hers pressed mine. In the meanwhile she hugged my breasts, petting them so softly. My body felt all warm all of a sudden. It was not like the heat you feel when you’re reaching a climax; on the contrary it made me feel sleepy and I closed my eyes. I heard her saying “That’s more like it.”

Next she started to inform me of what was going to happen. Being relaxed helped the pussy to relax also and without closing the entry you could still have orgasms. In fact the orgasms are even better because they are not consumed fastly in the heat. The question was how I was going to have one when I was just laying like that. She showed me a little steel stick which she called `the flower`.

When she inserted it, I didn’t feel a thing; it was that thin! She gave me a quick kiss, promising I’d be having my first real orgasms in Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan just a few seconds. Leaving my upper lips alone, she did something to that stick and it started to grow inside me. “When the blossoming is completed, I’ll make you go through something really amazing.” I heard her saying.

The steel stick was actually growing inside me. It got larger, thicker, longer and in 2 seconds it was pushing my walls and stretching them all the way. The feeling was sensational and I thought I’d pass out, but it was not over yet.

When Julie was convinced, `the blossoming` would be completed shortly, she took the largest dildo I’ve seen so far and it was too long to be just for one person.

I suppose when the stick grew, it was opening itself on the center, because Julie inserted that dildo into me and then she pulled out the flower roughly. My walls closed onto the dildo and I was then fully aware of how large it actually was. But the half of it was still out.

I questioned Julie with my eyes and she leaned over me for the second time, inserting the other half inside herself. She wasn’t using the flower, however had no difficulties taking the dildo in. Then we were (I was) in a more familiar ground, because we were moving back and forth over the dildo, also playing with each other’s clits. She started to moan real loud and that aroused me even more. In a second I noticed I was also moaning out loud and really enjoyed the whole thing.

We were eyeing each other as we both built ourselves to an enormous orgasm. I was holding back ever since the beginning and every second made it harder for me. She confessed she was exactly the same and said I was now ready for a feast.

We took the huge dildo out and the flower was nowhere to be seen. Pulling a couple of pillows onto the floor, Julie said my living room was actually the place we were meant to have each other. I didn’t really understand, but let it go; I was so excited and curious about what was going to happen next.

She instructed me to lay Escort Anadolu Yakası down and arranged a couple of pillows underneath me to escalate my waist and leave my head down. Then she spread my legs and sighed heavily. I asked her what the problem was and she said it was a pity I was still into only boys. I said I was indecisive on that subject with a grin and she responded with a lustful shine in her eyes.

First she stood up next to me, then turned around and leaned over me. So we were going to 69. When she flashed her wet hole in my face, it was amazing. I spread her legs as wide as they could go and got my first close-up at the amazing thing. It was real wet but I knew she wasn’t coming… yet! Down on me she was first checking me out with fingers. I begged her not to tease me anymore. Well, I opened my mouth to say so, but right then she slid her tongue inside me and I released everything I had. My whole body was shaking at the size of the orgasm; I was coming and coming…

Then I wanted her to feel as I did, so I slid my tongue inside her, checked out her walls, tasted if her clit tasted as amazing as it looked and rolled my tongue over her lips forever. The next thing I know is she was filling my mouth. She was also shaking and wouldn’t stop coming, not that I had any complaints.

After both of us had stopped shaking and coming, we slid our tongues in once more, licking and cleaning every drop. That took a few minutes and I was exhausted. I’d had a brilliant time, thanks to Julie.

“Are you sure you’re completely straight?” she asked me, but I was hesitating to answer. It was true that I was attracted to her that night, that I wanted to have her no matter what, but it could be a momentary thing. Nothing emotional, but I definitely felt a physical attraction towards her and I told her all about it.

“I guess that makes two of us.” she said and grinned. “It was a superb time I had tonight and thanks for everything. Honestly I didn’t think you were up to that professional performance you did with me. Since we worked out the physical thing also, I suppose we could do it more often?”

– Absolutely. Call me anytime you like. Actually I’d like you to stay here with me tonight. My family is out of town and I need affection.

– You’re so great! I’ll just inform my dad and all. Maybe we could finish that movie. What do you think?

– The best suggestion I’ve ever heard…

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