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How long had she been alone? The room was still with the exception of the television with its volume set very low for background noise. She could feel her heartbeat and listened to her breathing. She was waiting.

She remembered the anticipation she had had when the two of them went off to bed. She’d been aroused all day and had given plenty of overt signs to her husband most of the afternoon. A simple touch here, a vague sexual reference there was all that was that her lover required. She had noticed the stiffening of his cock through his jeans just after dinner and smiled to herself. “I made that”, she thought.

They had kissed warmly and removed their clothes in their bedroom rather routinely this evening. Although both knew there would be passion, and desires expressed later, both of them kept a hold of their flesh. They were keeping the arousal simmering. She had slipped into bed next to him and the icy coolness of the sheets stiffened her nipples and gave her goose bumps. She felt the warmth of his body next to hers and welcomed it. He casually rolled over onto his side, kissed her, gently at first and then more stridently. As they embraced, he grabbed her hair firmly and a blindfold was expertly slipped over her head. He then left the bed and flung back the covers exposing her body to the air and any all that would see. He grasped one of her wrists, pulled it away from her body, and then tied it securely to the bedpost. He walked around the bed and repeated the same procedure. She was now tied and blindfolded in the middle of their bed waiting.

When he had finished tying her, he gently forced her legs apart to expose her neatly trimmed pussy to the air. He then knelt next to her on the bed, grabbed a handful of hair, pulled her head back and kissed her ardently on the neck, cheeks and face. He then turned on the adult channel on the television so now there was a low-volume background of moaning and groaning. She felt wonderfully vulnerable, as she lay there, naked. She felt a quickening in her groin as she awaited him to come to her.

Now she was still tied awaiting her lover. The desire and excitement of not knowing when and where the touch would come was causing her heart to race. Had it been five minutes? Fifteen? She did not know. He had lit candles and they were burning silently. She could not see, but she imagined the light and shadows playing across her body. The perfume from each candle added an earthly scent to the room. The anticipation was wonderful.

Now, he came to her. She felt his warm breath just above her pussy, no touching, just his breath blowing sarışın porno over her lips and over her mound. The sensation sent a chill of excitement rippling through her. Goosebumps arose on her exposed and vulnerable body. Her nipples hardened with desire. She licked her lips and waited. His breath was gone now, she tried to listen and hear him move about, but the television, which now featured a woman being taken by two others simultaneously, was masking his footsteps. He pulled on her nipple, which caused her to gasp, and then nothing, a pause. A tongue slid across her inner arm followed by quiet. Then, a finger traced it way over her mound and then departed. Another warm hand roughly grabbed her breast and squeezed. She was moaning now with each touch. The mystery and anticipation was causing her breathing to quicken. Now, another hand tugged on her nipple. Then, a mouth enclosed over it and sucked deeply, almost painfully. Another hand pulled at her puffy inner labia and smeared her wetness over the outside lips. Slowly, ever so slowly he teased her. Her juices were running from her pussy down the crack of her ass. Another nipple pull, and then a rough hand squeezing her breast. He grabbed her hair, pulled her head back, and kissed her roughly. She moaned with excitement. He pushed a finger inside her. She was warm and very, very wet. His mouth was now on her breast, and another pull on her nipple. A dildo pushed its way in to her mouth and she sucked on it with wanton desire.

The dildo was removed, and reinserted in her pussy. The dildo was pumped in and out for a moment and then was removed. This teasing continued for what seemed like hours, but in reality was only fifteen minutes.

He kneeled on the bed next to her and bent over her body. She was breathing heavy with lust and excitement. His cock was erect and pre-cum oozed from its purple head. The teasing of his wife was working just as well on him. He fought back the desire to ram his member deep inside her and listen to her scream with pleasure. Conversely, he fought the desire to masturbate and shoot his load all over her body. He inserted a finger in to her pussy again. He massaged the G-spot and rubbed her clit with his thumb. He removed his fingers and spread the wetness over her breasts. He repeated the same maneuver again, this time smearing her juice on his cock. Again, he plunged in to her pussy and brought his fingers for her to suck off. While she sucked his fingers, the dildo made reappeared and entered her pussy roughly. He fucked her with the dildo while she greedily sucked his fingers. sert porno He removed his fingers and kissed her deeply.

He bent over her and lowered his shaved testicles for her to suck. The dildo was removed along with his balls. His desire was building as was hers. He left her on the bed alone again. She quivered with desire. She longed for more touching, to feel the weight on his body on hers and his cock inside her. She listened intently now. The television was filling the room with moaning and sucking noises. It sounded like an orgy. The teasing, the sounds, the anticipation of touch was increasing her lust.

She felt his cock placed in her bound hand. She stroked it, squeezed it, and as the lust started to consume her, told him she wanted him to fuck her with it. She continued to stroke him and he bent over and kissed her forcefully, literally taking the kiss from her, and simultaneously inserted a vibrator in her pussy. The sensation nearly sent her over the edge to orgasm, but just as quickly, as it started all items were removed and she was alone again.

He was beside her again, this time to untie her hand and roughly forced her to flip over and rise up on all fours. She thought about removing her blindfold to take in the site of his erect cock, but decided against it. She submissively did as she was instructed and then was retied to the bed. Her ass and pussy were now exposed for all to see. The candlelight flickered over her nakedness like fingers exploring her. Wetness flowed unceasingly now from her pussy as lust consumed her. And again, she waited for his touch.

She felt warm liquid being slowly poured in the small of her back. As it made a puddle ever so slowly, her passion was raised to even greater heights. He traced a finger from the pool on her back to the top of the crack of her ass. The oil followed the path and flowed slowly between the cheeks of her buttocks, over her anus and finally dripping off her already sensitize and wet labia. The oil was thick and she could feel every drop as is slowly flowed over her increasing her arousal further. He placed his hand in the pool of oil and then massaged her ass cheeks lovingly, and greedily. He squeezed each cheek in turn, spreading them apart thereby allowing more oil to flow over her asshole. He spanked her ass: one slap on each cheek and then stopped. Her breathing was heavy now. Her pussy was pulsating with lust and desire, aching to be touched.

He inserted his finger in her ass, slowly at first and then with more urgency, more force. He pumped his finger in and out of her sex hattı porno ass and she moaned with delight. He pushed two fingers into her ass and then a finger in to her pussy and pumped them in and out simultaneously. She squealed with delight. She cried, “Fuck my ASS!”

He removed all his fingers and then inserted a vibrating dildo in to her pussy, followed closely by 2 fingers in her ass. This sensation was too much and sent her over the edge and into a shattering climax. She moaned and cried out uncontrollably. Her hips bucked and she pushed her ass further onto his fingers. Her breath came in gasps and her toes curled. Fine beads of sweat began to appear on her back, chest and forehead. He removed the vibrator and his fingers and let her slowly return back to earth.

He was kneeling in front of her now. Her breath was still heavy and gasping, but she could smell his musk. His cock, now almost painfully throbbing was placed in front over her eager mouth. She greedily sucked him, running a tongue over his purple head and down his shaft. He pulled himself away and she searched desperately for his cock. A hand grabbed her hair and forced it onto his cock. She whimpered and moaned with pleasure as she noisily slurped. The dildo reappeared and she was told to alternate between the two cocks. “Suck us both,” he commanded. Then he stopped.

He slipped under her stopping to suck her tits and massage them. He slid between her legs, reached up and forced her pussy down to his waiting mouth. He held her down while he sucked and licked her. Her cunt was already sensitive and the increased direct attention was almost painful until a second orgasm wracked her body. He released her and kneeled behind her now. “Fuck me, please!” she cried. He inserted his cock in to her. She backed up and impaled herself on him. He began pumping in and out. She was moaning almost uncontrollably now enjoying every inch of him. As he listened to her and felt her pussy grip his member, he knew his moment of climax was not far. He spanked her ass and he fucked her harder. He increased his pace and thrust. Another spank. She felt his balls slapping up against her clit. She could tell my this force of his thrusts and the sounds coming from him that he would soon fill her with cum. And then stopped and withdrew his cock from her. He was beside now, untying her and removing the blindfold. She saw his beautiful cock throbbing. He rolled her over again and knelt between her legs. “Ready?” he said.

She spread her legs wide and watched as he pumped his cock with his hand. His sperm jetted out with a cry from his lips and spurted all over her clit. She reached downed and massaged it in. She furiously masturbated as he continued to cum on her. Unbelievably, she climaxed again.

After it was over, they laid next to each other. The smell of sex was thick in the room .. and they waited.

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