All Those Forbidden ThoughtsAll Those Forbidden Thoughts


I spent a little time reflecting on just how much of a wonderfully diverse, erotic, sexual person I have been my whole life. As I recall this summer vacation it really should not be that much of a surprise that my daughter had inherited some of those traits as well.

Living in different cities over the past number of years, I suppose the close friendship that Christine and I had felt less so. She was a mother now of two lovely young girls, had a great husband and a great career. All the “happily ever after” boxes seemed to be checked off. Regular flights and visits connected us but honestly not enough. Albeit infrequently, we still loved spending time together.

This summer was a much different feeling. With the pandemic going strong and social distancing affecting everyone, our family became that much more of a treasure.

When it looked like things were getting slightly better Christine took a risk and booked us a lakeside summer vacation cottage. The rental photos showed that It was quaint, small, and only had one bathroom for everyone to share, but options were getting snapped up. I helped her decide and said, “let’s go for it.”

She was thrilled. It was a location halfway between our cities. We wouldn’t have to fly and we wouldn’t have to be too close to a lot of people. I did the dad-thing and paid for most of the rental costs.

Christine texted me – ‘You shouldn’t have done that dad! <3' I texted back – ‘Love you guys and that’s what dads are supposed to do’ ‘I can’t wait thank you, daddy’ As the vacation grew closer, we’d get frequent texts. I could tell that my daughter was the most excited of all of us. Travel day arrived, and there was a flurry of texts back and forth as we each traveled comparing waypoints and arrival times. We left really early and were successful in staying ahead of the traffic. Arriving at the lake our granddaughters were most excited already wanting to go to the beach. Maybe because of the pandemic, the rest of us seemed to be slightly tentative with our hugs and greetings. To be expected, I think. Everything this year seemed surreal. It didn’t last though. By the time dinner was made all of us were starting to relax. To be honest dinner made me pretty sleepy. I think all of us were a little tired from the long car rides and we decided to turn in a bit early after her girls got settled. With frequent pit-stops, their travel time was quite a bit longer than ours. The next morning arrived. It was eventful and fun eating with my granddaughters, trading breakfast cereal and hanging out. Christine was first out of the cabin but both my daughter and I were doing daily morning home gym routines, due to COVID, and had traded texts and suggestions over the months leading up to the holidays. I think we both knew that each of us would be continuing our morning workouts throughout the cottage stay. To be honest, I noticed that the first day that my daughter was a little slimmer than before, but when she described the naturopathic diet she was on, it seemed a little extreme. That was until I saw her that morning in her tight yoga pants, short tight crop top, and incredibly fit flat tummy. She flicked her long sandy-blonde hair. Wow, my heart skipped a beat. My own daughter looked as hot as any woman I’d seen. I’m almost embarrassed to say that I found her sexy. Maybe there was something to that natural gluten-free diet! My eyes were glued to her tummy before I surveyed her body. She didn’t seem to mind dad admiring her. Maybe she would have not liked it so much if Christine could read my mind. I forced myself to not leer at her. I did sneak a few peeks as she worked out on the cottage sundeck. I actually admired and respected how disciplined that Christine had been in sticking to the eating and exercise plan with everything else going on. After she finished, it was my turn. The sun was rising higher warming up the crisp lake air. I did my workout shirtless. I should say that I normally swim for fitness but during the pandemic, all the pools were closed. In its place, I had been doing strength training and calisthenics. This had the effect of hardening and defining all my muscles. I wasn’t bashful at all about showing off. I looked up towards the cabin and Christine smiled pleasantly watching me through the patio window. I assumed that she was noting my workout. I hoped that she was admiring how her dad kept it up. Perhaps hoping it was something else, instead. We caught up inside over coffee and chatted a bit about our routines before she jumped in the shower. When Christine came out she was wrapped in a fluffy white towel. Covered but not bashful as we spent a little more time talking about her meal planning and what prompted her to do all of this. As she matured it felt like we had so much more in common. Every dad should be so lucky, I thought to myself when she came out in her two-piece bikini. I admit it, my eyes wandered while she prepped her post-breakfast görükle escort bayan blender drink along with touting how much this had all helped her hormonal balance.

I smiled and complimented Christine “You must be pleased with how this has helped you be so fit again.” My mind said sexy but I replaced that word verbally with fit.

Long eyelashes flickered over her deep brown eyes and smiled back at me, “Thanks, dad. I do feel great”

Her return glance communicated desire on some level without being overtly sexual. Deep inside I liked it. We’d always been flirty in the past, but I found myself wrestling with a way to respond this time. My granddaughters interrupted and we gathered up the towels, toys and gear.

I held the girls’ hands while crossing the street to the beach. There was still a notable amount of shade this time in the morning but I was desperate for a swim. I had to wait until the sun hit the shoreline before I finally warmed up enough to jump in the lake. I pounded through a fast swim in the cool lake water. It helped get my mind off of things and back to enjoying the vacation. I could not believe how great it felt to get in a couple of kilometers in the lake.

With all of the family and only one bathroom, I thought I would try and get in a quick shower after my swim. Honestly, I was not planning a quick shower. I needed to jack off and with everyone else otherwise engaged, no one would notice how long I took. At least that was my thinking.

“Okay, I think I’ll have a quick shower,” I tried my best to be bland despite being eager inside.

“Now?” My wife questioned. “You’re just going to get sunscreen off and then need more when you come back.”

“Yeah I know, but there is only one shower.” I justified.

“Okay, whatever.” She replied half-heartedly.

Perfect. I made my way back to the cabin picking up my shower stuff along with some Vaseline and jumped in the shower.

I usually take a long time to cum. This was no different especially being in a small cabin bathroom instead of familiar surroundings. It was more like a long edging session. As I write this, I can’t remember what I was fantasizing about. All I know is that I had stroked my cock to a really nice erection when there was a knock on the door.

“Can I come in? I have to go!”

It was Christine. Shit.

I pulled the opaque shower curtain shut. “Yeah sure, I’ve got myself hidden.”

“The door is open.”

“Sorry dad. I have to go.” She apologized.

“Really it’s no problem. “I looked at the margin of the shower curtain to make sure there were no gaps. My cock twitched. My erection liked the awkward situation. Thoughts whirled. Did I want to see her? What she was doing?

The toilet flushed and luckily it didn’t alter the water temperature in the shower. I turned my back to the spray and closed my eyes. Kind of hoping that she would hurry up. I seemingly had some new fodder to complete my jacking off with.

My heart stopped. I had made sure that the shower curtain was tight, across from the toilet, where Christine was sitting but the sink was at the opposite end of the little bathroom, near the other end of the bathtub. I had not checked to see that the curtain was closed. If it wasn’t closed there was a chance that she was going to see dad in all his glory. My penis twitched and I opened my eyes slowly trying to see through the shower spray. Shit, the shower curtain had about a 6-inch gap in it.

I could see part of Christine’s back while she was facing the sink. Thank goodness she has her back to me. I closed my eyes relaxing only momentarily.

The mirror! Shit! I opened my eyes again.

She wasn’t washing her hands. Christine was staring into the reflection in the slightly fogged up mirror at me! Not at my face either, because she did not see me open my eyes. She was looking at my groin.

Oh damn! I tried really hard not to let my cock twitch while she was looking, but it throbbed with the unexpected attention. Something was exhilarating about having my own daughter taking the time to stare at my erection.

I opened up my eyes again to catch a slight smirk on her face. What does that mean? She was amused?

A long minute later Christine finally left.

I could not bring myself to jack off anymore. What if she was still hanging around the cabin? She would know what I was doing. A long shower indeed.

I wrapped a towel around my waist and headed out of the bathroom trying to digest the situation. As I strode out of the bathroom I nearly collided with Christine who was in the kitchenette cutting veggies for a snack.

“Did you have a good shower dad?” She asked.

“Yeah, the water stayed warm which was good.”

“Sorry for interrupting you, but I had to go badly.” Christine apologized again.

“Yeah no problem, tough having one bathroom during emergencies.” I chuckled getting ready to swap my wet bathing suit for altıparmak eskort a dry one.

“You should be putting some sunscreen on before you go back.” My daughter suggested. “I can put in on for you.”

I took a deep breath looking quickly down at the somewhat tented towel. “Okay yeah, I guess, thanks.”

It wasn’t just okay. I thrilled at the thought of my daughter’s hands on my skin.

She smeared a blob of sunscreen on her hands and massaged it around my back. She didn’t miss a spot. “Chest?” Christine asked.

“Yeah, why not.” I turned around hoping she would not look down. Maybe I did hope she’d look down.

“Your muscles are really hard dad. Must be from all those workouts.” She smirked doing my pecs and abs.

Yeah, that’s not the only thing that’s hard. I crudely imagined her applying lotion to my cock. “Thanks, hun.” I needed to get out of there before my towel dropped or someone else came in the cabin.

“You’re welcome, dad. See you at the beach!” Christine’s eyes were teasing and suggestive.

Wow, what happened there? My thoughts were erotically scattered for much of the next hour or so at the beach. I revisited all of the scenarios and more. When Christine came back to the beach everything seemed completely normal. Just as if nothing happened.

Maybe it was nothing. Maybe.

The rest of the afternoon and evening went too fast. Pretty soon dinner was finished, the granddaughters were in bed, and we were trying to pick a Netflix movie between the four of us. By this time, we were all in our pjays. The girls picked a dud of a movie. Well, I shouldn’t say a dud. My wife kind of liked it. No one else did. As the movie played, I picked up my laptop and surfed a bit.

I looked up to see who else was paying attention. My wife and son in law were watching TV. Christine was smiling at me. It was an affectionate but an interesting smile. I smiled back. These kinds of smiles are nice. My cock stirred. I could feel that warm lump building in my pjays. I thought of her staring at my cock earlier when I was showering. My cock hardened fully.

Thank goodness for fabric! Still, she had that funny smile on her face when I looked up again. Did she know?

Later that night when I was climbing into bed, I was just about to shed my pyjamas and I noticed the fly was kind of open. I sat up and the fly opened like a window. It wasn’t buttoned! Had I been putting on a show? Was my daughter smiling at my cock? Shit!

The needy warmth of my full erection kept me awake quite a while that night. About midnight I flicked my fingertips over the slit in my cock. I imagined Christine sucking my cock. The dreams that followed were even more incestuous.

Sunday morning things seemed so energized. Everyone was more relaxed and fully into enjoying our vacation and each other’s company. During Christine’s morning workout I ventured out and began my routine as she was warming down and stretching. My eyes zeroed in on my daughter’s mouth-watering breasts. Her nipples were pronounced and teasingly outlined by her clingy crop top. She caught my glance, smirked and puckered her mouth into a little kiss.

Was she teasing me? I winked at my daughter and activated my workout app.

When I finished my workout, I headed inside in time to see my daughter finishing her shower. Was her towel higher and lower? I swear it seemed like more skin was revealed above and below her towel wrap this morning. I smiled. She smiled back. There was definitely something to that flirty smile.

The beach day went great. My morning swim felt more comfortable. The water was still cold but swimming was coming back to me. Christine surveyed my body head to toe and watched me walk out of the water. “How was your swim, today dad?”

“Oh, it was good Christine. Only six more months of swimming needed to get back in shape!” I joked.

“I doubt that daddy, you’re in good shape!” She smiled assuredly, looking at me directly in the eyes.

“Thanks, Christine, and so are you!” Her bikini oozed sexuality. A cleft of fabric outlined her mons. If I keep looking, I’m going to drool, I thought to myself.

“Thanks, daddy, are you going for your shower now?” There was more than just curiosity on her face.

I thought for a second. I wasn’t actually thinking of having a shower. Why is she asking this? I did need to jerk off badly though. “Yeah probably. I um should. While the bathroom is free.”

Doing my best to not create much fanfare, I headed to the cabin. This time I was going to jack off for sure! I grabbed the lube and my shower gear and headed to up the stairs. I closed the door but once again didn’t lock it. Wishful thinking at the time.

After washing my hair, I lubed up my needy erection with vaseline and started stoking again. My cock swelled fast to a pleasurable hard-on.

I was just getting into it, thinking about the day before.

There was a knock on nilüfer escort the door. “I’m really sorry daddy, I have to go again!”

I was flustered for a moment. Maybe she doesn’t actually have to go and just wants to come in. I pushed the curtain open a little. Maybe. “You have a weaker bladder than I do. It must be all those healthy drinks” I joked from behind the door. “No problem.”

I paused for a second. Should I close the curtain? I needed to empty my balls so badly. My thinking was so perverse. Do I really want to or should I see if Christine wants another peek? I didn’t close the curtain fully leaving a noticeable gap on the toilet side and a much larger one on the sink side. The cabin window was also propped open so the mirror wasn’t fogging up this time.

“The door’s unlocked!” I called out to my daughter. My dick felt so needy as I stroked it slowly. I swear that I could almost ejaculate simply knowing that she was right next to me.

“How’s the shower?” she asked. I envisioned her sitting on the toilet peeking through the gap that I left.

I spun under the shower spray pretending that I wasn’t aware of the gap. My cock swayed heavily fully engorged. “Oh good, the water’s warm.” I stood right under the spray, positioning myself so that she’d get a full view of my weighty erection between the gap in the shower curtain.

I waited but there was no response. “Are you making snacks again?”

Christine was slow to answer. “Um yeah.” Her voice seemed tentative.

I tried to see what she was doing by leaning my head forward awkwardly to look through at her. I was so curious.

What? At first, I thought the was wiping herself with the toilet paper, but opening my eyes and straining between the shower spray coating my eyes, I could plainly see that my daughter had her legs open and was rubbing her shaved or waxed pussy.

Holy fuck! Oh my god, she’s flicking the bic! Right here in the same bathroom as me. I guess seeing daddy’s cock turns her on! I moved my pelvis forward in an unnatural stance so she could see her dad’s cock again.

I heard the toilet flush.

Knowing that my daughter would go to the sink, I turned around with my back to the shower, facing the mirror.

Well, I am either all-in or not, I figured. I squirted a thick glob of petroleum jelly on my hand and slowly stroked my big veiny erection downwards. If she wanted to watch, then she’d get a show.

My carnal thoughts were affirmed. I watched Christine with my back to the cascading water. My daughter didn’t even turn the faucet on at the sink. She just stared at the reflection of me in the mirror. I blinked as the water dripped over my face. Her hips were gyrating slowly. She was grinding her pubic bone against the countertop.

Horny girl! I couldn’t help but smile. It was a pervy lusty smile, and this time Christine met my glance. For those few seconds, we stimulated ourselves while watching one another. She licked her lips. It was so hot, then without a word she left the bathroom. Oh-oh, now I did it. I ruined everything. I toweled off looking to escape back to the beach as quickly as possible.

Christine was there in the kitchen and picked up the sunscreen as I exited the bathroom. “Forgetting something?” She held the orange bottle up high.

“Oh yeah, I forgot. Sunscreen, right?” I joked, at the same time keenly aware of how risky our dad daughter playfulness was becoming.

“I don’t want you to burn daddy.” My daughter applied the lotion, but this time her hand movements were unique. More sensuous. I melted into her touch dismissing the riskiness of getting caught for pleasure.

When I turned facing her, my towel was tented rudely. It didn’t seem to matter though. She just carried on applying lotion to my chest and abs. Her hands seemed to savour my musculature. I hadn’t felt this hard since I was a teenager and when her hands slid over my abdomen I thought I would explode!

“Maybe I’ll have to make sure that your sunscreen is adequately applied, Christine.” My suggestiveness was hardly concealed

“Yeah, I could probably use a touch up on my back.” My daughter handed me the sunscreen and turned around.

This could be really good or really bad, I thought, noticing how hard I still was under the towel. I decided to do her low back first. I liberally smeared the sunscreen into the small of her back. Damn, she had a wonderful waist and hips. I rubbed up the crease in her back to the underside of her bikini clasp. I craved the shape of her body with my fingers.

“I guess that I better do your shoulders,” I commented standing up straight. I slowly kneaded the sunscreen into her shoulder muscles. Wow, she was very fit! Christine’s shoulders relaxed as she melted in my touch. I pushed the straps of her bikini top to the side and curved my fingers over the front of my daughter’s shoulders.

“I’ll have to get you to massage me after all my workouts daddy!” Christine let her shoulders fall towards me and leaned her head back.

Her breasts were there for the taking, just under the loosely held bikini top. I moved my body closer to hers. Crudely the tented erection under my bath towel bumped her bikini-clad butt.

Well, I could say it’s just accidental, I justified to myself.

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