All Revved UpAll Revved Up


I slid into the bucket seat on the drivers side. It fit me from my shoulders to the backs of my knees like a soft buckskin glove. The light caress of the leather was butter soft but cool against my already heated skin. I reached down and turned the key, my left foot depressing the clutch as the car rumbled to life. I almost moaned at the purr that came from the engine, the steady roll of the cam, the slight tick of the lifters, it blended together to make a symphony of power that seeped from under the hood.

I let my hand drop to the gear shift, the knob was cool against my palm as I wrapped my fingers around it tightly and squeezed, feeling the vibrations climb up though my hand and slowly up the length of my arm. I slid it down into reverse and revved the engine, slowly releasing the clutch and letting the engine catch, I bit my lips as the rumble of the car crept up along my spine.

I back out onto the street, then stop looking your way for directions. You speak quickly, and a little nervously, telling me where I need to go, and how to get there.

I smile at you playfully as I rev the engine and push the car into first.

I straddle the pedals and feel the tires grip, I press on the brake harder and let the clutch out slowly, giving it a little more gas. I could smell the rubber as I spin the tires, doing a little brake stand before peeling away. I laugh while you bitch at me for how many miles of tire I just left on the pavement.

I barely heard, I was totally lost in the car. I watched the R.P.M.s climb, 3000…4000…5000….when it hit the red line I grabbed second…then quickly worked my way up to third.

My body clenches as the car literally purrs, not a miss, not a knock…nothing. Just a steady rumble of power as I climb up the gears. I glance at you as I reach for forth, your eyes are ahead, and your hand grips the armrest so tightly that I can see your knuckles turning white.

I moan low as I move in and out of the light traffic, not once looking at the speedometer. Warmth pools between my legs as the vibrations of the car run up and down my spine, like a thousand fingers lightly caressing my skin.

I approach a light and gear down, letting the engine slow the car as my body responds. My nipples tighten; my pussy gets a little wetter as almost impatiently I wait for the light to change and look at the long stretch of open highway just beyond it.

At green, I start again, climbing up, weaving in and out until I’m ahead of the pack. The car rumbling along as I gain speed. I hit fourth again and level out, letting the engine tell me where she wants to be, what speed suits her best. I squeeze my thighs together, letting one hand leave the wheel for a moment to run my hand over my breast.

You glance at me, a slight grin on your face as you note my movements.

I grip the wheel again with both hands, my whole body a cacophony of feeling as I drive.

Speed affects me like this, turns me on, the car like a lovers caress along my entire body as I sit in the driver’s seat. My pussy is almost dripping as I lose myself in the ride, Escort Çankaya my nips painfully tight as I gear down through the corners, only to grab the higher ones as I come out. Slow, then fast…letting the slight g-forces embrace my whole body as I drive.

Ahead I spot a rest stop and I know I need to pull over. Thankfully it’s empty as I pull in and park. Leaving the engine to idle as pull the e-brake and open the door to climb out of the driver’s seat.

You watch me through the windshield as I walk to the passenger side of the car, my hand running over the warmed metal of the hood as I keep my eyes on yours. My whole body is tingling as I reach your side, pulling open your door and move to stand there.

I lift my leg, resting it against the bottom of the car. I slowly pull my skirt up, showing you that I had forgone panties this morning as I readied myself for my drive. I moan as I run my hands down my body. I move them slowly over my aching breasts, then down my stomach. I watch you as I let them fall to my thighs and slowly work upward toward my sopping pussy.

I pull my sex open, showing you up close just how much the ride effected me. You can smell my arousal, see my juices shining on the dark pink flesh. My clit hard and throbbing as I run my fingertips lightly down the length of my slit.

I moan loudly, and do it again…and again. My hips buck a bit as I tease myself, My head lolls back as I slide two fingers slowly into my wetness. I feel the muscles of my pussy grip my fingers tight as I move them in and out, my hips move of their own accord as I slowly and deeply finger fuck myself.

I pull them out after a few moments. Moist with my juices I lean over and run them against your lips, then push them inside your hot mouth. I groan loudly as your tongue licks my flavor from them, your teeth nipping lightly at the pads of my fingers.

You turn in the seat, your legs out of the car as your strong hands grip the backs of my thighs and pull me closer. I place my other foot on the door well and hold onto the roof as your tongue probes at the core of my body.

I moan as I feel your warm mouth on my sex, cry out as your tongue rasps against my hard little clit. I move my hips, but to no avail, your strong hands hold me in place. I feel the wetness slowly seeping from my body as your tongue flicks over my clit, then lower pushing into my opening. Then back up…you repeat this action again and again.

I beat my hands on the roof in frustration as you hold me just there, not letting me go over the edge. Your teeth nip lightly at the sensitive skin, then rub gently against my nub. Your whole mouth covers my clit and you suck hard as my body finally gets the release it’s been striving for. My hips buck, grinding your lips against my sex. I cry out loudly as you’re your tongue flicks over me harder and faster, not letting up until I come again…and then a third time.

You pull me down and kiss me, I can taste myself on your lips and tongue as your hands pull and pinch at my tight nipples. I moan into your mouth as my Çankaya Escort wetness slowly spills down the inside of my thigh. I want more, I tell you that as I kiss you hungrily, nipping at your lips while my hand rubs against your hard cock through your jeans.

You stand and I take your place, sitting down in the passenger seat while you unzip and release your cock from its prison. I moan as you move closer, your eight inch and very hard cock bobbing right in front of my face. I lick my lips as I reach out and wrap my hand around your thickness, stroking you from base to tip and back again before leaning closer and running my tongue over the mushroom head of your cock.

I can taste the salty sweet evidence of your arousal, feel your cock slightly jump in my hand as I run my tongue down the underside, then lightly over your balls, rasping against the sensitive skin, I see your hands grip and hold onto the edge of the roof.

I lick my way back up to the tip, opening my mouth and slowly sliding your cock between my lips. I close them tight around you as I slip you inch by inch into my hot, wet mouth. I moan around your cock as I take as much as I can, feeling the head tickle the back of my throat. I slowly work my way back up your shaft, then back down. Teasing you by keeping my mouth slow as it moves back and forth, your cock feels like satin over granite as I lick and suck your length.

I glance up at you, you’re watching intently as you see your cock sliding in and out from between my lips, feeling the hot wetness of my mouth surround you. Little moans escape your lips as I speed up, one hand moving to your hip while the other cups and rolls your balls. I let my teeth brush against the shaft of your cock as you start to push harder into my mouth, deeper, making me gag a bit as I try and accommodate all of you.

You move back, pulling your cock from between my lips. You grab my hand and pull me up and then around to the front of the car. You turn me and push my hands down against the hood. I feel the rumble of the still running engine as you move behind me. I groan loudly as your front covers my back, your cock slipping between my legs and rubbing over the lips of my wet pussy but not yet entering me as you move your hips back and forth.

Your hands move up and lift my shirt; the cool air caresses my skin as you cup my breasts, pinching my nipples while the head of your cock bumps into my nub and slides along the length of my slit, coating your shaft in my juices. I spread my legs wider and lift my hips, more than an invitation for you to enter. You take the invitation and without releasing my breasts, you push your cock into my soaked pussy.

I cry out loudly, the noise echoing around us as you sink into me, filing me with one deep and hard thrust. I lift my hips and take as much of you as I can. You start a steady rhythm, your fingers pull and pinch at my nipples as your cock works in and out. My muscles grip tightly around you, rippling along the length of your cock while you pound into me.

You straighten up and grip my hips, pulling Çankaya Escort Bayan me harder against you with each thrust. I brace myself on the hood of the car and push back against you, crying out as I come hard on your cock. Clamping down tightly as my hips buck up against yours.

I hear you groan as you feel me close tightly around you, spasming along your length. You keep slamming into me hard, the slap, slap, slap of our skin hitting mixing with my cries as I come again… and then again on your thrusting cock. The steady vibrations of the running car move up my arms and then down my body, almost like little jolts straight down to my clit.

You pull back and turn me, lifting me up onto the edge of the hood. I moan as you spread my legs wide and push back inside me, your mouth fastens onto my breast, biting gently down on my nipple as the slight incline of the hood forces you deep inside me. I can feel the heat of the car on my back, the vibrations intensify as my ass rests closer to the engine. Your cock feels like my favorite dildo, vibrating and pushing deep inside me, but only a thousand times better.

I cry out and come again and again as you slam deep into me, your thumb brushing over my clit as you pound away. That combination, plus your cock moving deep inside me, the rolling tremors of the engine, your hot mouth on my nipples is too much, I simply become liquid. My juices coat the inside of my thighs and I can’t stop coming. It’s like a thousand orgasms traveling through my body as I shudder and writhe under you.

You slam into me hard, grunting loudly as you hold yourself there. I feel your cock pulse and spasm. You throw your head back and cry out loud as your cock empties and I come with you, squeezing tight around you like a velvet vice while your cock pulses and jumps deep inside me.

You collapse against me and kiss me slow and soft, stroking your tongue against mine as I feel your cock slowly soften and recede from my body. Our mixed juices slowly trickle from my body and slide down the insides of my thighs. You move back and zip while I straighten up on wobbly legs and adjust my clothes.

I smile at you and you playfully smack my ass as I walk to the passenger side, sliding in and closing the door as you take your place behind the wheel.

You pull out of the rest stop and back onto the highway, I grin and the same look that must have been on my face while I drove was now on yours. My body starts to waken again as you wind us in and out of the light traffic. I drop my hand to your thigh, feeling your muscles bunch and flex as you depress the clutch and shift higher and higher. The engine purrs under your expert control and I notice your breathing coming a bit faster.

I let my hand run slowly up your leg, then lightly over your crotch while I lean in nice and close.

My nipples harden almost painfully as your cock stirs beneath my hand, I push my breasts against your arm and I nip at your earlobe while my fingers tug at your zipper.

I lick my lips and then move lower, my hand wraps around your hardening cock, and you give me a little room, knowing exactly what I want. I flick my tongue out, teasing it over the tip while I stroke my hand up and down.

“How fast can you get to the next rest stop?” I purr.

I hear the engine rev higher as I lean in and take you back into my mouth.

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