All Four DaddyAll Four Daddy


“Good grief. What was Skye thinking when she chose the bridesmaid dresses?” Rick leaned over to his wife Marci with a bit of stress in his whisper.

“They’re lovely. While I admit they are a bit too snug considering the color. Pale peach does not hide much does it?”

“It doesn’t hide anything. Christ! Look at the guys around us. Every single one is gawking and stripping our daughters with their eyes. It’s bad enough the dresses are tight without those long slits up both sides of their skirts. Any higher the girls underwear might be spotted.”

Marci Turner smirks patting her Husband on the arm as he held her hand, “You might want to take a closer inspection Dear. I don’t mean literally but I can’t believe you haven’t realized they’re all going commando. With dresses like these the slightest thread even from a thong would ruin the look.”

Rick stares at Marci with a creased brow, “WHAT?”

“Calm down Daddy in Law. The dress color might be tricky but at least its not see through.”

“Not see through? Good God! Look at …” He grits his teeth not wanting to admit he was looking at the asses of all four of his daughters. At least Skye’s wedding dress had a helpful train to mask her shape. Not her sisters however. Even barely eighteen Chloe had a deep crevice that her skirt was dipping into. Olivia and Lacey the twins even deeper. They might as well have been nude. The cleavage of their dresses even more troublesome. A constant tug to keep the shoulder less burden up often went without. He had noted upon their passing by that with each step their breasts were turbulent. He had to ask.

“Are they at least wearing bras?”

“What part of Commando don’t you understand?”

“I didn’t think so. Forgive my saying this about our daughters Sweetheart but I think they’re growing up waaaaay too fast.”

“I know. This wedding will likely be a chain reaction. Only three more to marry off.”

“Don’t remind me. So much for any early retirement.”

“Long gone Honey.”

“Man I can’t take all these eyes stripping our girls. I feel like jumping up and pointing at everyone. Eyes on the Bride.”

Marci laughs at his protective nature. Throughout their lives he was the finest Father a Wife could ask for. He treated each of them with love and respect. They returned the favor. Even when they tested him. Even Marci knew he struggled raising four girls. Not just dealing with boys or lost virginity. He knew more what his girls were like than Marci did. How many times had he witnessed things a Father shouldn’t? Hot young girls wearing nothing but towels. Or laying out sunbathing in the backyard topless. Their bikini bottoms barely covering anything. Hell, there were points in time where they even flirted or teased Rick himself. He generally blew it off and went about his daily routines. As long as they loved him that was all that mattered. They were always very affectionate toward him. Their hugs tight. Chests crushing against his. Their pecks on the cheek sometimes lingering. It was never easy. To say he never once fantasized about any one of his girls would be a bold faced lie. The memories were endless. Secrets kept from Marci easy enough. What made things even more difficult over the last two years Marci had given up on sex. Rick hated that part but didn’t really fight her on it. It was pretty much only on Birthdays and their Anniversary.

“Did you see the way Brody’s Groomsmen kept eying the girls cleavage? It amazes me they didn’t trip on the runway.”

“The girls are beautiful.”

“Right! But, come on…I seriously think we need to keep an eye out later at the reception. We’re three hours from home I don’t want them out of our sight.”

“Trust Darling. They are young adults after all.”

“Chloe was seventeen just two weeks ago. I can’t get past that fact.”

“Relax. They’re getting ready to light the unity candle.”

All remained silent for the next few minutes as Rick remained on guard. Policing eyes all around them. The girls noticed it too. No matter how hard it was to hide each of them had nipple hard on. Very thick nipples at that. The silk dresses were unable to mask them. Strangely the girls seemed to look thankful for being noticed. Their expressions offering nibbled lips and flaring bright eyes. Rick forgot his quest the second he realized their reactions. Eyes met with all three of his youngest they flutter fingers at him. So much love. It took Marci to flutter her own fingers back at them to regain his composure. He just knew it was he they were waving at. Not their Mother.

Similar actions for the final ten minutes led to a Mister and Mrs. Brody Remington. Another twenty minutes to greet the guests before pictures. Once the married couple joined the photographer things got really interesting. Watching the group photo of groomsmen and bridesmaids Rick had to narrow his eyes as the boys stood behind his daughters. All of them had hands on the hips of the girls. The open sided skirts revealing lengthy legs for such short girls. bayan esmer escort bursa The hands of the boys lingered a tad low just so fingertips could touch skin. The girls seemed to enjoy the attention. Until Rick pointed at the boys. His mental threat forcing their retreat. The girls each laughed at their Father. As the photographer switched things up to take a picture of Marci and Skye Rick found Chloe, Lacey, and Olivia racing to their Father’s side giggling. He was smothered by their hugs and expectant teasing.

“Is Daddy jealous?” Olivia hugs his left arm while reaching up to pat his cheek.

Lacey on his other arm whispers up toward her Dad, “Did it bother you we were getting felt up?”

“Of course. You’re my daughters. They should respect you more than that.”

“I liked it.” Chloe pouts hugging her Dad face to face her chest mashed against his sternum. He stared directly down her cleavage. In doing so Chloe grins sheepishly, “Who’s the perv right now?”

“Sorry.” Rick lifted his chin to roll his eyes toward the blue sky, “These dresses are just a little too revealing. Guys can’t keep their eyes off of you.”

“Neither can you Old Man.” Olivia chuckles.

“Old man? I hate to tell you but I’m just as sturdy as I was at your age.”

Lacey squeezes his hardened bicep through his tuxedo jacket, “This is really hard. How is that side Liv?” Olivia in turn squeezes his opposite bicep.

“Rock hard.”

Chloe stepped back and ran her palms inside her Dad’s coat, rolling them across his abs, “Hard here too. I think Dad’s telling the truth.”

“Would I lie to my three beautiful girls?”

The trio shrug as one before proceeding to tickle Rick. Fending them off was not easy. They held on for dear life. In their wrestling their cleavages drooped lower. Formations of their large breasts began freeing themselves. Only Lacey pulled herself together. Olivia and Chloe let their hemline sink a bit further before hearing their Mom yell out that more photos were needed. This time Rick pulled himself together to join Skye for a Father, Daughter pic. Side by side they hugged each other closely. Skye placing her right hand on her Dad’s arm. Her own cleavage mashed against his bicep.

“Your sisters are a handful today.” He whispers smiling for the photographer.

“We all are. You should know that by now Daddy.” She lowers her bouquet to mask something he hadn’t counted on. A massive erection. Realizing his daughter had noticed it and attempted to come to his rescue during the photograph meant a lot.

“Where did that come from?” He swallows dryly.

“Wow! Maybe you should avoid your daughters.” Skye giggled.

“Right! Trust me that was not planned.”

“You better go find a dark corner and take care of that before Mom gets the wrong idea.”

Skye was right. She couldn’t hide him a second longer or she herself would look bad. Hugging him tightly her own bosom smashed into his chest. Utilizing the flowers to hide her she sneakily pats his erection, “Go take care of him. I’ll cover for you.”

“You didn’t just pat my dick?”

“I did. Don’t tell Brody.”

Rick’s eyes quiver, “Why would you do that?”

“I love you Daddy.” She winks then turns away leaving him even harder. Careful to hide it from Marci he chose to stand behind his wife. Marci just had to make matters worse.

“How about a picture of Dad with all four of his daughters?”

The girls swarm him as Marci and Brody watch. Luckily Brody chose to distract Marci with conversation while Olivia and Lacey crouch in front of Rick. Chloe and Skye stand next to him. He placed his hands behind his daughters and they prepared to say Cheese. The second they do he casually slides his hands to their lower back. Chloe suddenly felt his hand creep even lower over the silky tress of her ass. His touch made her tremble and look up at him with admiration. Skye too felt his hand but her train padded his approach. She merely grins and leans up to peck her Dad’s cheek.

“Patting down the Bride? How dare you Sir.” She whispers as Rick growls

embarrassingly. He really hadn’t planned on his roaming hands.

“Guess we’re even now. Brody see it?”

“Nope. Flirting with Mom. Wouldn’t matter.”

While kneeling Olivia and Lacey’s split skirts fan wide over their legs exposing flesh clear up to just below their hip. Any onlookers might have actually caught a glimpse of inner thighs. An entire leg each was out in the open, their attention turning toward Rick’s crotch. They were deviously eying his girth before sharing a glint of mental stimulation. Rick looked down to see their roving eyes and smirked. Unexpected for sure. Why were his girls looking at it? Curiosity? Discomfort? Not by their expression. Interest? He had to swallow.

“Okay! Hop up before guys start breaking out cell cameras.” Rick prods the twins. They giggled and listened to him. More photos with Brody’s Dad Trevor ended the session. Brody’s Mother had bursa ucuz eskort passed away when he was fifteen. After a warm embrace Skye and Brody head out toward the gathering where rice was thrown and bubbles floated helplessly. A white Limo awaited the wedding party. It was more than Rick could handle watching the girls bend over to enter the limousine. The crease between their ass cheeks vibrant. Lacey lingered knowing her clam shaped pussy would leave a damp imprint for all to witness. Seeing this gave Rick the chills as he overheard boys whistle and older guys mumble. For a moment he was bitter then he smirked in thought, “Damn straight my girls are smokin’ hot. Drool you fucks.”

“Let’s go Romeo.” Marci broke his ego and directed Rick toward the parking lot. Their pearl colored Escalade awaiting to get them to the Reception hall. It was time for drinks, dancing, cake, and speeches.

A fifteen minute ride later Marci and Rick entered the Reception Hall to find everything set up beautifully. Marci’s sister Peggy had taken care of décor and making things esthetically perfect. As Marci joined her sister Rick paced the hall until the Limo arrived. Watching his girls vacate in such a joyous manner made him happy. He nearly shed a tear. The Wedding party remained in their attire for the duration of the dinner and speeches. Champagne flowed freely. Even Chloe imbibed. Each bridesmaid and groomsman made toasts. Olivia and Lacey offered insight into their Sister that made Skye blush heavily. Too much information Rick and Marci blushed. After dinner came the Wedding Dance. Video of Brody and Skye was filled with romantic overtures. All of the wedding Party paired off with dancing partners. Rick grit his teeth each time a groomsman caressed the backs of his daughters. They were entirely too close. Too intimate. The silk dresses shifting about with each hands compression.

Finally it came time to split off. Brody dancing with Mother Marci and Skye dancing with her Father. Rick was in Heaven.

“Glad to get rid of me Daddy?”

“You know better than that. I just can’t give in to the thoughts of you growing up. I still remember how we used to wrestle in the living room when you were a kid.”

“I was sixteen. Not much of a kid.” Skye chuckled.

“I still recall pinning you to the carpet.”

“Oh I remember it well. You laid on top of me expecting me to yell I give up.”

“Which you never did. I freaking laid on you for ten minutes.”

“Did I complain?” She sticks her tongue out at him. Even then he concealed a massive hard on. She had never once told him she was uncomfortable. Maybe that was a sign. He recalled similar events with the other girls. Only Lacey joked about him and his stimulations. He could tell she was inspired too. Nothing came of it though. He blew it off.

“No I guess not.”

“I rather enjoyed our wrestling. We should try that again sometime.”

“You have Brody for that.” He shakes his head grinning from ear to ear.

“Not the same. Besides Brody heads back to Afghanistan in three weeks. I’ll be over more often once he leaves. I’ll get really sad and lonely in our apartment. I Might need you to comfort me.” A quick wiggle of her brows made Rick wince. Definite mischief in her eyes. Good Lord he thought. Surely she was just goofing around. Being a Father of four daughters certainly had its misadventures. Each of them at one point or another had teased him in sly fashion. Nothing too extreme yet they were hardly pursuing more than just making Dad uncomfortable. At least he thought of it that way. Generally it led to laughter and embarrassment. Still, there were difficult times where he found himself forced to leave a room or making excuses. Skye was the worst being the oldest girl. Her spirit would drag her sisters into similar actions. They all looked up to Big Sis. All the while Rick looked down. He was a great Dad. They would admit it in a second.

Chloe decided to wear Skye’s veil while prancing around having fun. The champagne obviously hitting home fast. She was certainly no drinker. While dancing with Skye Rick frowns as her dance partner’s hands were glued to her butt. Chloe didn’t even act bothered. Another strict point by Rick the groomsman ignored him. He wanted what he wanted. Luckily Marci intercepted the situation breaking from Brody long enough to swat the boys arm. Brody merely laughed at his cousin. It was easy to tell Brody approved of his cousin’s handsy palms. Seconds later they returned. Chloe pouted and reached behind her this time literally lifting his hands to her waist. Both Rick and Marci were proud of their youngest. Her character proven for the moment.

As minutes progressed things quickly turned a cheek. Even though Chloe had shown them her noble side the other girls were just plain shameless. The Groomsmen were all over Olivia and Lacey. Dance partners greedily stole them away one after another. Young men drooling at their chance to touch the twins. His daughters bursa anal yapan escort were eating it up. Eventually even men Rick’s age were destined to get acquainted up close and personal. What seemed innocent was long gone in favor of a feeding frenzy of eyes and roaming hands. The girls loved it. The men loved them for allowing it. Finally, Rick couldn’t stand it any longer and had to step outside for some air.

Going unseen at the corner of the Hall’s outside wall Rick overheard a pocket of three young men bragging over touching Lacey and Olivia and the fact they knew they were not wearing panties. Eyes closed at their rambling he was just thankful they were not talking about sex with them. It wasn’t like Rick didn’t know that all four of his daughters were hardly virgins. Even Chloe had lost it at her Prom. All of which made Rick suddenly realize that none of his girls ever spoke about having a boyfriend. Outside of Skye of course or he wouldn’t have given her away today. Petty thoughts he shrugged. The girls obviously liked their dating options to remain their own. He and Marci were just glad that they weren’t grandparents yet. Listening to the boys a bit longer he heard them say they needed to go back inside and dance with them some more. Before he could react they busted him spying while rounding the corner. Rick merely looked as if he was fumbling for a cigarette. He didn’t even smoke. Nice try. The boys laughed it off and went in. He waited three minutes then followed suit.

Dancing had switched over to the dollar dance while he was gone. Observing a shameless Bride receiving money in her massive cleavage instead of the tiny pouch tethered to her hip. Rick couldn’t believe Brody was allowing it. Guys were literally placing their faces into her breasts while strategically placing their cash. Even Brody’s Dad Trevor tucked two twenties over each breast as she pinched her dress out enough to allow it. Each time she claimed the money she offered a kiss to their cheek.

Not wanting to let his eldest down Rick dips into his own wallet for a hundred dollar bill and stood in line behind eight others. Horny bastards. Moving forward he observed each man attempting to outdo the other. Skye was giddy at their attempts to kiss her chest. Rick knew very well that at least two of them had licked a breast. As disturbing as it was he found her reaction stimulating. Awaiting the last man he spotted Skye looking at him grinning with mischief. The man planting his face in her bosom found her hands caressing his scalp and smothering him in her new additions. The man laughed hard once he was allowed to breath. As she fake slaps his face joining in his amusement the guy accepted his kiss on the cheek and turned away. Rick heard the women gasp at her behavior. It brought up his defenses.

With a bit of swag Rick edged in to his daughter. Ignoring everyone’s response she shook her boobs at her Father. That maneuver warranted a wagging finger to behave. His scolding only brought Skye to shake her head and whisper, “Never.” She shook them even harder out of spite, her dress slipping down slightly in the process revealing a more developed roundness. Nearly losing money she merely tucked it down deeper. Her fingers sliding over both tits. A shiver at caressing her nipples brought on flaring eyes. Rick began to sweat. Texas heat he mumbled. Reaching her he showed the Benjamin pinched between his fingers forcing her eyes to sparkle.

“Here. Maybe this will help pay off those monsters.”

She winks giggling, “Getting there. Only a grand to go. Y’know I was thinking of being a stripper while Brody’s overseas. Thoughts?”

Rick sneers at her before leaning over to tuck the money into her pouch instead of her chest. Skye looked disappointed. He merely kisses her cheek and whispers, “I try not to think about things like that.”

“Like what things? These?” She lifts her tits in front of him sticking her tongue out to razz him, “You wouldn’t come watch me dance?”

“Knock it off before your Mother sees you acting like a–” He falters allowing her to finish his sentence.

“Like a slut? Wow! You think I’m a slut? I love you too.” Another wink at him he regrets calling her anything. Pouting she eases in to hug her Father and whispers, “Definitely a slut.”

“Sorry Kiddo. You’re just being a little too risqué for a blushing Bride.”

“So. It’s my wedding I can do what I want. Brody likes it when I tease guys. Does he look angry to you?”

A swift glance at the Groom with his Dad leaves Rick speechless. Both of them raised their beers toasting Rick.

“Fine. Do what you want. I love you regardless.”

“I know you do Daddy. It’s in a girls nature to tease guys. We like being the center of attention. I love it when I look around and see hardons knowing it’s because of me. Even yours. It hasn’t gone down all night in case you want to deny it. Don’t feel ashamed of it. It’s our way of saying we love you.”

“Our? Mine?”

“Look at Olivia over there.” He turns to see his elder of the twins bending over in front of two men Rick’s age. For no apparent reason but to act as if she were adjusting her heel. The men failed to mask their eyes on the perfect crease between Olivia’s butt cheeks. Yearning expressions said it all. Tilting her Father’s chin Skye continues, “Now look at Lace. Even worse.”

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