All Daughters Need a TeacherAll Daughters Need a Teacher


Emily Calding picked nervously at her breakfast. Despite the delicious aroma of fresh bacon and hot coffee Emily had no appetite. Today was the last day on this good earth that she would be Miss Emily Calding, for tomorrow the world would know her as Mrs Emily Dartford. This should have caused her satisfaction and only eight hours ago it did, but when she arose this morning the reality of what lay before her in just over twenty four hours arose with her.

Emily had yearning for this moment – to be off the shelf and married at last! And Mr Dartford was a most amiable gentleman. He was pleasing to the eye too, if one ignored those grey hairs. He had a more than comfortable house in the best part of town and the gifts he showered on her were not mere tokens either. He was indeed a well set up gentleman. That thought made her perk up slightly, but as she listened to her parents talking across the breakfast table she felt a pang in her heart and for a moment she did not think she would be able to bear their parting. She was especially close to her mamma, a lady who had nurtured her and taught her all she knew of life. Emily looked at her mamma fondly. Although she was past forty she was still very beautiful in Emily’s eyes. She had kind and smiling green eyes, thick and curling brown hair with the merest hint of white about the edges and a statuesque figure that Emily envied as she looked down at her own slight build.

Of an instinct Helena Calding turned to look at her daughter.

“My love what troubles you?” she asked with concern.

“Oh nothing in the world mamma!” Emily cried out with forced gaiety. She knew that her parents did not look kindly on Mr Dartford’s age, which was not much younger than her mother’s. But Emily was nearly twenty and to be unmarried still was a severe mortification to her. Mr Dartford’s offer had been more than a relief and she overruled every objection from friends and family when she accepted it. She could not let her parents know that she was regretting her choice in any way.

“I dare say you are a little excited at the prospect of tomorrow,” her father hinted gently.

“Yes indeed,” Emily agreed.

Her parents continued talking, but Emily heard very little of it. She longed to leave the table and return to her room and to solitude. Mr Dartford was not expected today so she had no need to put in an appearance downstairs. Her bags were all but packed and there was nothing else to prepare for. She could be alone.

At last the plates were carried away and she made her excuses. She entered her bedroom but solitude was not to be! Her maid Annie was there folding clothes. They had known each other for as long as Emily could remember and she had not the heart to turn her away without at least a little conversation. Sadly Annie could talk of little else but the wedding. Emily let the chatter wash over her but soon Annie’s conversation took a different turn.

“And have you thought at all about tomorrow night Miss Emily?”

“I beg your pardon!” Emily exclaimed in surprise. Annie giggled.

“Oh miss, you must have thought about it. You know, I hear the other girls talking and they have such tales about their gentlemen. They say you both have to enter a state of undress and then he will lie down on top of you and…”

“Annie for goodness sake!” Emily exclaimed with flushed cheeks. “That is quite enough talk on the matter.”

Annie was abashed for a moment, but then asked in a whisper, “are you not nervous Miss Emily?”

In truth Emily was nervous. More nervous of this than of anything else about her marriage. She had no notion what to expect or what Mr Dartford might expect of her. This conversation brought her spirits even lower, and with relief she dismissed Annie.

She wasn’t allowed peace for long though. There was a knock on her door. “What now?” she wondered.

Her mother entered the room with a concerned look on her face. She knew Emily was anxious, maybe even a little scared, and she wanted to reassure her. She wanted to help her and most importantly she wanted to teach her. She sat down on the edge of the bed where her daughter was lying.

Emily’s frustration at being interrupted quickly changed to embarrassment as she discovered exactly what sort of conversation her mother was desirous of having with her.

Apart from Annie’s comments earlier, Emily had caught the tattle of the house maids on a number of occasions – enough to give her some idea of what to expect on a wedding night. She had two happily married sisters and she had watched and listened jealously to the way they interacted with their husbands. But she knew that she was not in love with Mr Dartford and he was not in love with her. She was sure her experience would therefore be different and she had always been aware of that. Hearing her mother talk about love and intimacy was difficult and well as embarrassing.

“Mother please!” she interrupted at length. “I plan to be a dutiful wife and fulfil all obligations towards him.”

“Very bursa escort bayan well darling,” said Helena Calding. “But it is important that you are prepared for what awaits you in this quarter because it can be… alarming at first. You will most likely find it a difficult experience to begin with, but you must give it time. I know this is a very private subject but if you have any worries at all either now or afterwards I am here to listen to you.”

Helena waited to see if her daughter would speak but she did not expect it. She was very close to Emily and guessed more than Emily would have wanted about what was going on in her head. It pained her in some ways, but in other ways it caused her profound delight. She looked at her daughter with admiration. Where Helena was tall, dark and buxom, Emily was fair and delicate with a slender yet shapely build, and very pretty and delicate features. Helena sometimes feared that if she touched Emily she might break. Well, she was not going to let that stand in her way. Not now.

“Emily listen,” Helena said gently. “I will always be your mother. Part of my job is to prepare you for what lies ahead and to explain both the pain and the ecstasy that can be found with another.”

“Mother please!” Emily expostulated, her cheeks flushing further.

“Perhaps you are not aware that ecstasy can be found?” Mrs Calding smiled and patted the place beside her on the bed. Emily reluctantly joined her.

“For example my sweet love, have you yet shared a kiss with Mr Dartford?”

“No mamma,” Emily mumbled.

“My dear that is nothing to be ashamed of. It is all credit to him! But do not be fearful of a kiss. Here, let me show you.”

Mrs Calding took Emily’s face in her hands. She looked into her daughter’s lucid blue eyes and felt her heart beat slightly faster. A jolt of electricity shot down her spine to her nether regions in anticipation.

“Come my love,” she whispered against her daughter’s lips. Emily lowered her eyes nervously. It seemed as if her mother were about to kiss her! Could this be right? But mother always knew best so Emily remained still.

Mrs Calding’s lips brushed softly against her daughter’s and Emily felt the hairs start to stand up on her arms. This felt nice.

Mrs Calding continued to brush softly for a moment, and then planted her lips more firmly. She moved them back and forth over Emily’s, massaging her daughter’s lips slowly and rejoicing in their softness and inexperience.

“There, was that so bad?” she asked drawing back. She saw Emily’s flushed cheeks and the slightly dazed look in her eye. Emily shook her head and said no in a shaky voice.

“Would you like to try again?” Emily nodded. Helena smiled to herself. “Very well. I am going to show you how much can be brought out from a kiss. This may seem strange but trust me it will feel very nice.”

Helena moved her hands now, one cradling the back of Emily’s head and one sliding round her waist, drawing her closer. She pressed her lips more firmly against Emily this time, picking up from where they left off. Emily moaned. Helena began massaging her lips more aggressively, and after a minute or so opened her mouth and let her tongue caress Emily’s lips. Emily gasped in surprise and in the sensations she felt. With the gasp Mrs Calding moved in further, her tongue exploring the inside of Emily’s mouth for the first time. It was delicious. Emily was delicious.

Emily, unaware of her own actions, began mimicking her mamma. Her hands found themselves on Helena’s waist, and her tongue reached out to meet the other, rubbing against it in delight. She could hear moaning sounds which she knew were her own. Mrs Calding’s mouth became more aggressive, tilting Emily’s head back and opening her mouth wider, jamming her tongue in and out, and at length sucking on Emily’s own tongue. Emily felt some drool escape her mouth and was ashamed for a moment, but her mother lapped it up and hummed in appreciation. Emily felt a glow begin below her belly at the thought of how her mother had savoured her saliva. She noticed that her mother’s saliva also seemed to be escaping and returned the favour by licking some from around her lips. She had never thought of saliva having a taste but her mother’s tasted delicious and she wanted more.

Mrs Calding pulled back. Emily let out a whine of frustration.

“Well my precious,” said Helena, caressing her cheek, “it seems like you enjoyed that.”

“Oh yes mamma!” Emily breathed in wonder, fixated on her mother’s slightly swollen lips. She saw some drool escaping from the corners of Helena’s mouth and licked her lips instinctively. Helena saw this.

“Did you enjoy the taste my love?”

“Oh yes!”

“So did I. Let me give you some more.” Mrs Calding tilted Emily’s face up and moved above her. She opened her own mouth and let a lump of drool fall down. Emily saw it and sought to catch it in hers. It landed right on target and Emily moved it about gorukle escort in her mouth before swallowing.

“Oh Emily,” her mother groaned. “That is very alluring. Your husband will be very pleased with you. I reckon you did not realise a kiss could be so?”

“No indeed mother!”

“It is a mother’s duty to fully educate her daughter in these matters. Therefore there is more that I need to show you.” Emily looked more than eager now, and Mrs Calding could not help herself. She planted another dizzying kiss on her daughter which soon turned into a spit swapping session. Drool started to stain the front of their gowns. Helena lapped at Emily’s chin to catch the fallen drops and then plunged back into her mouth with heady gasps. Dampness was pooling at her crotch now. Her hands could not be controlled and she brought them forward to shape the under side of Emily’s bosom. Emily shuddered beside her mother and wrapped her arms around Helena’s neck, pulling her tighter. Mrs. Calding continued to feel her daughter’s breasts through the fabric, and eventually moved her thumbs upward to graze the hardness of her nipples.

“Mamma,” Emily gasped in a husky voice, sucking in her mother’s tongue of her own accord. “Please do that again.”

Mrs Calding obliged, supremely excited by the contact with her beautiful daughter, which she had been dreaming of for years.

She pulled away again and spoke in a more aggressive tone. “Emily, I need to show you how a man expects to be able to touch his wife. Pull down your dress and corset.”

“Mamma!” Emily protested.

“No Emily, a husband expects full obedience. You must do what he says.”

Emily tremblingly unbuttoned the front of her dress before her mother’s lustful gaze. Her nipples were clearly poking through her undergarment, and Emily shakily pulled this down, leaving her breasts bared before her mother. Pale milky handfuls with two rosy peaks came into view and Helena licked her lips. Emily’s nipples puckered even more.

“You are a treat for your husband Emily. He will dine on these for hours.”

Before Emily could ask what she meant her mother bent and took a nipple in her mouth. Emily felt a tongue whirl over it and was in heaven. She held her mothers head and arched her nipple into the mouth which was sucking it in. More of her breast disappeared with the suction and Emily felt the ball of heat in her stomach go lower still. She had a sensation of needing to relieve herself but knew instinctively that it wasn’t that. She started to clench up inside. Her mother moved onto her other breast and sucked the whole tiny handful into her mouth over and over again. Red marks appeared on the outside of her breast. Mrs Calding could see the telltale signs of impending pleasure and reached out her hand to tweak the other nipple. She pushed Emily back onto the bed and continued her assault. Her own breasts, covered as they were, made contact with Emily’s nether regions ever so slightly. The pressure was enough. Emily led out a long moan and coiled up tightly, feeling an incredible release of she knew not what. Her mother continued to suckle her breast through the release.

Once done Emily fell back exhausted and Helena pulled away.

“That is just a taste of the pleasure that can be found in a marriage bed my love. However this is not the main event, it is used to ready the woman for what is to come.”

“Oh mother it felt delightful!” Emily signed in contentment.

“The next lesson is to learn that all favours must be reciprocated. A husband does not pleasure a woman for nothing – he expects the same in return.”

“What should I do?”

“You should to do him what he does to you of course.” Helena smiled as Emily raised herself up on her elbows and looked greedily at her mother’s larger breasts.

“Mamma, would you take off you dress and reveal yourself to me, that I might do as you ask?”

“Come and do this for me Emily. The husband likes to feel taken care of.”

Emily helped her mother remove the dress completely, and at the same time Mrs. Calding removed Emily’s. Emily then pulled down her mamma’s undergarment so that she was exposed from the waist up too. She stared at the full round globes in awe. So much larger and heavier than her own, they sagged down to her upper belly and were topped with two wider and browner nipples. Emily was fascinated by the difference and reached out her hand to trace the curve. She was rewarded by a sigh. Smiling she pushed her mother back on to the bed and began to caress the breasts gently.

“Emily do not tease me!” Mrs Calding panted, her guise of “teacher” slipping.

Emily moved in with her mouth and licked on the under curve, savouring the slightly salty taste of Helena’s skin.

“Oh mamma, you taste divine!” Emily felt herself getting that glow again, and instinctively lay on top of her mother, her hips moving against Helena’s pelvis as she reached out her tongue to lick her first nipple.

Something bursa merkez escort bayan inside Helena snapped and she placed her hands full on her daughter’s buttocks, grinding against her lustfully as Emily suckled from her breast. Helena only wished she had milk to give her! The thought gave her another jolt of arousal and she continued to press Emily’s buttocks, grinding against her own womanly area. Moisture was forming in droves now and she was writhing and groaning in ecstasy.

“Harder Emily! Suckle me harder. Bite on my tips.” Emily did so, revelling in the contact of their pelvises and the hands gripping her buttocks. Mrs Calding slipped her hands inside the shift and grasped at her bare buttocks. Marvelling at how smooth they were she caressed them all over, plunging her fingers into the cracks and wiping the moisture she found back and forth. Emily was groaning against Helena’s breast, longing for her mother to move her fingers closer to her centre.

Mrs Calding, however, kept her hands in the crease between Emily’s buttocks and rubbed the little hole, becoming more aroused by the forbidden nature of that entrance. Emily’s hands kneaded her breasts with increasing fervour, lips smacking audibly as she suckled on her mother’s teats and more saliva dropping into Helena’s flesh from the corners of her mouth. Her mother manipulated her buttocks, grinding her ever more ferociously against her pelvis and at last locking her legs around her daughter as she found her first release.

“Oh yes my sweet beautiful baby girl,” Mrs Calding babbled as she jerked against her daughter, revelling in the most satisfying release she had experienced in years. Emily instinctively latched on to one nipple and held it firmly in her mouth.

Eventually Mrs Calding relaxed. Emily lifted her head from the delightful breast and gazed down at her mother adoringly. Helena gazed back.

“Emily my love, that was delightful.” She cooed slightly as she rubbed her daughter’s saliva into her breast. After a moment of thought, with her daughter resting her head on the bare breast, she spoke again:

“Of course, with a man it will be different. He will enjoy this for a moment but will not look for his main release this way. You must stop the motion of your hips before he finds satisfaction, or you will be disappointed and he will be angry. Men have less stamina than women and they usually tire after a release.”

“Must I then try to find my own first?” Emily asked curiously.

“Yes my clever little bird. If you can you must do so. There are a number of ways this can be done, and many other ways of pleasing your husband too. Shall we continue?”

Emily’s eyes lit again with that fire and she nodded vigorously. She was unconsciously rubbing her thighs together and caressing her own breast now in anticipation.

Helena stood up and noted this. She derived some satisfaction from watching her daughter please herself and wanted more. Her own very moist nether regions started to throb again. Moving to sit in a chair next to the bed she started to give instructions to her daughter.

“Take off your under garment.”

Emily looked up and blushed slightly. She wanted more, but was still shy of being fully exposed.

“Emily,” Mrs Calding said more firmly.

Slowly Emily slid her undergarment down, and her drawers as well. She started to peel off her stockings.

“Leave them on,” Helena rasped. She took in her daughter’s creamy upper thighs and smattering of golden curls protecting that most intimate area. The cream stockings encasing the rest of her legs were extremely exciting to Mrs Calding.

“Now,” she commanded, “lie back, lift your knees and then spread your legs apart.”

“Mamma!” Emily whined, aware that she had moisture almost dripping from her below and embarrassed to be so opened. As she spread her knees the look on Mrs Calding’s face was priceless.

“Emily you are a work of art,” she breathed. She looked like rose petals, pink and soft, with drops of morning dew clinging to them. Helena was desperate to smell and to taste them, but there was plenty of time for that. She played idly with her breast, gazing into that perfect pink opening, watching the moisture gather. Emily’s breast was heaving with an excitement borne of arousal and embarrassment at her exposure. She took confused pleasure in having herself so open to another. Moments went by and still her mother said nothing, instead licking her lips and leaning in to take a closer look. Emily thought she heard her mother sniff in the scent of her, and started to quake more violently. At last her mother spoke in a voice quaking almost as much:

“Give me your hand.” Emily propped herself up on one elbow, and held out her other hand to her mamma. Mrs Calding took the hand gently and moved it down to cover her curls.

“Emily, this is your most special area and your pleasure centre. Here is where your release comes. As I mentioned, you must learn how to find your own release, which can be done by another or by yourself. Women do not talk about this openly, but all learn and practice this often because it is most pleasurable. If a husband is open minded he may even enjoy watching this just like I will enjoy it. Now, move your hand below your curls, and splay your fingers within your folds.”

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