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In all the fantasies in my mind, I’m a thin, svelte, beautiful woman. In real life I’m a plump, voluptuous, attractive woman. I have curves like a real woman, not angles like Barbie.

The man I’m looking for doesn’t have to be a Ken. (Actually, I don’t want a Ken, because I want a man with working parts.) I’m not adverse to finding a good looking man. I like a sculpted chest, and I love a nicely formed ass, one that fits well into my hands. Those usually are my standards, I have been known to take a chance on a man who doesn’t meet those rules. But one thing the man has to possess is the ability to carry on a decent conversation. (Two things I don’t get at home, great sex, and good conversation.)

(At this point I’m going to add again, please don’t send me any moralistic comments about me cheating on my husband. I have accepted the fact that my husband thinks I’m too fat to have sex with, and I deal with it. He is ok with my decision to find my pleasure else where. And I will add here that other than no sex, we have a decent marriage. Another thing I will add is that I do have responsible, safe sex. Ok, I will now climb down off my soap box.)

I also want to mention this, to me, penis size is not an important issue. Sorry to disappoint all you guys who think bigger is better. It’s not about size, it’s about how you use it. Yeah, a big untrained penis will get me off, but a smaller well trained one will pleasure me a lot more.

For those of you who have read my submissions, you know that I LOVE SEX! (Yes, the caps are necessary cause I do really love sex, it’s my favorite hobby.) Although, I didn’t get really good at it until my later years. And I didn’t discover multiple orgasms until a few years ago. I love sucking a cock,(and yes, I am bragging here), I am damn good at it. I have a few male friends who will write glowing letters of recommendation of my talents and one said that sucking cock is my super power.

I’ve just decided while typing this, that I’m going to make this submission all about me. What I like done to me and what I like doing to my partner. I think I can get you aroused with this submission. If not, sorry about that.

First thing, I love foreplay, I’m not a wam-bam-thank-you maam type woman. bursa eskort bayan (Although a quickie is necessary at times.) I love to start with some passionate kissing, tasting, touching and caressing. Warm moist lips touching warm moist lips. Then going to some tongue action, running my tongue around and over his lips. He opens his mouth and our tongues do some wrestling. I like to move back to his lips putting little soft kisses all around his mouth.

Then back to total lips. Before long his tongue is out again, and I take his tongue in my lips and begin to suck and lick at his tongue. Doing a sort of mini blow job on his tongue. As you can imagine, hands are doing some roaming at this time. I reach to pull off his shirt, because I want to feel skin to skin. You know the fumbling, unbuttoning, pulling off clothes that goes on. Not really caring where the clothes go.

I slide my tongue from his lips to his ears. Nibbling on his earlobe, flicking my tongue around his ear. By this time we are laying (Or lying, I can never remember which one is correct. If you want to send feedback on the correct word, feel free.) on the bed. (Bed, couch, ground, maybe back seat, where ever we happen to be.) My hands are moving around his chest and neck. His hands are on my breasts, pinching on my nipples and squeezing my tits. Kissing where ever he can reach his lips to.

My lips travel from his ear down his neck to his chest. Stopping to flick my tongue over his nipples. I go from side to side, not wanting to show preference to either. Next I move down to his navel. Plunging my tongue in and out of it. My hands are now positioned at his groin area. My nails lightly running over his upper thighs and abdomen not touching his cock yet.

(You may have noticed that I use the word cock a lot. I haven’t come across another word that I feel right with. Yeah, that’s strange with my liberal view on sex. I would accept feedback on what words for cock you like to read and I will change.)

Now it’s time for some cock action. I take his cock in my hands and begin to stroke. It’s only semi hard right now, and I plan to change that very soon. My tongue flicks over the tip, twirling around first, then moving up, down and around. bursa merkez escort Engulfing his cock with my mouth, I start to suck and move my mouth up and down on it. One hand now at the base of his cock, and the other on his balls, caressing and lightly squeezing. At times I take his cock from my mouth and move to lick his balls and take them in my mouth. My hand still stroking his cock while his balls are in my mouth.

I move back to his cock. It’s grown very hard in my mouth. I continue to move my mouth up and down, and my tongue is licking around his cock while I suck. I start to lightly bite at his cock while bobbing up and down with my mouth. His hands are in my hair gripping my head and helping move my head on his cock. With his prick in my mouth, I look up to see the pleasure I’m giving. He’s moaning and breathing heavily.

I take that as a good response. I can feel his cock pulsate in my mouth. I love to have a man shoot his cum in my mouth, but sometimes that has a few consequences. (There have been experiences when a man doesn’t have a good recovery time. Which is ok, if this is the second, third or more time I have sucked his cock in a session. But when I want to get fucked, I usually don’t do that on the first go around.)

Removing my mouth from him, I say, “I need you in me now.” I start to creep up his body, stopping when my breasts reach his cock. My 40DD tits surround his penis and he reaches down to grab my breasts to encompass his cock between my tits. Then he begins to titty fuck me. Sliding his hard cock between my breasts, my tongue licks at the tip when it’s close to my mouth.

This is all very nice, but I want him in my pussy now! (Same thing with the words pussy and cunt, those are the two words I use, would you like something else?) I get wet very easily, and sucking a cock does really turn me on. So, I know I’m wet and ready to slide down on his cock.

I move up higher on his body and straddle his cock. It’s in good position, and I impale my hot, wet, tight pussy on his throbbing cock. “Oh, that feels so good,” I moan, and I start moving my hips in a motion to take him in deeper.

When I’m riding a hard cock, I love to have a little bullet vibrator bursa sınırsız escort bayan on my clit. That adds so much pleasure to my orgasm. Leaning into him we deeply kiss. We meet each other stroke for stroke, I grind my juicy pussy down onto his cock. He easily pounds into me.

I hold my breasts up to him, “please, I want you to suck my nipples.” Which he gladly does. He knows just how I like it done. I don’t want gentle soft caresses, I want hard sucking, some biting and squeezing. I love to find marks on my breasts the next day, that so turns me on.

He’s pushing his hips up and deeper into my cunt, I respond by undulating (Yes, there’s one of my favorite words again.) my own hips. With my vibrator in place, I can feel my pussy start to spasm, and I know I’m going to start a long multiple orgasm. I lean back and wrap my legs around him. His cock goes even deeper in my pussy. I’m in heaven.

In this position, even the slightest movement from either of us makes his cock hit my g spot. Which is something that is total pleasure. With just a little rocking of my hips, his cock would move in my pussy and hit that g spot every time. My arms and legs wrapped around him, his arms wrapped around me, we were moaning and breathing heavily.

“Yes, harder, don’t stop, make me cum more!” I plead. “I want you to fuck me from behind,” I beg as I start to untangle my legs from around him. He turns to stand at the edge of the bed, and I get on my knees. His cock easily slides into my still quivering pussy and he grabs my hips and pulls me hard back against his cock.

With my ass in the air, and my chest on the bed, his cock pulls almost all the way out, and then slams back in over and over. I reach back between my legs and rub my clit, then put my little vibrator on. My vibrator is humming and so is my pussy. The orgasm that started earlier picks back up again.

I can feel his cock pulsating in my now convulsing pussy. I know I will be traveling to orgasm land, and my friend is going with me. “Oh baby, I’m ready for you to cum in me. You know what I want.”

He tightens his hands on my ass, and I can feel his cock hit the absolute top of my cunt. And, I explode. My pussy contracts around his cock, squeezing it tight. I can feel his hot cum shoot into my pussy and I have a sensation of pleasure gush over my body.

His cock continues to pound into my cunt while his cum fills me, and I’m still quivering. He falls against my back, and kisses my neck then says, “you were so great, but next time I get to eat you first.”

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