Bob met Alexandra one Saturday at a friend’s house and was enamored with her appearance, style and fantastic body. She had long silky brown hair and skin like cream. She had kissed him on first greeting and a spark lit up almost immediately.

He came back several days later to spend some time with her and they enjoyed a very satisfying lovemaking session on her friend’s bed. They explored each other in sixty-nine and then Bob turned her over and made passionate love to her for a very long time. He kissed her hungrily as he made his entry, he was large and she was very tight. The licking that had preceded the fucking has made her super wet and even though tight he slid easily to the bottom. She gripped him as hard as she could and with every stroke he fanned her flame of desire. She started to orgasm and the tide rolled from her toes to her groin and up her slender body until her mind exploded. Bob was sensitive to her orgasm and slowed down to relieve the pressure on her small body. She wrapped her legs around him and squeezed hard, telling him that she was both pleased and spent.

A week had passed and Bob couldn’t stop thinking about the wonderful session he had with Alexandra. She had stoked his passion and lighted a fire in his groin that couldn’t be ignored.

One day he called her early in the morning and told her he wanted to see her again.

“How about lunch today?” She replied

“That would be great, are you working?”

“Yes, but I get an hour and a half for lunch and there is a motel just across the street from where I work.”

“Wow, that’s great.” He replied and the date was set.

He picked her up from work and she knew the hotel owner and went in to get a key. Bob waited patiently in the car watching her and hungrily thinking of how good she was going to taste.

They went to the room and immediately kissed each other passionately. She seemed as hungry for him as he was for her.

Quickly she had him sit in the chair and stood in front of him.

“I want to tease you a little while I undress for you.” She said.

She started to slow striptease and undulated her body with a rhythm that was musical. She removed the blouse and then unclasped her very red bra, letting it hang loosely from her shoulders as she leaned forward and shook her small firm breasts. The bra fell down her arms and she leaned closer to Bob and said, “Will you kiss them please?”

Bob immediately leaned into her and slowly encased her breast with his mouth. Pressing his lips together to squeeze the soft flesh he flicked his tongue over her nipple and could feel its tension. She gave out a little moan as the nursing thrilled her almanbahis adres body. She loved to have her breasts touched. Massage or tongue, it always tingled her.

She moved back after several minutes of sucking each breast and turned around to show Bob her backside.

Bending forward she slowly pushed her skirt over her hips one side at a time, wiggling as she did.

Bob watched the exposure of her creamy skin and hourglass shape as the skirt moved slowly down off her each hip one at a time. He wanted to reach out and touch them but he was too far away.

He felt his passion rise in his lap as he watched her drop her skirt and begin to do the same with her red panties. Slipping her fingers under the waistband she once again pushed them slowly over her smooth and firm globes.

It was agonizing for Bob; he wanted to touch them so bad, His cock was groaning at him, his stomach rolling with desire and his lips yearning to kiss each cheek.

“I want to kiss your ass Alex.” He whispered.

She slowly dropped her panties and stepped out, standing in her hose and heels she backed up to Bob who was still sitting in the chair.

He leaned forward again and greeted her left cheek with a firm tongue and kiss. Shifting across to the other cheek he dragged his tongue through the crack and then kissed the other side.

She giggled at the tender contact and leaned down, reached back and spread her cheeks allowing him a view of her already damp pussy and pink pucker spot.

“Wow, that’s more beautiful than I remember.” He said as his tongue explored the valley before him. Gripping each cheek with his hands he pulled her to him and buried his tongue on her anal opening. She gasped as the thrill of the contact went up her spine.

“Oh baby, that is hot.” She said.

That encouraged him and he pressed harder and pushed his tongue deep into her. She wiggled her ass again and he pushed harder. Reaching under her he felt her damp vaginal entrance and slipped his thumb up into her. She was wetter than he expected and he slid into her easily. Now with his tongue in her ass and his thumb in her pussy he began to push and pull her away from him. Every time he pushed in and away he would take a long lick of her petal, then when he pulled back he would push the button hard and feel her shiver. The combination was having a fabulous affect on her.

“Oh baby, you have me ready to cum all over you.” She whispered.

“Not yet, I want to taste that orgasm.”

He stood and gently moved her to the edge of the bed where he eased her face down over the edge, her feet still on the floor.

Quickly he stripped out of this jeans almanbahis adresi and polo shirt, dropped his shorts and then dropped to his knees behind her and resumed the tongue assault on her bottom

She wanted him to taste her with his tongue so she lifted her hips up as much as she could and said. “Tongue my pussy baby.”

Sticking his nose in the crevice and his tongue in the vagina he lapped as hard as he could and reached up into her with his tongue. He could smell the sweetness of her passion and taste the early honey from her tunnel.

Hungry for her now he stood and flipped her over then went back to his knees at the edge of the bed and lifted her legs over his shoulders. He buried his face into her core.

Moving his tongue to the corners of her groin he ran it from bottom to top, licking the corners each in turn. The closeness to her clitoris and the wetness of her pussy made her thrust up at him. “Please she cried, please touch me.”

He knew what she craved and he started with his tongue in her opening and slowly pulled it up through the valley between her swollen lips and stopped to suck each of the blood filled labia and then continued his journey to the top.

Her clitoris was tiny and hidden under the hood but he found it and was amazed at how hard it was. Pressing is mouth over it and sucking it, he pushed his tongue in and held it there. Letting her feel the pressure. She locked her feet to his back and arched herself to press against his face.

He felt her shiver as the first little spasm hit and her thighs quiver around his ears. He re-doubled his attack and pressed her hard, moving his tongue to form a circle around the outside of the little nub. She gasped as the second wave rolled through her body.

Sensing she was going to fast and too soon, Bob eased up on the pressure and went down to lick the vaginal entrance. She had begun to flood the zone and her honey was super sweet to him. He lapped at it, sucked it into his mouth and drank her wonderful juices.

Lifting her gently he moved her up into the bed and crawled up beside her. Leaning over her beautiful face he kissed her tenderly, offering her a taste of the honey. She tongued his lips and slipped inside to greedily get more.

“You taste delicious.” He said.

“I taste better from your tongue.” She replied.

He kissed her hard and felt her kneed as she groaned into his mouth.

“Please, I want to feel you inside me.” She whispered into his ear.

He slid in between her long creamy legs and slowly sat up and gripped his manhood. She raised her knees and showed him the entrance. Slowly he pressed down into her and felt the almanbahis adres heat of her core and the slickness of the honey.

“Don’t tease me baby, give me all of it.” She cried.

He responded by plunging to the full depth and the end of his long hard cock hit her cervix, which caused her to squeal in pain. The pain was instantaneous and although he paused and looked at her she relaxed and smiled at him, showing it had passed.

“My god you’re big.” She whispered. “That’s awesome.”

“Did I hurt you?” He queried.

“No baby, just a shock because it was new territory. Virgin land.”

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“It’s good now, please fuck me.”

He did, long hard and deep but slowly. He pulled back until he almost pulled out and then slowly pushed back until his pubic hairs pressed her swollen lips.

She rolled her hips and lifted her thighs to accept every lunge and soon they were going at a faster and faster pace.

He felt her feet fall to the bed and her hips push up to meet him and her entire body begin to quake. She wiggled and writhed under him as he held place with her impaled on his long man handle.

The first orgasm was the biggest he had ever seen, she was out of control and if her had not been over her she might have left the bed. She screamed his name and dug her nails into his back. Pulled him to her and thrashed her hips around. Finally she wrapped him in her long legs and squeezed him for all she was worth.

He stayed above her, buried deep inside her as she came down from the high. Her orgasm was total and complete, it exhausted her and she looked up at him with her glassy eyes and said. “Wow.”

Fearing his weight on her small body he withdrew and rolled next to her on the bed. Sliding up close he put his arm under her head and pulled her close. She felt warm and there was a glow about her that pleased him. Hugging her he said, “You’re amazing.”

She put her head on his chest and felt his heart hammering out a rapid beat and it please her.

“I have to go back to work.” She whispered into his ear.

“I know.”

“We should do this again.”

“I would like that.”

She sat up on the edge of the bed but her body was still trembling. He wrapped himself around her and gently hugged her.

“I am afraid to stand.”

“Let me help.”

He stood and helped her to her feet. She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tight. The warmth of his body and the strength of his arms gave her a spurt of energy and she pushed away from him slowly.

“That’s much better.” She said.

“Your color is returning.”

He sat back on the bed and watched her gather her clothes.

“One more kiss.” He said as he reached for her bare ass and planted his lips on her left cheek.

“Other side too.” She pleaded.

They both laughed, dressed once again and he took her back to her work.

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