Alex in Wonderland Ch. 12Alex in Wonderland Ch. 12


DISCLAIMER-This is a series of fan fiction, most of the characters in this series follow on from ONLINE CHASTITY by FICT which can be found in the BDSM part of Literotica. This is just my view of what paths the original characters in the original series could have taken. You should read Online Chastity chapters 1-6 to see how Alex ended up here.


(Alex gets his first taste of kinky sex)

Alex’s face was now soaking in Sam’s pussy juices. He had been eating her for about twenty minutes and she had three orgasms on his face. All the while Tam was massaging his back, ass and thighs, this was driving him insane because she was ignoring his cock which was leaking a never ending stream of precum. Jennifer and Nathan were still watching from the playroom door, enjoying the threesome unfolding in front of them.

“Turn around and lay on your back, Pet. Sam said. “Now it’s Tam’s turn.”

Alex straightened up and moved away from Sam’s pussy, as he looked round he saw Tam for the first time completely naked. While she was not as lithe and curved as Sam she was still very beautiful with high firm breasts that drew a gasp from him. The women helped turn him over due to his hands still being cuffed behind his back and his ankles kept apart by the spreader bar.

“Now, if I uncuff your hands, Pet, will you behave?” Sam asked.

“Yes, Miss Sam.” Alex replied. “I promise, Miss Sam.”

Alex now lay flat on his back with his cock, still fully erect, pointing to his stomach. He was also jumping from the shocks he was getting every twenty seconds from the butt plug in his ass. Tam smiled as she moved her pussy above his cock, she paused as she squatted over him. Alex was now breathing heavily, something he had been doing a lot of since entering the lofthouse, as Tam grabbed his cock and lined it up to her pussy entrance. She slowly lowered her pussy so just the head of his cock was inside and paused. Alex managed to keep his hands outstretched and away from his body. he knew if he moved them towards his cock he would get a shock from the collar around his neck.

“AAAAAHHHHH!! Please. Miss Tam!” He begged. “Please, Miss Tam!”

At this point the butt plug in his ass suddenly shocked his prostate at a higher voltage that forced him to jerk his cock upwards into Tam’s pussy so far that his ass left the floor entirely. When the shock stopped his ass fell to the floor, only for him to get shocked again twenty seconds later and the process repeated itself. This went on for several minutes and Alex knew this would not be enough to get him off. Tam adjusted her position above him, she knelt down with her knees beside his hips and lowered her pussy so that Alex’s cock was buried balls deep. He was still getting shocks from the butt plug as Tam began to ride his cock at a very slow tempo.

“May I use my hands, Miss Sam?” Alex asked, looking desperately at Sam.

He then looked up at Tam, who merely nodded, he then began to massage Tam’s ample breasts and used his thumbs to tweak her nipples that drew a large sigh from her. He then moved his hands down her back and began to stroke her ass as she fucked him.

“You must tell us when you are about to cum, Pet. Understand?” Sam warned after a few minutes. “You are not to cum inside her”

“I’m close, Miss Sam.” He cried after a minute and his toes began to curl.

Tam immediately rose of his cock and sat on his thighs. She then grabbed his cock

and began to stroke it very slowly from base to tip.

“I’m cumming, Miss Sam!” Alex cried out. “I’m cumming, Miss Sam!”

With that Tam stopped stroking and aimed his cock at an angle just as he began to shoot his load. As the first spurt erupted from his cock the butt plug then sent a continuous shock across his prostate that sent an almost non stop flow of semen into the air. The first spurt landed on his neck with several more large spurts covering his chest and stomach. Throughout this massive orgasm Alex screamed and arched his back and whole body started shaking. After coming down from his second high of the night Alex started babbling.

“That was incredible, Miss Tam! Thank you, thank you, oh god thank you, Miss Tam!” He said.

As Alex began to regain his senses he looked down to see Tam rubbing his semen over his chest and stomach. Normally this sort of thing was disgusting to him, usually he would be reaching for some tissues to clean güvenilir bahis up, now however, with his inhibitions gone, he watched an quiet satisfaction. He even licked his semen from Tam’s fingers without hesitation when she offered them to him. When Tam’s fingers were clean he looked over to Sam.

“That was incredible, Miss Sam.” He gasped with a huge grin on his face.

“Welcome to the world of kinky sex, Pet.” Sam responded with a warm smile. “Tam however is still not satisfied. Your cock is rock hard and you will have to please her.”

With that, Tam climbed back over his now very sensitive cock and began to fuck him with wild abandon. She was now pumping her pussy at a breakneck speed in order to achieve her own orgasm. Alex squealed and groaned but looked down to see his cock coated with her pussy cream and knew it would not take long. Soon enough Tam was groaning in ecstasy herself and ground her pussy against his pelvis, he felt her vagina muscles contract on his cock as her orgasm shook her. She laid on top of him with her firm breasts against his chest and his cock still impaled inside her. He had also come again but the feeling as nowhere near as intense and he felt his semen leaking from her pussy down his shaft and onto his balls. Tam also took the opportunity to kiss Alex and began dominating his mouth with her tongue. Alex could do nothing but let out muffled groans.

“That was seriously hot stuff.” Jennifer whispered, still watching from the playroom door.

“Agreed.” Nathan, her husband, replied. “He’s already addicted to kinky sex and clearly smitten with Sam.”

One hour later the lounge had been cleaned and cleared, everybody had washed in Sam’s luxurious bathroom. Alex was back in chastity and clothed, ready to go home. Jennifer and Nathan had shut the playroom door and were pretending that Nathan was still being punished. Alex could hear muffled screams and shouts from behind the mirror and looked over at Sam.

“I don’t interfere between another woman and her pet, Pet.” She said.

She led him over to the main door and pointed to a hook on the wall next to the door. On the hook attached to the wall was a single key that Alex recognised.

“The key to your collar and cage will stay there for you to take whenever you want, Pet.” She said.

Alex stared at the key for a few seconds then turned to Sam and gave her a grin.

“Thank you very much for a fantastic evening, Miss Sam.” He said.

He looked at her for a few moments then leaned forward quickly and kissed her on the cheek.

“I look forward to hearing from you whenever you need me, Miss Sam.” He stated.

“Tam is downstairs, she’ll let you out, Pet.” She replied with the same smile he found so captivating.

When he reached the coffee shop downstairs he found Tam sitting at a table drinking a coffee looking at her phone. She looked up at him and smiled warmly.

“So, did you enjoy yourself again tonight, Alex?” She asked.

“I didn’t think anything could beat last week, Miss Tam.” He replied. “Tonight was amazing, thank you, Miss Tam.”

“Such a polite boy.” She said still smiling. “Before you get here next week make sure you give yourself an enema, things will get more and more interesting for you. Do you understand?”

“I understand, Miss Tam.” He said with a smile. “I the future sessions are anything like tonight, I’d be happy to.”

Tam got up to let him out and as she did so she pointed to his neck collar.

“Drive safe and don’t forget to let Sam know your home.” She said.

Alex gave her a cheeky lopsided grin but said nothing.

From a darkened window of the lofthouse, Sam, Jennifer and Nathan watched as Alex’s car left the parking lot and turned onto the main highway.

“I think you’ve found you’re next valuable asset, Sam.” Nathan said.

Sm didn’t take her eyes away from the window until Alex’s car disappeared from view.

“So do I.” She replied.

The following week Alex received a text message from Sam instructing him to come to the lofthouse as usual on Friday at 5pm. just as the coffee shop was closing. He smiled at Tam who simply waved him up to the lofthouse with a smile. The door was already open and Alex tentatively walked in, he saw that Sam was waiting for him, but she was wearing a business suit.

“Are we going somewhere, Miss Sam?” He asked.

“We aren’t going anywhere, güvenilir bahis siteleri Pet.” She said. “I have a function to attend tonight, you’re staying here. Now take your clothes off, Pet.”

Once he was naked she grabbed his locked cock and dragged him further into the lounge. He noticed that there were several large plastic mats coving the floor and there were four smaller mats two inches thick on top of them. Scattered around the mats were several bowls of coconut oil and bottles of what looked like red wine. There were also four cameras on tripods covering each corner of the matting. Alex could see that the lights were on and the cameras were recording.

“Some of my friends will be looking after you tonight, Pet.” She said. “Ladies!!”

Three women appeared from Sam’s bedroom, they were all stark naked with tanned athletic physiques, they all had blonde hair tied up in ponytails that fell down their backs between their shoulder blades. Their breasts were all full and firm and a wonder to behold sitting above their washboard, flat stomachs. They walked over to Alex with warm smiles on their faces, two of them began roaming their hands over his body while the third knelt down with a key and removed his cage.

“Let’s get rid of this nasty cage for the evening, shall we Alex?” She said, placing it on the coffee table.

“HMMMM, firm flesh.” Said one of them stroking his back and ass.

“That’s one handsome cock you have there, Alex!” Said the third.

Sam made her way to the front door and looked around. The women already had Alex on the matting, one was sucking his cock while another was sitting on his face. The third had picked up a bowl of oil and was pouring it all over them. She looked up.

“See you at ten, Sam.” She said as she looked down at her companions, already ravishing Alex’s body.

Five hours later Sam let herself in and saw her friends fully clothed sitting on the sofa giggling amongst themselves, looking at their mobile phones. They had cleared away most of the plastic sheeting, the bowls of oil and the bottles of wine. On the mats in front of them lay Alex, he looked as though he had been thoroughly debauched, which is what Sam wanted. He lay on his side, naked sleeping and breathing quietly, he was covered in coconut oil and had red wine stains over his body, including around the base of his cock, hips and pelvis. She could also see that he was covered in copious amounts of his own semen with strands drooling all over his body, he even had some in his hair. But the most striking thing was that he was covered with several bite marks and scratches. The marks were all over his torso, front and back, but his arms and legs were left untouched. The more marks these ladies left on a man’ body the more impressed they were by his performance. Alex must have been impressive, he even had several bite marks on each ass cheek.

“Hi, Sam.” Andrea, one of the ladies, said. “That’s one fit boy you have there, Sam. We got eight cumshots out of him and the last one was by no means a dryshoot! Although he was pretty much out of it to remember the last two! It didn’t take much wine for him to lose his inhibitions either!”

Sam looked down at Alex and smiled.

“Thanks, Andrea.” She replied. “I’ll take care of him now. If I need your help I’ll let you know. It’ll take me a few days to do the edit and send you a copy. I take you’ll be discreet with the photos you’ve all taken of him?”

Andrea smiled and nodded, they had an understanding where photos were taken but identities remained secret.

After the ladies had left, Sam sat down on the sofa and watched Alex for several minutes. She decided to let him sleep, after his exertions and the wine he could be out for hours. She went to the control room to start on the edit, but put a camera on him in case he began to stir.

It was almost midnight when she noticed Alex moving and quickly sat down on the sofa so she would be the first person he saw. She was now wearing her sweatpants and sweatshirt as Alex tried to sit up.

“Fuck.” He mumbled and fell back down again. He then rolled over onto his scratched and bitten back.

“Owwww!” He groaned and remained still.

He then put his hand to his forehead.

“Fuck me!” He groaned again.

“So, Pet.” Sam said as she smiled down at him. “How was your evening?” She asked.

“Miss Sam!” He blurted. “What iddaa siteleri time is it?”

“It’s almost midnight, Pet.” She replied.” So, did you enjoy your evening, Pet?” She asked again.

“It was, different, Miss Sam!” He said. “But what was that for, Miss Sam.” He asked.

“Well I thought you did very well las week, Pet.” She explained. “I thought you deserved a treat.”

“Thank you very much, Miss Sam!” He said.

He managed to sit up with more groans, he winced when he realised his ass cheeks were covered in bite marks and scratches. He looked down at his body and saw all the red bite marks and semen, he also had two significant bite marks around each nipple and the nubs were red, puffy and sore.

“Who were those ladies, Miss Sam?” He asked.

He then held out his arms to show her his torso.

“What’s this all about, Miss Sam?” He also asked.

“They are friends of mine, Pet.” She said, pointing to his body.

“That, is their trademark, the more bites and scratch marks they leave, the more satisfied they are with your performance, Pet. You clearly impressed them!”

Alex grinned and looked closer at his cock and pelvis area.

“Holy shit!!” He exclaimed.

He noticed that even the shaft of his cock had bite marks, three next to each other along the shaft from his balls to his cockhead. He gently pinched the tip of his cock to get a better look and winced in pain, Sam leaned forward to get a better look and giggled.

“Now that, Pet.” She said. “Is the royal seal of approval! Three bites on the shaft of the clients cock means each one of them was very impressed. However the downside is you won’t be able to play with your cock for a week!”

Alex grinned, despite all the pain he was in, then frowned.

“I think one of them filled her pussy with a whole bottle of wine before I fucked her, Miss Sam!” He said.

“Yes, she did, Pet.” Sam laughed. “I’ve already started the video editing! I’ll make sure you get a copy because you don’t remember much, do you?”

Alex smiled, then shook his head and immediately started groaning. He was clearly suffering from a hangover having drunk too much wine. She had a glass of aspirin ready for him on the coffee table.

“Here, Pet.” She said. “Drink this, it will help with the aches, pains and hangover.”

He reached for the glass and winced again, every move he made was causing him pain from the aches, bites and scratches. He downed the glass in seconds and handed it back and ran a hand through his hair. He noticed that his hand was now covered in his cold smelly semen.

“Oh for fuck’s sake.” He grumbled. “How many times did I cum tonight, Miss Sam?” He asked.

Sam stood up and smiled.

“They tell me eight, Pet.” She replied.

“Eight!! Is that even possible, Miss Sam?” He exclaimed.

“Perfectly possible, Pet.” She answered. They don’t let you cum inside them, you shoot your loads over yourself. As you can see, Pet, you came lots!”

Alex couldn’t remember or believe cumming so many times and let out a large breath.

“Right then, Pet.” Sam said. “Let’s get you cleaned up. You know where the shower is so take as long as you like. The sofa is yours if you want it.”

Alex stared at Sam hopefully.

“Forget it, Pet.” She laughed. “You’re in no condition to get it on with me and you know it! You’ve now got the next two weeks to recover and then we’ll get started with you. The good news is you won’t be caged from now on. You’ve earned my trust, Alex.”

Alex’s heart leapt and a shiver went down his spine when he heard Sam use his name. He also, for some reason, felt proud like he had passed some sort of exam as he struggled to his feet and staggered towards the showers.

The following day Sam sent him home with a large tub of antiseptic cream to recover from his night of debauchery and he spent the next two days in his apartment naked and covered in cream. He had instructions to ensure he used it to ward off any potential infections.

Sam sent him a copy of the edited video of the evening and he could not believe that he was watching himself being ravished by three beautiful ladies that way. Sam also sent him close up photos of his debauchery, obviously taken by the ladies themselves, they showed the ladies biting various parts of his body and his semen being rubbed all over him. He winced when he saw one of them biting his fully erect cock shaft and had no memory of it. But at no point was his face shown in any of the photos, clearly to protect his identity, he realised.

He now knew that he was hooked and couldn’t wait for his body to heal so he see Sam again…..

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