Alex and Jakob – the 2nd comingAlex and Jakob – the 2nd coming

Big Dick

For the few days after what happened in the media room Jakob saw very little of Alex. All of his old friends were dropping by at odd times to say hello and catch up over a carton of beer. Jakob only ever got glimpses of Alex, and, in the heat of the tropics she had taken to wearing really short skirts and singlets so Jakob got hard every time he saw her.Alex knew full well the effects she was having on him and loved it. If she caught his eye she would seductively lick her lips and watch him try to contain himself. Finally, Tuesday came and Jakob knew he was out of friends who would visit, he woke up rather early that morning and on a whim he grabbed his bow and went to have some practice shots.Jacob was shooting bottles off the fence until he ran out of arrows, after he found them all he decided to go find his old target in the shed. The target was behind a bunch of old cupboards near the spare bed they istanbul travesti keep for company so Jakob had his work cut out for him to move them all, His shirt got rather dirty from all the dust so he took it off. Jakob was opening the door to bring the target out when Alex’s legs wrapped around his waist and drove him backwards onto the bed.The bed springs squeaked at their sudden use and Alex’s lips found Jakob’s. Alex was undressing her self and saying something about not have much time before their mother got suspicious. They were completely naked in a matter of seconds, the rush blasting through their bodies as they were committing forbidden acts. Alex finally slowed down as she lowered her pussy over Jakob’s cock.They moaned in unison as he entered her. Alex slid down him until he bottomed out in her, then she rose until just the head of Jakob’s dick was still inside istanbul travestileri then she dropped again until he hit her cervix. It took only a few seconds and she was coming all over him unable to keep moving.Jakob rolled them over and began trust into her in long deep purposeful strokes, gyrating his hips a little each time to drive Alex even deeper into the folds of her pleasure as orgasms came in waves one after the other. She was biting her arms to stop from screaming but Jakob couldn’t hep but moan each time Alex’s pussy clenched around his cock.Jakob knew he wouldn’t last much longer, he started thrusting faster. Alex was moaning into the skin of her forearm in an effort to keep quiet. She sensed he was getting close and said something that pushed him dangerously fast to his peak.“Baby, come in my mouth again, I need to taste your come again!” she squealed travesti istanbul it in between moans.Jakob groaned and pulled out and moved up to Alex’s head. Alex started sucking his cock as soon as it was close enough, it only took a few seconds and Jakob was coming like he never had before. Stream after stream rushed from his balls out into Alex’s mouth, she tried to swallow it all but there was too much and it spilled out the sides of her mouth onto her cheeks and chin.Alex scooped what she missed and swallowed it, savoring the salty after taste. She cleaned Jakob’s cock then told him to get dressed, Just in time to as they heard their mother calling them to breakfast. Just as their mother opened the door Jakob was lifting the target up and blamed the sweat on the moving of cupboards and the heat for how flustered he was. Alex and Jakob exchanged amused glances as they followed her back to the house.Breakfast was Jakob’s mother Dana’s specialty; Bacon, eggs, hash browns, sausages and fried mushrooms. After they ate Jakob cleaned the table and Alex did the dishes, afterwards their parents went to work leaving the two of them home alone.Jakob was in his room reading his emails when Alex came in.

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