“AKIM, AKIM…” is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don”t care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

AKIM, AKIM… Andrej Koymasky © 2020
Written September 6th. 1993
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised
by Jerry – A friend in Texas THIRD

He was calculating the marks for the end of the school year when Carla phoned him.

“Piero, what do you think about having dinner with me?”

“Well… I”m calculating my students” averages…”

“Come on, I promise not to steal too much of your time. We can go to the pizza shop behind the Monte and then straight back home, promise. But I need to talk you.”

“Problems?” Piero asked, getting seriously alarmed.

“No, just a chat, but…”

“OK. Are you going to fetch me, or it is my turn to come?”

“I”ll be there in twenty five minutes.”

While eating their pizza, Carla said, casually, that she thought she might be pregnant.

“You think?”

“Yes, I”ve missed my period.”

“Possibly it”s just late…”

“No, I”m so regular. And now it has been ten days. Tomorrow I”m going to have a pregnancy test.”

“But… are you happy or not?” Piero asked.


“And Beppe? Have you told him?”

“Of course. He”s happy too.”

“Then I hope it”s true. Having a child must be great.”

“So, why are you waiting?” Carla jibed.

Piero was taken back by the question. He didn”t like to talk about his private life, besides, his mother”s questions were just as heavy: “When will you get a girlfriend? When will you get married? You are now twenty six, isn”t it time to think about it?” He felt tempted to tell Carla that he would never have a child, because he was gay, but kept silent.

Carla was looking directly into his eyes, and said, “What”s up? Some problems?”

“Problems? No…”

“Your eyes… they have a look of sadness in them…”

“Sadness? No, not at all.”

“Nevertheless… We are friends, right? If you have a problem…”

“Thanks, no problem, really.”

“Piero, I don”t want to be nosy, your private life is your business, I know, but… Well, it”s just that any time I barely touch something about… about your private life, I see that look in your eyes, just like a moment ago…”

“A look? What look?” Piero asked trying to assume a casual tone.

“As if there was something you wanted to tell me, but… but you can”t, you aren”t able… I don”t know… but my feelings are clear and always the same.”

“At times…” Piero started, but then kept silent.

“At times?” Carla encouraged him.

Piero looked at her and saw a warm smile, sincere, full of real availability, sweetness, and instinctively he felt that yes, he possibly could risk it. He had to take the risk. At least once, at least with one person, a friend. “It”s not easy, Carla.”

“What”s not easy?” she asked almost in a whisper.

“It”s not easy to completely open up with somebody, to let myself go, to let down all my defenses, really all of them. It would even be difficult with a lover, I think, it is difficult…”

“It”s true. But it is… good for the soul. I don”t want to force you. I just want you to know that I love you like a brother, possibly even more than a brother. And I think I”m able to listen, to understand…”

Piero smiled at her, grateful for those words, but yet unable to tell her what it was that veiled his eyes at moments. He was grateful Carla didn”t insist. She kept silent, respecting his freedom. And finally he said, very quickly, “I like men, Carla,” and as soon as he said those words his heart stopped, his breathing stopped, all the world stood still waiting for a verdict. It came.

“That”s all?” Carla asked with a smile.

“That”s all…” Piero murmured. And the world started to spin again, his breathing began, and his heart beat.

Carla said nothing, but her eyes and her smile spoke in her behalf. She accepted what Piero had said. She accepted Piero as before – nothing had changed.

“Thank you, Carla.” he said, with a ghost of a smile.

“For what? But… are you happy or not?” she asked with the same tone he had used when he asked her about her pregnancy.


“Well, that”s important. Do you have a… boyfriend, now?”

“No. I had a boyfriend, really, two. But it”s all over.”

“Did you suffer?”

“A little, especially with the second one.”

“And now?”

“I”m fine.”

“Good.” was her comment.

They started eating pizza again and talked about other subjects. Piero was happy. Later, while she was taking him back home, Piero said, “Thank you Carla.”

“For what?” she asked, curiously.

“Accepting me.”

“Oh… but isn”t it natural? I love you. You know it.”

“Many people have prejudices against gays.”

“But I”m not… people. manisa escort Each person has an absolute and undeniable right to live his own life, in peace, as long as he doesn”t harm others. And surely, you aren”t the kind of person to… to harm others. You are sweet, generous, intelligent and good-hearted…”

“Now you confused me. Stop it, please…”

“Dumb ass! It”s all true. I really cannot see you as a pervert or a corruptor of innocent teenagers!”

“I”m really not interested in teenagers, physically, but men, that are consenting adults…”

“That”s it. So it”s just your business who you choose, right? People can be mean, it”s true… but I”m not, thanks goodness. And, I love you…”

“I love you too, Carla. Thanks.”

Piero went up to his flat and resumed calculating averages. Then he adjusted them, taking into consideration the commitment each boy had shown. Some low marks increased, some remained the same, but not too many. This was not because Piero was indulgent, but because he was able to lead, everybody who was willing through out the school year, to an acceptable level.

He thought about Carla and smiled to himself. Her reaction made him feel good. He was glad he had been honest with her. He realized how lucky he was. It was rare to meet people like Carla, so open-minded and balanced. So very rare. Before he loved Carla as a friend, but now he valued her… twice as much.

When he finished his averages, he looked at his watch. He decided to go out, to have a walk before supper in Valentino Park. He went far as the Medieval Borough he loved so much, even if it was only a reconstruction. While strolling, he recalled his first man.

It wasn”t Luigi!

His name was Gianni. He had met him in the gay disco, thanks to Marco. The first time they just exchanged a few banalities. Gianni was a waiter at the Saint George Restaurant, right there at the Medieval Borough. He was a handsome young man, twenty eight years old, straight light brown hair, tall, like him, lean and reserved. They met five days later, again at the “Angelo Azzurro”. They danced a while but almost without touching. Gianni was a good dancer and Piero enjoyed watching him. “You”re great! I love the way you dance.” Piero said trying to be heard over the music.

“I”m taking lessons in modern dance…” Gianni apologized, and that provoked a tenderness in Piero, “How different from Marco,” he thought, “and from all the others. He wasn”t boastful, and that was one point to his favor.”

The third time they met, Gianni bought him a drink and they spent all evening together, talking for a long time. He discovered that Gianni loved photography.

“Nudes?” Piero ventured.

Gianni, smiled and shook his head, “No. Houses, trees, close-ups… Corners forgotten by everybody, unusual views. You know, things everybody sees every day, but that nobody notices, nevertheless they are there, in their beauty… but just black and white pictures.”

“As real artists do.” Piero commented.

“Well… the black and white emphasizes the essence of things .” Gianni replied.

Piero thought that Gianni was handsome, and desired him. But Gianni didn”t gave him any hint that he desired him, so he didn”t dare make the first move. They went back to dance. Piero noticed that Luigi was flirting with a boy and thought maybe that one has a place to go, and felt a little bit of envy. Then he looked at Gianni and asked himself with whom would he like to have his first experience? Luigi? Or with Gianni? From Luigi, he had sensed desire for him, even if he now seemed interested in another boy… from Gianni, he didn”t feel any desire, even if now he seemed interested in him…

“What are you thinking?” Gianni asked him, leaning close to Piero”s so that he could be heard.

That close proximity gave Piero a quiver, and he said, “About you.”

“About me?” the other echoed as if he was rather surprised.

“Yes, about you. I like you.” Piero hesitantly dared.

And he saw Gianni”s eyes begin to shine, to lighten in a sweet smile. Gianni then again leaned toward him and said, “Me too. I like you… a lot.”

“You never said anything to me…” Piero protested, happily.

“I didn”t dare. You seemed to have eyes only for Luigi…”

“Want to get out here?” Piero proposed, feeling his heart beating strongly.

Gianni nodded yes, smiling. They said farewell to their friends and left. They walked toward Castello Square, silently, for some minutes.

Then Gianni said, “Luigi told me that… that you still haven”t… done it.”

“It”s true but… I want to do it.”

“Luigi is looking for a place. He says he will be your first man…”

“That”s what Luigi says, not me.”

“Aren”t you in love with him?”

“I didn”t have the time, or the occasion to be.”

“That”s why I haven”t told you my feelings, even though I like you a lot and… I desire you.”

“I”m here.” Piero simply answered, but behind those words there was an offer, or rather a request.

Gianni lightly squeezed maraş escort his arm and for a while said nothing. Then asked, “Would you like it to be tonight, or do you prefer that we know each other better?”

Piero smiled and thought that it was a delicate question. He thought for a moment, then said. “Tonight. It is a way to know each other better, right? But I don”t have a place. Do you?”

“Yes, not really nice, but…”

“Far from here?”

“No, in Carlina Square. It is a attic apartment with just one room, but it”s all mine.”

“Will you take me there?”

They went. They climbed the old stone stair that probably was the old back stairway of the mansion that once belonged to some noble family, but now rather dilapidated. Gianni opened a door to a long, dreary corridor, reached in to turn on a lamp and moved to one side: “Here we are. Please, come in.” The one room flat was small but Piero liked it at once. It was all whitewashed and the hidden lamp reflected on the wall giving just enough light to see clearly by, but it was warm and diffused, not too strong. While Gianni was closing the door behind him, Piero looked all around. Under the dormer window, at the center of the room, there was a low, but wide bed, covered by a big light sky-blue eiderdown bed spread with light and soft gilded decorations. At one side of the bed, some low white cubes contained books, probably of pictures, also on them was a lamp, a mini stereo, and some other objects. On the other side, some shelves, again white, with bottles, glasses, colorful boxes. The wall in front of the bed was covered with frames with black and white pictures.

“You did these?” Piero asked, going closer, to get a better look at them.


“They are beautiful, really beautiful!” Piero said in admiration.

“Thank you.”

“Do you sell them?”

“Yes, many have been published. Some have even won prizes…”

Piero turned around and found himself face to face with Gianni. Their eyes met — magnetized. Gianni put his hands on Piero”s waist and gently pulled him closer.

Their bodies hugged and Piero could feel that Gianni was aroused. He felt the erection pushing against him through their clothes and was pleased that he that he was the cause of Gianni”s excitation, and was instantly aroused himself just thinking Gianni desired him. “It”s wonderful to feel desired.” he thought, almost with a sense of gratitude.

Gianni kissed him on the mouth and Piero savored that intimate, long kiss. Gianni”s hands caressed his back, his buttocks, his sides through his clothes. Piero let himself go with those caresses, fully enjoying them, and shyly started to explore Gianni”s body and found it was sound and quivering.

“May I undress you?” Gianni whispered to him, and he nodded in agreement.

Soon Piero felt his new lover”s tongue titillating his ear lobe, then lower on his neck. Then he felt his new friend”s hands slowly opening the buttons of his shirt, one at a time. Piero closed his eyes and thought that what was finally happening was beautiful.

Gianni pulled Piero”s shirt, along with his singlet, out of his trousers, so that his hands were able to feel the bare skin under his clothes and rub his back. Then, those hands slipped his shirt away from his arms, and it fell to the floor. Then, he lifted the singlet and Piero raised his arms, making it easier for him to pull off. Gianni lowered his head to lightly suck one nipple and Piero trembled at the intensity of the sensations that he was feeling for the first time.

Now, his companion”s hands were playing with his belt and Piero was about to help him open it, when the belt gave out a sharp “TAC”. Gianni pulled down the zipper and his hand caressed Piero”s erection through the outstretched cotton briefs. Piero again trembled. His friend”s hands crept to his sides, between the brief”s elastic band and his bare skin and pushed down, freeing him at once from his trousers and his briefs.

While lowering his hands, Gianni crouched down in front of Piero and when his trousers were down around his ankles, the young man cupped Piero”s buttocks. His face approached his member, now freed and vigorously pointing forward, hard and quivering, and kissed it. Lightly at first, here and there, then with full lips, then using his tongue.

Now, Piero was trembling from head to toe, his eyes closed, and his breaths becoming stronger and shorter until Gianni parted his lips and let all that burning meat rod slip inside his mouth. Piero gave a start with the pleasure, emitted a moan and opened his eyes. Looking down he saw his companion”s head starting a slow coming and going motion on his member. Instinctively, he put his hands on Gianni”s head and caressed his hair, his ears, his forehead, to say a sweet thank you for that gift he was receiving.

Then he whispered to him: “Gianni get undressed. Take me to your bed… my legs are giving out from all this emotion…”

“Do you like it?” Gianni asked, looking him up and down, with a smile.

mardin escort “And how!”

They parted and Gianni helped Piero free himself from his shoes, socks, then his trousers that remained on the floor in a pile together with his briefs. He led him to the bed, where Piero lay on his back. Gianni, still standing, started to undress, not ceasing to admire his companion”s body, “You are beautiful, you know?”

“Thank you…” Piero said, confused, but pleased, and looked at the body of his new friend that was revealing itself little by little. He thought that it was really beautiful, perfect and when his member appeared, he looked at it, fascinated. It was erect, hard, but contrary to his own, instead of pointing forward, his rose up toward his navel. And how beautiful it was, not too big, but long and tapered, smooth… perfect.

Gianni had hairy legs but the blond hair didn”t bother Piero. His pubic hair was thick and curly, his almost hairless chest had just a light tuft between the nipples. His arms, hairless towards the shoulders, become hairy towards the wrists.

When he was completely naked, Gianni asked, “Would you prefer I lower or shut off the lights?”

“No, no… I want to see you. You are so beautiful!”

“You are the beauty, I like you.”

“Come here…” Piero almost implored, full of desire.

“Yes, here I am…”

Gianni answered, with a smile, kneeling on the bed he then laid full length on his companion”s body, sticking to him, legs on his legs, chest on his chest, arms on his arms and their members in contact, pressed between their warm and tense stomachs, and it was in that position that they started again to kiss. Then Gianni”s legs circled and clasped Piero”s legs, his arms circled him passing under his back and Piero felt wrapped, a prisoner and loved that sensation.

They made love for a long time. Slowly, but intensely, and Piero let his skilled companion guide him and was brought to unsuspected peaks of pleasure. Piero thought that making love was splendid — a lot more than he would have guessed. He felt completely different, full of energy, and a wild joy. At last, he implored Gianni, his voice hoarse with pleasure, “Let”s come…”

“How would you like to come?”

“How ever you want…”

“No, it”s your first time.” Gianni said with a sweet smile.

“I want you… I want you inside of me, please take me.”

“Really, you want me to? I wouldn”t want to hurt you…”

“It hurts?”

“Sometimes, especially the first times…”

“But then… is it beautiful?”

“Many like it, but other don”t.”

“And you?”

“Well, now… I love it.”

“Then take me, Gianni. I want you to be the first one to do it. I… trust you.”

Gianni smiled and nodded yes. He reached out with his hand and took a tube of lubricant and a condom.

Piero, in trepidation, offered him his virginity. He moaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure when he felt the young man entering him…

After it was over, Gianni, on his side, started to fondle him and asked, “Did I hurt you?”

“Yes… but I”m so happy. It was so beautiful anyway. Really beautiful. Thank you, Gianni.”

“I didn”t want to hurt you…”

“I know. I felt you try to be very gentle, that”s why I accepted the initial pain. And I was right, because now I know it was all worth it. And for the first time in my life I came without even touching myself, I was so excited ”

“You came with me, right?”

“Yes. As soon as I felt you were going to come inside me, I came too. It has been… fantastic, believe me.”

“I believe you, it has been the same for me.”

“Am I the first virgin you have taken?” Piero asked, a faint hope in his voice.

“Yes, you are the first one. And I thank you. It is a precious gift you gave me, because it can be done only once in a lifetime.”

“And you, with who did you do it? No, I”m sorry, if you don”t want to answer…”

“No, it”s not important. I was seventeen years old. He was the little brother of my father, my uncle. He was ten years older than me.”

“And… was it good?”

“Yes, because for several months I wanted it. He didn”t want it. Until then, we made love just giving head to each other, and we always came that way. But at the end he surrendered and penetrated me.”

“Did he hurt you?”

“Very much, he had a very big cock… but I asked for it, so didn”t complain and was satisfied.”

“Were you lovers?”

“We were … okay together, there was even some affection, but… no, not lovers. Anyway he was married.”

“Married? So he wasn”t a gay.”

“He said he was bisexual… but I don”t know.”

“Was he handsome?”

“Well, not really beautiful. But he was very sexy and very good in bed.”

“You are skilled too. I… I still have a lot to learn.” said Piero with a bashful smile.


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