Aja’s DelightAja’s Delight


What can I say, I love to be fucked. I’m 5’7”, 126 lbs on a good day, 34-28-32 size C cups, with wavy black hair, with caramel/honey tanned skin, and blue eyes. I’m beautiful but there is a catch. I’m 16, nearly 17, but I don’t live in a state that mandates an age of consensual sex. So I am a minor, but that won’t stop me or the guys that want a piece of my hot sexy ass.
I live with my uncle, who happens to always be away on business. My parents, well, let’s just leave it that they are not in the picture. Something I would rather not talk about. He is in the Information Technology Sales something; all I know is he travels a lot, sometimes internationally, so he is gone for several days at a time. He makes good money so we live a rather cushy but modest life. I’m happy, he’s happy, life is good.
Anyway, when I turned 15, my uncle decides that I don’t need to have a caretaker/house sitter anymore. I am old enough, responsible, a “good girl,” on top of that I make good grades. He never has to worry about me or what I do. Well, from what he thinks he knows anyway. It was also when I turned 15 I lost my virginity. But I really wasn’t that much of a good girl. Appearances are important, it allows people to see (sometimes) what they want to see.
Up till the age change, I of course, serviced my boyfriends. Sucking dick, hand jobs, things like that, but never more than that. To be truthful, I’ve only done this with 3 boys. Boys, I mean by like my age. So I’m not a slut, but that changed too. You’ll see.
We have a pool in the back yard that I like to lie out at, swim, do whatever. Sometimes I lie out topless and in a g-string so I have some minimal tan lines, but I like the tan lines. I like to see the contrast of my skin tone, I find it quite sexy. The guy I lost my virginity to was the guy next door. He owns a lock-smith business. He’s one of those guys that had become lucky in his business. He didn’t have a whole lot before, but he is well off. Anyhow…
One of the days that I was laying out, I had on a black string bikini. I was listening to my iPod and fell asleep. I woke up to the sound of thunder. It scared me! Wind was blowing too. Funny how the weather changes so drastically, I didn’t realize for how long I was sleeping. Well I somehow locked myself out of the house, I guess when the wind was blowing pretty hard it slammed the door shut. My uncle was away. So I made my way over to my next door neighbor’s house. His name is Bob by the way.
I knock on his door and Bob of course answers. He says to me “Aja (pronounced Asia, that’s my name) what are you doing here?” I tell him what had happened and during this time he motions for me to come into his house. As I am talking to him, I see that he is checking my body out. And it excites me, but I don’t show it. Bob says to me “well with the storm and all, it wouldn’t be a good idea for me to start working on it now. Unless you want me to break into your home? Ha ha!” I see his point and tell him that I agree. He asks me if I wanted to have a drink and tells me to make myself at home. I ask him what he has to drink. He answers “Good question…um lets go to the kitchen to see.” I follow him and he opens the fridge door. “Let’s see I have bottled water, coke, and beer.” I tell him that I don’t drink beer, which is a total lie. He turns around and looks at me with the ‘I know better than that’ stare. I flash him my smile, and he smiles back, grabs a beer for me, twists the cap, and hands it too me. He then gets one for himself.
He asks me if I would want a shirt or something to cover myself up a bit. I told him yes and he leaves the kitchen to go to his bedroom to get some clothes for me. Meanwhile I go into his living room and wait. He comes in with a white T-shirt, it’s way to big for me, but I can’t complain and some shorts. Bob is pretty big guy with a receding hair line. He is attractive, I guess, maybe when he was younger, but that isn’t necessarily a dig on him. He’s about 6’2” with a bit of a beer gut. He’s 43 and divorced, I don’t remember if he has kids. Anyhow…
I put the shirt on and then the shorts, but the short just fall off. I laugh, and hand them back to him. I tell him that I would be ok, the T-shirt is long enough for me. Well, about as much as a mini skirt. I sit down on his couch and pull a cushion over my legs and take a drink of my beer. He turns the TV on and sits in a chair across from me. I pretend to watch TV and pretend to unaware of him cruising my body. I pull one of my legs out from the cushion and move another cushion behind me and turn my body so he has a full view of my leg. He kinda gives this clear your throat sound while trying to drink his beer and chokes. I look at him and ask him if he is ok. He says yes, coughs some more. I stand up and go over to him and pat his back. He looks at me and there is this moment of awkwardness. I ask him if he needs anything, water, whatever. He tells me no and assures me that he is ok. I go and sit back down on the couch. We Ankara escort start to talk. He asks me about my friends, school, my uncle, and of course wants to know how experienced I am with guys, so he asks me if I have a boyfriend. I tell him no. He asks me why. “Well,” I tell him, “he wanted to be with a girl that puts out.” I can feel myself flush red when I say this. He then says to me, “well, he isn’t worth it anyway, if he just wants one thing.” He winks at me and I smile. By this time I am through my second beer and staring my third. He then asks me, “Do you do any drugs? Nothing hard, I mean, do you smoke pot.” I tell him yeah, but not on a regular basis. Just something to do at parties with friends. He then asks me if I want to. I look at him and smile and say “Sure.” He leaves and comes back with a bag of weed and rolling papers. He sits down next to on the couch as I make room for him. I ask him “do you think I could roll it?” He looks at me with surprise and says “Sure.” I take the bag and papers from him and roll the joint. “Do you want to hit it first?” I ask him. He replies “No, ladies first” and winks. I light it and take the drag in a few times then hand it over to him. He takes a few hits and hands it back over to me. As he does this he puts his arm behind me but it rests on the couch. I take a few more hits, lean back into the couch and his arm. I am feeling really good from the combination of the alcohol and pot. I close my eyes and sigh. The next thing I know I feel his hand on my thigh. I look at him and ask him what he is doing. He replies “Admiring your skin, I just had to touch it. Do you know how gorgeous it is? Beautiful honey bronze and so soft…” as he tells me this his other hand that was resting on the couch is now playing with my hair. That I have to say is one of my weaknesses, I love it when someone plays with my hair. I look down, flushing red and smile. He puts my chin up and says “You are insanely gorgeous Aja.” I smile again and he leans into me and starts kissing me. I kiss back. He’s a better kisser than the previous boyfriend that I have had. He then starts to move his hands over my stomach with one hand and touch my face with the other. I feel his hand move over my breast and he squeezes it but not too hard. He’s also moved in-between my legs and I can feel his hard cock. From what I feel he is big, I didn’t know how big. Not till later anyway. He puts his hand under the shirt and pulls it off of me. I pull back from him, he tell me to be cool, that we are not going to have sex. That we can do other things.
So we resume the kissing and heavy petting. He has big hands and they are a bit rough. I like the way he is touching me and I whisper in his ear when he is kissing my neck, “I like what you’re doing to me…(low moan escapes from me) ehmmmmm, can you do a little more…” He looks at me, heavy in breath, kisses me on the mouth, hard. Squeezes my breast a little bit harder and takes one of my breasts out and begins to suck on it. He looks up at me momentarily and says “God you have some nice titties, perfect areolas, smooth” and goes back to sucks and tugging my nipple. God it feels so good! His other hand is now under my bikini bottom and he is rubbing my clit and pussy. The rough texture of his hand and fingers feels good on my cunt. I move with the motions of his hand. Moaning and sighing. He stops for a moment and takes one of my hands to feel his crotch. Which he somehow undid his pants and I feel the boxer briefs underneath and rub his hard member. He groans…”Ooochhhhhh, yeah, I like that.” He also tells me, “I want to taste you.” To show that I am all for it, I take off my bikini bottom. He looks at my nicely bare pussy. I ask him “ You like it?” He smiles and says “Oh yeah…” And starts to kiss, suck, and tickle my clit and pussy. I moan with pleasure, “Ahhhnnnn feels so good Daddy” slips out of my mouth and I know that he likes what I just said because he sucks my pussy harder and I push my self into his mouth. He then takes my thighs and pushes them back with my knees bent close to my upper body. He’s got my ass perked a little more up and slides off the couch to the floor and begins to suck my pussy again. He pushes on my thighs a little bit more and I feel his tongue on my ass-nether-region. This has never happened before…I squirm a little but he pushes down a bit more firmly to hold me still and tells me to relax. He’s going to make me feel real good. I have to admit, it does feel good. He stops licking my ass and goes back to my clit and pussy. He starts the rhythm and I am moving with it. I begin to feel myself get all tingly and know that I am about to cum. “Daddy” I say again, “I am gonna cum.” His tongue and sucking get a little bit more harder and faster. I feel myself climax and let out some vocal noises. He sucks me some more after I’ve climaxed and I squirm because I am so sensitive. He lets my thighs go from my protest. I sit up and tell him “do you want me to suck your dick Daddy?” He grins Ankara escort bayan and drops his boxer briefs and little did I know what I was going to be putting in my mouth. He is big, scary big. He’s has, tops, an 9 inch dick and it is thick. I want to say almost 3 inches in girth. He then says to me, “Just suck on it Babe the top of the head, I know it’s big. I don’t expect for you to fit the whole in your mouth.” I do what he says, I suck the head of his dick and move my hand on his shaft. I attempt to move more of it in my mouth, but the head of his cock just fills the back of my mouth. So I can’t move it past down into my throat, I start to choke a little and my eyes water a little. He laughs, and says to me “Will you let me jack off into your mouth and a little on your face?” I tell him that it’s ok. And he asks me “will you swallow it?” I tell him yes. So he starts pumping his shaft with his hand, with his dick close to my mouth. I start to fondle my own breasts, he pumps himself faster. He starts to grown and grabs me by the back of my head and hair (but not too rough) and tells me to open my mouth. I close my eyes and open my mouth and feel hot, wet, cum go in my mouth, over my cheek and on my lips. He lets go of my hair and I open my eyes and gargle the cum in my mouth and swallow.
“Damn Babe, I like that. You a little crazy. I like that. Didn’t know you were like this,” he tells me. I lick my lips and taste more of the saltiness.
This goes on for a couple of weeks. And during this time he doesn’t try to enter me but we progress to me sitting on top of him and I rub my pussy on his dick that is pressed up against his stomach. We both have been getting off on this. I like it, I like watching him grunt and talk to me. We talk dirtier each time. He likes that I call him ‘Daddy.’ So I still continue that.
At the beginning of the third week I am driving him crazy with my pussy and dirty talk. I go over to his house nearly everyday when I see his van parked in the drive way. He is always happy to see me. The day that I lost my virginity was like any other time. He had to really coax me though. I was so painful.
I go over to his house, wearing a short skirt no underwear and a tight tank top with no bra. He likes this. I let myself in through the back door and call out to him, “Daddy, where are you?” I walk to the living room and see no sign of him, as I walk down the hallway, he jumps out from the other side of the kitchen, scaring me and grabs me, and kisses me. I don’t exactly like it, I hate being scared, but I kiss him back. He says to me “Daddy wants some pussy.” I smile and giggle seductively at him.” He picks me up and takes me to the bedroom and puts me on the bed with a bit of a toss. I bounce and my legs sprawl. He pounces on top of me and we start the ritual as always. Kissing, sucking, and groping. He whispered to me “Can I enter you just a little bit, I promise I’ll pull out when you tell me to.” I am reluctant, but he reassures me that he’ll pull out the head of his cock if it hurts me. I am still reluctant but I agree. My skirt is off but the tank top is pulled up over my breasts. He resumes his sucking on them and pulls me arms up over my head, I don’t really notice because he’s doing things to me that feel so good. He’s completely naked except for his socks and I feel him moving his cock against my pussy. Just rubbing the outside of it, my pussy lips, and it feels so good. He does that for a while and begins to breath real heavy. I still have my arms pinned up above my head on the bed, he keeps them there with one hand and moves his other hand to his cock and presses it in-between my pussy lips. I feel him enter me and the oh god sensation lessens a bit. I am thinking ‘I don’t know’ I am not squirming but let him push a bit more. I feel that big cock stretch me and it is a bit more than uncomfortable. I gasp, and he pulls out just like he said. But he falls back on top of me and pushes himself in again. I feel my pussy stretch, he is too big for me. I winch and tell him “you said you would stop Bob, and it hurts.” He looks at me and says “just let me stay here for a bit, relax Babe, it’ll be all right.” I begin to squirm and as I do this, I am pushing him in more and it hurts more. Sharp pains and stretching. I try to move but he has got me pinned. Tears escape from my eyes and I started to say something and he puts his other hand over my mouth and whispers to me “shhhhh, it’ll be all right, just relax. You’ll like it.” I shake my head no. I want him to stop, but it isn’t happening. He starts to move in further and pulls out a little bit and pushes his big dick back into me. Sharp shooting pain and the stretching of my pussy, I whimper under his hand. He says to me “God Babe you feel so tight, so good. I haven’t had some tight pussy in a long time. Daddy love’s a tight pussy.” He starts to move the full length of his cock more. I try to relax and somehow do. I start moving with him, but despite my efforts he is still too Escort Ankara big. He starts to groan and grunt. Sounds I haven’t heard from him. He leans up off me, lets go of my arms pulls my legs up my feet and ankles over his shoulders. He is now moving faster and more vigorously. I cry out with pain and pleasure. It does feel good, but he is so big. “Daddy, you are too big…aahhhhnnnn…but it feels so good.” This makes him pump me harder and faster. He then starts to grunt real loud and somehow I feel myself starting to climax, “Fuck Daddy! Ooohhhhhnnmmmm I am gonna cum….” He grunts some more and is fucking me furiously and then lets out a deep groan. He drops my legs and falls back on top of me for a bit and moves to the side of me. My legs are sprawled open and my pussy is throbbing. Bob starts to touch my face. “It wasn’t so bad was it? You came didn’t you, the same time I did?” I nod, but the throbbing ache is still there. I get up slowly, I want to go to the bathroom to pee and clean myself up. I look down between my legs and see that his cum and my blood have oozed out of my pussy. I tear up a bit again, but don’t let him see it. I walk to the bathroom and do what I have to do. But anytime I touch myself I have that throbbing ache and my pussy is so puffy and sore. I hear him knock “Is everything ok Babe?” I quickly reply “Yes.” I open the door and flash him a fake smile. He smiles back and winks. He then sits me on the bed and he kisses me on the forehead and starts playing with my hair. He apparently knows how to smooth things over with me, exploiting my weakness. “It gets better, you won’t be as sore. It takes time.” I look at him and nod. Maybe he’s right.
Well, as it turned out he was right. For about the next week, he doesn’t fuck me as hard, he takes it easy, but picks it up when my soreness dissipated. By that time I was able to get on top of him and fuck him. He was still a bit to big, but I was getting use to it, and I guess I partly associated the pain as being part of the pleasure.
I would sit on top of him and fuck him real good. Sometimes his head would bang against the headboard, he didn’t seem to mind at times. He was too involved with me riding him that hard. “Daddy, you like what I do to you? You like me fucking you like this? Tell me Daddy, tell me how much you like my pussy.” Bob would chuckle and smile big and tell me what I wanted to hear. “You got some good pussy and I love it. You are still so tight. Daddy loves it when you fuck him and ride him like you do.” I love it when he said those things to me.
I liked him telling me my pussy was real good. I asked him to start calling me ‘Pussy.’ He was all for that. It makes me wild being called that.
About a couple weeks later I showed up at his house as always, eager for a good hard fuck. When I walked in through the back door, there were two other guys there in the kitchen with Bob. Bob smiles at me and tells me that these were some of the guys that worked with him. One was a bit short, 5’8”, pudgy, same age as Bob. The other guy younger than the other two, about 37, I would guess and he was a bit built, about 6’. They were drinking some beers and Bob gave me one. He introduced them to me, Richard the pudgy one and Scott the built one. I just smiled and said hello. I looked at Bob, a bit confused. He just smiled back and winked.
He walked over to me and gently put his hand on my back and excused us from the other 2 and told me he wanted to talk to me. Puzzled and curious as I was I was intrigued. We went to his bedroom. He told me “Babe, I want to confess to you that I have been telling these guys about you. But please don’t be mad. They just wanted to meet you. You might like them, get to know them and bit and maybe give them a little taste of what I have had.” I look at him with some alarm. “I don’t know Bob….” “Ahhh, this would make Daddy really happy.” He starts to play with my hair. Damn him. “Well, I could try and see. Just tell them not to be to rough with me. Tell them let me set the pace.” Bob replies, “Fair deal, but they’ll go after me. I want to have you first and if you want I can give you something to help you relax.” I nodded, it wouldn’t hurt, it would, I hoped, to help. He went into the bathroom and gave me a pill. I asked him what it was, he smiled and said “it’s kind of like a ‘kiss my ass pill’ don’t worry it’ll make you relax and feel good.” I take the pill and down it with my beer.
He pulls me towards the bed and starts to take my clothes off. Bob tells me “Make sure you are vocal like you always are, I want them to know how good I make you feel.” I tilt my head a little puzzled and half smile “Ok.” Bob fucks me and I fuck him back. I moan and every once in awhile whimper slightly, because he is still too big for me. But it feels so damn good. We climax and then Bob gets up and puts on his pants. I start to get up as well but Bob stops me and says to just stay there. He tells me that he is going to get Scott. “He likes used pussy.” I pull a blanket over me and look back at him, a little uncertain. He comes back over to me, kiss’s me, reassures me and gives me a wink. Touches my hair and leaves.

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