Subject: After Turning Sixteen Part 22 After Turning Sixteen Part 22 As always, please contribute to Nifty as I have done. I do answer all emails at hoo. The previous chapter has the list of the guys with names beginning with a J or a J sound. I had no idea I was so interested in guy’s names that begin with a J, although my ex, Joe, might be a reason. Glad to be in touch with him still 15 years later and glad we still love each other, even if we’re not in love now. To the story. Hunter was the meat in the sandwich. His Dad was in his ass with his huge Dad cock and Hunter was in his uncle’s tight ass with his no less huge boy cock. It took them a bit to get the rhythm right because both Hunter and his Dad had something to prove, his Dad his masculinity after getting fucked by Hunter in the video and Hunter proving he was a better fucker than his Dad. For a few seconds Hunter thought about calling the fuck off. It was so competitive. But Hunter hadn’t had a cock as big as his Dad’s in his ass in years (since his Dad last fucked him) and his Uncle Josiah’s ass was made for his big boy cock. Actually it sort of was, wasn’t it? Hunter had to stifle the chuckle that threatened to erupt since he knew it wouldn’t be understood. Yeah, his Dad was the only man who had been in him with a cock like that and his Uncle’s ass had been well trained by his Dad since God knew when. And with identical dicks his Uncle’s ass understood Hunter’s cock. Well, this fuck wouldn’t last that long. All three guys were really turned on by the whole incest scenario and all three hot naked bodies. Too soon, Hunter could feel the cum boiling up from his hard balls and knew he’d be cumming in his Uncle shortly. That caused him to clench his Dad’s cock with his ass muscles, doing kegels around it. Dad and Son came together and Uncle came as well, hands free, from the situation, getting fucked by his nephew for the first time with an identical cock like his brother’s. Hunter eased out of the sandwich slowly. Both his Dad and his Uncle had identical satisfied smiles. Hunter was sure he had one, too. Hunter finally addressed them both. “Well, that was amazing! I hope we can do that again sometime. But for now I’m going to leave you lovebirds together to kiss and have a second round. I’m going to my room to bed!” Everyone laughed at that. The laughter made Hunter feel very good, very warm, and very safe. He hadn’t really expected that, but really appreciated it. And Hunter did sleep soundly. He awoke a bit early and decided to make breakfast for his Dad and Uncle. He put the coffee on first and then made pancakes and bacon and scrambled eggs. He doubted his Dad and Uncle would be downstairs early, so he ate his own portion and then put theirs on the warmer. He had to be at Jack’s gym by 10 for an extra practice of the high school basketball teams with the gym’s older guys basketball team. It was Saturday after all and the state tournament would start on Thursday. When Hunter got to the gym he noted Jack and his team were all shirtless. OK. Fair enough. They were going to push my teams to the max. And who didn’t like hot men in their 20s and 30s. I motioned to my team to remove their shirts as well. There were a few grumbles but all became shirtless. I figured there was a camera or multiple cameras recording this game of hot younger men. Yeah, this game became a kind of wrestling match once again. Jack’s team couldn’t keep their hands off my teams. Wow, this would be a soft porn best seller. Eventually my teams returned the favor. I had the wild notion this might turn into an orgy of some kind! Um, not in public and with cameras (presumably) rolling!!! I decided to call an end to the match and said, “Sorry, Jack’s Gym guys, my teams and I have to stay fresh for the state tournament this weekend. We need istanbul travesti to go and get regrouped for Thursday.” The groans were audible and loud from most of the guys. They had obviously enjoyed the wrestling/rassling nearly naked. Well, I figured there would be some shared cell numbers from some of the guys then from both teams. But none of my business. I mean, I had just had sex with my Dad and Uncle after all. If some of these guys wanted to get together for private rasslin’ who was I to object? No one could come over the rest of Saturday and I knew Dad and Uncle Josiah would be in bed as much as possible. I did notice that they had enjoyed the breakfast I had made though and had come downstairs long enough to find it. I was amused and decided to make a simple Italian dinner of pasta and sauce, salad, and bread for us all. I figured I would leave that on the warmer as well. I decided a day off from sex wouldn’t hurt me. And also decided I was going to take Jon’s cherry tomorrow. I called Jon early afternoon on Sunday and asked if I could stop by to chat and see him and his dog, Zach. He sounded quite eager to see me. If he only knew what I had in mind! I did arrive at his house around 2 in the afternoon. He gave me a big smile and invited me in for tea and crumpets, a treat I had never had before. You know, Jon is quite a handsome man when he smiles. He is a bit thin, but that does emphasize his English aristocratic appearance. And he always stands up so straight and rigid as well. Although I didn’t know it I just assumed he went to some English private school. And even his casual clothes were pretty formal. Well, he would lose those clothes soon enough. I gave Zach the golden retriever love, which he loved of course and expected from me. After conversation with Jon, he put Zach in the kitchen with food and water and invited me into his bedroom. For a change I had a lot of time having done my homework in advance and having worked out already. I decided to take my time with Jon, figuring this would take time. But the dude was over sixty years old and knew very little about how much fun sex could be. Somehow this didn’t seem fair to me. I liked Jon very much. But as I realized how innocent he was I revised what I had planned to do with him. He wasn’t ready for what I had intended to do. That wouldn’t work. Even though I was only eighteen I had had a lot of experience in all kinds of ways over the last two years that Jon had never had. Yeah, today would have to be him in me and not me in him. Doing me in him would take extra effort. But I realized and believed that Jon was a natural bottom. However to get him there would require some thought and extra planning. And I did want to tap his uplifted and aristocratic butt. Jon was definitely eager and ready to be with me again! I could tell he had been waiting rather impatiently for my return visit! I had to slow him down some even and told him I had plenty of time to spend with him this afternoon! Even so his mouth was soon on mine as he was waiting for me to show him again what passionate kissing was all about. Well, I was pleased to give him a refresher lesson! And he was a quick learner and soon gave back as good as he got. Yeah, I was enjoying teaching Jon already I had to admit. Soon, we were tugging each other’s clothes off trying to enjoy being naked together. Jon stopped to admire my muscle boy body and my basketball height and long legs. He had me show off my biceps and felt them up and kissed them. He then kissed me down my chest to my nipples and kissed them and even chewed on them a bit, something I love. He took both into his mouth consecutively. You could tell he loved my smooth body and muscles. His admiration made my huge boy cock go totally hard to its eight inches. He admired its kadıköy travesti size and then dropped his mouth to try to suck it. Well, you could tell it was his first time trying anything like this, but he gave it a try and I really appreciated his enthusiasm and effort. Obviously he had been thinking about my visit a lot and reading and planning what he would do. Somehow that brought a warm feeling into my heart. I was doing the right thing for him. But time to return the favor and teach him more. I pulled him up to his feet and held him tight against me and kissed him strongly again. He felt very different naked in my arms. He didn’t have Jacob’s boy muscle, Cecily’s curves, or Phil’s height. But his thinness and his obvious passion for me made me feel oddly protective of him. I felt like the man and him like the boy as I held him and kissed him. His cock had gone completely hard as well and I enjoyed that fact. I was quite glad to turn him on and give him pleasure he hadn’t had before. When I dropped to suck his nipples and bite them gently he yelled out! This was a first for him it seemed. And the small nipples went rock hard in seconds. I played with them for a few more minutes and then I licked my way down his chest slowly. Eventually I got to his gut and chewed on his belly button for a bit. This made him giggle even. Seems he was ticklish there. I enjoyed that reaction, but time for the d�nouement. I eventually got to his balls and was able to take both of the smallish balls into my mouth at the same time and roll my tongue around them. He started to writhe uncontrollably. I soon realized he was not going to last much longer and with no further ado swallowed his thin cock in one gulp to the root so his pubic hairs were against my mouth. He screamed even then and came buckets in my mouth! I swallowed, enjoying the taste. He did have a nice flavor in his cum. I thought about snowballing kissing him then to share the flavor but decided that would be a step too far. It was his turn to raise me up and he started, a bit incoherently, to apologize for cumming so soon and cumming in my mouth. Well, I wasn’t going to have that. I interrupted him quickly and said, “Jon, don’t apologize. I enjoyed it!” He looked at me in disbelief as if nobody should enjoy sucking a cock and having a guy come in their mouth. Oh Lord, I thought. Preserve me from Puritans. I grabbed him into what was a kind of bearhug and shook him slightly even. “Jon”, I said, “I enjoyed that! I loved giving you pleasure. I mean it! Now, let’s get in bed and start Round 2” This time he was in shock. I doubted he had ever thought about cumming twice. Well, I was going to use my skill and knowledge to make sure he did. And he was going to cum in my ass as well! I didn’t know if he would go catatonic feeling his cock in a hole for the first time (?) but figured I had better be prepared if he did. I mean there is nothing like the feeling of your cock in a warm and moist hole! After a quick trip to his bathroom and a bit of mouthwash from a sample bottle I had, I returned naked to Jon’s bedroom and climbed on top of his naked and supine form to resume kissing him. This time I kissed him softly at first making sure I used my big tongue to explore him thoroughly. I frotted his thin body with my muscle boy body, making sure I used all of me on all of him. Not to my surprise, but to my gratification, his cock started to come back to life. I knew he was on overload feeling things for the first time in his life. But I knew this was a good thing for him, too. I was awakening him as a sexual being. I guess it is never too late for certain things. I did look at him as he was overwhelmed. He really was a beautiful man and he deserved a new life that was a fun life. As a pretty young guy I was probably the bakırköy travesti most inappropriate person to help him see what life could be like, but I was who there was. I continued to work him over until he was totally hard once again. I could tell he was astounded at that. I doubted he had been hard that soon ever after cumming, if he did cum even normally. I got out the lube from my pants and lubed him and me up. I could tell he had no idea what I was doing. Sigh. I really was the man seducing the boy, wasn’t I? I shook my head at myself. Time to share the wealth I decided. And we’ll see how he reacts. I’ll watch him very carefully. I decided to take him missionary in case there was a problem. That way I would be ready to grab him and hold him and I knew I could continue to frot our bodies and keep him hard enough to fuck me. And I did want him to fuck me. I knew he wouldn’t hurt me, especially after Dad’s fucking big cock, and I felt I could use my ass and kegels to take him to a new planet. Yeah, I would be on a mission doing missionary. Pun? Jon was quite puzzled when I had him get on top of me. He was already used to me being on top of him and dominating him. Well, that would happen for real, but not today. He was totally puzzled when I grabbed his hard cock and pushed it into my ass. I could tell he didn’t believe anything of what was happening. But I could also tell that he had never felt anything like this and that his cock was super happy! Involuntarily he fucked me until he came in me and then he passed out and fell onto me. Yeah, expected. I checked his heartbeat and breathing. All normal. I just held him until he revived and came back to life. When he did he looked at me incredulously. Before he could say anything, I said, “Thanks Jon, I enjoyed that and we will go farther next time we get together.” You could see the wheels turning as he realized what I was implying and he blanched. I was afraid he’d pass out again and kissed him quickly. “I’ll make sure it will be all ok, Jon”, I said. Since he had probably had the most incredible sexual experience of his life this afternoon, he sort of had to nod yes. I gave him my best smile then and told him to believe in me. Reluctantly he sort of had to smile at this silliness and looked me up and down as if to memorize my nakedness. I smiled again at that and waited for him to speak. He finally did. “You seduced me, didn’t you?” I nodded that I had. “And you did that for me, didn’t you?” He got it in one. “And next time you will seduce me in a different way, won’t you?” Once again he got it in one. He looked at my naked muscle boy beauty and said, “How did I get so lucky to meet you and where have you been my whole life?” I had to simply shake my head. He said, “I feel like I have just been born and have come to life for the first time in my life.” He shook his head at himself then. “You Hunter John Luke are a saint. I can never thank you enough for awakening me.” At this point I felt like I had to respond. “Jon, you are a beautiful man, in all ways. It was my pleasure to awaken you.” Well, I soon had to get dressed and leave him to try to figure out the new Jon. I hadn’t cum, but it didn’t matter. I had done what I thought needed to be done and it seemed to have been the right thing to do. Once again, I don’t want to give myself too much credit for doing the obvious though. But I did have to have Jon let Zach, the golden retriever, out and go romping with him in the park nearby. Zach did insist on climbing up on me at times and kissing me (but not on the mouth, I don’t allow that with dogs!). It had turned into a wonderful afternoon and I felt rather pleased with myself. But I also told myself not to get too cocky (pun?). This coming week was going to be tough with the State Championship starting on Thursday plus all else with school and Jacob and Cecily and maybe Phil. And there was going to be a new “Business” video the weekend after the State Championship!!!! Love to all, Hunter John Luke And I do answer all emails at hoo and please contribute to Nifty.

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