Adventures with DonavonAdventures with Donavon


Donavon was a senior in high school and I am a freshmen in college, home for a few weeks. Donavon and I have always been neighbors and friends since he and his dad moved in 10 years ago. We were always at each others houses and doing dumb stuff together.

This was one of those times, being home from college and he a senior who just turned 18. I was home alone while my parents were away at work and I saw Donovan come home from school.

I went over to his house and we were just hanging out catching up and playing video games. Thats when things changed between. We were always joking around and out of no where Donovan jumped up and started to hump my leg and back. I was bigger and stronger than him and threw him under me and started to do the same back to him. Only I was enjoying it a little too much and got a boner.

Donavon yelled at me “to get off and to stop. He wasn’t gay and was grossed out. I apologized and got off him.”

I reassured him nothing was happening and it was just a random boner and I was not turned on by him.

Little did he know though that I was always jacking off to imagining what it would be like to see him dikmen escort naked. Wrap my hands around him and play with his dick. I wanted to get him naked and play with him.

I did not push though and just asked “if he wanted to continue playing our Madden game we were originally playing.” He said “sure” and we played in silence during the whole next game.

He than apologized for freaking out the way he did and he said lets do something else. And he turned on a girl-girl porno he enjoyed. He was getting invested and horny and I could see his bulge rising which got me more interested in this porno as well.

As his dick continued to harden he started to rub himself and slowly moan. I told him this was one hot porno and he agreed. I started to rub my cock but I was watching him more than the tv.

He asked “Is it was ok if he took his cock out and and jack off” and I responded with “only if you dont mind if I do the same thing.” He agreed stood up and took his pants off.

He than took his shirt off and his 5’8 skinny smooth frame was gorgeous. He had a huge cock at elvankent escort 7.5 inches and a nice bush to accent his cock. I could feel my dick jump in his pants when he sat back down and started to yank on his cock.

I than slowly took my shirt off and started to take my pants off when I looked up and saw Donavon was no longer looking at the porno but he was stealing glances at me undressing. I knew I had to take my chance after I saw this.

I am 6’1 245 chubby guy with a 6 inch cock and little bit of hair all over. Once I got naked I saw Donavon steal another glance as I stood back up straight and played with my cock. He looked back to the tv and rolled his head back. It was now that I had to take my chance.

I took a couple of steps over to him and got down on my knees. Donavon still with his eyes closed and slowly pumping his cock I bowed my head and lapped his head with my tongue. He jumped and stopped what he was doing. I reached out and told him to relax. I than took his cock into my mouth and started to suck the head of his massive cock.

I could feel him emek escort start to relax as I took more of his meat into my mouth. Soon my nose was hitting his pubes and he was moaning. I bobbed my head up and down on his cock and got his cock nice and wet. He continued to moan and grunt as he was feeling pleasured in new ways.

I could tell he was soon to finish and at that he reached for my head and started to fuck my mouth. I was gagging which made him moan louder. He yelled “I cant contain this.”

At that he pumped one last time and I felt shot after shot hit the back of my throat. I swallowed it all and kept his cock in my mouth until I felt it start to deflate. I stood up and started to jack off and Donavon reached up and played with my nipples after I guided his hands to them.

Once I felt his nice hands tickle my nips I couldn’t resist the feeling and shot a huge load all over his chest. I kept pumping and he moved my hand a pumped the last few spurts out for me. I looked down and he smiled and said “I really enjoyed that.”

I reached down and fingered up some of my cum and tasted it. I then fingered up some more and moved it towards his mouth. I said “try this” and he licked my finger clean. He smiled and then took his own hands and licked up my cum and I helped clean him with my mouth.

We both got all clean and dressed before his dad got home. Let me tell you, I think I turned Donavon into my own play toy because this was the first of many adventures with Donavon.

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