Adventures of Wiley Coyote Ch. 06Adventures of Wiley Coyote Ch. 06

Ashley Bulgari

Madeline’s Story continued. . . . .

(Madeline and Wiley awoke the next day at Bobbie’s house and drove to Madeline’s after breakfast)

I had Wiley drive me to my place where my asshole-boyfriend was waiting all pissed off. I told him to get out and invited Wiley to stay.

Boyfriend started to bitch but stopped when he saw Wiley. He got his shit together quick and left slamming the door.

Wiley and I stripped and took a shower together. We took turns washing each other in intimate places. I especially liked that Wiley was not squeamish about my douche.

It was Saturday noon and I really didn’t feel like dancing. I called Tim the manager and asked for the night off. The bar was closed on Sunday.

Wiley suggested we take a trip south for fun and air. We could spend the night in Austin and see the sights on the way to Corpus Christi where I would wait for him to return from Brownsville.

I said sure lets do it. I packed a small bag and off we went enjoying our talk along the way.

We stopped to eat, pee and crap along the way too. Three hours later we were rolling into Austin and checked into the Driskill Hotel. It was a swank hotel.

It was still early, so when we got to the room, I insisted on a hot shower and a lot of hot fucking.

After showering, we lay naked on the bed. Wiley had a hungry look on his face. I could smell his after shave cologne. I could feel him devouring my body with his eyes. Our mouths became glued together and I could taste his sweet spit.

His hands squeezed and kneaded my breasts. My breathing became shallow. I couldn’t resist fondling his fat cock with my right hand while he sucked on my hard nipples.

“Ooooo, mmmmm,” I moaned feeling the exquisite sensation of his mouth nibbling and sucking my pointy nipples. The sensation rippled through my body and made my pussy quiver in anticipation.

His right hand had cupped my left butt cheek and his fingers touched my nether hole and cunt lips. I could feel his fingers within the folds of my cunny lips and dipping into my juices flowing from within.

I almanbahis stroked his hard cock marveling in the thickness. I have held many cocks before but never one so thick. His cock was the size of a coke bottle. My fingers could not wrap half way around its enormous shaft.

The length was better than average almost two hands long. But what took my breath away was the bulk of his cock.

I groaned and writhed as his fingers touched my most intimate parts—from cunt to nether hole—nothing was left unmolested by his fingers.

He teased my tight brown hole with his finger tips—threatening to invade my little hole but then only rubbing it with my slick pussy juice causing a delicious itching that craved satisfaction.

“Oh, that feels so good,” I moaned out. Taking that as a cue for more, his finger began piercing the flower of my tight brown ring. In and out and then retrieving more juice from my dripping cunt. Each assault on my little hole brought new sensations to my clit.

I felt my clit swell and throb. I knew that it protruded like a small penis from the cleft of my pussy. Wiley had avoided touching my clit so far concentrating his probing of my cunt and ass.

Wiley moved down to my pussy, his face between my legs.

“Oh, what a pretty pussy you have,” he said admiring my open legs. He was soon devouring my cock-starved pussy with his mouth. His tongue first worked inside my cunt as far as possible sucking all the sweet nectar into his mouth.

After sucking on my pussy, his tongue began to lightly lick my clit. Each soft stroke sent waves of pleasure coursing through my pussy.

Gradually he built up more rhythm and stroking his tongue all around my clit. I closed my eyes and could hear his deep growling moan as he licked my pussy from ass hole to clit.

I raised my knees higher as his tongue concentrated on my clit. The pussy eating the night before at Bobbie’s house was repeated with such startling effect on my pussy.

The rat-a-tat-tat style of his hard tongue and his sucking mouth soon had me writhing and moaning almanbahis yeni giriş as my climax washed over every nerve ending in my body.

My hands grabbed the bed cover and pulled violently as wave after wave of orgasm wracked my body. My neck and body convulsed as blood vessels strained and muscles tensed tightly in one huge cum.

“Awwwwww-hmmmffff—eeeeeeeeee-cummmmminnngggg,” I yelled out as my pussy emitted its juices copiously on his face and mouth. My ass humped up and down and his mouth found the place to suck my juices.

He drank my juice like a hungry calf nursing its mother. With my head raised I could see him swallowing the flow in time with my squirts.

Wiley raised up pleased with his recent accomplishment. He pulled me down to the foot of the bed with back down and my ass on the edge then he lifted my legs with my ankles resting on his shoulders.

He gripped his enormous cock shaft and began rubbing the head between my cunt lips. The dragging between my lips and rubbing against my sensitive clit sent me into spasms—especially considering the recent orgasm and sensitive nature of my clit.

However, his goal wasn’t my quivering pussy but my crinkled tight hole beneath. He spit my juices in the palm of his hand and rubbed his enormous cock, then he placed the plum size head at my little hole and pushed until he had the head lodged in the nest ring.

“Ugghhh—awwww—mpffff,” I moaned feeling the spongy cock head penetrate my hole.

Then with gentle pushing he soon had half of the fat shaft inside me. There was no pain because I was used to ass fucking and liked it but this was the fattest cock ever to push up my rectum.

“Oh my God you are splitting me open,” I cried out. “It’s too big, don’t stop—o’ yes fuck my ass,” I moaned.

Wiley disregarded my pleas and continued to move his huge cock within my innards. I was so full and honestly painfully stretched but I didn’t want him to stop.

My pussy flowed copiously down on his cock providing added lubricant for his invasion.

Wiley was soon sawing in almanbahis giriş and out and plowing deeper and deeper with each stroke. I grabbed my knees and raised my head and I could see his cock enter and pull out with my ass ring coming with it. The sight added fire to my desire for more.

A few more strokes and my sphincter became used to the stretching and fullness of his cock. I began to hump in unison with his thrusts.

A new and glorious feeling penetrated my loins as he battered in and out until finally my ass ring was flush with his pelvis.

“Oh baby, you got all my cock inside you,” he groaned out. His fingers found my clit and his thumb began rotating and pushing its oily head as it protruded proudly from my folds.

“Ugggghhhh—fuck me—fuck me—fuck my ass,” I demanded.

Wiley drew back his thick member about an inch and thrust back. Gradually his thrusts grew longer and harder.

“Harder, hard—o’ yes—fuck me hard,” I moaned loudly.

He didn’t disappoint me. His pelvis slapped my butt as his truncheon pulled out to the head and re-penetrated my ass.

Slap-slap-slap-slap-went his cock as he steadily pounded his cock in and out. My pussy and whole body churned in anticipation of the onslaught of a racking orgasm.

Wiley’s body leaned down on me and my knees were level with my face. His upper body pressed downward thus raising my ass up to meet his thrusts.

I began to cum and the rising heat and pulsation in my pussy and ass erupted like an explosion.

“I’mmm cummminnngg,” I managed to eek out as wave after wave of convulsive cum emitted from my ass.

I reached up and pinched Wiley’s nipples hard between my finger and thumb. I could tell it had an effect by the swelling of his cock and the moaning from his face.

“Cum in me cum in me,” I demanded.

He tensed up and I could feel his cock squirting each time he thrust inside my rectum. He had the longest cum of any man I had ever fucked before.

We were both totally spent and after washing up we smoked some weed then fell asleep in each others arms for a much needed nap.

The last thing I remember was that Wiley teased me by saying this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.


And the announcer said:STAY TUNED FOR MORE OF Wiley’s Adventures next week.

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