Adventure Series – Part 3Adventure Series – Part 3


Both Christy and Chet were drawn in by the scene they were witnessing, though, for the moment, Nikki and Jake were oblivious to their audience. Nikki’s moans intensified as Jake ran his hands over her ass, digging his finger tips into her flesh while he swirled his tongue around her asshole. She pressed herself harder against his face and increased her motion on his cock. When he slid a finger into her ass and bit down firmly on her clit, she raised up and screamed out, “aaah, ooooh!” Within moments she was convulsing from the tremendous orgasm that wracked her entire body. Before she came down fully from her heights, he eased her forward and stuffed his swollen cock into her still throbbing pussy, sending her rocketing again. The warm wetness encased him and with her muscles rhythmically pulsating around him, he lost control. He thrust into her, deeper with each stroke until he felt the warmth grow deep in his balls and rise with blinding speed through is vein. He let out a groan of sheer pleasure as he exploded against her walls. She squealed escort izmit loudly and threw her head back with her second release. She continued riding him until they both were exhausted and she slumped against the back of the couch to catch her breath. When her senses returned, she realized that they had company! She had never been watched before and she was confused by the mix of embarrassment and intrigue she felt.

From the look on their faces, it was clear that Christy and Chet had enjoyed the show. They were all highly charged and didn’t want the evening to end. Christy got up to get everyone another beer, dimmed the lights and popped in a porn flick. They lazed on a mound of pillows on the floor, watching with growing interest until they were overcome by their own desires again. “Do you hear how she’s screaming, Nikki? That’s what you sounded like a little while ago!” Chet teased as he reached out and squeezed her left breast, “I’d sure like to hear you do it again.” “Then give meinch, grinding her hips sensuously in front of his face. The light izmit escort plays around the room, the flames dancing to their own beat. A sparkle of light catches her eye and when she look at him, she see that he has unbuttoned his jeans and is stroking his cock, his cum making it glisten. She briefly steps out of the shoes to finish removing the outer layer then stands before him again wearing the bra and a black thong which rides high and tight up her ass. She comes closer to him and straddles his lap. Her kr nipples alternately with her mouth and hands – kneading and squeezing her flesh. Nikki reached up and grabbed Christy’s leg, moving her over her face then diving into lick her pussy. Not to be left out, Jake crawled up behind Christy and started licking her asshole. When she pressed back for more, he dipped his finger into her pussy then plunged it into her ass. She screamed and moaned causing Jake to increase his pace. Her ass was so wet and inviting, he couldn’t resist asking, “Do you want more, Christy?” “Yes, yes!” she panted, “Fuck izmit kendi evi olan escort me in the ass.” Nikki grabbed his cock and coated it thoroughly with her spit. When he pushed his hard, thick rod into Christy’s ass, she screamed even louder. Nikki continued eating her pussy while Jake plunged her ass. Chet was so aroused by his feast, as well as the other events taking place, he pushed Nikki’s knees up to her chest and sunk his cock into her pussy. Nikki took a break from licking Christy’s cunt to scream out her own delight. The sounds of flesh slapping flesh, sloppy wet gurgles, grunts, moans and screams filled the room. Chet slammed and plunged Nikki’s inner walls until he felt his balls tighten, then he slammed her even harder until he erupted. After making Christy cum several times, Jake shot is load all over her sweet ass then rubbed it into her skin as she collapsed beside of Nikki, who was trembling and breathing hard herself. That is how they stayed for several hours, since no one had the energy to move. The guys left quietly as the sun was coming up the next morning, careful not to wake the girls on their way out. They figured they would see them again real soon for another fun-filled evening, or so they hoped…

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