Adult Situations Ch. 23-24Adult Situations Ch. 23-24


Chapter 23 — One Porn Persona

Several of us sat in a comfortable conversation circle on the patio. Allison’s private porn video was playing on the outdoor television, although the bright daytime sunlight tended to wash out some of the colors and details. We had the volume off. Kim watched for a bit, and I thought it was more out of curiosity than for arousal.

Crystal was explaining in detail about the video, private porn, and the small leap that could be made by any of her clients to put their video up on the Internet on one of the public sites.

“You can always post them for free on dozens of sites, but you don’t make any money that way. When I sold Allison Kirby’s video the first time, I made $4,000. Since then, we’ve licensed the vid to six other websites and made another $20,000. She also has her own porn name now: Trixie Twaite. Her husband is really into her new career, too.

“Sheri Rawls sold her video with Ross, first for $3,000 and since then has placed it on four more sites, making more money. Her porn name is Sheri Sexxx — with three X’s. Cute, huh? She’s really into it, and is going to the AVN conference in Las Vegas in January to a ‘booth girl’ for one of the sites that she’s displayed on. She wants to do something more serious than just the one video.”

Kim asked questions about the effort to do a professional video, including planning, videoing, editing, marketing, sales, and such. She summed it up, “So, I conclude that sex sells, as usual, and makes money. No wonder so many people are wrapped up in the adult porn business. It’s damn near a license to print money without much effort.”

Crystal said, “If you have the contacts you make money. I’m developing them. I’d love to go to the AVN event in January and talk to some of the producers about the front-end of doing a video — storylines, filming, and editing, and then I want to explore the distribution channels for this stuff. Unfortunately, I’ve already booked Crystal Blue Photography business that week and weekend. Besides, I won’t have time to do any homework ahead of that.”

I asked her, “What would you do for homework?”

“I need some top-quality scenes on a demo DVD that I can leave behind. I definitely want to be asked to put my work with them, rather than end up positioned trying to push my work on them.”

I chuckled, “You need some top-notch entertainers then. For instance, I may be all right as a private porn star, but you probably need to get some stud whose muscles have muscles for your vids.” I added, “Besides that, couldn’t Carol and I handle your business that week?”

Crystal shook her head, “Well, to your first point, no, right now, realism is in. They’d like any of the videos we’ve done, and I could mine those for a few scenes, but I do want some new work that’s fully in my control and aimed for a demo video. I DO want you to be one of my main men on screen. On your second point about taking over to allow me to go to Vegas, I’ll think about it.”

Kim said, “Women? Other men?”

Julie said, “If your friends and neighbors don’t want to be involved, I run that modeling agency in town, with an annex up in Tampa. I’ve got about ten-thousand model cards from women on my list along with about a thousand men. You could almost take your pick — all sizes, shapes, ages, hair color, and just about anything else you want to consider. Some are even eager for ‘adult’ work. I’ve had some models do what are called ‘Art Shoots’ where, basically, a bunch of dirty old men hire a nude model, and then take thousands of pictures of her in lewd poses.”

Kim nodded and Crystal looked intrigued. Kim then said, “I meant what I said yesterday. I’ll be doing a video as soon as I can get scheduled in with Crystal Blue Photography.” She pointed at me, “You’re my co-star.” She laughed.

Crystal said to her, “You’re a special case. We’ll fit you in whenever you want to be on camera.”

Kim thought a moment and said, “Next weekend? Will Saturday afternoon work?”

Crystal said, “Yes, let’s do it. That’ll give me some time to get ready, too. If I may ask, are you willing to have some of this go public, for instance, on my demo DVD?”

Kim thought again and said, “Sure. I’m the one with what everyone wants in my business, so it won’t create problems in a way that would drive away business. A little scandal in the business world is always good for the soul. I also subscribe to the adage that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, although temporarily the skies may get cloudy.”

Crystal was busy the following week. We had a long discussion one evening about the genres of pornography that she could portray in a demonstration DVD to handout at the AVN conference in Las Vegas in a few months. She knew immediately that she didn’t want to do BDSM, and then we made a list.

I suggested that she give out business cards with a URL on them instead of a physical DVD. This would help the word spread, plus the link could be seen on cellphones, which would not play a DVD. She gaziosmanpaşa escort got the message about being more aware about the potentials of technology in her business.

I also suggested to Crystal that Crystal Blue Photography might want a subsidiary named Crystal Blue Pornography. That didn’t fly.

I did suggest that she be prepared to talk about the kind of scenes that she wouldn’t film.

“What wouldn’t I film?” she asked.

“Rape? Assault sex that’s nonconsensual? Snuff videos?”

“Oh, no!” she exclaimed. “I see what you mean. I’ll add that to the list.”

She came back with her pad an hour later. I knew she’d been on the Internet surfing porn sites, too. She announced, “I don’t want to do anything Nonconsensual. Also, no kiddie porn, which is illegal anyway. I’m not likely to do Gay, serious BDSM, fetish, or blatant incest sex. I also rule out water sports, scat, latex, and infantilism, among other kinks.” She finished, as though that was the final word.

I teased, “Oh, OK. Then when we’re doing the video with Kim, I think we should fake some lactation on her part while I wear a clown costume with a big red nose and circus makeup and she keeps her combat boots on.”

Crystal threw her hands in the air. “AAARRRGGG. I’ll know it when I see it; isn’t that what the courts are using?” She went off again to consider some of the details she’d overlooked. I heard her mumbling, ‘No clowns’.

Friday morning, Crystal informed me that I was to remain chaste all day. To facilitate that, we were going to a late movie so that my desires at home would not come to liquid conclusion. I was to be saving up my stamina and body fluids so that I was at my peak for all-day Saturday videoing. The backdrop was going to be various rooms in Ross’s home, and, if we had time, my office downtown.

I resigned myself to a sexless Friday, a highly unusual event. I recalled my life before I met Crystal. The best I could have hoped for on any evening prior to that, was the discovery of a great video on one of the major porn websites and a tissue to jerk off in. Now, I was going to be an erstwhile porn star.

“Wakey. Wakey,” a voice said as someone tickled the hair on my chest. “Time to get up and perform for the camera.” Crystal’s voice indicated that she was juiced to get going. I rolled out of bed and headed into the bathroom to shave and shower. I was told to wear jeans and a sport shirt, and to go commando.

Crystal was already dressed in her cutoffs and a crop top. I knew this would be her ‘work’ outfit while she did the videos. Other than that, and that Kim was going to be part of today, I had no other information. I did note that I awoke horny and eager for some sexual interaction.

When I went downstairs and to the kitchen, I found not only Crystal, but also Trish, Ross, Carol, Wendy, Lisa, and Madison. They all looked up at me expectantly. The teens broke into wide grins that I interpreted as the three of them, in some combination, being my starting ploy. I figure my body had been ‘sold’ to them with some exchange of nonmonetary currency.

Trish served me some scrambled eggs and bacon, along with juice and coffee. I had the feeling there was some attempt to be sure I was in tip-top shape and well-nourished for the rest of the day. Crystal wanted no excuses for poor performance.

I finally asked, “What’s the plan for today?”

Crystal said, “As soon as you finish, we start our videoing in the family room. The scene is that you’re the big stepbrother to three teenage girls. You come in and find them gossiping and watching TV. You both tease each other back and forth. They’re wearing their tops but only sexy undies below the waist. You dare for one of them to kiss you, but they all kiss you and, in the process, you cop lots of feels and then clothes are lost. What follows are blowjobs and pussy eating on the sofa. Once those de rigueur scenes are complete, we’ll get into fucking each of them — different positions with some kind of natural rotation of partners.

“After those fuck scenes and a money shot down into the three baby birds, I want to change to our bedroom for some other footage that I want to make a complete break from the earlier scene. I’ll choose your partner based on how the video filming in the family room goes. Remember, I’m putting a demo video together not a full-length movie. I may have the action breaks more abrupt than you’ve seen in the past.”

As I finished my coffee, I took my cup and we all walked into the family room only a few feet away. Wendy, Lisa, and Madison immediately stripped off their shorts. They lay down on their stomachs on the long ottoman between the sofa in the room and the TV.

I saw that Crystal and Carol had already placed some still cameras around the room that were pretty well hidden. They each picked up one of the professional hand-held cameras and were ready to shoot.

Scene 1. I just appeared with my cup of coffee behind the three girls. They gölbaşı escort all turned to greet me, and I commented on the splendid scenery, gesturing to their teenage bubble butts. We went on from there. Eventually, I said I needed a morning kiss (true!). I suddenly had three teens tightly against me or in my lap as I sat on the sofa. We made out like hormone crazed teens, and I guess we mostly were.

I transitioned to feeling of their ‘boobies’ and then removing some of their clothing. Soon, that revealed six magnificent teen breasts that I could suck on. They were eager. That was a prudent move, and the girls told me they loved me and what I was doing. I did more of that as everyone removed their tops. Every breast got sucked on, and by the time I’d reach six, every girl was naked and my cock was also getting sucked on.

Both Crystal and Carol were making motions with one hand as they held the camera with the other. They wanted me to step up the game, and not just passively accept the blowjob. I was with Wendy at the moment, and so I started to pump my cock into her mouth a little more, and then even more. I mouth fucked her, and she seemed to love it. The more I moved and thrust, the more she moaned and then even grabbed my ass and used hand pressure to indicate that I should continue.

I then started to face fuck the bejesus out of the teen. I’d never done this before, but I’d seen it done in a porn flick. Wendy made strange gurgling sounds with each thrust as I continued, going deeper every few thrusts, until she was gagging about half the time.

I told her, “Learn to take all of it, bitch.”

She nodded with my tip still in her mouth. I thrust back in and got a little further in before she gagged and pulled away. She studied my cock like it was a challenge to be overcome. I was still moving rapidly.

Wendy grabbed my ass, and when she felt I was ready, she yanked my hips forward. I slammed my dick into back of her mouth, and this time she was swallowing and seemed ready. She took every inch of my shaft until her nose was against my pubes.

“You did it, sis!” I crooned at her while keeping in character.

After a few seconds, she pulled off and gasped for air. She coughed, and I thrust into her maw again. She took all of me. She’d learned whatever secret it was that let her do that. She did look pleased with herself.

The next time I withdrew from her mouth, I reached down and grabbed both of her legs. I flipped her up and backwards onto the sofa between Lisa and Madison. She squealed but also laughed. Her sister and cohort looked astounded at my aggressiveness.

I dropped to my knees on the plush carpeting and immediately buried my long tongue deep inside Wendy’s vagina. With two fingers, I also started to stroke her clitoris and then her G-spot. Everything was in tight quarters. She was panting and gasping as many little pleasure peaks started to pelt her sensory systems. At one point, I was eating Wendy, but had fingers in both of the other girls.

Wendy splashed cunt juice all over my face about two minutes later. I know Carol caught that fact on video; her camera seemed only inches away from where my mouth was trying to devour the older teen. Wendy had had a fairly major orgasm, but I wasn’t satisfied — yet. I kept working on her, and even intensified my assault on her twat. I got a little rougher, and used fingers to slam in and out of her, searching for and then repeatedly stroking her G-spot — thank you Dr. Grafenberg. Wendy fired off again, her body ejecting her girl juice about three feet away so that it got me again, this time in the neck and chest. I was fine with that. I WANTED to smell like pussy.

As she came down from that high, I took hold of my shaft and realized that I was unusually hard and long. I think my macho performance had stimulated me more than usual. I pushed Wendy’s legs further apart, positioned her a little, and then thrust into her gaping cunt. I went full depth in about one microsecond. I think Wendy had another small orgasm.

I didn’t give her much of a chance to get used to my presence in her body, I just started to pound into her. On either side of her, Madison and Lisa were right there, both rubbing their pussies with one hand as they watched our performance. I recall Crystal suggesting that to them.

Wendy started to swear. “Oh, fuck. Oh, God. Jesus H. Fucking Christ. What the fuck are you doing to me? Never stop. Peak fucking experience in my life.” I guessed that she was having little mini-O’s as we went along. She was fucking back, too; her hips often continuing to move even when I paused for a second or two to rest.

Wendy came again, flooding our genitals with her liquid sex juices. I looked at her, and she was totally fried. I think I’d fucked the stuffing out of her. She was running on empty.

I jerked my cock from her hot twat, and she spasmed again. “Oh, fuck.”

I reached to my right, nearest to where Crystal was filming, and grabbed Madison. keçiören escort She looked panicked as I positioned her body on the sofa next to Wendy’s moaning form. I didn’t lose a second’s worth of energy, I just sank right into her cunt and started to pound.

Madison screamed, “OH, FUCK, THAT FEELS SO GOOD!”

I pounded into her as my new little friend and lover had two great orgasms. She was not a squirter, but there was no doubt about her climaxes taking over her body and making her nearly delirious with pleasure. I rendered her senseless, as Carol and Crystal moved around us capturing various movements and positions that we adopted.

I repeated my attack on the three teens by moving to Lisa after Madison seemed exhausted and nearly comatose from the rapid and intense fucking that we’d done with each other. Lisa seemed to be nearly a copy of Madison, except she wanted to fuck me as much as I wanted to fuck her. I let her make a lot of the to-and-fro motions as she rode my cock. She had a delightful couple of orgasms.

By then, I was past needing to cum. How I’d held off, I don’t know. I gave Crystal a sign that I needed to cum. She just told all of us to assume the Money Shot positions we’d talked about earlier.

The baby birds got down on the carpet, and I stroked off right over their faces as they looked up at me with open mouths and eager looks. I came in buckets. Ten humongous blasts of semen from my hard cock that pasted across their three faces, giving each of them a pearl necklace to remember the morning. When I finally stopped, I wondered where I’d stored so much white matter. I must have lost several pounds of liquid goo. The three girls were covered, with Wendy, being in the middle, taking the lion’s share of my jizz.

The girls acted individually to ingests the come on their bodies, but then started to also collect from Wendy and then to even snowball with each other. All that just got me hard again, or rather perpetuated the hardness I’d had since I’d gotten out of bed.

I backed out of the camera range. Carol and Crystal continued to photograph the girls behavior until everything was happening for the third or fourth time. Crystal called, “CUT. STOP CAMERAS.”

I immediately went and kissed the three girls and thanked them for their tolerance in allowing me to be rough with them and to create a notable porn video to help Crystal’s business. They kissed back and assured me that the morning was the highlight of their lives.

Crystal assured me that she couldn’t have had any better ‘footage’ to work with for her demo video in terms of acting or cinematography. I found my coffee cup — cold, and finished my caffeine hit for the morning.

Carol came over and kissed me. She told me that I’d made her horny as fuck, and that only I could sate her short-term ambitions. She asked that I plan to be with her that evening, and she hoped that I’d have ‘something left’ after the afternoon video session with Kim to share with her.

Crystal had stood there as Carol extolled my virtues and her hopes for later. She was chuckling, and after Carol went off to back up the memory cards from the various cameras, she told me that she felt the same way. We shared a kiss or two, as well.

I had an early lunch, foraging for sandwich material in the refrigerator. Midway through lunch, Kim arrived at the house. She was in patterned yoga pants, exercise sneakers, and a peasant blouse that did little to hide her upper assets. She came right in and gave me a kiss, and then went off to find the others. I pointed her towards various rooms where I thought they might be.

As I was putting things away in the kitchen, Kim came back in the room, only she was as naked as a jay bird. She gave me a lecherous grin and then went out to the pool. She did say, “You’re supposed to join me and wash off the sex you had this morning with the teeny-boppers. I heard you put on quite a show. I’m sorry that I missed it. I’ll have to get the scoop from my erstwhile granddaughters.”

Consequently, I did strip off my towel and join Kim. She was doing laps again, but stopped after only twenty-five. “I just wanted to warm up some. I heard that I’m going to be getting more of a workout this afternoon. I’m counting on it.”

I shrugged as I stood in the shallows talking to her. “Crystal has told me nothing about our video sessions. I was learning as I went this morning.”

Kim looked surprised. “I just know that I’m going to get double teamed, and it’s supposed to be a very romantic interaction. I think we should shower off the chlorine and get ready.”

I pondered ‘double teamed and romantic’. The latter would be no problem with Kim. She inspired romantic feelings in me.

We showered at the outdoor fixture, dried off, and went back inside with pool towels around our waists. Kim didn’t bother to cover her fabulous breasts. I did little to deal with the rising bump in my towel.

Upstairs in the master bedroom, Crystal and Carol were putting the last touches on the lighting and remote cameras. I could tell that this was going to be different from where the unmanned cameras were being placed. Kim and I stood just inside the room, and then Ross joined us also only wearing a towel around his waist. He and Kim shared a torrid kiss; he fondled her breasts as they hugged. I suddenly got a better idea about what ‘double teaming’ might entail.

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