Addison: Mature Southern Belle Ch. 02Addison: Mature Southern Belle Ch. 02


Letter from the author: This is a story of an older unfaithful promiscuous woman who loves sex and is not ashamed of it. If you don’t like this or have a moral issue with this, please move on to another story.


Note to my readers: I presented the previous chapter to this story as if this person may really exist. I did this because I had received numerous anonymous e-mails from someone that presented herself as such. She really liked my Jake Chronicles stories, and told me she was the person I wrote about as Addison (I changed her name and place of residence). However, in more resent e-mails, she has come clean. She is really a 49 year old house wife from the Midwest with a great imagination, but little confidence in her writing ability. We will call her Mary Beth. She wanted to see her ideas in writing, but didn’t feel she could express them adequately. So she sent them to me as if they were her real experiences. I tell you this because I am always suspicious of stories that writers say are real, so I want my readers to know if I present something as real, it is. Addison is truly a figment of someone’s vivid imagination. Sorry “Anonymous in Canada”, I am just as disappointed as you are. I will be “ghost” writing this for her from her ideas, with a bit of my own flare, until I can convince her to submit these ideas in her own writings. I hope you enjoy. I value the loyalty of my readers, and hope you don’t feel I have betrayed your trust.



P.S. Keep the ideas coming Mary Beth. However, it is really hard to communicate this way. Set up an e-mail account on hotmail or something so I can ask questions and more easily obtain info I need to write your story. Then give it to me in one of your e-mails. Strictly business I promise.

The torrid sexual escapades of Addison Cameron all started some 21 years ago, when she was 37. Her sex life had slowly deteriorated over the last ten years since her second child’s birth. Her “boring” husband didn’t seem to have any interest in her anymore, and that was beginning to really affect Addie. She felt she was still in good shape, was fairly attractive, and still held some sex appeal with men. However, her husband, whether it was a lack of sex drive or just his disinterest in his wife, no longer even showed interest in anything sexual with Addison. She definitely was still interested in sex, but she was beginning to doubt her own sex appeal.

That all ended the day Brett walked into the office. A strapping young college graduate from Arizona State University; he exuded confidence and commanded attention whenever he walked into a room. The moment he was first introduced to Addie, he knew he wanted her, and he was going to make sure he got her as soon as possible.

Addie was taken back a bit by this cocky young man that was assigned to her team. She had a bit of distain for his attitude, but there was something inside her that wouldn’t allow her to dislike him. She would soon realize that something was her sheer animal lust.

Brett was always formulating a plan to have Addie, but it never really seemed to work out as he planned. One day the boss informed the two of them that they would have to go to Phoenix for two weeks to meet with city officials to hold their hands through a planning session for a large downtown development. Brett knew this would be a perfect opportunity to take Addie and make her his.

The first week was stressful, busy and uneventful. Addison always seemed tired at the end of the day. So Brett just let his plan go, knowing he would probably have the weekend to place it into action.

Alone for the weekend with no real work to do, Addison was open to his suggestion that they get some dinner and maybe visit Mill Avenue, a familiar stomping ground of Brett’s when he attended ASU. Dinner was good, and the two of them were having a ball dancing and drinking as they hopped from bar to bar the whole evening.

Addie had not drunk like this in some time, and the dancing along with the alcohol had her very turned on and open to suggestion. She had been eyeballing Brett all night and wondering what it might be like to be with him. This did not go unnoticed by Brett, and he figured this was the best opportunity he would have with Addie alone, so he seized it.

He poured her into a taxi for the short drive from Tempe back to their hotel in Phoenix, and like a gentleman, he helped her to her room. She flopped on the bed and played coy. Brett opened the mini-bar and opened a bottle of wine and sat next to her on the bed as they finished off the bottle quickly. Brett presented a joint and Addie accepted. He sparked it up, and they began to smoke escort it. Addie had smoked pot in college, but this was different. She was alone in her hotel room with a guy that was not her husband and she was really drunk.

He shot gunned her once, then twice. Each time their lips were very close, he wanted to kiss her, but resisted the temptation. He could tell she wanted it too, and he wanted to see if she would make a move.

Addie wanted so desperately to kiss Brett, but even though her husband was neglecting her, she could not bring herself to betray her vows. She wanted to do it, but she just couldn’t make the move.

The third time he shot gunned her, it was too much for either of them. As Addie inhaled the smoke he was exhaling, their lips touched. They both felt the attraction. Addie exhaled the smoke and Brett made his move. His lips mashed against Addie’s, and his tongue invaded her mouth. His hands were quick and powerful, roaming her body. Before she could realize what was happening, Brett had lifted her dress off and was working on her pantyhose, white cotton granny panties and her bra. She was completely naked now and Brett pulled his cock from his pants.

It was the first cock other than her husband’s that she had seen since college. He told her he wanted her to suck is cock. Addison just stared at it.

“I said suck my cock!” he told her in a stern voice.

Addie was mesmerized by it. She just continued to stare, but she did not move. Then the sting of his hand slapping her face hit her by complete surprise.

“I told you to suck my cock bitch.” He now demanded.

As a tear slid down her cheek, Addison quickly opened her mouth, leaned over, and slid his rigid shaft into her mouth. The sting of his hand was unpleasant, but the forcefulness of his demeanor was totally exciting. She had not ever experienced that, and she found it arousing. She sucked his cock vigorously enjoying the feel of it in her mouth and the way his hand grabbed her hair and forced her mouth down on it. She was getting into a heated pace when she felt his other hand on her ass. His finger slid down between her ass cheeks and into her already saturated pussy. He finger fucked her to orgasm within moments. She was slurping his cock and screaming at the same time from her delight when it rushed through her body. A few minutes after her first orgasm, and without warning, Brett blasted her throat with a huge load of cum.

Addie had not tasted cum in a long time, and the copious amount was more than her mouth could handle. She gagged a bit as she tried to swallow it. Swallowing was her only choice, as the hand on the back of her head would not allow her to remove his erupting cock from her mouth. The excess escaped the seal of her lips on his pole and slid down to his balls.

When he had recovered a bit, he ordered her to lick all the cum from his balls. Addison was so turned on by his demanding personality, she just did as he instructed. His cock never got soft after his orgasm (an advantage of being 22). She expertly cleansed his scrotum and savored every lick.

Brett ordered her to her feet, then bent her over the bed and began to vehemently pound her gushing pussy with his rock hard dick. Addison screamed with pleasure the whole time. Her second orgasm arrived only moments after insertion, and Brett just continued his assault the whole time she was cumming.

“You like that?” he asked, holding her hips and slamming into her ass with his pelvis.

“Oh yes!” Addie screamed.

“You like my cock pounding you sloppy cunt?”

Addison had never had someone speak to her that way, but it just added to the filthiness of the whole thing and turned her on even more.

“Yes!” she replied.

“Tell me!” he demanded.

Addison remained quiet. He was not sure what he was asking her to tell him. Her inexperience with dirty talk hindered her.

“Tell me you like my cock in you cunt.” He told her.

She repeated what he told her, but she was hesitant because she had never said those words before. She was a good southern girl and they didn’t speak like that.

Brett noticed her apprehension and ordered her to say it again.

“I like your cock in my cunt.” She said. This time it brought a little thrill to her body.

“Again!” he ordered.

“I like your cock in my cunt.” She said, this time a bit louder and with more conviction.

“Tell me you like my big fat cock in you dirty married pussy.” He demanded.

Addie repeated it, and her body again responded.

Brett continued to coach her, making her say nasty, vile things that she would never had said on her own. Addie was spilling some filthy izmit escort bayan line about her sloppy cunt and his hard cock when the third orgasm rang through her. It was even more intense than the last two, and she collapsed on the bed as it subsided. Brett just sustained his battering of her pussy until he felt his second climax hit, spilling his seed deep inside Addie’s pussy.

He pulled out and lay next to her on the bed. His cum began to drain from her and she did nothing to stop it. It dripped down her thighs and she just laid there in sexual bliss. Being treated like a whore appealed to Addie, and she reveled in the feeling. Her mom had been wrong, sex was not bad, it was good, and dirty nasty sex was better.

A few minutes later Brett ordered her to clean his cock. It was semi hard now, lying on his thigh and glistening from their combined juices. Addie rose, grabbed it and placed it in her mouth to lick the remnants of their joy juices that covered it. She figured she would just suck it clean for a few moments and then that would be it. However, the taste of his cock was arousing, and the smell made her mind flash memories of the past hour and a half though her head. She couldn’t believe it when she felt Brett’s dick begin to harden in her mouth. He was going to be able to go again. She looked up at Brett with a gleam in her eye.

“I’m not your husband baby.” He reminded her that she was not single. “I can go all night.”

He soon was holding her head and guiding it up and down his shaft as he fucked her hot hungry mouth. She was getting hot again and her pace was picking up when Brett pulled her from his cock and ordered her to lick his balls. Addie did as she was instructed, licking and sucking his balls through his sack as Brett stroked his cock with his hand. Addison liked watching him masturbate and she showed it by eagerly pleasuring his nuts.

“Lick my asshole.” Brett told her as he lifted his feet from the bed and spread them wide.

Addison was shocked. She had never done that. She stared at him with a blank look.

“Do I have to slap you again?” he barked.

Addison lowered her face in defeat to his puckered hole and licked it as if it were a melting ice cream cone.

“Yea.” He said as the sensation coursed through his groin.

“Again.” He told her.

Addie did as coached.

“Again…….again……again.” he told her each time she bathed his ass with her tongue. Soon she needed no more coaching. This, like everything else he had made her do that evening was turning her on. She was desirously devouring every inch of his nether hole. Brett was stroking his cock hard and fast and soon it erupted again shooting what was left in his balls into the air and onto his stomach and hand. He commanded her to clean it all off him and after she had done it, the two of them fell asleep together.

In the morning, Brett left to go get dressed in his room, but before he left, he informed Addison that she was to not wear any pantyhose and definitely not those granny undies she wore. Addison protested a bit, but once Brett demanded it, she complied.

As they left the hotel for the conference with the city planners, Addison couldn’t help feeling how naughty she was for being without undergarments. The more she thought about it, the wetter her pussy got. The whole time she was in the meeting, she couldn’t stop thinking about her exposed pussy and how hot it was making her. By the time they decided to take a fifteen minute break, she was sure she was developing a stain on her skirt. She rose and carefully felt the back of her skirt, and found nothing.

“Jerry, do you have a small conference room nearby where I may consult with my colleague in private.” Brett asked the planning board commissioner.

“Sure, just go out the door, turn left, it is two doors down.” He replied.

Addison was not sure what this was all about. Brett led her to the room and closed the door behind them. He pointed at the table in the center of the room.

“Hands on the table.” He barked in a stern voice.

Addie knew what this was all about now. She did as she was commanded.

Brett walked up behind her and kicked the insides of her feet with his foot.

“Spread ’em!” he snapped.

Addison’s already wet pussy now began to leak down her leg. She couldn’t believe she was doing this, but she also couldn’t imagine not doing it. Brett had such a command over her and she just wanted to obey him.

Brett reached down and pulled up her long conservative skirt so it he could get his hand under it. When it was at about mid thigh he reached under and found her sloppy cunt. He izmit sınırsız escort inserted two fingers in her and began to finger fuck her slowly and deeply, wiggling them back and forth when they were deep inside her. Addie moaned as quietly as she could as the pleasure swept over her. Her knees got weak and she gyrated her ass against the intruder of her pussy.

Brett leaned into her ear and whispered, “You dirty slut, your pussy is drenched. You like being naughty huh?”

“Yes.” She whispered.

His pace quickened and Addie tensed up. His fingers were soon violating her fast and hard. Addison’s head flew back and she moaned lowly, “Yes, yes, yes.”

“Cum for me slut.” Brett encouraged her. “Cum all over my hand.”

As if on command, Addie’s body stiffened again and her orgasm exploded inside her. She wanted to scream out in ecstasy, but could not. She clenched her teeth and screamed deep inside. Brett’s hand slowed as he saw she had reached her destination. He slowly removed his hand from her and her skirt fell to its normal position. He ordered her to lick his fingers clean, and then Brett walked to the door.

“Do not clean up, I will see you in the conference room in two minutes, don’t be late.”

He opened the door with Addie still bent over the table and so everyone else could hear he yelled back at Addie, “Oh yes, that is a good idea, I will discuss that plan with the commissioners.” Then he closed the door behind him.

Addie collected herself and stood to walk back to the conference room. He knees were weak and she stumbled on her low sturdy heels. She opened the door and returned to the meeting. She could feel her slippery cunt with each step she took. It leaked a bit onto her thighs and she was terrified someone might know what she had just done. She sat in a puddle of her own juices for the next hour as the meeting continued until finally they broke for lunch.

The caterers brought the lunch into the conference room and nearly everyone left the room for some reason or another as they laid out the spread. Addison returned from the bathroom and everyone sat to eat. There was the usual small talk over lunch, and everything was going normally. Then there was a hand on Addie’s thigh. Bret was carrying on a conversation with one of the men and at the same time he was massaging her leg under the table. Addie’s nipples got hard and she was sure everyone could see. This only seemed to make her even hotter. For the next 5 minutes, Brett slid his hands between her legs and as close as he could get to her pussy through her skirt, and Addison tried not to give her pleasure away. Her pussy again became drenched, and the heat in her body rose like an oil fire. Just as she was sure she could take no more, Brett excused himself and left the room. A few moments later Addie told the others she needed to go to the ladies room, and she left the room.

The restrooms were located at the end of a short hall, one to either side, and at the end of the hall was a door marked “janitor”. Addie approached the ladies room and suddenly the men’s room opened and Bret walked out. Without a word, he pulled her into the unlocked Janitor’s room and closed it behind her.

“On your knees slut!” he demanded.

Addison did as she was commanded. Brett pulled his swollen cock from his pants.

“Suck me!”

Addison gladly swallowed his cock whole. She was so turned on, she was almost sure she would have done this in front of all the others if he asked. She sucked and stroked his throbbing hard cock like a two bit whore. Brett grabbed her head and fucked her face hard and fast. He didn’t want to raise suspicion, so he wanted a quick release. Addie sucked for all she was worth, and then Jake quietly grunted and blasted a load of semen down her throat.

Addie cleaned his cock and put it away, and both waited until the coast was clear before exiting the closet. Addie returned to lunch first followed by Brett, and no one was the wiser. The rest of the afternoon was pure anticipation of the night to follow.

Brett spent the rest of the week in Addison’s room fucking and sucking the nights away. Each night Addie would receive a call from her husband asking about her day and telling her all about the kids. Her husband had help taking care of the boys from the housekeeper they employed. Most nights Addie was getting the high hard one from Brett as she carried on the conversation with her husband. Brett seemed to get a perverse thrill out of doing that as she tried to keep her composure on the phone. There were a couple of similar events during the days that followed too, as Brett made sure Addie went without underwear everyday. The business trip was a great success and the two returned home to their normal lives. It would be hard to steal time with each other in the near future, and Addie soon became very frustrated with this arrangement.

to be continued……………….

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