Addicted Pt. 02Addicted Pt. 02


Please read Addicted Part 1 first to avoid confusion. This segment includes Chapters 7-12, more chapters to follow in future segments. This is an ongoing story.

This story contains dark elements of addiction, mild obsession, dubious-consent, breeding, violence, criminal activity, crude language, and graphic sex scenes. Read at your own risk.

All characters engaging in sexual acts within this story are 18+ years of age.


Chapter 7

Lex had always known that he was in love with his sister, even before he understood what that meant. There had never been a time in his life when he hadn’t known that one day he would grow up and marry her. It hadn’t even been anything sexual when those thoughts had first taken root in his brain because he was just a kid at the time.

The way she made him feel happy and good, the protectiveness he’d felt, those had been the driving force behind his earliest thoughts.

Leaving her behind had been the hardest thing Lex had ever done, but he’d known that the only way he could ever truly keep her safe was to become something other than the 15-year-old son of a gambling addict.

Their father had already been talking about him getting a job once he turned 16 and Lex was no idiot. He knew exactly how that would’ve turned out. Precisely the way it had ended up for his poor sister. Working and paying all the bills, while their father gambled away every spare penny.

Lex had also known the fastest way to make money was through illegal means. He’d already had a few run-ins with the loan sharks and bookies his father was always borrowing from and he knew they were making a ton of cash every day. He wanted a piece of that action, but he was well aware that the name Miller was cursed in that world.

Emancipation had given him the freedom to legally change his name, but he didn’t want something that traceable. He worked enough side hustles going by the name Lex, instead of Les because it was close enough to get his attention when someone used it, yet sounded a little tougher. Finally, when he had enough money saved up and a lot more knowledge about the who’s who in the criminal world, he got himself a whole new identity no one would ever be able to tie to Les Miller.

New name, new social security number, new birth certificate, the works. Lex Blackwood was born at sixteen years old and a month later, he was well on his way to working up the thug ladder for Sergio Russo, the biggest loan shark in the city at that time.

Now, Sergio was second on that short list and Lex was sitting right on top where he planned to stay until he was dead. The problem was that Sergio held 90% of the slips on his father’s debts. He was also the first loan shark Lex had been forced to pay off to keep London safe.

In other words, the man was not only suspicious of Lex’s involvement with the recently deceased Chester Miller but dangerously focused on regaining the throne his former employee stole right out from under him.

Tracing a finger over the curve of London’s hip, Lex leaned down and placed a kiss on her shoulder, then left her sleeping in his bed and went downstairs. He poured himself a snifter of cognac and stepped out onto the terrace. He’d already thrown his slacks back on, but the cool air felt good on his naked chest and arms.

From the case he kept on a shelf just outside the door, Lex took out a Black & Mild and lit it. They were the one thing from his youth he’d never grown out of, back before he could afford the Cubans sitting on his desk. He’d developed a taste for the harsh little things.

Taking his cellphone from his pocket, he made the necessary call, too curious to see how it would go to find it as loathsome as he normally would.

“Lex, this is a pleasant surprise,” Sergio lied with amusement when he answered.

“We need to meet,” Lex replied. “ASAP.”

“Something pressing?” Sergio asked, sounding pleased to be in a position to grant or deny him something.

“Not really, I just hate dragging shit out when we both have much better things to do,” he replied. “But if you want to delay getting a fat sum of money, that’s on you.”

“Hmm,” Sergio remarked, sounding thoughtful. “How about we do lunch tomorrow at Giovanni’s?”

“Sure, you can buy,” Lex said just because he could.

“Yeah, my treat,” Sergio agreed. “Oh, and bring the girl.”

When Sergio disconnected before he could respond, it was like getting the kind of ending to a play you’d hoped for. With a satisfied grin, Lex tucked his phone away and took a drink of his cognac. Life was about to get a hell of a lot sweeter.

Everything he’d been working toward for the past 10 years was finally coming together. He had the love of his life already naked, her pussy so thoroughly deflowered she was snoring in his bed. The fact that she’d never been touched by any other man had his blood so hot it was all he could do to keep from mobil seks hikayeleri fucking her even while she was unconscious. Add to that the thought that she could even now be pregnant and it was a goddamn miracle he wasn’t tearing a hole in his slacks with another hard-on.

Lex couldn’t wait to see her belly swollen with his child, her breasts filling with milk. London thought she needed a break from sex now, she had no fucking clue. He needed to get her stamina up and fast. He knew a lot of it had to do with how malnourished she’d been for the past 19 years. That would not be a problem any longer. But he should add exercise to her daily schedule to help boost her energy and some yoga for added flexibility.

Fuck, he was getting hard again. Lex forced his mind off bending his sister into a pretzel while fucking her and refocused on their more immediate plans.

He’d promised to open London’s eyes to everything she’d been missing and that was going to start tonight. Lex wanted his sister to fully embrace their incestuous relationship, to get off on it just as much as he did. Unfortunately, her head was full of the same tired rhetoric most people’s heads were full of. So, he was going to show her just how common and celebrated incest really was.

The quiet sound of her satin robe had Lex turning, just as London stepped out onto the terrace from the door he’d left open.

“I didn’t know you smoked,” she commented.

“It’s a horrible habit,” he admitted and jabbed the cigar out in the tall ashtray standing nearby.

He downed the rest of his drink and hooked an arm around her waist to kiss the top of her head. Then, he started rubbing his hand over her ass cheek through the satin. “Feel better?”

“A little, I guess,” she answered quietly.

Lex knew she didn’t mean her physical condition. She was stuck in her head again, listening to her shameful thoughts.

“Come on, we need another quick shower and then I’m going to take you out,” he said. “You need an actual meal and I have some people I’d like you to meet.”

Her shoulders sagged somewhat. “I don’t know if I’m ready for that, Lex.”

With an internal sigh, he gripped her chin gently and lifted her face to his. “You’re ready to do things when I say you are,” he said firmly. “The sooner you realize that the easier it will be for both of us. I don’t like having to be so stern with you and I know you don’t like it, either. But I want the real you, London, not whatever nonsense is going on in your head.”

Her eyes watered, as she looked away from him even though she didn’t attempt to move her head. “I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to remember what an asshole you are,” she said in a quiet hiss.

“I’m not an asshole, baby, I’m real,” he corrected. “I’m honest, and you’ve gotten too comfortable with all of your pretty lies. I’m going to tear them down because I love you enough to do it. And maybe, someday, you’ll love me enough to appreciate it.”

Chapter 8

London ran her hands over the rich material covering her hips. She’d never felt anything more luxurious in her life and the cocktail dress wasn’t even the fanciest thing in the large walk-in closet. It was all hers, Lex said. His closet was on the other side of the bed and nightstands, just as she’d presumed earlier.

Looking into the wall of mirrors at the back of the closet, she turned sideways and admired the way the red, spaghetti-strapped dress formed to her body. It folded and overlapped stylishly, which made her look curvier than she really was. And, unlike the clingy black dress she’d been wearing, this one hid the fact that she was underweight.

It fell to mid-thigh, leaving her legs bare. London was glad she’d always been good about getting sun when the weather permitted, so her skin didn’t look too white against the red.

Lex stepped into the closet and smiled with pleasure to see her. She hated that it warmed her heart just as much as her insides, that his approval meant something when she wanted to cling to her anger. If he would just give her time to adjust to their situation, London might not feel like she was constantly being backed into a corner, but he wasn’t going to.

And of course, he looked handsome in a casual suit of charcoal gray over a crisp white shirt. There was no vest or tie this time, yet no one would mistake him for being anything other than rich and powerful. It was just as much in the way he carried himself, as his imposing presence.

He entered the closet further and studied all of the shoes lined up in their place. Selecting a pair of silver sandal heels, he gestured for her to sit on the ottoman. He knelt on one knee and slid her feet into the shoes, buckling the straps for her.

“I’ve set up an appointment for you tomorrow at the spa, so you can get pampered,” he announced. “They’ve been instructed with what I want already, so all you need to do is enjoy it.”

London bit her tongue to keep from remarking about that. His eyes lifted to hers, the warning clear as day in the green depths.

“Don’t worry, it’s nothing drastic,” he continued. “I just know you’ve never had the chance to experience a spa day, so I made sure they knew to give you the works. I want you to enjoy yourself, London, that’s all.”

Was it? Unsure, London wavered between her anger fading again and distrust. Her brother always seemed to have a sane, logical reason for things, yet she couldn’t help feeling like it was all for his benefit and not hers. Maybe she was just on the defense, but there was no way to stop that at the moment. This was all too new to her and starting to feel overwhelming.

When he was finished fastening her heels, he stood, then helped her do the same. London wobbled a little since the heels were much higher than she’d ever worn before.

“I’m going to break my ankle,” she said.

“No you won’t,” he smirked. “I’ll be right beside you.”

London studied herself in the mirror again and couldn’t deny that she felt beautiful. Her hair was straightened again and she wore neutral shades of makeup, which she’d always preferred. Unlike Lex, her eyes were a soft brown, so those shades just looked better. The selection of cosmetics her brother had purchased was enough to set her up for life, and she’d probably never even wear 90% of it.

“They are really pretty,” she conceded, admiring the heels.

Lex pressed his lips to her temple and kept his mouth there to speak. “You make them sexy as hell,” he said. “Just like that dress. Despite where we’re going, I know you’re still going to draw the attention of every man in the room.”

London gave a small, puzzled laugh. “Is it a gay bar?” she asked.

“No, it’s an exclusive club for certain kinds of couples only,” he answered.

Her brows raised. “What kind of couples?” she asked, wondering if her brother was into much kinkier things than she’d guessed.

Lex gave her an amused smirk. “The related kind.”

Her eyes widened and her lips parted with surprise. “Are you serious? There’s an actual club for that?”

“Darling, there’s a club for everything,” he said with a chuckle. “But, yes. And they have excellent food and even better company. What’s more, you and I won’t have to pretend to be anything other than ourselves while we’re there.”

Ah, so it was all part of his master plan to get her to embrace her shameful desires. London felt torn. She was now morbidly curious to see what the club was like, but at the same time, she’d never felt more nervous. Going there would be admitting her incestuous guilt and shame to an entire club full of strangers, not just herself.

Unfortunately, London knew there was no getting out of it. Lex wanted to take her there, and as he’d already reminded her twice, she wasn’t in the position to argue. She’d chosen to give herself to him, knowing full well what kind of man he was.

It wasn’t until they were already in the car on their way, that London thought to question his obvious knowledge of the place. Not that it existed, but about how good the food and company was.

“How do you know what the club is like if it’s for couples only? Do we have relatives I’m not aware of?” she asked quietly, even though there was a tinted window between them and the driver.

Lex looked a little startled by the question and peered into her eyes. “You think the only reason I want to be with you is because you’re my sister?” he asked.

“Isn’t it?”

He turned the hand she had resting on her knee sideways and laced his fingers with hers, holding tight. “Maybe, but not for the reasons you believe,” he answered after a moment. “I know about the club because I happen to be good friends with the people who own it, so I’ve always been allowed inside of it, even though I was single.”

“Oh,” she said, her mind reeling. She wanted to know what he meant by his answer but had a feeling he wasn’t going to share that with her yet. Maybe, only after he felt she was embracing their relationship more. “Are the owners the people you’re taking me to meet?”

“Yes,” Lex answered. “They don’t know everything about our situation, only that I wanted you and was waiting for the day you would want me, too.”

London swallowed, unsure how to respond to that. “So, they don’t know that your name was different once?”

“Yes, they know that part, just not what it was,” he said. “They know I plan to marry you. They’re a little jealous that I’ll have the chance. Every member wishes they could marry the person they’re truly in love with, but unfortunately, some of them can only be together in places like the club.”

“Are there that many people?” she asked.

He smiled. “Maybe not as many as other clubs, but I’m sure the number is much higher than you’d guess. It certainly seems to increase at a steady rate, once people learn there’s a safe place for them to be themselves.”

London mulled that over as she watched the city through the tinted windows. She wasn’t sure where the club was located because she wasn’t familiar enough with the area of the city they were in. It seemed to be a nice area, with more sculptures and parks than the posh ritzy downtown area where Lex’s apartment building stood.

The club, itself, was a brick building that stood separate from the other shops and boutiques, and for good reason–it was an actual nightclub. At least that explained the lack of windows. There was a glass door on the right, where the colorful lights flashed from inside. A solid door stood to the left with a sign that read VIP Only. A bouncer stood in between the two.

When Lex led her to the VIP entrance, the bouncer only gave them a nod. They entered a hallway, where the thumping music from the nightclub was muffled. Rather than following the hall to the only door at the very end, her brother accessed an elevator to the immediate left. It stood beside another one marked ‘Penthouse Lounge.’

Just like at his apartment, when he chose a particular button marked with the letter M, he was required to punch in a code.

“Most people think this is a service elevator so don’t even use it. Those who do, assume M stands for Maintenance,” he explained with amusement. “Since they want the third-floor lounge they don’t even bother selecting it. It really stands for Members for the exclusive club that takes up the second floor.”

London’s brows lifted, undeniably impressed by that setup. “So, your friends own the entire building, then?”

“Yes,” he answered. “A secret club hidden inside of a public one. It’s a good cover.”

“I’ll say,” she agreed, a little awed by it.

Smiling, Lex wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her into his side. He kissed her with enough heat to have her body instantly recalling all of the pleasure he’d already shown her. Then, the doors slid open and London’s nerves came right back to the surface.

Chapter 9

The hidden, exclusive club on the second floor was not an average nightclub, though it still had a dance floor. The most obvious differences were the lighting and music, which were more reminiscent of a time when people used to go out on the town to be seen–not get lost in a swirl of colorful lights, and drowned out by heavy bass.

Booths skirted the dance floor, and from the level of conversations and laughter, it seemed the club was focused more on socializing than partying. Plus, there was an actual restaurant and the aromas of delicious food hit London’s nostrils, making her stomach growl.

Lex had been right, there were a lot more people than she could have guessed at, even if the place wouldn’t be considered crowded. She also noticed that it didn’t seem to take up the entire second floor.

Between the kitchen doors and dance floor, there was a hallway that cut into the back wall. One would assume it led to the bathrooms, but London saw a couple enter it arm and arm, just as another couple was coming out of it looking quite flushed in the face with wrinkled clothing.

London looked at her brother with raised brows and he gave her a sultry grin, leaning closer to keep his voice down.

“For a lot of couples, this is the only place they can be together safely,” he explained. “So there are rooms set up in the back for sex.”

“Oh, wow,” she said. “Okay, then.”

He chuckled and squeezed her waist. “Maybe I’ll give you a tour later.” He winked.

London was surprised when that idea had her nipples hardening and excitement sparking low in her gut. They didn’t need to sneak around, he’d made sure of it. But the thought of having sex in the back room of a public venue was a lot more thrilling than she would’ve expected.

Lex started guiding her through the club toward the right side of the dance floor. He approached a booth where a woman about his age sat between two men who looked to be in their 40’s. They were still in good shape and attractive in their own way. The one on the left had a touch of gray at his temples, where the one of the right didn’t have any gray hair, but he was starting to get crows feet at the corners of his blue eyes.

The woman’s hair was a darker brown than the men’s, and it was cut short in a sassy bob that made her look like a pixie. Her eyes were the same hazel brown as the man on the left, and she had the kind of wide mouth that appeared quick to laugh, painted a siren red.

As soon as they spotted London and Lex, their faces lit up and they stood to greet them.

“Oh, my God, Lex, when you said your sister was gorgeous I thought you were just being biased,” the woman said on a laugh. Then much to London’s surprise, she was getting hugged. “It’s so good to finally meet you, London. I feel like I know you already, your bother has talked about you a lot.”

It made her blush to think that Lex had talked about her to his friends. It seemed so strange, and not just because of their situation, but she just never would have believed him the type to sit around with friends, chatting the night away. It was like learning a whole other side of him existed. But was it just as real as the side she knew or was it all for show?

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