A Wytche’s TailA Wytche’s Tail


It had been a long night in the North Carolina woods. I had just completed a ten-Kilometer night movement observing one of my platoons. The move had taken me through swamps and a chest deep stream. I was not in a great mood. I checked with the other OC and got the unit we were grading settled in. I told him I was heading back up to the Objective. “See you later Sergeant Major,” the Lt said as I moved as quietly as possible back the way we’d come.

The move had started out miserably. A horrendous thunderstorm had hit just as we had stepped off the Helicopters. Then the platoon I had been following began its move before moonrise, meaning we were walking through the forest, in a thunderstorm, with Zero illumination so even our Night Vision devices were not a whole lot of help.

Now it was 0200 in the morning and I was trying to move the 900 meters to the Objective that the Scout Platoon would be observing and reporting on for the next day or so. The area I was in was close to a stream, and I was not taking another dunking in the dark and alone tonight. I could smell the damp swamp smells, loam and sand, mixed with the smells of the wet pines. I crashed through a few meters of wait a minute vines and brambles, bulling through with a few scratches on the back of my hands. I could hear frogs croaking and other night creatures serenading me as I popped out into a clearing.

Heat lightning flickered in the distance and I kept moving along a piece of open high ground. Soft pine needles slid under my feet. It was getting towards the moon’s zenith and I wanted to be back at my base camp before dawn. I saw another flicker of light in a bit of low ground, sheltered by a copes of trees. Probably the Opposition forces guys staying dry with a fire. I could smell the wood smoke from the fire, they were burning the lighter knot from the pine so there was a slight turpentine smell to the Pine smoke, and something else I could not quite put my finger on. Brimstone? Sulfur?

Even though it was warm and I’d worked up a sweat I decided to go down and check on the guys, let them know the Boss was out here in the SUCK with them and could still move silently. Who knows maybe they would be asleep and I could scare the shit out of them. I lowered into a crouch and began to pay attention to where I put my feet. Moving slowly and fluidly, my hands pushing the odd branch from out of my path and letting it quietly go back into place.

As I got closer to the fire, it began to wash out the monocle esat escort of my NVG. I could hear voices or at least one voice. I thought it sounded female but it was muffled. What the hell? There are not supposed to be any Civilians out here. Curious and more curious. I slowed my move so that I could take in whatever it was that was going on. I could smell the dark loam and sand, the wet smells of the woods. I gently parted a bush. What I saw astounded me and sent a shiver down my spine.

A fire with an iron cauldron hanging over it was centered in the clearing. There was a woman with her back to me. I assumed it was a woman because she wore the tall pointed hat of a witch, she wore a dark cloak, but the lining was red silk, shining in the fire light, and an alabaster leg protruded from it. Her hair was wine dark with silver streaks. It hung below her shoulders and seemed to fall in waves with a shimmering life of its own. She was stirring the black cauldron in front of here and speaking in a tongue I did not recognize right away, Greek mixed with Latin and possibly some Gaelic.

The storm was coming back and I could see the streaks of lightning coming closer. They seemed to be responding to her spell, or whatever the hell she was doing. Damn! I was just getting dry, and with the humidity, I was going to stay damp and sweaty for a while.

“Come to me.” She said in a voice that was soft and husky. I looked around to see whom she was talking. “I am talking to you Pancrack, who sneaks through woods and spies on innocent maidens.” Then she cackled, like a crazy old woman, not like the young woman I was looking at. What a blow to my ego too! I thought I was being stealthy.

I stepped into her circle, “Mind you don’t step on the circle. Lift your feet,” she said, back still to me, still stirring her dark iron cauldron. This was getting very weird and I was battling fear and curiosity. A black bag and a headless turkey lay on the other side of the pot. With a final gut wrenching howl, she threw a handful of crap into the pot causing it to boil and steam. It smelled like crap too. I stopped a few paces away and waited. ‘”What’s going on here?” I demanded after a few minutes.

With an unnatural swiftness, she leapt up and spun to face me. I took a step back, caught in her emerald gaze. Her face was in the shadow of her hat, but her eyes glowed from under it. I took up a defensive stance, nature sucking in my stomach escort bayan to protect my balls. My feet found their balance, everything slowed down and I took in the details. She was totally naked under the cloak. Her breasts were full but not overly large and her dark nipples were standing pertly erect; she had a flat stomach with no stretch marks or the pooch from childbirth. A fine dark hair covered her pubic mound. Her thighs were stout, not skinny and I could see the lines that separated her quadriceps. She was at least 5’10 or maybe six foot tall.

Her face was aquiline with high cheekbones and full lips. A hand reached out towards me. “Relax little man.” She purred, like a farm wife soothing a lamb. Her hand reached out to caress my neck. I let her, unsure why but beginning to feel the heat of a sexual need. “You will be used for tonight and then set free”

Bullshit, I thought and grabbed her hand throwing it to the side, “What are you talking about?”

She laughed. “Tonight, you will please me and that will please the Goddess and we shall see what we can make.” She stepped closer and I could smell her musky scent. She towered over me, and whispered something in my ear as her hand groped at my crotch. “Undress” she ordered. Not knowing why I obeyed her. Placing my helmet and NVGs neatly on my folded uniform, wet socks draped over soaked boots with my assault pack and knee pads to the side. I could feel the warmth of the night, and noticed that the sounds of the woods had disappeared and so had the mosquitoes, thank God.

She spread her cloak on the ground and lay on it, resting on her elbows, tits spreading to the sides of her chest; she parted her knees, welcoming me. “Come, hurry we don’t have much time until the Moon is out of its house.” Whatever she had done had caused a surge of lust deep in my belly and forced me to leap upon her. With a laugh, she stroked my back and forced my hips down on to hers. She was already wet and ready, my cock sliding easily into her. Her legs wrapped around my back and pulled me in, her own hips rocking and humping back into me. Her arms pull me tight to her chest, my mouth finding a nipple to suck and nip at. My tongue swirling around the nipple.

I could hear the sounds of my balls smacking into the witch’s cave. I could feel them coated with her juices and my belly coated with them also. She clutched and grunted at me working harder than I was, muttering in that strange eryaman escort language. “Cum inside of me little man, Cum Now, GODDESS DAMN YOU! DO IT NOW!” and with that I felt all the fury and passion explode in my head, force itself down my back and with a lightning bolt’s fury I came with a spasm and jet of cum like a fire hose. I screamed with the effort and pain. It was as if I had just blown off the head of my dick. She arched into it, her pussy clamping like a vice, holding me inside of her. Her scream was a mix of ecstasy and victory.

She froze. I looked into her face as it contorted in pain and Fury. She was panting, and sweat was glistening her neck. I sucked at it, and then kissed up to her ear; I could see her pulse throbbing in her veins. Her legs loosed their grip on me and her arms fell to her side. I could feel the slickness as her hard cunt spat out my cock. “This had better work.” She mumbled, almost to herself. I noted a shadow move at the edges of the fire. Just on the edge of my vision. A spectral voyeur. Great, now I am a sex show for ghosts, daemons, or whatever. I was catching my breath, examining the head of my dick for damage. The witch was eyeballing me; contemplating something .I could see her working it through her mind, as she stared at the shadow. She cocked her head as if listening then looked at me. “Again. Now” was all she said. She got to her knees and presented her perfect ivory ass to me.

Like an invisible hand grabbing me, my dick went from softening, feeling a little raw, to a rock solid, diamond cutting, flared purple-headed hard-on. Then I plunged it into the gleaming pink gash of the witch, impaling her with a scream. Again, she bucked back into me with a vengeance. I grabbed her hips and sunk my fingers into her soft flesh. I looked down and she was licking and sucking her tit. This time I was ready for the violence as she climaxed with her spell, sucking my seed from deep in my balls. Her ass and back of her thighs glistened with our mixed fluids, a jeweled bead reflecting light from the fire, slowly slid down her thigh and dripped in the cup of her knee. “No more, please Goddess no more” she gasp and whimpered to the shadow. I could almost have taken pity on her.

She turned and pushed me off her, “You’re done little man,” she said. “You have served your use. You are free to go.” With that, she placed two fingers in her bruised and oozing gash and traced a symbol on my belly.

I woke up later, fully clothed and no sign of anything having happened. I stood up, feeling a little woozy. I must have slipped and knocked myself out. The moon was setting and but I got my bearings on the sound of the generators coming from the Objective and headed out for it, wondering if I’d been wandering around lost for an hour or if I’d mistaken the distance..

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