A Woman’s TouchA Woman’s Touch


I sit on the bed, nervous as she undresses. I glance over at her in time to see her beautiful rose colored nipples, the candlelight glowing off of her skin. She looks at me and smiles. Slowly she walks toward me and sits down on the bed next to me. She reaches for my hand but I pull away. She leans closer and presses her velvety, soft lips to mine, gently kissing me.

As we both become more and more aroused, my hands venture over to her full firm womanly breasts, pinching her hardened nipples and kneading the soft flesh. She moans and slowly puts my hand down beside me. She stands up and pulls my shirt over my head, I put my arms up to help her through the process. She slowly unbuttons my jeans and gently pulls them down over my hips, the rough fabric grazing my silky skin. I pull my arms up to cover my breast as blood rushes to my face, my brain just now becoming aware of my vulnerability. She smiles and slowly pushes my arms back down by my sides. I watch her as she slowly slides her hand down her ivory skin, gliding down her flat stomach, past her pelvic bone and she gently teases her shaved pussy lips. She parts her them and very, very slowly slides her fingers inside her already dripping cunt. Gently, she offers her fingers to me, allowing me to taste her warm juice and I eagerly lick them, loving the sweet tangy flavor of her.

My wet, hot, coarse tongue slides in between her fingers and my tongue slowly licks a trail up and down them. Soft moans slip past her lips, her eyes closed. She slowly pulls her hand away and her wet fingers slide down my collar bone, her nails softly grazing my skin, down my chest to my aching nipples. She pinches them hard and I wince a little but love the Acıbadem Escort feelings she is sending through my body. I feel the wetness between my legs grow. She lays one hand flat against my skin and glides it down my body, over my stomach, down my thighs, teasing every inch of my skin. Her tongue follows suit. Painstakingly, she works her way down to my hot, dripping wet pussy. I lean back with a moan as her head goes between my milky white thighs. The first flick of her tongue over my swollen clit sends waves of ecstasy over every inch of my skin. Her tongue continues feasting on my flesh, flicking back and forth, as I feel her fingers at my entrance. A loud moan escapes my lips as I feel her first two fingers slip inside my wet passage.

“I want to watch you play with your nipples while I tongue fuck your tight little cunt,” she says as she continues to finger fuck me, adding another finger.

Her tongue licks its way down my pussy, slow long licks as she finds her way to my wet entrance, as it replaces her fingers. She stops and seductively looks into my eyes.

“Do you want to taste me?,” she says as she licks her lips.

I blush and moan, nodding nervously.

She smiles again, her bright white teeth gleaming and her rose red lips turning up slightly at the corners. We switch positions, I softly kiss her moist lips, tasting my myself on her. My hot coarse tongue swirling with hers, my tongue lightly tracing the line of her lips, her soft pants and moans floating across my skin. I kiss my way down her throat, my tongue leaving shiny wet trails across her skin. Growing bolder and more confident in my actions, I encircle my tongue around Acıbadem Escort Bayan her hard, rosy pink nipple and lightly flick it against her skin. Back and forth……back and forth. Her moans fill my ears and set my body afire.

My fingers slowly move down to in between her spread legs and lightly touch her pussy lips. Just barely touching her, I run my fingers up and down and gently over her clit. I shove three fingers into her already dripping wet passage, my fingers curving up to hit her G-spot. She screams in pleasure and jerks on the bed, moving her hips. My tongue moves over her clit as I pump her cunt with my fingers. I bite down hard on it and she screams again.

“So………close,” she says in between loud moans.

She moves out from under my tongue and removes my fingers from her. She sits up on the bed and pulls me beside her. She softly caresses my face, staring into my eyes. My emotions run rampant as I stare into her lovely blue depths. My chest flutters slightly and she smiles that dazzling smile, pulling me close to her. She gently kisses my lips, her kiss just a whisper.

“Close your eyes,” she says as she breaks the kiss and scoots off the bed.

I close my eyes as I hear rummaging for something.

“Okay, open your eyes.”

She stands before me, her lovely breasts jutting out, a strap on strapped around her waist. The 8 inch cock standing out, the veins thick and looking very prominent. My pussy convulses just from thinking about what she is about to do to me. I start to writhe on the bed and she smiles. She turns on the vibrating cock and pushes me back. She moans as it vibrates on her clit and she positions Escort Acıbadem herself between my legs as I lay back, my legs spread wide for her. She gently taps her cock on my clit and I moan in pleasure as each tap send vibrations through my cunt. Very, very slowly she rubs it up and down my slippery pussy. The vibrations moving from the edge of my ass to my aching clit.

“Please,” I beg. “Please fuck me…slam into me…I need you….please.”

She smiles as I look into her eyes, desperation clouding my eyes. She gives me just the head, it vibrates right against my G-spot and my pussy convulses around her, waves of pleasure going through me. I moan and lick my lips, reaching my arms around her, trying to pull her closer. She slowly inserts one more inch, then another till the whole big hard thing is encased inside me. The vibrations run through me, vibrating my cervix and everything starts to go blurry as pleasure overtakes my senses. She starts slow and gently works it in and out of me as I claw at her back so hard almost drawing blood. I moan and scream as she stares into my eyes, her normally icy blue eyes a dark sea blue filled with lust and glazed over with pleasure. She moans against my lips as the vibrator moves against her clit as she starts to go faster and faster. Moving in and out of me, her moans and mine, mix together. The soft candlelight glinting off her eyes, we kiss as we both journey to the heights of ecstasy. Both of us screaming and moaning as exquisite pleasure fills both our bodies. She pumps into me faster and faster as I feel my orgasm starting, I scream as she does too. Our bodies together as the room’s energies change and become charged with electricity.

Moaning wildly we both cum in each others arms, her arms pulling me close, my pussy convulsing around the cock inside me. Sweat pouring from both of us and mingling together on our skin, thrashing on the bed.

Slowly, the air changes back to normal and we rest in each others arms, wonderfully spent.

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