A Wild Widow and Widower Ch. 03A Wild Widow and Widower Ch. 03



Len — 64 — widowed 3 years ago (traffic accident)

Tammi — Len calls her “T” — 56 – Len’s next door neighbor — widowed 18 months ago (pancreatic cancer)

Jami — 49 — Tammi’s sister

Kaili — 18 — Jami’s daughter


(Chapters 1 & 2.) Over happy hour drinks one day Len had proposed to T that they try a “mutually rewarding physical relationship”, telling her that his second best satisfaction in sex was hearing his partner scream with an intense orgasm. It turned out that both Len and T had been 1-lover people after marriage and since being singled again had been without sex except for regular “self pleasures”.

Subsequently Len had treated T to a first date, a night in the honeymoon suite at a local hotel. They had fucked five times in less than a full day and T had seven or more intense, screaming O’s. When Len dropped T off at her house he had insisted that they take a week or so to calm down and rationally think about what direction they should take in a future relationship.

The days since their “fuckfest” had dragged for Len. He had played golf, cleaned the house, mowed the lawn, washed the car — anything to keep him and his mind busy. Anytime he was idle he started to think about T and her wonderful hot body, causing his 8″ (when soft) prick to start to harden and heat up. His dick head would start to tingle and his balls would start to ache. Once he had almost grabbed his remote controlled cock sleeve to get himself off, but had resisted to save his sex drive for a future tryst with T.

He felt he could hold out for maybe 3-4 more days. After that he was going to have to jerk off, which with a little bit of internet stimulation — maybe involving fisting or peeing — wouldn’t take long. He loved the remote cock tube he used for his one-man orgasms.

Just then Len’s doorbell rang and he walked through the den to the entry that was open to a screen door. There was T standing at the door.

“Hey, it’s open. Come on in.”

T was wearing some tight “skinny jeans” with slightly heel boots. Her top was a light, white pullover that dropped just to her navel revealing quite a bit of midriff and back. She looked HOT! Her hair was in a ponytail pulled through a nice looking cap.

Len’s shorts immediately began to tent.

“Wow- you been shopping? You look great!”

“Len I’ve had a horrible last 4 days. I tried to stay busy — but then I find myself thinking of you. And my twat gets hot and drippy. Can we talk right now?”

“Sure, that’s great. Come on in and I’ll fix us drinks.”

They walked into the kitchen. Len got the gin out but before he started mixing he walked around the kitchen bar to T, took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. She responded and they enjoyed some deep French kissing.

Len moved his hands down to her butt, grabbed hold of her and pulled hot covered crotch against his now swelling penis. She ground her cunt area into his crotch. He moved his hands down to her thighs and then dropped to his knees and ran his hands down to her thighs to her feet, unzipping her boots and pulling them off her feet. His hands moved back up, rubbing her thighs until his hands arrived at her crotch. He then started rubbing her labia through her jeans, then massaging the area where he knew her clit to be.

T moaned and whimpered.

Len stood and moved his hands on up, slipping under her top and upward, massaging the outer rims of her tits. He pulled her top over her head and groped her breasts through the flimsy bra.

“Oh my God I want you” T whispered.

“Nowhere near as much as I want you. I’m about to cum just touching you. I want to fuck hard beşiktaş escort bayan and fast, but I want you to cum, too”.

“It won’t take long!”

Len dropped down again and unsnapped and unzipped her jeans, pulling them down over her ass cheeks. That revealed the G-string T had worn in the honeymoon suite, intentionally refreshing Len’s mind of that wonderful, mutually satisfying fuckfest.

He pulled the jeans over her feet and removed his shirt, shorts and underwear, exposing his fully engorged cock. His mouth quickly moved to her cunt lips; his tongue moving the G-string aside so he could lick her slit and suckle her clit.

“Oh my God I am going to cuuuuummm” T screamed.

She collapsed to the floor and spread her legs as wide as she could, gaping her cunt with her fingers.

“Fuck me now! Hard, fast, fuck me”.

As Len pushed his dick deep into T she screamed

“yes I’m cumming — right now!”

Len thrust himself into her; hard, deep and fast. “I’m cummmmmmmimggg too”.

As he started to convulse, T pulled him out of her fuck hole and screamed

“cum on me — right in my face and my mouth”.

Len obliged and T caught his wad of ejaculate in her mouth. She almost gagged with the huge flow, but quickly gulped his spurts down, then rolled the next spurts around her tongue and mouth before swallowing.

“Ummmm — mister. I love the taste of you.”

She then switched into the 69 position with him and they proceed to lick the sex juices from each other, before switching back to cover each other with kisses and a lot of rubbing of tits, butts, cock and cunt.

As they recovered T said playfully

“You thought we needed to talk?!”

“I think we do. I’m going to put my shorts and tee back on and go get you a tee. Then you won’t have to go to the trouble of redressing — at least right now.

Len did that and brought T a long tee that covered her to mid-thigh. They sat at the kitchen table.

Len started “I think we both agree that being together is great. But where we do we go from here?”

“Where do you want to go?”

“Where ever you go — so I can fuck your lights out whenever I want” Len teased. “No, really. I think we should live together for a few days — weeks — months. Then we can decide if we want to make an even longer commitment. If that ends up happening we can sell a house and keep one — yours probably. Or we can sell both and get a nice pickup and good 5th wheel RV and drive all over the country. I’ve always want to tour the US that way”.

“I’d really like that — I’ve always wanted to travel a lot more, too. So do we start by living at my house or yours?”

“I think it is easier to do yours. I can just run back here for clothes or whatever I need. Lots easier that way. We can start tonight or tomorrow or whenever you say.”

“Let’s say tomorrow”

“Great” Len said.” There is one more area I want to talk about. My wife would never openly discuss sex. I’d really like to start off right with you. Can you tell me what sex activities you like and don’t like? Then I won’t try anything that would make you feel pressured.”

“Well, I definitely like fucking you! What else do you want to know?”

“Ok. What positions do you like or dislike? Do you prefer nighttime sex or morning? Other than straight sex, what other activities do you desire?”

“Sex any time is fine and I’m open to trying any positions you want. Vibrators are great if I am too slow to get to my orgasm. The only time I’ve tried anal was when you used the vibrator on me at the hotel. I’m not sure I’d want to try that — it seems pretty painful. I enjoy showering or bathing together although beşiktaş escort my tub is way too small. What else?”

“How about girl-girl sex? What about multiple partners? Say another guy or another woman with us? Have you ever thought about bdsm? Would you entertain trying swapping or swinging? How about “mile high” sex? Peeing like you saw in the video at the hotel? I’d really like to have you give me a golden shower”

“Wow — you are really throwing some new things my way. I am guessing a golden shower is me peeing down on you in a bathtub. Mile high? Is that from smoking weed? I don’t know bdsm. And what is the difference between swapping and swinging?”

“Silly — mile high is sex in an airplane at altitude. It used to be somewhat easier on a redeye at night. But with the smaller seats airlines use now it would be difficult. Maybe in first class on a redeye flight. It is just a bragging point, not really comfortable.”

“BDSM stands for bondage, domination, sadism, and masochism. Of those I think bondage with maybe a small amount of sadism would be the only ones I’d be interested in trying. Swapping is when couples exchange with other couples. It can be closed where the swaps go to separate bedrooms or even separate homes. Or it can be open when they all screw in the same room. Sometimes that is a real turn on for married couples, watching their mate fuck others Swinging is when a group of people get together and anything goes. Group sex — same sex fucking. Toys Water play like peeing. Anything that the participants agree to. Anyone always has the right to say no””

“Boy am I getting a quick education. You’d want to do all those?”

“Try is the operative word. I only want to try what we both agree on and continuation would also be by mutual agreement. By the way, have you ever had lesbian sex? I love watching girls on girls, especially if their pussies are shaved and the camera can get good close ups of their erect clits. That reminds me — I was going to shave your tummy and crotch. I still want to do that. Maybe after we’ve finished our discussions?

“Sure, that would be fine. I’ve only had sex with one other girl — my sister. I was home from college and she was going to start her senior year. She was just 18. Our parents were out of town. We had a couple of drinks and she basically seduced me. I loved licking her slit through her peach fuzz hair and when she sucked and fingered my clit I went ballistic with a screaming orgasm. We both came two or three times. I felt pretty guilty afterwards, I mean — with my own barely-legal sister. But another opportunity never came along and I started dating Dan and then we got married.”

“Where is your sister now?”

“Oh, Jami lives just a couple of miles away, over in Martinhill. She got married and had a daughter, Kaili, who is now 18 and headed for college. But right now she lives with her mom. Jamie got divorced about ten years ago and ended up with her house with no mortgage and with quite a few assets and a good income. Jaimi is pretty wild, takes lots of trips with “friends”, leaving Kaili with me or one of her other friends. Kaili is a cutie. Both she and her mom are tall and lanky without much in the chest area. From what Kaili tells me, she’s had a few dates but nothing serious. She may be still a virgin.”

“I’ll be waiting to meet them both. But back to our sex discussion. There is one thing I’d like to try. MY wife and I read about it in a sex manual shortly after we were married, but she never wanted to try it. It has a little bondage and light sadism in it.”

“Let’s hear it. But I’m not really into pain for either myself or others.”

“Actually it is more about sexual stimulation. Back then it was for couples, but it will also work for a FFM threesome — that means girl-girl — man. What happens is that the man gets tied up spread-eagle. Then the women start doing a sex tease; slow strip- kissing and feeling each other, but keep their panties on, hopefully getting their crotches wet and odorous. They then “sign on” to the man, rubbing their pantie covered pussies into his face and mouth. Remember, he can’t reach them with his hands. After that they can cut his briefs off him and they can start to do whatever they want to him. Suck his cock, lick his balls, masturbate him. Even start a slow fuck on him. The book even suggested using dripping ice or melting candle wax to slowly drip on his body.”


“Yeah, and here is where the light sadism comes in. The objective is to get him close to shooting his wad — and then back off. The women keep doing that over and over. Bringing him as close to orgasm as possible, basically torturing him through a lack of release. Eventually — when the women get bored — they can bring him off in any way they want. Fucking, sucking, vibrator. Hopefully he comes so hard he is screaming and getting cramps in the tubes under his balls.”

“I am all in — I am so hot with it can we try it now?”

“Patience my dear. Let’s save that for a special occasion. How about we go get you shaved now?”

Tammi was disappointed but said “Okay. I am sure the shaving and a little massage will give me the relief I need. Thanks for opening my eyes to a lot of things. I’m so excited to start experimenting with you!”

They moved back to Len’s master suite. He went into the bath and came out with a towel, electric beard trimmer, safety razor & shaving gel. Spreading the towel on the bed he had T lie on her back. The long tee she was wearing only came to her thighs allowing Len to peer at her lovely puffy cunt lips and her now-wet slit. Len could see the inner pinkness start to drip with vaginal juices. He pulled her tee up over her ample tits revealing diamond-hard nipples in the middle of areola the size of half dollars.

“Hey, my man. I think you should pull my shirt back down so you don’t get distracted. I don’t want to get cut!”

Len leaned over T’s body and took a couple of quick sucks on each nipple. He then set the electric trimmer down to its lowest setting, turned it on and gently trimmed her curly nest from her tummy down to the top of her “hot box” (as she called it) and then trimmed the few strands of hair off the inside of her thighs. He spread the shaving gel onto the entire pubic area, massaging the labia and slit.

“Stop that!” T said urgently. “If you don’t I’m going to start shivering and shaking. We’ll never get the shave done.”

“Ok” Len reluctantly agreed. “How do you want the stubble I leave? Totally bald, a “landing strip”, or an arrow pointing to the clit?”

“Well you know where my clit is and I don’t really want to be bald so let’s do the landing strip.”

Len took his razor and gently shave the stubble leaving a thin strip in a straight line from her bikini line toward her clit.

“We’re all done” he said as he used the towel to remove the excess shaving gel. “It looks fantastic.”

He licked her fresh shaved pussy and licked and kissed her labia and slit and inner thighs. T was so hot from the whole process and Len’s gentle manipulations that she quickly started moaning and mewing. She directed Len.

“Right there! Oh, yes. Harder, faster, suck me harder. Oh, my God — this is SOOOO good. Yesssss!” as she spurted her pussy juice into Len’s mouth.”

“Ummm” he mumbled as he swirled her juices around his mouth, then swallowed.

They lay together as they recovered their breath and strength.

“Don’t forget to call Jami. I REALLY want to meet her.”

I’ll do it right now” T said, reaching for her phone.

(To be continued)

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