A Weekend of Unusual SexA Weekend of Unusual Sex


This story has a variety of types of sex. If you are easily offended please look elsewhere. No extreme sex, like brutality or incest, is depicted.

Everyone is over 18 years of age.

The drive to the beach was a little over two hours. We were happy to let Damon drive. Of course, it was his brother’s six-passenger SUV, so there was little choice. But it was all happy. Here we were, six friends, heading to the beach for the weekend. Well, not just friends. Three dating couples, actually.

I’m Debbi. Nick and I had been dating for over a year. We didn’t live together, but I stayed at his place two or three times a week. Once in a while he stayed at mine, but mostly his. Mine was too ‘girly’.. Imagine that!

The other couples were Kate and Erich and Sheridan and Damon. Both couples had been dating less than a year, but were pretty serious. I really wasn’t sure if I was getting serious about Nick. I loved the sex, but wasn’t sure if I loved him. I seemed to be getting less sure, but not ready for any decision yet. He was a great guy.

I had gotten us a three bedroom condo directly on the beach. I hadn’t gotten it as much as my mother had given it to me. She and two of her friends had rented it for the weekend, then had to cancel. With only a few days’ notice their payment was non-refundable, so she offered it to me and my friends. A free weekend at the beach? That’s a no-brainer.

“Do you think your mother is gay?” Damon asked.

We were shocked. “What do you mean?” I asked.

“You know, three single women at the beach in a room?”

“Remember, there are three rooms. And a living room.”

“And why would they rent three bedrooms if they’re lesbians, idiot?” Sheridan asked.

“Maybe they were all going to bring a boyfriend,” suggested Erich with a grin.

“Yeah, that could be,” I said. “She wouldn’t tell me that part.”

“Well, we’re doing that,” Kate pointed out.

“And I didn’t tell her that,” I added.

“Well, we’re all over 21,” said Nick defensively.

“I’m only 20,” exclaimed Sheridan. “Don’t make me old!”

“OLD?” Everyone else answered in unison.

Not to change the subject, but the guys were not aware of the very important decision that the girls had made a few days ago when we started planning for the trip. Kate decided to tell them.

“The girls had a brilliant idea for the trip. And you guys don’t have any choice. Okay?”

No-one answered, so she continued. “For all the time we are in the condo,” she paused for effect, ” No clothes.”

She was met with three strange expressions and six eyes staring at her, so she tried again. “Everyone has to be naked whenever we’re in the condo.”

“Really?” The guys all seemed to say at once.

“We thought that would add some excitement to the trip.”

Yeah, that should do it.

I looked at the rain pounding down onto the windshield. “I’m glad the weather is supposed to be better there than it is here, or we could be naked the whole weekend!”

No-one seemed to have an objection to that, but I proved to be prophetic. When we got there it was still raining.

“What happened to the sun?” Nick asked.

“Yeah, the weatherman was wrong again.” said Kate, “but there is something else to remember.”

We all did remember. “You mean you really want all of us – naked?” asked Damon.

Sheridan answered, “Damn right!”

“Looks like all day,” teased Kate.

I couldn’t tell if the others were excited or scared.

We had been in the condo barely long enough to use the bathroom and put our stuff in the room when Kate got our attention.

“Okay, I think the guys should go first,” Kate said. “Strip.”

No-one wanted to argue with her. The girls were happy to see the guys strip, and the guys seemed to be willing to show off in front of us. But when they got down to their undershorts they stopped. By this time their bulges were showing and we were getting excited to see the show. But they wanted us to show a little something.

Sure, that seemed fair, but we only went as far as out underwear, too. Bra and panties both. The guys looked at each other and slowly pulled their shorts down, figuring that was fair enough. One by one their dicks sprung out, each to the excited little squeals of the girls.

They seemed to all be at full erection. I knew, of course, the size of Nick’s. He was just over seven inches. Not huge, but a very nice size, made even better by its width. The other girls had never seen his, so they looked on with admiration – and anticipation of getting to use it! (Oops. That was a secret just among the girls for a few more minutes.) I was more interested in the other guys. Damon’s was about an inch shorter, so about six inches. Pretty normal. His was also normal thickness, so smaller than Nick’s that way as well. Erich was the shortest – by a good bit. At least an inch shorter than Damon’s, so between four and five inches, I guessed. Closer to five. But his was about as thick as Nick’s.

As the boys stepped out of the last articles of clothing, it was the girls’ turn to reveal ourselves. I was getting excited Gürsel Escort to do so, as were the others, it seemed. Bra clasps were undone and we all held the fronts up, teasing their unveiling.

Sheridan was the first to expose her breasts. Maybe she was faster because hers were the biggest. Not huge, but a very nice size that the guys always enjoyed looking at even when clothed. And probably dreaming over. When they saw her boobs there was a collective gasp and smiles all around.

Kate and I were right behind. Our boobs were about the same size. B cups. Okay, hers were a little bigger than mine, but just a little. Really. All three (six) of them were nicely shaped and stood proudly on out chests. Kate’s and mine were especially perky.

The only thing left were our panties, not that they covered much. We lowered them together, showing our pussies to the guys while they stared and began applauding. We did a couple of poses for their pleasure before we all sat down. Nick and I sat on one of the love seats, Kate and Erich on another love seat, and Sheridan and Damon sat on two of several big, overstuffed chairs. There was a lot of furniture in the room, but this was a rental that had to be able to handle at least six people.

I was interested to see that each of the guys’ dicks were fully erect. And had been for at least a few minutes. I smiled at Nick and reached over, grasping his dick.

“Oh, no, none of that,” Kate said, stopping me. “We are trading partners, so no messing around with your honeys!”

The guys looked confused, so we had to explain that the girls had thought it would be fun to swap guys each night we were here. We had thought it sounded quite exciting, but so far we hadn’t found out if the guys would agree. After we explained, they seemed happy to go along with us. Surprise! And their eyes now spent even more time examining the naked girls’ bodies. Window shopping, I suppose.

“Until we get around to picking partners for tonight, we should get to know each other,” Kate said, with a naughty tone to her voice.

She continued. “I thought each of us could pick two people to do something, so we feel better about this… situation.”

Well, she didn’t seem to be feeling inhibited or anything, but I was. Probably the rest were as well. A game might be a good idea.

“You mean like ‘Truth or Dare’?” Nick asked.

“No,” Kate said decisively. “Just Dare. And you can’t refuse. Not this weekend!”

She sounded a bit tentative, hoping the rest would agree with her, but no-one seemed to be scared. It was an exciting kind of scary, and we all waited for the “Dares” to begin.

Kate, of course, started things off. “Okay. Nick. I want you to go over to Sheridan and play with her boobs.”

Nick took an anxious look around the room but quickly got up and walked over to Sheridan. His erect dick waved back and forth as he went. Much to the girls’ delight.

Kneeling down in front of her, he stopped, enjoying the close up view of her beautiful breasts. About the time that we had begun to think that was all he would do, he lifted his hands and reached for them. Each hand enclosed the front of her breasts, then began to squeeze, then massage. His thumbs rubbed hard against her prominent nipples. I felt an urge begin to form between my legs.

“Stop!” We heard, and all looked toward Kate.

She told us, “That was 30 seconds. Shouldn’t we have a time limit?”

No-one objected. I didn’t have enough time to think about it, but in the moment I had no objection.

“Damon, going around the circle it’s your turn.” Kate was indeed in charge. I was just glad someone was.

Damon hesitated, thinking. Eventually saying, “Debbi. Go to Erich and stroke his dick.”

That tingling between my legs suddenly surged. I did as I was told, wrapping my hand around it. It was indeed about the thickness that I was used to, but I couldn’t stroke as far as Nick’s. That was fine. His was the shortest, but that didn’t bother me. That had always seemed overrated to me – I have enjoyed all sizes. He allowed a moan to escape as I pumped his dick, squeezing and twisting my hand around him. If I only had 30 seconds I couldn’t go too slowly.

Sure enough – “Stop,” Sheridan announced to a loud, disappointed moan from Erich.

That made it my turn, going around the circle, to pick two people to do something. Damon and Kate had not been picked yet, so that made my choice easy. Should I escalate the dares? We already had hands on tits and a dick. Were we ready for something more serious? How much more?

“Okay,” I said, everyone anticipating what I was about to say. “Damon – Go over to Kate,” this much was obvious, “and suck on her tits,” everyone smiled. Somehow that didn’t seem to be enough, so I added, “and stick a finger in her pussy,” surprising even myself.

Everyone gasped at that. But they continued to smile. They all leaned forward as if to get a better view as Damon stepped toward Kate. He knelt down and quickly engulfed one tit in his mouth, sucking in as much as flesh as possible. Her eyes closed as she enjoyed the sensation, Escort Gürsel then popped wide open as she felt his finger enter her. She gasped, and moved her hips forward a bit.

“Stop!” giggled Sheridan.

“Uhhhhh,” Kate moaned as Damon removed his finger. “What bitch was keeping time?” She spoke jokingly, but weakly. “That was 30 seconds?”

“Longer than that,” answered Sheridan. “I didn’t start timing at first.”

She continued,”Well, that was… that was…” She didn’t finish.

“I guess it’s my turn,” Nick said. “But I don’t know if I can top that!”

He looked around, trying to decide. It had to be me and Damon or Sheridan and Erich, to keep with only new couples. Of course he chose me!

“I want Debbi,” he paused, thinking, and I smiled, waiting for my assignment, “to sit on Damon’s lap.”

That didn’t seem to be very extreme.

Then he added, “Legs spread, pussy to dick.”

Okay. I think I understood. I would be close to fucking him. I stood in front of him and spread my legs, then moved forward. Sheridan moved over to make room on the love seat as I put one leg on either side of his lap. My tits were nearly in his face as I lowered myself down, pushing his dick down, pressing my pussy lips around his shaft. Shit, it really was almost like fucking him. My clit was swollen and I rubbed it against the shaft. Lovely!

“Okay, start timing,” I instructed someone. I assumed they had already started, so I could get a few extra seconds if they started over. I needed as much time at this as I could get. I moved my hips back and forth, rubbing his whole dick against my pussy lips – and especially my clit.

I heard Kate say “20 seconds” just as I felt the tip of his dick nestle into my hole. Oh, that was a different feeling. And quite stimulating. I needed to keep that up, but instead I felt it sink inside. Inside! It was inside me! And felt so good.

“25” I heard as I moved so that his dick could sink deeper. It had been such a build-up to this that it felt so much better than it normally would have, I assumed.

I heard “Stop!”. But I replied, “No! I don’t want to stop.”

I looked into Damon’s face and asked, “Do you?”

He shook his head from side to side. “I’m not stopping,” I told the others as I raised up to let his whole dick slide deep into me. His cock was inside me! Damon’s cock is fucking me! It never occurred to me to think if it was okay with the others. I needed this.

No-one tried to stop us, they were just watching. But then I lost track of them all. I was paying attention to them as I concentrated on the feelings of fucking Damon. I was aware of movement around me, around the room, but didn’t know or care what was happening. Just as long as nobody wanted to stop us.

I finally was aware of Erich coming over to Sheridan, sitting on our love seat. She turned around, leaning her arms on the back, and Erich was behind her. I finally realized he was fucking her, doggie style, right beside me. After I realized that, I turned my head to find Nick, but he wasn’t there. Turning the other way I found him. He and Kate were fucking, laying on the floor beneath her chair. We didn’t need the game anymore, we were all feeling relaxed enough, evidently.

One by one we heard people orgasm. Some moans, some gasps, I couldn’t tell who was who. I believe I was first, but I’m not even sure about that. As we quieted down we laid back, looked around at the others, and laughed at our situation.

After recovering – and cleaning up a little – we decided to keep the partners as they had been at the end of our game. So I would be with Damon, Nick with Kate, and Erich with Sheridan. When I passed Nick in the hall I privately said, “So you didn’t get the big tits, huh?”

“Not yet, Babe, but you know I like yours better,” as he snuck a quick feel.

I didn’t really believe him, but he had damn well better say it!

It was early for dinner, but with nothing else to do Damon and I volunteered to go out and pick up some food. There were lots of choices near the condo. It felt weird by this time to actually put on clothes, so loose shorts and a t-shirt was all I bothered with.

I didn’t think we had been gone long, but when we got back things had changed. Sheridan met us at the door, telling us to be quiet and waving us back toward a bedroom. We heard noises, and saw Erich standing at the doorway looking in. When we could see, it was Nick and Kate rolling around on the bed. They were kissing, feeling each other up, and finally fucking. We stood there amazed, as if it was the first time we had seen other people fucking. Well, it was the first time we could pay much attention to it.

As we stood there I could feel Damon’s erection as it hardened and pressed into my butt. I looked beside me to see Erich’s hands feeling Sheridan’s breasts. Suddenly I felt overdressed as I realized everyone was naked except Damon and I. Correction. Damon had removed his pants at some point.

Quickly I removed my shorts and shirt while he took off his shirt. Our hands found the ‘good’ parts of each other as we joined in. Sheridan Gürsel Escort Bayan and Erich had gone into the room, actually took their place on the bed beside the fucking couple and began to fuck, too. Damon led me into the room. He bent me over the foot of the bed, my arms holding me up. He held onto my hips as he sunk his cock once again into me. He pressed forward, pulled my hips back, and as I began to get more excited I started to buck my hips backward into him.

He pounded me harder and I fell onto the bed. He kept going, and with my arms having pushed further forward, I felt someone else’s body. It was a girl’s. Although my pussy being drilled was nearly all I could think of, I ran my hand along the smooth skin that I was touching. Then there was, what? Oh, shit! Was that her crotch? Yes, I felt pussy lips, but I didn’t move once I realized that I also felt a cock pushing in and out of it. And balls. I also felt balls swinging against my hand. I moved it so that I could hold the balls, still not knowing whose they were.

I had driven myself crazy as I felt the orgasm building. Well, of course Damon had a lot to do with me going crazy. And seeing another couple fuck, then being on the bed with two other couples fucking… Definitely a lot of things driving me crazy! As my orgasm churned to the surface and I began cumming, my hand squeezed hard around the balls it was holding. I heard a guy scream – it was Erich – and then I felt him pulse, his cum shooting into Sheridan.

Damon could not survive the onslaught I was feeling, as my pussy pulled the cum out of him, and somewhere in here Nick and Kate had finished as well. Now we recovered, all in the same bed, naked, sweaty from sex and full of cum. Well, the girls were full of cum. The guys were drained. We were getting to know each other very well!

We pulled ourselves out of bed and cleaned up a bit, then went to eat the food we had brought back. After eating we settled down to play a game. This time a card game. Nothing to do with sex. Except the girls’ tits were on prominent display the entire time, a fact none of the guys could ignore for more than a moment.

We played (the girls won!) until we decided it was bedtime. A little early, sure, but the guys seemed to have recovered enough that sex was on their minds. Not that the girls minded the thought.

Each couple went to their own rooms (for a change!) and fell into bed. With no clothes it was quite easy to be ready. I just naturally fell into Damon’s arms as we hugged tightly and began some passionate kissing. I thought for a moment if I should kiss him. They say kissing is such a personal act, more emotional even than fucking. But it really felt right at the time, so I thought no more of it and continued on.

I slid down his body, kissing his chest and stomach as I slowly descended toward the cock I held in my hand. When I reached it I slid it into my mouth. It was not as rock hard as it had been earlier, so I sucked on it, knowing I should do a little work on it before we tried fucking again. This was the kind of work I liked. Unlike some girls, I truly loved sucking dick.

I began to play with it, licking the shaft but mostly the head, taking just the head between my lips, and looking up at him as I slowly teased his head. Guys seemed to love it when I make eye contact with them while their dick is in my mouth, and Damon was no exception.

My hand was wrapped around his shaft, slowly jacking him while I sucked. It was no surprise that I could feel him get harder – and bigger – as I worked him over.

He had gotten excited enough. Not wanting to settle for a blowjob when he could get another fuck, he pulled my head up, away from his crotch. I thought he was going to kiss again, so I was surprised when he practically threw my head onto the pillow. Immediately he grabbed my legs and pulled them up. Not really into the air but even further, pushing my ankles up to my head, basically bending me in half. He was definitely turned on and wanted to ‘take me’ roughly.

His now rigid cock found its way to my hole, his hips pushed forward, and I was suddenly impaled with the full length of his shaft, all the way in. All the air in my body left me as I cried out. Before I could take another breath he had pulled back and was driving into me again. He kept this up while I just tried to get my breath. Once I was able to get breath in me I started to realize how excited I was. And also how much noise I had probably been making. The other couples must be delighted to hear it!

I reached down and started strumming my now overly excited clit. I was still crying out as he pounded me, and also at my quickly building orgasm. I did like it rough occasionally, but it seemed so much more exciting when it was so unexpected – and also with a relative ‘stranger’.

I don’t know how long he kept this up. I had no way of even guessing at time as my mind, my whole body, was so focused on my pussy and my quickly building orgasm. But it couldn’t have been many minutes. His onslaught, as well as my unrelenting abuse of my clit, drove me quickly to the edge. I erupted with a howl, something I don’t usually do. I screamed into the pillow as he continued slamming into my spasming pussy – except I couldn’t reach the pillow with my mouth. He had to slow down his thrusts when my pussy clenched up so much it made it difficult for him to get in.

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