A Week In A Dungeon – Day 4BA Week In A Dungeon – Day 4B


Ashley reels in her restraints. The day is a blur to her now. The last four days are nothing but a series of images in her head, teasing her desperate body, tormenting it. Ashley remains bent over the leather padded table. Her legs spread apart and, thanks to the thick leather cuffs around her ankles, unable to move. The brunette slave watches Ashley from across the room. Her hand still attached to her cage, her ass sitting in a damp pool of her juices. Miss Rose stands in front of Ashley, a slight look of indifference on her face. She hovers over her table of tools and picks up a chain leash. Ashley can feel her legs shaking. Half from exhaustion, half from her aching pussy gushing cool moisture down along her thighs. She tries to take a few deep breathes to calm herself. Miss Rose attaches the leash to the slave’s collar. Then un-cuffs the girl from her cage. Ashley can feel her breathing and pulse quicken again. She rolls her wrists and stretches her fingers, realizing how tight they’ve become from squeezing the side of the table. Ashley can feel a tingle in her ass as Miss Rose walks the little, leashed slave over to her table. “Up,” Miss Rose instructs the girl, patting the top of the table in front of Ashley. The petite girl quickly climbs onto the table. “Face down, here. Ass up.” Miss Rose helps guide the girl into the position she wants. Ashley watches as the slave, now free of her little prison, is bent down on her hands and knees. Her ass and pussy on display, a foot from Ashley’s face. She could smell the girl’s satisfied cunt. It made Ashley feel a tinge of jealousy again, as she tried grinding her hips against anything she could. Her pussy throbbed and ached, and she still could not do a thing about it. Like having a terrible itch you are unable to scratch. The girl’s vagina was shaved completely, and would be as pale and white as her, if it weren’t glowing red. The small moist lips hanging just slightly open so that Ashley could see the delicate pink velvet inside her. Ashley’s mind begins to wander again. Imagining the pussy in front of her was her own, she watches it get licked and fingered. Ashley’s mouth begins to water. “Do you know what this is?” Miss Roses asks Ashley. She holds up a small, smooth, silver object. Ashley struggles for a moment before answering. “I don’t think so…” Ashley admits. “Guess,” Miss Rose suggests. almanbahis şikayet After everything Ashley has been going through, she doesn’t have the concentration to form well thought out answers anymore. “A dildo?” Ashley guesses. “I’m afraid not, dear. It’s a plug. For her ass,” Miss Rose explains, a hint of excitement in her voice. A million things race through Ashley’s mind. She examines the thick oval end of the plug, and studies it’s shape. “Open up, dear,” Miss Rose says, lifting Ashley’s chin up slightly. Ashley hesitantly opens her mouth. Miss Rose slides the plug into Ashley’s mouth. The cold metal felt alien against her lips and tongue. “Close your lips around it, tightly,” Miss Rose orders. Ashley does, and keeps the egg-shaped plug securely locked in her mouth. Miss Rose slowly pulls on the plug. It spreads Ashley’s lips apart and then pops out. “Good little girl,” Miss Rose says, smiling. She looks to the slave. “Be good now. You’re going to wear this for the rest of the day. Understood?” “Yes Miss Rose, thank you,” the girl says, almost in a moan. A few inches from Ashley’s face, she watches Miss Rose slowly rub the plug around the ring of the slave’s asshole. The girl wiggles and squirms as it rolls along the edge of her hole. Ashley had never seen an asshole up close like this in her life. She becomes filled with new thoughts of curiosity, anxiety, fear and wonder. The girl begins to whine as Miss Rose just continues to tease her little pink hole with the metal plug. Does that feel good? Can it? I wonder what that would feel like. having something pushed into my ass… Ashley’s curiosity is again interrupted by her aching pussy. It feels swollen, sore, desperate and soaked. The hungering pleads from her cunt run up through her stomach and make it hard for her to breathe. “Enjoy what you’re seeing?” Miss Rose asks. She pauses for a moment as the moist plug sits perched against the slave’s ring. “Yes, Miss Rose. I do, but I want… I mean, I would like to please you now, so that I could…” Ashley is interrupted by Miss Rose, “Patience dear. You must learn to be more patient. Or I’m just going to keep making you wait longer.” Miss Rose giggles cutely to herself as she turns her attention back to the slave’s ass. Ashley can feel her embarrassment and fear grow in the pit of her belly. It washes over the back of her almanbahis canlı casino neck and her head. She feels dizzy. Her pussy is exhausted from endlessly salivating in hopes of being satisfied. Ashley tries to close her eyes and relax, but can’t help but curiously watch what Miss Rose is doing to the girl. Miss Rose presses her left hand on the top of the slave’s back and positions her plug-holding right hand at a slight 45 degree angle. The slave arches her back and presents her ass even higher. As she does this, she wraps her feet around Ashley’s wrists. Ashley can do nothing about it. The girl’s cold toes make Ashley’s skin tingle. She watches Miss Rose apply pressure to the plug. The girl’s asshole begins to slowly spread as she moans in pleasure and slight discomfort. The metal object pushes and expands the girl’s most private spot. The slave starts to breathe heavily and her toes curl against Ashley’s hands. “Good girl, push out,” Miss Rose says, encouragingly. The girl moans louder now and reaches her right hand underneath her and starts to rub her clit. As soon as her fingers make contact she shrieks with pleasure. Miss Rose spanks the girl’s ass, hard. “You are not to do that!” Miss Rose scolds. The girl’s hand retreats back in front of her as she bites her lip in frustration. Miss Rose, no longer feeling the urge to be gentle, shoves the remainder of the plug inside the girl’s ass. The slave yelps quietly and her legs press rigidly against Ashley’s shackled hands. “Face down. Hands behind your back,” Miss Rose commands. The girl follows the directions swiftly, but grumbles quietly in frustration. Ashley stares in wonder at the decorative base of the plug, almost flush with the girl’s pussy. She imagines what it would be like to have her ass filled like that. She can feel her pussy pulsing as she depicts the pleasure in her mind. Ashley bites her tongue trying to remain sane. Miss Rose forcefully takes the girl’s wrists, crosses them over and handcuffs them together behind her back. “Can you reach that plug slave?” Miss Rose inquires. The girl wiggles her hands and fingers, stretching her body to the top of her ass. She doesn’t even get close. “Good. It’s staying in overnight unless you behave. Understood?” “Yes, Miss Rose, I do,” the girl whimpers in response. “Good, now, get back down on the floor, where you should almanbahis casino be.” The slave nods with obedience and slides onto her side. She wiggles and nudges herself off the table. She kneels in front of Miss Rose, and spreads her legs apart. Her chin is up and her shoulders back, pushing out her small, adorable breasts. Ashley is impressed by the grace and coordination the girl managed in her transition. Miss Rose tugs on the girl’s leash and leads her around behind Ashley. As soon as Ashley loses sight of them, her pulse beats loudly in her neck, and she can feel her juices begin to overflow in anticipation. “Kneel there,” Miss Rose’s voice instructs behind Ashley. “How does her pussy look? Hmm?” “Tasty, Miss Rose,” the girl responds, sounding out of breath. Ashley’s back aches from being bent over for so long, but she can barely feel it now. The sensation of having her ass and cunt displayed for a stranger, and not being able to do anything about it, had Ashley feeling incredibly turned on. She could swear she felt a stream of drool pouring from her pussy as she waited for what was next. “Ohh my. Look at the mess she’s made,” Miss Rose teases. Being embarrassed even more causes her juices to gush from her swollen cunt. She closes her eyes tightly in frustration and imagines the women behind her. “Clean her up. Her legs, her thighs,” Miss Rose says, pointing out the streams of juice that have poured down from Ashley’s aching hole. The slave leans herself forward and slowly begins licking the inside of Ashley’s right foot. It tickles Ashley, but at this point, any sensation is a glorious distraction from her absolute need to cum. The girl keeps licking higher and higher as she collects the droplets of pure sexual tension that had escaped the tormented pussy above. As she gets closer and closer to Ashley’s cunt, Miss Rose begins to moan, gently. Ashley can feel the girl moving her tongue hungrily over the flesh of her inner thighs. It no longer tickles, it just teases her pussy. For fuck’s sake, put your tongue inside me. Please! Fuck! Ashley uses all of her willpower not to shout out in desperation. She knew it would only lead to more teasing, more agonized waiting. She didn’t know how much longer she could stand it. “Look here, those lips of hers are just dripping. Clean them up. But do not touch her clit.” Miss Rose watches carefully as the slave follows her directions. Ashley begins to tremble as the girl slowly takes her pink labia into her mouth, one at a time. Gripping each soaking fold of between her lips, she gently sucks off the droplets. Ashley can feel herself trying to scream.

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