A Very Special Lunch BreakA Very Special Lunch Break


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He was barely inside the door before he pressed her up against the wall, hands caressing her waist and lips passionately kissing hers. This was his favorite part of the day.

“I’m so glad you came home…” she moaned between kisses. This was also her favorite part of the day. They call it ‘Lunch Break’.

No matter how she dressed when she met him at the door, she was always beautiful. Today, she was wearing his favorite, a lace fuchsia bra and panty set. He also understood the ulterior motive when she wore this: “Come here and fuck me.”

She knew he had no problem doing that.

“Say it again.” He grunted, granting his fingers access to run all over her body. From her hips he ventured upwards over the lace that covered the hardened nipples he felt, anxious to taste the sweet buds, and then grazed her neck. She gave a soft sigh of appreciation as his fingertips journeyed through her soft, deep brown hair. It stopped just beneath her shoulder blades, and he remembered how he liked her hair best. Clutching a fistful into his palm, he yanked suggestively and grinned as he watched her head fall back. The gasp she gave made him so fucking hard. In fact, he didn’t know if he could be any harder; as soon as he hit the clock to head home for lunch his erection started. She just had to be waiting for him at the door in her sexy little undies. She would be greatly rewarded for this, he was sure of it.

“I’m…oooh…” she began, interrupted by the kisses he placed on her neck. She knew better than to stop, so she kept on.

“I’m…so…glad you came…home…” she moaned. Mmm, his little sex kitten was purring. He could feel her breasts heaving against his chest, thinking about how good they looked bouncing from the force of his thrusts. 36D, he always remembered, like it was a lucky number.

“I’m glad too…because I’m going to fuck that pussy real good. You ready for me, baby?” he grunted, sucking on her collarbone. She responded breathlessly, sucking in gasps of air like she was choking. That was her favorite spot, knowing her thighs were trembling now.


He laughed a bit, amazed that even after 3 whole years she was still this sensitive. It riled him up and made him want to beat his chest. But he’d save that for the drive back to work. In the meantime…

“Yes, what?” he asked, releasing her hair. “Look at me and tell me what you want me to do to you.” She lifted her head, meeting his green eyes with her browns. Her pupils were wide, yet her glare was voracious, something that told him what she wanted to say without words.

“Hunter, I want you to fuck my sweet pussy. I want you to make me come all over your big, hard cock. I want you to come deep inside.”

Fuck. The innocence splayed across her face was well-acted, but got the same reaction out of him. Her sienna skin was red hot across her cheeks, her pink lips swollen and reddened. She was an angel to the rest of the world, but when she wanted him, he could see her horns growing through her hair. That turned him on to no end. He wanted to do a thousand things to her at that very moment. And when she started rubbing her lace-covered pussy up against him, it turned into 5-thousand. He pulled her by the waist to his body and kissed her again, feeling her hands clasp around his neck, moving up into his hair. He was growing it out a bit, and she loved every bit. Men at his job didn’t usually grow their hair out, but when the other ladies at his job started giving him extra compliments, he hadn’t noticed a haircut since. It felt nice to start a trend.

Her lips tasted so sweet, like honey. In fact, exactly like honey. She must have spread a little on her lips before he came in. Sucking on them admiringly, he dipped his tongue inside her mouth. Her tongue met his and they entered a new level of passion. He grabbed her thick thighs and pulled them up around him, pressing his hard cock to her pussy. The wet heat of her ankara escort bayan soaked a spot on his pants as he rubbed against her. Mmm, the sweet friction made them both groan. His cock was throbbing and hard as steel; it almost hurt, but it was pleasurable pain. He pulled back from her lips, almost drowsy with lust. This girl was magical and she was all his. He leaned towards her ear and gave it a gentle nip, feeling her fingertips press into his back muscles.

“Raina, I want you to walk up the stairs to the bedroom, nice and slow. Show me that beautiful ass. And then I want you to stand at the top of the stairs, turn around and wait for me.”

Letting her feet touch the floor, he stepped back as she turned and walked away, glancing back at him as she swayed her hips. Hunter had to feel like the luckiest man in the world; when they met 3 years ago, he wasn’t then the man he is now. 23 year old Hunter Douglas Seymour was a reckless, unchallenging and pitiful excuse of a man who didn’t deserve the intelligent, beautiful cherub that was Raina Lisette Dennis—now Seymour. At 23, his life was simply on the edge and he seemed to be fine with that. The only exception was nobody else was on board with that idea. The moment he met her with that beautiful smile, he’d become enraptured. Though he’d seemingly given up on God at that time, he felt like it was a practical joke for losing his faith and watching her smooth, peanut butter globes swish up every step made him still think his life was on thin ice. That fuchsia made her skin color glow…

Thinking of how that beautiful ass jiggled when he pounded her from behind made him want to run up the stairs and join her, but they still had a lot of time. That 23 year old man had changed and made something of himself by 26, and before he knew it, he owned a small construction company. The angel waiting at the top of the stairs, with one hand on the rail and the other motioning him to come hither, was the reason his life changed for the better. Kicking his shoes off, he walked forward and drifted up the stairs, like he was headed to heaven…

He swore the light around her was an aura of some kind, like she was sent to him by some unknown heavenly body. Her curves were another heavenly body, slightly dipping inwards past her breasts and splaying outwards towards her hips. Her stomach was not exactly flat anymore, because of the recent good news. She was pregnant with their first child, only about 3 months along now. They had already picked names; Valentino Douglas for a boy and Valentina Lisette for a girl, nostalgia from the first day they met, which was significantly the day they were sharing now; Valentine’s Day.

He finally made it to the steps, embracing her in his arms. She smelled so good, ‘Sensual Amber’ she called it. He’d never known her to wear anything else, and he would scent it on his clothes when he was working. No matter where he went he thought of her.

“I love you.” He heard, capturing his lips with hers. He silently thanked God this wasn’t a practical joke from Him.

“I love you too. And I’m going to make love to you all day long.”

With that promise in mind and heart, he lifted her into his arms and carried her into the bedroom. Work would definitely have to wait. But when you’re the boss, work waits for you. The door closed with a soft click as he placed her on the bed. He wasted no time starting the day’s activities off, leaning down to kiss the small place where her boobs met inside the bra. She graciously lifted her body up to receive more kisses, and he took the opportunity to reach under her and unclasp her bra. With a swift press of his fingers the hooks opened and he pulled the small garment from her body. No one would know where it landed until later that day. Her smooth, brown breasts were capped with deep brown nipples, like milk chocolate. Subliminally, he couldn’t think of a better kind of chocolate to taste on Valentine’s Day. He kissed one breast, and then the other, at the tops and then the bottoms, until he finally placed his lips around her nipples. Flicking his tongue at the hard nub made her squirm underneath him. He pinched çankaya escort the other nipple between his fingers and worked in tandem with his mouth. She writhed and he glanced up, watching her gratefully accept his pleasures. He switched sides, giving attention to them both, and her hands started to pull at the buttons on his dark green oxford shirt. He wore this shirt because she loved how it really brought the color of his eyes out. Subsequently, he owned a lot of shirts the same or near the same color.

“Please, let me take your shirt off. I want to feel your skin.”

He leaned up on his arms and stared down at her playfully. She bit her lip, following it with an arousing lick as each of his buttons came loose. He focused on those lips and his cock begged to have them around it. He kneeled for a quick second, tossing the shirt to who-knows-where, resuming his feast. He sent a blaze of kisses down her stomach, affectionately placing his ear to her belly. He couldn’t hear anything but he always wanted to try, fascinated that their child was just on the other side of her skin. It was a fruitful moment in his life, one he would’ve never imagined he would have in a million years. “If you can hear me in there, I love you too. You’re one of the best things that ever happened to me.” He said, giving her stomach another kiss.

Looking up at his wife, he was met with her tears. He leaned up, kissing each of the tears that had fallen. When they kissed this time, he could feel her taking his belt loose, then his jeans button and finally the zipper. Her legs wrapped around him, pushing his pants and boxers down. He helped her by pulling them down and kicking them off to the floor, deciding to take her panties with them. And with a sudden push, he landed on his back.

The first thing he noticed was that his cock was immovable, reddish and purplish from how turned on he was. The second thing he noticed was the hungry look in his eyes, which didn’t help his hardness at all. But he knew what would and so did she.

He motioned her pussy to come hither.

She crawled up, her breasts dangling and bouncing together, and turned to she was facing his feet, pulling her legs to straddle his face. The sweet smell of her wet heat pummeled his senses and before he could taste her, he felt her lips surround his cock. Fuck…

His toes curled and his butt clenched momentarily, almost exploding in her mouth. His hands were full of her sweet cheeks, feeling the fire of her tongue as she swirled in delightful circles around his cock.

“Ohhh, Raina…” he helplessly grunted. Trying to catch up with his breath, he shut his eyes tight until he could finally hold on to himself. Opening his eyes again, he noticed her lovely brown pussy was glistening with her delectable juices, a small patch of hair resting above her pouty lips. Her clit shimmered above the inner lips proud and ready. He leaned his head up and licked from her tight little hole to her clit.

“Oooooooh…” she quivered. Her thighs actually gave her away as soon as he touched her. Ever since he found out she was pregnant, he noticed how every little thing he did to her was more arousing. He used that to his advantage and she willingly let him. As he placed his middle finger deep inside her walls, he felt the warm hug of her muscles and another jolt was sent through his dick. He began to lick around the hood of her clit in little tantalizing circles, alternating with licking up and down her slit. She would respond in hums and deep moans, making his body vibrate, pushing her hips back towards him. He added another finger inside her and she nearly clamped down on them. She didn’t stop, now adding her hand sliding up and down his cock, kissing the tender skin of his sacs. He found the spot deep inside her and pointed his fingers upward to caress it. It was so sexy how she wound her hips uncontrollably and actually stopped to curse and moan. Then she pulled the final move, placing her lips down just past the tip and flicking the spot just underneath with her tongue. He groaned loud, thrusting his hips up, his cock violently pulsing as he took a shuddering dikmen escort breath.

“Lay down! Lay down now!” he growled, grabbing her and slamming her onto the comforter. He pounced onto her, lifting her legs to allow himself access and thrusting his hard cock deep into her sweet body. His lips found her collarbone and passionately sucked on it, feeling her fingernails press into his back as he thrust relentlessly inside her. Deciding to tease her like she had him, he pulled back. She tightened her legs around him, not allowing him to pull out any further. Looking into her eyes, he shallowly lifted and rocked inside her walls, grinning when he saw the sudden pout splay against her face. It reminded him of their first time, only he wasn’t teasing then. He was just unsure if she was okay.

He’d taken her virginity and she facially looked as tight as she physically felt. And she gave him the same look now as she did then.

“Hunter Douglas, don’t you dare stop!”

His heart sped up a few beats when she said his name like that. The look in her eyes weren’t misleading at all. He gave her a tender kiss, pumping back and forth swiftly in her wet chasm. She pressed his body down into hers, sharing the sweat of their bodies. The smell of her hair and skin was mesmerizing, continuously in his memories everywhere he went. He felt so deep inside her; he had to see for himself. He looked down, still pumping his hips, and the sight was unbelievable! His strong, white cock was shining from Raina’s juices, plowing into her velvety brown pussy, her pink lips stretching around him like a sincere hug. He increased his pace, hearing her juicy pussy react to him over and over. As he felt her nails clamp in his back, he looked at her, blissfully taking his cock with her eyes pleasurably shut and her mouth agape. He wanted to own her pussy today though. He pressed forward, pulling her legs higher until they were resting along his shoulders. He fisted his hands into the sheets and began to wildly fuck his wife. His cock bounced off her womb over and over again, her moans rising in octave each time, her walls tightening around him. The sound of their colliding was music to his ears.

“That’s it baby, give me your sweet love. Come on my cock…”

He could see nothing more than her facial expressions, focused on coming with her. He wanted to make her his all over again. He loved her so much. Her breathing was getting lighter and more rushed.


‘Yes, just a little more baby’ he thought. And he finally felt that long series of squeezing on his cock, meaning this was it for him.

“HUNTER!” she screamed out, her body instantly trembling with passion. He felt the new warmth of juices all around him and forced forward, ripping out a loud, primal grunt.

“Ohhhhh, Raina…” he groaned, feeling his orgasm burst out of him in mind-blowing spurts. His hips uncontrollably rolled forward in short waves, threatening to take all of his life energy with him. With loud breaths, he shook the remainder of his orgasm out of his body. She brought her legs down to wrap around him and her arms joined around his shoulders, holding him deep inside her. He was still seeing stars but was aware that Raina was comforting him. When he could finally open his eyes and see, it was her face in his view, her skin aglow and the light in the room gathering around her body.

“My angel…”


They remained there for a bit, quiet with nothing to be said. She rubbed his back for a while and he wondered if she added more crescent-shaped reddish marks to his skin. He turned over so that she was lying off to his side, taking her hand. Hearing the sound of metal clanking, he pulled their joined hands up to his view, seeing the rings on both of their fingers. He was so grateful that he could buy her such a beautiful ring, a 1 karat heart-shaped diamond and silver wedding band, proposing to her on this day 2 years ago. He didn’t wait too long to marry her, as a woman as exuberant as she was impeccably too hard to pass up. He brought her ring finger to his lips and gave it a sweet kiss. A smile crept across his face when he found she was giggling.

“What’s so funny, hun?”

“I just remembered…I still made your lunch downstairs. Your favorite, grilled ham and cheese with French fries.”

His stomach rumbled immediately. Mmm, Raina’s cooking. It made him hard again.

“I’ll take that as a yes?”

He turned to look at her, pressing his body up against her. “Yes.”

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