A very naughty dating siteA very naughty dating site


A very naughty dating siteI had been participating on a very naughty dating site. Of course I had a fake profile; I did not want anybody could find me there, looking for casual sex; not even some of my sweet Ana’s girlfriends…One afternoon I discovered our sexy MILF neighbor was there, looking for a good moment…So I sent her a private message, asking what she wanted from this dating site.She answered she was starving about lack of sex; since she had divorced six months ago and nobody had fucked her in so many time… Reading her words really drove me crazy. I wanted to fuck this slutty divorced woman. I really needed it; and I knew she needed it too.I knew her name was Sheila. She was around late forties; but she had a pair of killer legs and a body to die for. She was Anita’s mate at the same gym; but they were not so good friends.My sweet Ana would be fly away from town on Friday; she had a business trip for the week end.So I tried to set up everything for those free days. Sheila accepted to have me in her own bed; since I had told her I was a young guy in my early twenties; eager to feel an experienced woman like her.She was happy to hear it and she finally sent me her address, telling me she would wait for me…The slutty lady said she wanted to judge me on my abilities and then she would be waiting upstairs on her bedroom. I was supposed to meet her there. She added that we should keep our identities unknown for each other; so, we would wear some masks on our faces during the encounter… On Saturday evening, I just crossed the street and opened Sheila’s front door. I stepped inside and made my way to the stairs. The only room with a light on I assumed was the master bedroom and where my divorced slut was waiting. As I entered the room, I saw Sheila.The bitch was fully naked, on her elbows and knees at the edge of her bed, with her eyes covered by a blindfold and a colorful handkerchief covering her red hair. My dick jumped inside my trousers, as I stared directly at her pink pussy lips glistening in the shadows…I cleared my throat, to let Sheila know that I was there in the room with her.She smiled and said she was ready to be fucked by a hung guy younger than her. No matter who güvenilir bahis could be me; she just wanted a hard cock to fuck her, with no more questions…I thought the lady was really kinky. Approving her words with a deep grunt, I stripped off and found a lube jar on the night stand close to the bed. I lubed my hardened dick and fingers; then I knelt between Sheila’s spread buttocks. I quietly shoved two lubricated fingers deep into this divorced lady’s cunt. Her pussy lips were warm and pretty wet. I thought she did not need any lube to be penetrated.I found out she had a nice trimmed bush over her labia. I was in a hurry to swap out my finger for my hard cock; so I got my hard tool ready, next to her sexy wet pussy lips. Then I made the switch; I placed the head of my long cock into her warm pussy.The thick girth took a bit of pressure from me to push in and once she relaxed, it passed her sweet pink lips and sunk into place. She let out a moan and said she liked a good mushroom cock like mine. I smiled, but kept quiet as my cock was getting used to the warmth inside.Sheila moaned again, begging me to do it again. I pushed a little bit more inside her and slowly took it out. Her body shivered as I grabbed her hips.I again placed my cock head at her opening and lent forward, she pushed back with such will that my whole cock bottomed out inside her now stretched wet vagina.Sheila moaned, saying that I felt huge. I started to pump my cock in and out of her, to the point that the head stayed inside, as the bitch clamped it with her vaginal muscles. Then she cried out, begging me to fuck her harder…With each stroke, she was moving to meet my cock, she thrust back as I was going forward.The mature lady had more stamina than I thought she would. She was a bitch in heat…I was about to cum; but I did not want the night would end there. Then I used my old trick; I would go balls deep and grind as I slowed down. So I grabbed her sexy hips and buried my cock as deep as I could. Then I held it there and moved my body with hers, grinding slowly my bush into her ass cheeks and holding her there. Sheila started to wriggle in my grip and muttering under her breath, begging me to not stop.She güvenilir bahis siteleri wanted to cum on my hard cock and she wanted it now…I wanted to cum hard now; so I held her hips still and took out some length; driving again it back into the depths of her wetness. Then I sank my cock deep and held her there as she started to cum onto my cock.Sheila cried out begging me to cum with her; she wanted my warm seed in her horny cunt.I could not stand it anymore and finally I shot my first load inside this sexy kinky woman, spurt after spurt, rope after rope, my warm semen was getting shot deep inside my sensual neighbor’s cunt…She came shivering onto my spurting cock shivering. Her inner muscles clamped down on me as I was taking my still hard cock out of her sexy pussy, draining every last drop from my cock…As the thick head of my cock came out, she gave another set of shivers and said how sexy it felt to have my cock almost trapped inside her while we fucked…Sheila was spent after our session that took more than a complete hour of intense fucking. She told me to leave and that she will be in contact later tonight by chat on the net.I went home and had a shower. Then I cooked a light meal for me. After dinner, Sheila texted me.I felt still horny, I wanted to fuck this slutty divorcee again…She finally sent me a text, saying she wanted a new sperm deposit from my dick.I answered her that I was ready to go…Then she asked me to come back; she would assume the position again.This time I ran across the street. I found her on the bed same as before. I took this as my chance to lick her tight asshole and get some fingers into her cum filled pussy.I started the same way, lubing my cock and shoving a couple naughty fingers in her warmness. I lent down and darted my tongue into her sweaty asshole. Sheila laughed; clenching and relaxing her tight rosebud to my prodding mouth. She loved it and I hoped she would love to be fucked in the ass.Sheila finally begged me to fuck her again. Then I placed my hands either side of her crack and I parted them more. Then I licked from her pussy to her pink asshole. I pressed my thumb to the opening of her tight rosebud and applied a slight pressure, iddaa siteleri letting her take the next step.To my surprise, with a gentle lean backwards, Sheila pushed her ass around my thumb, making it disappear like a sexy magic trick. After she was used to it, I placed my other thumb next to my first and slid them in together.Sheila did not slow her back and forth movements, but she moaned even a little louder.I noticed her loosing up a bit. Her ass cheeks were perfect. Then I knew she had done anal before.I took my hands off and she grabbed her cheeks. I saw her dark tight hole was clenching and relaxing, talking to me, as it could say it was waiting for my hard dick…Sheila took a deep breath and she braced herself. I placed my hard cock at her tight rear hole and pushed I with some light pressure. My slutty neighbor just pushed backwards, moaning as she felt I was going in…Then I pushed a bit more and I could see her opening wider and wider until… I was in…Her ass clamped my cock in position. Then Sheila started to ease back and I grabbed her hips, helping with the rhythm. She was gasping for air every few seconds as I pumped in and out.I felt I was in Heaven, having anonymous sex with one of the hottest MILFs in the neighborhood.Sheila started to really get into the anal sex, giving hard backward thrusts and moaning as she did so. Soon she claimed that she was going to cum and she wanted me hard and deep.Then I felt she was coming, as her ass gripped and released my cock a few times.I slowly slid my cock out and she ordered me to lay down on my back. Then Sheila crawled onto my body and she found my still hard dick. She leant down and put her mouth around the cockhead…Then she lowered her body onto mine, guiding my hard erection again into her pink gaped asshole.I was close to come as she picked up the pace, slamming down on my cock, literally bottoming out on it. Then she slowly slid up to the tip, sometimes letting my cock fully come out, quickly followed by her slamming down hard.Sheila slammed down several times, until she finally raised up and came down hard on my cock.I could feel her ass gripping me as she started to slow down mid stroke. Then my balls tensed and I shot my warm semen deep inside her ass. I knew this was a bigger load than before.My slutty neighbor said we would talk later by chat; but now I should leave.I picked up my clothes and left her bedroom, knowing this would not be the last time…

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