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I was 22 when my daughter Hayley was born. She’s in her first year at university now and, being my only child, she and I have always been very close. That’s why, when her dad went away for a weekend fishing competition recently, I was really pleased that Hayley invited me to go and stay the weekend with her. I never went to university – it wasn’t as common in those days as it is now, and I suppose I’ve led a bit of a sheltered life generally really. Martin was my first boyfriend, and we married when I was 18 and he was 20. I felt it was right to be a stay-at-home mum when Hayley was a little girl, and by the time that wasn’t such a big issue I’d been out of a work situation so long I couldn’t really bring myself to go back. We live in a small village, 15 miles from the nearest town of any size, and I suppose I don’t have that many friends really, but I’m happy looking after my little home and my hubbie.

Anyway, it was a five hour journey by train from home to Hayley’s university, so I was pretty pooped by the time I got there on the Friday. She met me off the train and we just had a quiet night at her flat, across the road from the university campus, watching TV over a Chinese take-away meal. Just as I was going to bed her two flatmates arrived home from a night out, and they were very nice, and called me Mrs S, despite me telling them they could call me Jackie. They were quite contrasting types. Amy was an American, a lovely girl with pretty blonde hair, a huge smile and a perfect figure. Simone was a black girl from London, six feet tall (eight inches or so more than the rest of us), with a muscular body and a big bust and bottom. The others were quite proud of her because she was a discus champion, one of the best in the country for her age. (Hayley, by the way, is like a younger version of me, with bubbly red hair and, if I say so myself, a trim figure.) Like Hayley, Amy and Simone were both 18 and in their first year at uni, as they called it. Each of the girls had their own room, but while I was there Hayley was sleeping on a sofa bed in the lounge.

On Saturday Hayley took me to the huge shopping mall in town. We looked more than bought, but we went in one rather trendy place selling women’s fashions and Hayley started asking me if I liked this top or that skirt, holding them up against me. To be honest they all seemed a bit young and, well, figure hugging for me, and I told her so. Hayley said I needed to buy some stuff for the disco, which was the first I’d heard of it. “We’re all going to the students’ union disco on campus tonight. You’ve got to come Mum, you’ll really enjoy it, it’s all old music, ’70s and ’80s, that kind of thing. And if you’re coming you’ve got to have some nice togs to wear, otherwise you won’t have any chance of pulling a bloke.” She winked suggestively and nudged me in the ribs to show she was joking. I smiled weakly. In the end she persuaded me to buy a black blouse with silver threads running through it, and a pair of black trousers which were slightly too snug for my taste. Of course, I needed shoes to go with the outfit, so I settled on a pair of black and silver strappy sandals.

We had a nice lunch and did a bit more shopping, then we went back to the flat, where I had a nap for a couple of hours to prepare myself for the evening disco. I wasn’t very keen, I’ve never been much of a one for dancing, but Hayley was so eager for me to go, as were both her friends, that I thought it would be churlish not to since they were putting me up for the weekend. After a light early supper I dressed up in my new outfit and, quite hesitantly, joined the girls in the lounge. They had been doing a lot of talking and giggling, but they went quite when I joined them, all eyes turning to me. Amy gave me a huge encouraging smile and said, “Hey, Mrs S, you look fabulous.” Then she leaned in and peered more closely. “Uh-oh, VPL!” I was slightly miffed, as I knew my panties showed through the trousers, in fact I’d told Hayley that before I even bought them. Amy was not disheartened though. “No problem, I have an idea. Mrs S, you and I are about the same size aren’t we? Wait here.” With that she rushed into her room.

Amy came back seconds later with a miniscule piece of material hanging from one finger. I took it from her dubiously. It was a tiny pair of silky scarlet thong panties. I’d rarely seen anything quite so small, let alone worn it. I couldn’t possibly put those on. When I told the girls that Hayley looked as if she might get in a strop with me, but young Amy held my hand and looked into my face with huge blue eyes. “Mrs S, you look so sexy in that outfit, we just want you to look your very best. Won’t you at least try these, just to make me happy? Please?” She was so appealing I couldn’t really turn her down, so I went back into Hayley’s room and stripped from the waist down. When I pulled the thong on and looked at myself in the mirror I was horrified. Half my pubic bush was sticking out either side of the material, and Anadolu Yakası Escort at the back the thong had disappeared up my bottom altogether. It also seemed to be sucking into my pussy, and gave me a strange sensation when I walked. I had to admit, though, it couldn’t be seen under the trousers, and Amy had asked me so very nicely. I walked back out feeling a bit of a fool, but the girls all looked at me approvingly. Amy said, quietly, “Mrs S, now you really are the business.”

I noticed Simone wrinkling her eyes in concentration. “It looks great. It just needs something — got it. Sit down Mrs S, and kick your shoes off.” Unsure what was coming next I did as I was asked, and she squatted at my feet. Taking one of them in a huge hand, she produced a bottle of pink nail varnish, and started to apply it to my toenails. I’ve never worn nail varnish on my toes in my life, but after hours tramping around the shops the feel of Simone’s soft, cool hand cradling my foot was wonderfully relaxing. She looked up at me with a grin. “Do you like that Mrs S? I specialise in foot massages.” She put the nail varnish brush aside and started gently kneading the sole of my foot with her strong fingers. She was really good at it, and I could feel little sparks of enjoyment passing through my foot and up my leg. After a few minutes she switched to the other foot, kneading life back into it, then painted those toenails too.

Amy and Hayley watched with amused smiles on their faces. As Simone finished Hayley said “While you’re sitting down, Mum, let me and Amy touch up your make-up a bit.” I felt almost as if I was in a beauty salon, I was being so pampered. The two girls played about my face with various brushes and sticks of colour for a few minutes then Hayley held up a mirror with a fanfare: “Ta-dah!” They’d done a remarkable job; the make-up was subtle, yet somehow they had managed to take years off me. I decided they were all lovely girls, and I was going to really enjoy a fun evening in their company.

When we arrived at the disco it was already packed, and very loud. As my eyes gradually adjusted to the subdued lighting Hayley and Amy each took one of my hands and guided me over to a table where we sat. Simone arrived a minute later with four huge cocktail glasses containing different coloured drinks, each with salt round the rim and a slice of lime on the side. Amy told me they were called birdbath margaritas. I’d never drunk cocktails before so I sipped mine cautiously and found it was delicious. It was strawberry flavour, and drinking it through the salt created a bitter-sweet taste that tingled on my tongue. I told Hayley I hoped there wasn’t too much alcohol in the drink and she winked at Amy as she replied “Oh no, it’s hardly alcoholic at all, honestly Mum.” The girls decided they wanted to dance and tried to pull me up with them, but I said I would be happy just to watch them for the moment. The three of them danced together, lots of sinuous movements and quite a bit of touching each other. I felt very peaceful sitting there watching them together, drinking my nice cocktail. I noticed Hayley and Amy kept whispering to each other and glancing in my direction. Hayley saw me looking and gave me a wave.

After they’d danced to a couple of tunes Hayley and Simone came and sat down again, both breathing hard and a bit sweaty from the dancing and the crush on the dance floor. Amy arrived shortly afterwards with another tray of drinks. They gave me a green one this time, which turned out to be lime — more bitter than the strawberry one, but very pleasant. An old Duran Duran song, Hungry Like The Wolf, started playing and, without thinking, I said “Ooh, I like this one.”

Amy immediately squatted in front of me and looked up into my face with those beautiful big eyes of hers. She said, “Please Mrs S — Jackie — will you come and dance with me? I really want you to have a good time tonight.” The combination of the drinks, the warmth of the room, the music and Amy’s sweetness had relaxed me by then, and I reached out my hand to let her pull me up. I didn’t care that I was the oldest person at the disco by 20 years, Amy was right, I could have a good time just like all the others, and I really got into the dance. Amy danced opposite me, still holding my hand as we strutted and swung to the music, and I couldn’t remember when I’d enjoyed myself quite so much. As the song finished I turned to go back to the table, but then Chuck Berry’s Johnny B Goode started up. With a squeal of delight Amy instantly switched hands, taking my right in her left, and started jiving. I hadn’t done that since I was 16 but Amy was so good at it and I just followed her and threw myself into it as she twisted and twirled on my hand. She was so good that a little circle of space actually opened up around us and people started watching us, even clapping along to the music. As the track hit its final crescendo Amy, with a whoop, lifted her legs right Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan off the ground and scissored them either side of me, her arms around my neck. I had to put my hands under her pert little bottom to stop us overbalancing. Her blue eyes shining, Amy gave me a long kiss on the lips, which I thought as sweet, while people stood around applauding us! When her feet were back on the ground Amy said, “Thanks Mrs S — you were great.”

As we walked back to the table, Amy holding my hand again, I felt quite excited with all the adrenalin running through me. Simone gave us a huge grin, but Hayley was frowning. I thought maybe she felt I should be paying more attention to my own daughter than to her friend, but when I tried to speak to her she actually turned away from me. I decided she must be jealous of her old mum having been in the spotlight for a few minutes and left her alone. Still holding my hand Amy, such an affectionate girl, kissed me on the cheek and said, “Mrs S, you’re hot.” Perhaps I misunderstood her, but she was right, my face was burning and I could feel rivulets of sweat running between my breasts. I reached for my drink. I hadn’t even finished my lime margarita yet, but there was already another one lined up for me, peach flavoured this time.

As I gazed at the dance floor, with all the happy young people whirling about and spotlights panning over them, I became aware of quite a heated conversation behind me between Hayley and Amy. I don’t think they meant me to hear, but I couldn’t help listening. Hayley said something about wanting to call off the bet, but Amy said she didn’t want to. Then I heard Hayley say, “Look, I’ll pay you the money anyway, I believe you can win now, I just don’t want you to go through with it.”

Amy shook her head vigorously — I felt her long blonde hair splay out and brush the back of my neck. Then she said, “It’s too late for that. It’s not about the bet anymore. I hadn’t met her when we made it.” With that I felt her soft bare arms snake around my neck and she whispered, very close to my ear, “You okay Mrs S?” I put a hand on her arm and told her I was having a lovely evening.

The next thing I knew, Hayley was standing in front of me dragging at my arm and snapping, “Come on Mum, we’re going home.” I resisted, quite perplexed. It was still early and I was really enjoying myself. When Hayley saw I wasn’t going to stand she scowled and stamped her foot, like a small child who isn’t getting her own way. She whined “Mum, please!” I told her we’d had such a lovely day together, I was having a nice time, and I didn’t see why she had to spoil it. All through the exchange Amy’s arms remained about my neck, her cheek resting against mine. Standing with her hands on her hips Hayley looked speechless for a moment, then snapped “Oh…sod it! You lot deserve each other!” And with that she turned on her heel and flounced out.

My first thought was that I should go after her, but Amy’s arms tightened slightly around my neck. She said, “Don’t worry about her Mrs S, she’s just a bit uptight because she’s got a big exam coming up next week. She’ll cool off in her own time. Don’t worry, Simone and I’ll look after you.” Amy kissed my neck softly. I glanced over at Simone and she was still giving me her lovely big smile, and I thought, Amy’s right, why should I let my daughter spoil my nice evening just because she wants to behave like a spoilt little madam? I relaxed into the evening and had a wonderful time. I danced again with Amy, and I had a dance with Simone, and they got me another margarita, pineapple this time. I even had a dance with a very nice young man who asked me to go back to his room with him! Amy and Simone fell about laughing when I told them that. They both kept kissing me too, which was lovely and friendly, making me feel really welcome.

Towards the end of the evening the Bee Gees Staying Alive came on. That’s another of my favourites, and I grabbed both the girls’ hands and pulled them out to have a bop with me. Amy started dancing in front of me, with Simone behind me. I kept feeling Simone’s groin rubbing against my bottom. I tried to move forward to give her more room, but Amy didn’t move back and our chests started rubbing together as we danced. Simone moved up too and, before the dance was half over I was sandwiched between them, Amy’s breasts rubbing against mine, had hands on my hips, and Simone’s groin rubbing in slow circles against my bum, her big cushiony breasts in my back. She placed her hands on my hips too, over Amy’s. This intimate contact was having a strange effect on me. I suddenly felt incredibly hot and sweaty, and a warm glow was starting to pass through me. I felt rather embarrassed when my big nipples started poking quite visibly against my blouse, and Amy’s thong was feeling very damp between my legs.

As the music began to fade Amy passed an arm around my neck and pulled my face to hers. She kissed Escort Anadolu Yakası me on the lips again, but this time her tongue flicked out. I gasped in surprise and Amy’s tongue slipped into my mouth, lazily circling around my tongue. At the same moment I felt Simone’s hand slip down my trousers, and a finger stroked the top of my bum crack, as her teeth gently nibbled my ear lobe, all right there on the dance floor, with dozens of people milling around! Amy broke off from kissing me and, looking over my shoulder, said, “What do you think Sim — time to go back to the flat?” We walked out of the disco with each girl clinging to one of my arms. I was in a daze — with what had just happened, and the drinks I’d consumed, I couldn’t think clearly and I stumbled along between them. I began to feel quite nervous and desperately tried to think rationally. Even if these two were lesbians, they wouldn’t want an old lady like me. And even if they did, they were nice girls, I’d just tell them politely and firmly — after all, I was old enough to be their mother — that I wasn’t interested. Anyway, Hayley had already gone back to the flat, she wouldn’t let anything happen to me. With a flash of insight I suddenly had an inkling as to the subject of the bet she and Amy had been talking about.

When we arrived at the flat it was in darkness, and my nervousness cranked up a notch. I asked where Hayley was, and Simone mumbled, “Oh, she’ll have gone over to her boyfriend’s place for the night. Don’t worry about her.” I wasn’t even aware my daughter had a boyfriend, but I had rather more immediate matters on my mind at that moment. The girls walked me over to the sofa and sat me in the middle with them either side of me. Amy rested her head on my shoulder, one hand holding mine, and Simone stared intently at me and started twiddling her fingers in my hair. I was really nervous now, but that was just silly. After all, what were these two young girls going to do, rape me? It hardly seemed likely.

I asked if anyone would like a coffee, but Amy murmured “Later maybe. It’s something else I want now.” I stretched and yawned and said I thought I’d turn in. Amy shook her head. “Not yet Jackie.” I turned my head to say something to her, and her lips were on mine again, her tongue deep in my mouth. I felt her hand stroke across my breast, then she and Simone between them started undoing the buttons of my blouse, one by one. I would have moved to stop them, but each of them had one of my arms pinned against the back of the sofa. My God, they really were planning to rape me!

For something to be rape, though, a lack of mutual consent is required. As Amy’s sweet tasting tongue swirled around my mouth I felt my resistance ebbing away, and my tongue started playing with hers. I could feel a glow extending from my pussy, up through my body. When they eased me forward on the sofa and eased my blouse down my arms and off I didn’t try to stop them. They combined to undo my bra, and as Simone pulled it away from my boobs and the straps cut sharply into my arms I shrugged it off, to stop the discomfort (I told myself). Simone sighed “God, these look great”, and cupped a hand beneath one of my naked breasts. Amy finally broke our kiss, and a moment later I felt two soft mouths closing simultaneously over my boobs.

My mouth finally freed, I heard myself groan, “Girls, please don’t do this, I don’t want you to.” I think I would have died if they had stopped though. To my left Simone cupped my boob and gently nibbled on my big brown nipple; to my right Amy caressed the other nip with her darling tongue, while a hand curled round the boob and stroked down it, as if milking it. The feeling of two mouths both sucking on me was quite incredible and, against my will, I felt my back arching to push my tits further into them. A hot flush was spreading across my chest, and the warmth in my pussy was threatening to turn into a major blaze! I felt someone unbuttoning the waistband of my trousers, and when they popped open I didn’t even need to be encouraged to lift my backside, it rose of its own accord and the trousers and my now sopping wet thong were pulled down to my knees. My legs then declared independence from my brain and kicked off my shoes and my remaining clothes. I felt myself being eased to the floor, now completely naked and at the mercy of two teenage girls the same age as my daughter.

Simone broke off from sucking my tit, and Amy slid her lips down my body, then started kissing and licking my belly between my navel and my thick bush of dark ginger pubic hair. I shuddered with uncontrollable desire, and I felt my knees rise and my thighs part. Nobody, not even my husband, had ever kissed my pussy, but I knew this beautiful young American was about to, and there wasn’t a thing I could do to stop her — even if I wanted to. I heard myself whimpering before she even touched it, just from her warm breath on my thighs. Then her soft tongue entered my slit and all my breath left me in a huge sigh. I felt her fingers stroking my hairy labia, then a rainbow exploded in my head as her lips closed over my clitoris and she began stroking it with her tongue. I let out a wild cry and my hips bucked in reaction. Amy pressed me back to the floor and lapped at my swelling clit, two fingers deep inside me and stroking away.

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