A Teacher’s PunishmentA Teacher’s Punishment


Scene 114: A Teacher’s Punishment

An online friend sent a very sexy photo to me along with some information about herself and asked me to write a script based on it. She likes this and said I could share it (but, sorry, she didn’t give me permission to share the photo). What she’d really love is to have a movie made from this script, but I don’t know any directors. She thinks I should make the movie myself on an iPhone. It sounds like fun but I don’t know if I have that talent. I asked who she would cast if she could choose the stars. She likes Mango as Cynthia and Mia Markova or Christen Courtney as Kelly and herself (or Avery Nona since none of you know what my friend looks lie) as Jenna.

All actresses in this film/story are older than 21.

The movie fades in. We see a sexy, slender brunette, 23-26 years old, in the living room of a modest house. The room is clean and tidy. She’s about 5’6″. She’s wearing dark grey yoga pants and a tight, black t-shirt that doesn’t cover her stomach, and she’s barefoot. She has small to medium breasts. She’s pacing across the room with an angry look on her face as she presses an entry on her cell phone. We only hear her side of the conversation.

“Hi, dear. I’m really sorry to be bothering you at work. But Ashlii had another incident at school today, and I wanted you to know about it before you get home.”

“I don’t know the details except that some teacher she keeps having problems with got angry today. And it got worse than other times because this time she even spanked her.”

“I know, I know. I looked at the school rules online and there’s a discipline section that gives the teachers the right to spank the children.”

“Yes, but that’s the deal with this private school. Supposedly, it helps them recruit better teachers and produces better behaved children. Some bullshit like that.”

“Right, I agree. I sent Ashlii next door to hang out with her friend. The bitch is coming here to talk to me, and I’m going to give her a piece of me!”

The woman laughs. “Oh, I wish I could do that! Wouldn’t that be appropriate revenge for this slut!”

“No, I think she really is a slut. Even Ashley complains that she dresses slutty. “

The hand that isn’t holding the phone is rubbing a breast through the material. “Stop it! You’re turning me on. Are you going to be busy all night again tonight, or will we have some time to, you know, play a little?”

She sighs. “Okay, maybe this weekend.” The doorbell rings. “Gotta go, that’s probably her at the door. I love you, too.” She quits the call and puts the phone down on a table. She goes to the front door and opens it. An attractive blonde about the same age as she is in a skirt and blouse stands there. The tight skirt is brightly colored and comes down to almost her mid-thigh and shows off her pretty legs. Her bright yellow blouse is tight and shows off that her breasts are a distinctly larger than the first woman’s. It’s unbuttoned enough to show off some cleavage. Her wavy blonde hair comes to her shoulders. In her heels, she’s just a little shorter than Jenna.

Both women have a wide, surprised smile. The woman outside says “Jenna, is that really you” and Jenna is saying “Kelly! I can’t believe you’re here! I’m so glad to see you again!” The two women hug. Jenna asks “How long have you been in town? We haven’t talked for like three years!”

“I know, not since we graduated college.”

Jenna lets go. “Come in. Please, come in. You look even better than I remember!”

They go inside and close the door. “First, can we talk about Ashlii?”

“Wait. You’re her teacher?”

Kelly nods. “Yes. But I’m confused. She’s way too old to be your daughter.”

“That’s easy to explain. I got married about a year ago. Then my new brother-in-law and his wife were killed by a drunk driver, and Ashlii moved in with us.”

“Now I understand. We have to talk about Ashlii’s behavior at school.”

“Okay, but why don’t we sit down.” Jenna directs her to a sofa. “Would you like some coffee or soda or tea … or wine?”

“Wine would be nice.” She stares at Jenna’s ass as Jenna walks to a cabinet with wine and glasses. As Jenna bends down to get a bottle from below, Kelly sucks her lip while she remembers all the good times she had squeezing that perfect bottom. She sits when Jenna returns with the glasses of wine, and Jenna sits in a chair opposite her. “What’s going on with Ashlii?”

“Mostly, she just has a bad attitude. She’s very disrespectful. She talks back to me and acts like she doesn’t respect my authority over her. It’s been getting worse lately, and it escalated today to where I had to spank her.”

Jenna is nodding. “I’m sure she deserved it. She’s disrespectful at home to me a lot, too. I think it’s because I’m young and attractive, and she doesn’t want to listen to me as her mother.” Her concerned look turns into a smile that she’s trying to hide. “Did you give her a real spanking or was it just to make an impression?”

Kelly doesn’t try to bahis siteleri hide her smile. “Oh, it was very real. She’ll skip swim practice for at least a week so no one sees how red I made it. And she had real tears.”

Jenna laughs gleefully. “I’ve wanted to smack her so many times, but I haven’t done it. I think it’s because I felt she’s too old for that and maybe I’m not old enough — especially since I’m not her real mother.”

“That’s one of the advantages of being a teacher at Top Performance Academy. We’re permitted to use corporal punishment if we need it.”

“How did you get a job there?”

“I graduated last spring with my Masters in Education and saw an employment ad for the Academy. It has a good reputation, and I wanted to be in a larger city. I thought I’d have a better chance of finding lovers. I applied, they accepted me, I moved here, and I love it!” She smiles winsomely. “And what’s your story?”

“I had a retail job. I quit when Ashlii came, and now I work part-time in mornings. 3 days/week, as a sales rep. I’ll go back to full-time work after Ashlii can drive herself.”

Now that the difficult conversation is past, Kelly’s posture relaxes. “Well, you look amazing! I can’t get over how great … well, you know.”

“Thank you!” Jenna also relaxes and we can tell that she’s starting to flirt with Kelly. “I work out every day.” She moves her hands down along her side, “and I’m satisfied with the attention I get.” She smiles. “And you look so sexy, too. That’s not what you wear to work, is it?”

“Fortunately, there’s no dress code for teachers.” She unbuttons another button of her blouse, and her yellow bra comes into view. She smiles longingly at Jenna. “I like to show off for the principal to make sure I get good assignments and write-ups.”

“You mean Mrs. Hubbard? But I’ve met her husband.”

“So have I. Maybe that’s why she likes to look at me. I can tell she likes it, and I flirt with her a little.”

“I can’t take my eyes off of you. You are so sexy! But I wouldn’t be satisfied just looking.”

Kelly gets a serious look. “Are you and your husband having trouble?

“No husband — I have a wife.”

Now Kelly smiles seductively. “That makes a lot more sense.” Kelly pulls up the skirt a little higher, enough that we can see glimpses of her yellow panties if we look. And Jenna is staring at them. “Are you and your wife having troubles — or are you looking to add someone to make it more interesting?”

Jenna shrugs. “I just feel ignored.” Kelly waits for her to continue, but Jenna doesn’t have anything to add yet.

“When we graduated and you left, I cried every day for a week missing you. I stood in front of the mirror and danced and pretended that you were still there to watch. Does your wife dance for you?”

Jenna sighs. “She used to. But not since she got her promotion.” She shakes her head. “I masturbate a lot every day. I subscribe to a stripper website and I masturbate while I watch that in the morning. I work out at home, and I watch myself exercise nude and masturbate in the mirror. Then I masturbate in the shower. Finally, after I pick up Ashlii from school, while she’s in her room doing homework, I watch myself strip and dance in the mirror in my room and masturbate before Cynthia gets home.”

Kelly gives her that longing look again. “Did I interrupt your schedule today?”

Jenna has a long pause while she considers how she wants to answer that. “Do you still dance?”

“No. I don’t dance for anyone but you. What about you? Are you still turned on by the way I danced for you?

“Uh-huh.” Jenna spreads her legs and rubs her pussy through her pants. “Are you wet?”

“Not yet.” Kelly stands up. She puts her hands under her skirt and pulls down her yellow bikini panties and gives them to Jenna. Jenna rubs them against her cheeks. She sticks out her tongue and licks the outside and then the inside of the panties while Kelly unbuttons her blouse and takes it off. Then she removes the yellow bra. She pulls her skirt up so that it doesn’t quite cover her entire ass, and she dances for Jenna. It’s not a stripper’s dance; it’s more like what you would see in a club. As Kelly sways and moves, her pussy keeps coming into view. And now Jenna is sucking on the panties until the crotch is totally soaked. “Are you wet?” Kelly asks.

“Yes.” Jenna hooks her fingers inside the waistband of her yoga pants and panties and pulls them down to her knees. She rubs Kelly’s wet panties against her own pussy with one hand and plays with her breasts under her shirt with the other. Then she tosses the panties to Kelly, who catches them. “Now you have wet panties.”

Kelly puts the panties back on and pulls down her skirt. She dances for Jenna in her panties while Jenna takes off her shirt. The breasts are already out of the red bra, and she takes it off. She rubs herself while Kelly continues dancing. Then Jenna pulls the pants the rest of the way off and goes up to Kelly. The two girls stick out their tongues and canlı bahis siteleri lick and suck on each other’s tongue. Kelly puts one hand on Jenna’s hip and the other is rubbing Jenna’s pussy. One of Jenna’s hands is rubbing Kelly through her panties and then pushes the material into her pussy. She puts one hand behind Kelly’s head and licks and kisses Kelly’s cheek and jaw. Her tongue licks licks around Kelly’s ear and then french kisses her ear. Her tongue and lips continue down Kelly’s neck, and her tongue teases Kelly’s breasts as they continue fingering one another. She stops and leads Kelly to the bedroom.

At the bed, Jenna removes Kelly’s shoes and panties, and they climb into the bed and are in a 69 position. The young women’s tongues are teasing each other’s clits, and they haven’t cum yet when a stunning brunette bursts into the room. “What in Hell’s going on here?!” The brunette has on a dark skirt that comes down to just above the knees. The skirt is very high-waisted. She has on a light blouse and a jacket that reach the top of the skirt. She has very full, wavy hair that extends to her mid-back. She’s a little taller than Jenna, even without the heels she wears, and her breasts are a little larger. Her face looks like she might be a couple of years older than the other women but not yet 30.

Kelly immediately rolls off of the bed on the other side away from Cynthia. Jenna gets up and stands between the other two.

“What’s going on here? I left work early to get here before Ashlii’s teacher leaves, and instead I find you in bed with someone I’ve never seen before.”

Jenna stammers “Uh, Cynthia, this is Kelly. She’s Ashlii’s teacher. Kelly, this is my wife, Cynthia.” She looks at Cynthia. “Kelly and I were roommates college, and we kind of got carried away here talking about old times.

Cynthia is furious. She stomps her foot and is waving her arms wildly as she speaks. She looks around for something to throw but doesn’t find anything. Instead, she pushes Jenna back on to the bed and points at Kelly. “Come here!”

Kelly timidly approaches and is trying to cover herself.

Cynthia screams at her. “I can’t described how angry and appalled I am at your behavior. Ashlii texted me a photo of her red ass, and now I come home and find you with my wife.” She stops to catch her breath. “After I call the school and complain, I expect them to fire you. And I don’t want them to just fire you. I want them to make it so you’ll need teach again! Anywhere! The only job you’ll be able to get is in a strip club, where you belong!”

Kelly pleads not to have her fired and Jenna scrambles out of the bed to help defend her. Cynthia’s still furious.

Kelly is too scared now to think about covering herself. Her arms are in front of her in a pleading motion. “Please. Don’t fire me. What would it take to get you to change your mind. Anything. Just don’t fire me. I’m really a good teacher, and I’m just having some problems with your daughter.”

“I don’t know. I don’t know.” She stops to think. “Okay, maybe having you fired is over the top. But I’m going to make sure you’re punished. It’s what I suggested to Jenna earlier. You have to get spanked just like you did to Ashlii.”

Kelly and Jenna gasp. Kelly’s hands instinctively reach around and cover her butt. She tries another tactic. “Wait — wait — wait. We’re all grown women here.” She pauses. “Grown, attractive women. We don’t have to get violent.” She tries to pose seductively. She extends her hands out towards Cynthia. But her posture betrays her nervousness. “And we’re all lesbians. We have to stick together. Instead of getting violent, what if you let me make it up to you in other ways? You can’t tell me that you look at me and the first thing you think of is “I want to spank her.” She puts her hands on her hips and slightly swaps her hips and runs her tongue over her lips. Why don’t you let me see if I can satisfy you in some other way?”

“Maybe later. But now, painting your ass red is all I can think of. Now turn around, put your hands on the bed, and stick out your butt. Arguing is just making me angrier.”

Kelly’s smile is replaced by the scared look again, but she does what Cynthia told her to do. Now Jenna steps between them again and faces Cynthia. “You know this is wrong. This is my friend from college you’re abusing. Don’t you dare hit her!”

“Don’t tell me what I can’t do, you whore. You’ll get your punishment for your cheating when I finish with your girlfriend. If she doesn’t want a spanking, she can leave and get fired. That’s not your decision.”

Kelly stand and turns back around. She puts her hands on Jenna’s hips. “I appreciate what you’re doing for me, but let me get this over with and then we can leave here.” She adds “together.” She pushes Jenna to the side then turns back around and bends over again.

Cynthia orders Jenna to go to the other side of the room and face the wall. And if she doesn’t obey, she’ll go call the school.

Kelly turns her her to look canlı bahis at Jenna again. “Please, Jenna, just do what she says. Please. Don’t get in her way. Do this for me. I love you.”

“I love you, too.” Jenna walks slowly to the wall. Cynthia tells her “I want you to push your hands on the wall, spread your legs, and stick out your butt. After your girlfriend gets her punishment, I’m going to deal with your cheating.”

Jenna shudders, but Cynthia ignores it. Cynthia gives her full attention to spanking Kelly. She spanks her hard. Kelly’s entire ass and the top of her thighs are dark red and bruised. At some point, Kelly sinks to her knees and and clenches the sheets. She buries her face into the covers.to muffle her crying. Cynthia finally stops beating her and pats/rubs the top her back condescendingly. “I think I’ve made my point.”

Kelly catches her breath long enough to hiss “I hate you! You don’t deserve Jenna!”

An angry look crosses Cynthia’s face. She spanks Kelly five more times and Kelly wails with each one. “We can do more if you’re still hateful and don’t appreciate that I’m not turning you in.”

Kelly’s attitude changes. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Please don’t hit me again. Thank you for not getting me fired. Thank you for this punishment. I promise never to hit Ashlii again. I’m so sorry.”

She continues like that while Cynthia unzips her skirt and drops it to the floor. She has on a pale lime green mesh teddy, and she unsnaps the crotch. “The way your ass looks, you probably won’t want to go on a date until that heals up next week. But I’m going to accept your offer and let you lick me until I cum so you won’t feel unwanted.”

Jenna swivels around angrily. “Hey!”

“Does my cheater have a complaint?”

Jenna looks at the floor and mumbles “no.”

“Then get back in your waiting position.” Cynthia stands in front of Kelly, who turns around. She’s already kneeling. “Make this good so I don’t have to punish you some more.” Kelly’s hands travel up and down Cynthia’s thighs and waist. Cynthia spreads her legs to give Kelly’s tongue access to her pussy. Kelly grabs Cynthia’s ass to pull her closer to her mouth and licks Cynthia. As Cynthia approaches her climax, the sounds and activity make Kelly horny again, and she uses one of her hands to finger herself. As Cynthia cums, she holds Kelly’s head in place to keep her licking her until Cynthia’s legs get weary and she steps back. “Stand up, bitch. I know why my wife was spending time with you. That’s the best orgasm I’ve had in months.” Kelly stands but can’t look Cynthia in the eyes. “You really are a hot little minx, and you deserve a hug.” She squeezes one of Kelly’s breasts and pulls Kelly to her with the other hand and gives her a hug. Kelly tries to kiss her, but Cynthia doesn’t cooperate. Instead, she releases her and with the arm around her and squeezes the nipple hard until Kelly cries out and squirms and begs to be let go.

Kelly looks at Jenna. “Okay, you stand here and watch what happens to Jenna because of you.” Kelly stands there with her hands covering herself again, trying not to cry. Cynthia goes to Jenna and rubs her ass. “Usually, I got to do this on the way to this.” And she lightly strokes Jenna’s pussy from behind. Jenna whimpers. “But I’m going to punish you for cheating on me.”

Jenna stands up and covers her butt. She turns to face Cynthia. “No. I’m tired of your power games. I’m not your slave. You can’t order around like this.”

“Okay. Then I’ll go and turn in your girlfriend. She took the punishment so she can keep her job, and you can tell the tramp why you threw her under the bus.”

Cynthia turns to leave the room, and Jenna reaches out to stop her. “No, I’m sorry, I was wrong to hook up with Kelly, and I’m ready for the punishment I deserve.” She turns and gets back into position. Cynthia starts slapping her bottom, and it isn’t long before Jenna is crying and repeating “I’m sorry.” When her ass is as red as Kelly’s, Cynthia begins slapping just below her butt, and Jenna continues crying. The torture takes its toll, and Jenna squats all the way down to the floor, her hands still pressing on the wall, and sobs.

Cynthia puts her hands on Jenna’s shoulders and turns her around. “Now it’s your turn to lick me, and you should try to make it as good as your girlfriend did.”

Jenna licks and kisses Cynthia’s inner thigh slowly. She gives her long, slow licks. The licking quickens as her tongue approaches Cynthia’s pussy. Kelly feels horny again watching her former roommate licking her wife, and Kelly can’t help but put all of her fingers from one of her hands into her own pussy. Jenna alternates between sucking on Cynthia’s pussy and licking it until Cynthia moans and shouts out in ecstasy. Cynthia’s whole body shakes from the orgasms, and she has to reach out and balance herself on Jenna’s shoulders. Jenna doesn’t stop licking until Cynthia’s shaking subsides. She stands and asks “was that good enough? Can Kelly go now?”

“Yes, you were wonderful. You’re always wonderful.” She points at Kelly. I want you out of this house and never see you again.” She strides to Kelly, grabs her by an arm and starts dragging her to the front door. “Where’s your purse and keys?”

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