A Tale of Two Paramours Ch. 18A Tale of Two Paramours Ch. 18

Big Dick

As Jessi stood in the sandwich shop looking at the menu board, twirling her blonde hair around one finger as she bit her bottom lip, I watched the guy behind the counter, who was likely younger than my twenty-year-old companion despite appearances at that moment, stare at her modest but perfect breasts, to which her shirt adhered as if it were glued on.

“Can I get a big one, Mr. Warner?” The blonde asked loudly, looking at me with an exaggeratedly innocent expression. “You know how much I like big ones.”

I felt my face burn as the kid working there – his name tag labeled him as ‘Brian’ – turned his stare to me.

“Get whatever you like,” I mumbled, trying not to notice that two women, who were likely close to my own age of forty-four, were watching this little scene unfold, their mouths agape in what I took to be disbelief.

“Thanks, Mr. Warner!” Jessi squealed in a manner that I had not only never heard from her before, but of which I would have never suspected her capable. “You treat me soooooo nice after we have our fun time, not like the boys I know.”

I whispered an obscenity under my breath, something which was uncharacteristic for me. The two women hastily gathered up their food and drinks and left the sandwich shop. I closed my eyes and rubbed them as I wondered if they might think Jessi was actually the age she was acting and call the police. At that moment, I was very much wanting the return of the Jessi who was so consumed with anxiety that she had panicked during our first dinner out together because she thought everyone was looking at us and judging us because of our age difference. From my perspective, that Jessi was much preferable to the one standing not three feet away, her hair in pigtails.

Brian had turned to look at Jessi again, and again his eyes were drawn to her chest. My younger lover’s small but obviously very firm nipples were tenting the fabric of her shirt while the swell of her bosom distractingly distorted the shape of the massive, and shiny, pink cartoon cat face that was printed on the fabric of her top.

“I kinda am craving something longer than a six-inch,” Jessi told him, and he looked up at her face as she spoke. “But six inches would be okay if it is really meaty. Do you have something that would satisfy me?”

The young man’s mouth fell open, but otherwise he seemed frozen in place. It did not help that Jessi was opening her eyes as wide as she could as she tilted her head to the side and glanced down at a bulge that was growing enough to show even under Brian’s apron.

“Maybe you should wait in the car, Jessi,” I sighed. “I will order something for us both.”

The blonde turned toward me and fixed me with an intense glare. It was not a look of feigned wide-eyed innocence, such as she had been attempting with poor, befuddled Brian; it was one of those typical Jessi stares – overlong and slight disconcerting, at least to one not accustomed to them, as I now was. When she saw that I was not backing down, Jessi pushed her bottom lip out in an exaggerated pout, turned to Brian and gave him an apologetic look, then flounced out of the sandwich shop.


“What the fuck is your problem,” I snapped at Jessi when I sat down in the car a few minutes later.

“You picked the shirt,” Jessi reminded me as she took the bag from the sandwich shop. “And you agreed to let me go in, knowing how I’m dressed.”

“The shirt was a joke,” I pointed out. “It seemed so out of character for you. And I had no idea you would act like that.”

“I was just teasing you,” Jessi replied.

“And the poor kid working there,” I added.

“He seemed to like what he saw,” the blonde laughed as I started the car and backed out of our parking spot.

“Those two women did not,” I said. “I am just hoping they did not really think you were as young as you were pretending to be and call the police.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jessi give me a sharp look before she shook her head dismissively.

“What would the police do?” she asked. “I’m a perfectly legal-to-fuck twenty-year-old woman.”

“Do you have your purse with you, or your ID?” I pushed. “I did not see you bring it.”

“I don’t have it, but they would’ve listened to me before hauling you off to jail,” she countered.

I shrugged and did not say anything for several seconds as I waited to turn out of the parking lot. Jessi, however, did not seem content to sit in silence.

“Please don’t be mad at me,” she implored. “I just wanted to have some fun with you, after you picked this shirt and all.”

“Well, at least you seem to have overcome your anxiety about being out with me,” I responded. “I guess that is good, but I would have preferred shy, anxious Jessi over whatever it was you were doing back there.”

“That’s a fucking douche thing to say, Mark!” Jessi said, glaring at me. “You know that’s a real problem for me.”

“Not today, I guess,” I shot back.

“I would think you’d be happy that I’ve reached the point I’m no longer Yenimahalle Escort paranoid and anxious being out with you.”

“Not if you are going to act like Little Miss Slutty when we are in public,” I countered.

“Fuck you, Mark,” the young woman snarled.

I shrugged again, and we rode the rest of the way to my house, which was nearly ten minutes away, in silence.


Jessi marched into my house as soon as I had opened the door for her. She went straight to my kitchen and dropped the bag with the sandwiches in it on my table. She then turned to stare at me, her arms crossed in front of her.

“Let’s eat, then I’ll give you the blowjob I promised, and then you can take me home,” she said, her tone still laced with anger.

I was prepared for a fight, so her statement that she was still planning to oral sex for me after we ate, despite her obvious displeasure with me, threw me off balance. I tried to say something, but I could not make any words come out, which, I had to admit, was a somewhat common occurrence in my interactions with my very forward, and equally exasperating, young lover. Further, it was the third time that day that Jessi had shown me that my earlier supposition that she could no longer shock me was a completely wrong notion.

‘You think I wouldn’t do what I promised?” she asked me, and I shook my head.

“I just thought you would not be in the right mood…”

“I promised,” she shrugged, her eyes never leaving mine. “Plus, I still feel bad about that time I got you all worked up and then told you to go have, um, someone else take care of it. I promised myself I wouldn’t do that again. Not sucking you off would break two promises – one to you and one to myself. So, even though I’m pissed at you for what you said in the car, I’ll give you head as soon as we’re done eating.”

I sighed and closed my eyes. I wanted to tell her it was okay for her not to want to do that for me if she was not in the mood, but another part of me wanted very much for her to do exactly what she was proposing. And, for just a fleeting moment, yet another part of me wondered whether I should put her over my knee, give her a good, hard spanking, then make her do what she had promised.

I pushed my darker thoughts down, opened my eyes, and suggested we eat first then talk about what might happen afterwards. Jessi shrugged and sat down at the table. As we ate in silence, I could not help glancing at her repeatedly, trying to read her mood. What’s more, it appeared to me that Jessi was doing the same thing.

After eating maybe half her sandwich, the blonde put it down, pushed back a little from the table, folded her arms across her chest, and stared at me. I tried to ignore her and finish my sandwich, but after a couple of minutes, I put mine down and stared back at her.

“So do you want me to do it here or in the living room?” she asked.

“What if I do not want you to do it at all?” I countered.

“Oh, I know better than that, Mr. Warner,” Jessi smirked. “I know how much you like me on my knees sucking your hard cock.”

“I do,” I admitted, “but I am not in the mood for that.”

That was not entirely true – while I was not in the mood at that exact moment, I knew I could become so quite quickly.

“So what are you in the mood for, Mr. Warner?” the blonde inquired, still smirking.

The dark thought I had pushed down earlier – of spanking Jessi and then making her pleasure me – rose up again, and before I could stop myself, I snarled, “The mood to give you a spanking for being a slutty little brat!”

Jessi’s mouth dropped open, then she recovered from what I was guessing was shock and her lips spread into a huge grin. However, mere seconds later, her grin turned to a look of fear. At least, it turned into her attempt at a look of fear. The way her eyes sparkled made it clear that she welcomed what I had suggested, not feared it.

Standing up, I walked toward where she sat. When I was close enough, I reached out and grabbed one pigtail. When I used it to pull the young woman to her feet, she protested and whimpered.

Ignoring her complaints, I led her by the hair into my living room. When we were standing in front of my couch, I dropped the pigtail, then sat down in front of her.

“Take that ridiculous shirt off, brat,” I commanded.

The slender blonde started to pull up her shirt, then hesitated. Letting her hands fall to her side, she shook her head and took a step back from me and stared at me, her eyes wide.

“That wouldn’t be right, Mr. Warner,” she said. “I’m not wearing anything underneath it.”

“Everyone can see you are not wearing anything underneath it, Jessi,” I pointed out. “Your nipples are practically tearing through it.”

The young woman let out an exaggerated gasp and put her hands over her nipples. The effect of her acting would have been better had she not squeezed her breasts at the same time, but I was not complaining. Ulus Escort

“I think you wanted to show off your tits to me, and to the guy at the sandwich shop,” I accused. “I bet it made your pussy wet when he could not take his eyes off of them.”

“Mr. Warner!” the blonde yelled in feigned shock. “That’s not a nice thing to say about a good girl like me.”

I laughed and leered at her, making it obvious that I was staring at the way her yoga pants outlined the shape of her labia. Jessi, for her part, took a deep breath when she saw where I was staring, then adjusted her stance so her legs were a little bit more open, revealing what looked like a patch of darker cloth.

“You are wet right now,” I sneered. “I can see where you are soaking your pants.”

Jessi gasped theatrically and dropped one hand from her breasts to cover – and cup and rub – her pussy and the tell-tale damp spot that was forming there.

“Please don’t tell anyone, Mr. Warner,” she begged through quickening breaths. “I don’t want the reputation of being a slut. I’m a good girl.”

“You were not acting so good earlier,” I reminded her. “You were acting like a wanton little whore.”

“Please don’t call me names like that, Mr. Warner,” Jessi pleaded. “It makes me feel bad inside.”

“And you want to be good,” I asked, “instead of a slutty brat?”

“Yes, Mr. Warner,” the blonde assured me. “I want to be a good girl for you.”

“Then take off that fucking shirt,” I snapped.

Again Jessi gasped theatrically and took another step back from me. However, this time she obeyed. Her hands shaking, she grabbed the bottom of her tight shirt and peeled it slowly upwards, revealing first her flat stomach, then the bottom of her perfectly shaped breasts, then her hard nipples. As the air hit her now naked breasts, the young woman hesitated. After a second or two, she drew the shirt over her head and dropped it to the side.

“Come here,” I commanded, and Jessi stepped in front of me as soon as the words had left my mouth. “Bend forward and let me see your tits closer up.”

“Mr. Warner, please,” she whined, but she did exactly what I asked her to do.

“They are perfect,” I told her, before I gabbed both of them a squeezed them roughly.

“Owwww!” Jessi yelped, but I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was very aroused.

“And so are you nipples,” I grinned as I pinched and pulled them both.

“Please stop, Mr. Warner,” she breathed, but I noticed she could not even make herself sound even half-way convincing this time. “I’m not that kinda girl.”

“Oh, I think we both know what you are, Little Miss Slutty,” I laughed as I grabbed her arms and pulled her down over my knee.

My blonde playmate struggled to get up, so I pushed my left forearm against her back as I peeled down her yoga pants with my right. When her pants were at her knees, I ran my hand up the back of her thighs and then over the curves of her small, tight, and shapely derriere.

Jessi’s struggles ceased momentarily and she shrieked when the first smack landed on her butt with a sharp crack. However, when I pulled my hand back for the second blow, the young woman began to struggle much for forcibly, and I hesitated. For a moment, I thought she might really want me to stop, but I knew she was still playing her part when she spoke.

“That hurt really bad, Mr. Warner,” she whimpered. “I’ve learned my lesson. I won’t be bratty to you anymore.”

“I don’t think you have learned anything yet, bitch!” I informed her.

“Please don’t call me that, Mr. Warn…” Jessi started to plead, but I interrupted her by brining my hand down against the smooth flesh of her bottom with another loud – and hard – smack.

“Fuck, that hurt!” she cried, and she began to struggle even harder.

“What a filthy mouth you have for a ‘good girl’,” I teased her as I again brought my hand down.

Jessi grunted and shook, but she stopped struggling and lay still on my lap. For several seconds, I just stared down at the woman across my knee, and at her butt, which was now clearly turning red. I had my hand up, but I made no move to let it fall as I thought through what I had just said. I did not recall ever referring to Jessi as a ‘girl’ before, although she had done so both in everyday speech and in play. Still, given my conflicted thoughts from earlier over what I felt for her, and whether there was anything paternal about those feelings, my use of the term, even in our play at that moment, gave me pause.

“Are you okay, Mark?” Jessi asked, breaking character.

“I am not sure I can do this, Jessi,” I admitted. “I have enough concerns about how much younger you are, and this is not helping.”

The blonde sighed, and when I moved my arm from against her back, she slid off my lap so that she was on her knees in front of me.

“It’s just for fun, Mark,” she said, her hands on my knees, her intense blue eyes staring up at me. “You aren’t really doing anything wrong. I am not a girl; I am a woman who wants, in this moment, to feel like someone younger. Just for fun.”

“Why?” I asked, and I could hear the strain in my own voice.

“I don’t know,” Jessi replied. “You gave me the top, and it gave me the idea, and I thought it would be fun for both of us.”

I did not say anything, so after a few seconds, my lover added, “It also lets me step away from myself, from the things I do worry about, from the things that hurt me, and pretend not to have any cares. Well, other than being spanked and then forced to give you head for being such a brat.”

“I think it is just too much, considering what happened last week, and this week, and even today,” I told her.

“We both have said we are sorry for what happened, Mark,” Jessi said, but I shook my head.

“No,” I corrected her, “we said we both acted stupidly. We have not apologized.”

“You are right, Mark,” the blonde conceded. “I’m sorry I got so angry about Amara, and I’m sorry I fucked her boyfriend. In fact, I’m sorry for the whole fucking threesome. I just wanted to do something to make you forget about… her. Jessika.”

I sighed then said, “And I am sorry about Amara, and I am very sorry that what I did hurt you and caused you to drop out of school…”

Jessi’s fingers dug into my thighs and her jaw clenched as I said the least part. Then she closed her eyes, and I could tell she was trying to deal with some strong emotion.

“That stupid bitch told you that?” she finally asked.

“Amara told me, yes,” I replied.

“You two sure are sharing a lot, Mark,” Jessi said, opening her eyes to look at me. “You promise me nothing is going on there?”

“I had asked her to tell me if she spoke with you,” I assured her. “She did, and she told me you had withdrawn from your classes. I did not want to believe it, but then I checked your records…”

“I couldn’t face school, Mark,” she sighed. “And it was not just you. I knew I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on it, or anything. Hell, I haven’t been to work all week either.”

“You quit work?” I blurted out.

“No,” Jessi responded. “I’m not that stupid. I had sick time and vacation, although it is almost all gone.”

“I am very sorry I led you to this point, Jessi,” I told her.

“I’m as much or more to blame than you are, Mark,” she said. “I know I’m fucked up.”

I tried to protest, but Jessi kept going.

“I’m better in some ways – I am not panicking or shutting down, and I’m not irrationally angry – but I am fighting with everything I have not to get up and run out of here.

“Oh Jessi,” I lamented. “We do not have to do anything else today but be close and support each other.”

To my surprise, Jessi’s expression, which had been sad and uncertain, took on a hard edge, and her eyes blazed up at me with their usual intensity.

“No, Mr. Warner,” she said. “I was a bitch – Little Miss Slutty, as you said – and I have been punished and I must now show you that I understand I was a bad girl and that I learned my lesson by giving you a very enthusiastic blowjob.”

“No, you do not have to do that,” I assured her, but the blonde leaned forward and began to undo my pants.

“Jessi, stop,” I told her, but she continued until she had pulled my pants open and my briefs down.

“You do not have to do it,” I repeated, but the twenty-year-old now had my soft penis out and had given it a very wet kiss on the tip.

“Stop!” I commanded, but I knew it was too late. Jess had sucked my entire flaccid length into her mouth, and the feel of her lips and her tongue on my sensitive skin was assuring that I would not be flaccid for long.

Grabbing the blonde’s hair, I tried to pull her away, but to my surprise she forced herself even closer to me despite the hold I had on her. We stayed that way for several seconds, but I finally relented when I realized that one, I was likely hurting her by continuing to pull on her hair, and two, my penis had grown rock hard and had expanded straight down the young woman’s throat.

When I was completely hard, Jessi pulled her head back until just the head of my manhood was between her lips. Then, her eyes locked on mine, she slowly, deliberately, and smoothly slipped her lips down the entire length of me until they were around the base of my shaft and her nose was pressed up against my lower abdomen.

She held her lips there for maybe five seconds, then she repeated the process, slowly, exquisitely, sliding her tight lips up my shaft until once again only the head of it was in her mouth. This time, she sucked hard on the head, licking it furiously as she did so. The sensation of her wild tongue on my most sensitive part was almost more than I could bear, and I was on the verge of forcing her head back down when she took care of that herself.

Jessi repeated this several times, although for how long I was not sure as the only thing of which I was truly aware was the feel of her lips and tongue and mouth and throat as she sucked up and down my full length, inch by inch, always pausing at the top to spend several seconds licking and sucking the tip of me penis with incredible vigor. And her eyes – I was aware of those intense blue eyes that never seemed to waver from mine.

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