A Survey of Sexual DevelopmentA Survey of Sexual Development


A Survey of Sexual Development

The whole thing began with an official letter which came two weeks after my twentieth birthday. It stated that I was chosen for a nationwide “Survey of Sexual Development of Young Males”, and I had to undergo a medical exam on the 20th of August in the local health centre. I have never heard anything like that before but the letter made it obvious that participation in the survey was obligatory – it threatened with a heavy fine if I fail to appear on the given date or if I am not cooperating, and for the second time absentees were to be escorted to the exam by the police.

The letter contained no details about the type of examinations but a “Survey of Sexual Development” sounded absolutely dreadful. This was going to be embarrassing, probably very embarrassing, and I saw no way out of the situation. Our country was far from democratic and ever since the large epidemics of the 2020s, the institutions of public health were quite overbearing. I had no idea how to get more information about this survey, and I definitely did not say a word to my parents or to my friends at the university. Also, I saw no reason why I was chosen. I was an average looking guy without a lot of sexual experiences, although I had a few girlfriends, or to tell the truth, only one serious girlfriend in high school, a few feeble attempts at dating and one quick fling with a classmate at the uni. Not a lot to brag about but I was still young and had more than enough time to catch up with my more successful mates.

There were two things in the letter that made me especially nervous. One was an instruction to refrain from masturbation before the exam for at least two days, and the other was the name of the doctor: Liliana Erdei. A female name. But this seemed totally incredible. A female doctor was surely not entrusted with this type of survey that can be quite intimate and even unpleasant for the subjects. I still hoped that this was some kind of officialism, probably the survey was conducted by Liliana’s private medical venture but obviously by a hired male doctor. I also googled her name, and found a short description about her fields of expertise and a picture. She was a 38-year-old blond woman who looked strict and prim with her round wire-frame glasses.

A week later on the given date I went to the health centre, and showed the letter to the receptionist. He instructed me to go up to the third floor, and find door 303. As I stepped out the elevator, I noticed a printout on the wall with an arrow pointing left: “Survey of Sexual Development”. I followed the directions, and soon arrived to a corridor where three other guys were waiting in front of a door. I was a bit a startled because I supposed to be the only one there, and it was even more awkward that I knew one of the guys. He was my neighbour, Tomi, a guy who was two years older than me, and went to the same high school. We have never been friends, but knew each other for ages, and were sometimes even hanging out together during the long, boring weeks of the summer vacation, having a few beers and helping out each other with gardening chores or mowing the grass on the street in front of our houses.

“Hi, Bence,” he greeted me. “So, you were chosen for this survey too.”

“Yeah, I was. Although I don’t know why or what is this about. It’s strange to meet here,” I said.

“True. It’s fucking strange. A bit awkward,” he answered.

“I thought I will be here alone today,” I said.

“Me too, but it seems that we are four. Anyway, I’m Kende, nice to meet you,” one of the other guys said, extending his hand.

He looked the same age as me but he was much bigger, tall and buff.

The fourth guy was obviously younger, probably not more than 18 and obviously nervous as hell. I think, we were all quite anxious but he looked really frightened, and his face was white. His name was Dani, and as we began to chat, it came out that he was still in high school.

“Do you know anything about this survey?” he asked.

“It’s some kind of medical exam and a questionnaire, I suppose,” Tomi said.

“Yeah, I think so,” said Dani.

“My brother had it a few months ago, and I asked him,” Kende told us. “He said it’s fucking embarrassing. And…”

At this moment the door opened, and a nurse appeared. And she was the hottest nurse I have ever seen in my life or ever imagined, a young brunette, not more than 25, I think, with tits like peaches and the face of an angel.

“Hi, guys. I’m Betti, and I will be your help today. Did you all come for the survey, right? I’m gonna check your papers and your ID, please,” she said.

Her behaviour was nice and polite, but her presence made me even more nervous. We got a female doctor and a female nurse, moreover one who was only a few years older than me, and uncomfortably attractive. If I had to take off my clothes for the exam – and this was very likely -, I definitely not wanted her anywhere near the room.

She escorted us into a waiting room with a circular table, chairs bursa escort and four coat stands. There were papers and pens on the table.

“Sit down comfortably, and please fill out the questionnaire on the table,” she said. „This is a survey about sexual development, and you will see that some of the questions are very personal but please, give fully honest answers. Take your time, we are not in a hurry, and the whole exam can take a long time.”

“What is this all about?” Tomi asked.

“This is a two-part exam with special emphasis on sexual development. Doctor Liliana will give you a physical, so after you finished the questionnaire, please, take off your clothes, and put them on the racks. The second part is a special test which can be a bit embarrassing for you but bear in mind that both doctor Liliana and me are medical professionals who are only doing our job. We didn’t create this survey,” she answered.

Betti left the room, and we remained sitting at the table staring at the questionnaires in front of us.

“Hey, bro, tell us what your brother said. What are the embarrassing parts?” Tomi turned to Kende.

“We are fucked up, man. Imagine the worst that could happen, and it will be two times that. And we are stuck with this hot chick while my brother had a gruff old doctor and a male nurse,” Kende said with a deep sigh.

As we began to fill out the questionnaire, me and Dani tried to ask him again what his brother said, but he remained reluctant to go into further details.

“I don’t know guys, we will soon see for ourselves,” he answered.

The first questions of the survey were about my medical background and previous illnesses but they became more and more personal. There were questions about how and when I had my first sexual experiences, how many partners I had, whether I was straight, bisexual or gay, and what types of sexual behaviours I preferred.

“Whoa, they want to know everything,” Tomi said with a laugh. “Have you ever experienced pain or discomfort during anal stimulation? What kind of people wrote this. Fucking perverts.”

“Hey, bro, are you Ok?” Kende asked Dani who sat there motionless for a few minutes.

“I… I don’t know,” he answered. “Is it lame that I can’t answer these questions?” Dani asked.

“Why, tell them the truth or something close to it,” Kende told him.

“But I can’t. I’m still a… virgin,” Dani said with a low voice.

At the moment he looked so young that I wanted to hug him.

Kende slapped him on the back.

“Fuck it, bro, that’s not lame. You are 18, right? This is OK.”

“Should I tell them?” Dani asked.

“Yeah, why not? And you can skip the other questions,” Kende told him. “And don’t look at me with those innocent blue eyes,” he added jokingly.

A quarter of an hour passed, and we all finished the questionnaire. I had the premonition that this was the easy part. We waited for a few minutes, and then Kende broke the silence.

“Gentlemen, you heard what the babe said. Time to change into the birthday suit.”

“Yeah, I would gladly do that with her. In private,” Tomi added.

“She will remain clothed during the whole time, bro. You won’t.”

“That’s a pity. I would add a few interesting things to this survey with her.”

“Doctor Liliana will be handling your junk today, not her.”

“Fuck off, bro. I was dreaming.”

This banter made the mood lighter, and it was almost easy to take off my clothes, and put them on a cloth stand. But I still left my underwear on, and noticed that all the guys did the same. I was sure that I won’t be allowed to keep it during the whole exam but I supposed that the physicals will be private, and I had no intention to appear buck naked before these guys.

I had seen Tomi a few times half-naked during our summer gardening encounters. He was a good-looking guy with a lithe body, long limbs and a hairy chest and abs. Kende was a very different type: strong and beefy with powerful muscles and very large pecs. He was shorter than me or Tomi, but certainly spent a lot more time in the gym. Dani was still more of a teenager than a grown-up man, lanky and a bit awkward but with the potential of a swimmer’s body. His skin was very white in spite of the summer, while me, Tomi and Kende all had a good tan.

“Bro, are you afraid of the sun?” Kende asked him jokingly.

“I burn easily. Better to be cautious,” he answered.

At that moment, the door opened and Betti appeared.

“Did everybody finish the questionnaire?” she asked. “Very good.” She collected the papers. “I’ll be back in five minutes,” she said, and disappeared again behind the door.

“This chick is hot as hell. If I were his boyfriend, I won’t allow her to do this job,” Tomi said.

“Probably, she’s single,” I replied.

“I should get her number then,” he answered.

“Don’t get too horny, man. It may show.”

“Then she would be impressed.”

“I doubt that. In this job she has seen a lot bigger things.”

“This is bursa escort bayan the beginning of a great friendship, bro. So nice to meet you here under these circumstances,” Tomi told me wryly.

“Hey, Daniel? What about you? Do you like her?” Kende asked Dani who remained silent.

“Definitely,” he said. „She is my type.”

“Oh, so you already have your type.”

“Yeah,” Dani said, and blushed a little bit.

But when Betti reappeared again, she had an unpleasant surprise for us.

“Let’s go, guys, doctor Liliana is waiting,” she said.

“Are we going in together?” Tomi asked.

“Yes, it much more practical,” she answered.

So, this was going to be a group physical without any shreds of privacy.


As we entered the room, doctor Liliana got up from behind her desk. She looked exactly like her photograph.

“Hi, guys, it is nice to meet you,” she said extending her hands. “Some parts of this physical will be familiar to you but others will be new and strange. Don’t be afraid, and cooperate with me even if some of my orders seem unpleasant. Betti is also here to help you, she is a trained nurse with a lot of experience.”

Betti was looking at us inquisitively with a little glimmer in her eyes.

“Who will be the first? Maybe Tamás Köves,” she said, and looked at Tomi.

“Ok, but call me Tomi,” he smiled at her. Betti did not return the smile.

“Please, remove your underwear, Tomi. I know that this may be embarrassing for you, but an important part of this physical will concentrate on your sexual organs.”

As she uttered these words, she looked directly at him, and her gaze went down his body, stopping at his crotch.

“Yeah, of course,” Tomi said but the movement of his hand was slow.

He uncomfortably adjusted his boxers, and finally he lowered them. Now he was standing buck naked in front of the beautiful girl. As I said, Tomi was a good-looking guy but the situation was decidedly unequal. Betti in her white nurse uniform was eyeing him up and down confidently, probably measuring his qualities.

Until now I have never seen my neighbour fully naked. His pubic hair was a thick, untrimmed bush of wiry black hair, his balls were hanging low and his uncut dick was limp and small, almost hidden in the bush.

“Thank you,” Betti said to him. “Please follow me.”

They went to a weighing scale, where the nurse measured his height, weight, blood pressure and also his chest, head and waist circumference. Tomi was also ordered to do a few push-ups, jumping jacks, sit-ups, and to touch the ground with his hands and to show his biceps. In the end Betti made a few photographs of him standing in front of the wall.

When this was over, doctor Liliana asked him to stand in front of her chair and to put his hands behind his head.

Although from my point of view I only saw Tomi’s back, this was obviously a genital check-up that doctor Liliana did herself. Later when I stood in front of her, she did the same thing to me: gingerly hefted my balls, checked them for any lumps or soreness, made me cough during a hernia check, and then she massaged the shaft of my penis and peeled back my foreskin, even touching my frenulum with her finger.

But the next phase of the physical was done in plain view for everybody in the room. Tomi was ordered to lie on all fours on the exam table, with his hairy ass up in the air, and the doctor put a gob of lubricant on her finger. Tomi gasped when the finger entered his body, and then found his sensitive prostate gland. But this was not a quick and simple prostate check, doctor Liliana methodically fingered his ass for a few minutes, and after that her finger was replaced by a shiny metal speculum. Tomi’s tight hole was mercilessly prised open, letting us see the red mucous membrane of his rectum. He was in obvious discomfort, biting his arm and fidgeting.

“Keep calm, please, I know that this unusual for you,” doctor Liliana warned him as she lit his hole with a small flashlight.

When this was over, he was ordered to turn around, and lie on his back on the table with his hands behind his head.

“Betti, do an STD check, you need to practice this,” Liliana said.

The nurse grabbed a cotton swab, and then grasped Tomi’s dick with two fingers, and retracted his foreskin.

“This will be a little painful but do not move your hand towards your genitals under any circumstances,” she told him.

Then she dipped the swab into his peehole very deeply with a hard thrust.

“Arghhh! Uh, fuck, please,” Tomi cried out.

“It’s over. We finished the ordinary physical examination with you. For the second part of the survey a small jab is necessary,” Liliana said. “You can close your eyes, and you will feel a little sting at the root of your penis. That was it. It’s already over. Now you can sit down on the couch, and wait for your friends.”

“Kende, please step forward, and remove your underwear. You are the next,” Betti said.

One by one we all had escort bursa our physical in the same way, Dani being the last in the line. His situation was even worse because his dick became semi-hard from all the attention, and his face was bright red from the embarrassment from the first moment.

When the whole thing was over, Liliana stopped in front us.

“I can assure you that there is no reason to be ashamed of healthy bodily functions especially in front of qualified medical personnel who have seen a lot,” Liliana said. “I see Tomi, that you are trying to hide an erection. This is unnecessary. The arousal is caused by the Trimex shot that you received half an hour ago, it is involuntary and you can’t avert it. Your penis will remain hard for at least an hour, and the same thing will happen to the others in the next ten minutes.”

When I heard these words, I was totally shocked.

“But why?” I asked.

“During the introductory physical the basic health of your sexual organs was checked. For the second part of this survey, we need to check their functions and do some measurements. We need reliable data which is not dependent on psychological factors. That’s why the shots are necessary. So, take your time, wait, and we’ll begin the tests very soon,” she said.

They left the room, and we remained there absolutely dumbfounded.

“This is what your brother told you, right?” I asked Kende.

“Yeah, I hoped it will be different for us because they are women. But it is the same procedure.”

“What’s gonna happen?” Tomi asked.

“They will measure our dicks and then we need to cum. In front of them.”

“I won’t. I will never do that,” Dani said.

“You will. Everybody wants to go home, so you will be jerking off like a good boy and let us finally finish this fucking test,” Kende exclaimed angrily. “You are not the only one who feels shit and fucking humiliated. The MILF fingered my asshole as hard as yours, and the chick was smiling at me when I did jumping jacks with my dick flopping around.”

“Yeah, Dani, don’t be a problem. We want to go home, and you also want to go home. This woman will make you cum anyway. I’m sure that she has a few tools for those who try to resist,” I said.

Dani looked totally defeated.

“I will not cause any problems, guys,” he said in a low voice.

Kende slapped him on the back.

“Thanks, bro. We hate the whole thing as much as you.”

After about ten minutes, Liliana and Betti returned.

“Are you ready, boys?” Betti asked. “Tomi, you should be the first again. Come over, please, and put your hands behind your head. We need to see your erection, and make a few photos.”

Soon Tomi was standing in front of us buck naked again but with a very hard dick pointing towards the ceiling. Obviously, I made some comparisons to myself. His dick seemed longer than mine but it was thin, almost like a pencil. It was straight and hard with a helmet-shaped, pink head.

Betti produced a tape, and grabbed the end of his dick.

“I will do a few quick measurements,” she said.

“The length is 17 cm, longer than average,” she said turning towards Liliana who made notes. “The girth is only 10 cm, not very thick. But this is OK, we have seen every shape and size,” she said reassuringly. “I think yours is very nice,” she added.

“Thanks,” Tomi stammered. His face was red.

“For the last part of this survey we need you to lie on your back on the exam table again, and put your feet in the stirrups.”

She took out something like a small red dildo from the medical cabinet, and put some lube on it.

“What, what is this?” Tomi asked.

“We need you to ejaculate. The small dildo will go up into your rectum, making contact with your prostate. When I plug it in, it will send waves of electricity into your gland. The other electrodes will be fixed on your penis on two points. The electricity is absolutely harmless but it will cause strong, multiple ejaculations until your balls are fully drained,” she explained calmly.

“Hey, my brother had the same exam, and he was allowed to jerk off,” Kende said.

“Oh, please, this is unnecessary. I… I will jerk off if this is what you need but don’t put those things on me,” Tomi pleaded. He was obviously terrified.

“The use of the equipment is mandatory because you will produce a much larger amount of ejaculate than using your hands in the usual way. Don’t be afraid, this will be a great orgasm. Something you’ve probably never experienced,” Betti said, and she gently touched Tomi’s chest. This was a soothing gesture, but her behaviour remained professional.

“Now there is only one thing that you won’t like. This will be a bit unpleasant, sorry. For the sake of measurements, we need every drop of fluid. It will be collected in this glass vial, here. But I need to use a catheter to ensure that nothing goes outside the glass.” Now she had a plastic tube in her hands.

Tomi’s face went white.

“No, please. You can’t push this thing up in my dick.”

“It’s not a large one and I will use a lot of lube,” she said. “Be calm, and close your eyes, it’s easier that way.”

She grabbed his dickhead, put a gob of lube on the opening at its end, and then she slowly pushed the tube up into his peehole.

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