A Surprise Evening Ch. 2A Surprise Evening Ch. 2


I’d love to personally thank all of you who have written to me about my first short story. Many of you have asked if there was more to tell of that evening when I first ventured out to that pub and met my three new friends, Rod, Joe and Larry. Well, of course, as I said in that story, we went into the night enjoying ourselves. After all, with the evening starting so intensely, you wouldn’t have expected the fun to stop there, would you?

After that first delicious encounter we all sat around naked and chatted quietly. The main topic of conversation was, of course, sex. The guys asked if that was the first time I had experienced two cocks in me at the same time and if I had really enjoyed it. I giggled and pretended that I was a little coy about it. I didn’t really want to answer but inside I could still feel the fantastic sensations of Rod and Joe moving independently inside me.

I got up from the settee and looked around the room. I could feel all their eyes on me. It felt kind of exciting having these three strangers studying my naked body and I could tell from their eyes that they were enjoying it just as much as I was.

I would sometimes move close to one or other of them and he would interpret my closeness as an invitation to touch. I pretended to ignore these little familiarities but my insides would be seething at the delicate caress of fingers on my most sensitive places.

I could soon tell that the eroticism of having a naked girl flaunting herself at them was having the desired effect on them as one by one their cocks started to stiffen and thicken. It was a beautiful sight for a horny girl like me to watch these lovely specimens of manhood stretching upwards in preparation for their wicked assaults on my willing body.

Rod was slowly stroking his long thick shaft and I went over to him and knelt between his open thighs.

‘Let me do that.’ I smiled.

He sat back in the chair and allowed my hands to replace his on that most magnificent of cocks. As my fingers moved over it in the most feather-light of touches I felt it jump in response. I watched the velvet skin of it’s head swell and deepen in colour as my finger tips traced around the ridge that separated it from the thick, hard shaft. I allowed a little sigh to escape my lips as I gazed onto the swollen veins that girthed it vine-like and throbbing and I relived the sensation of them caressing the walls of my streaming pussy only a short time earlier.

I gently squeezed the tight sac of his balls and grinned cheekily as I watched a little oily tear of precum ooze from the tiny slit-like eye at its tip.

‘I see that I’m doing the right things.’ I chuckled as I slowly smeared the oily liquid all around the velvety head.

‘Oh! This woman’s fucking amazing.’ Rod gasped. ‘You had better stop or I’ll be coming all over your hand soon.’

‘Don’t be silly.’ I smiled sweetly. ‘You can come whenever and wherever doktor porno you like.

I felt him stiffen in response as I continued to tenderly caress the thick throbbing shaft, smearing the now flowing precum all along it and making it glisten as it became slippery and wet. He was now struggling against his body’s need to come, tensing himself as he fought manfully with his natural urges.

But I was enjoying being in control of this situation. I was mercilessly teasing his nerve endings to their limits. He wanted to show his friends that he was able to resist the inevitable orgasm, but I was having none of that as my finger moved sensuously over his lovely jerking penis.

Suddenly he gave a cry out and I moved quickly, pushing his swollen manhood deep into the cleavage between my ample breasts and pressed the sides in to squeeze them around him. He flung his arms around my shoulders and pressed me to him as he thrust uncontrollably into my warm cleavage. I felt the hot wet fluid of his cum flooding over my breasts and upper chest.

‘Oh yessss!’ I cooed, encouraging him to thrust even harder. ‘That’s it, Lover. Fuck my babies with your big hard cock.’

I was suddenly aware of the musky smell of hot, fresh semen and my head started to spin. Rod gradually released his grip on me and sank back into the chair, his cock, drenched with his own emissions and still erect, but without the powerful hardness that comes with intense arousal.

I got to my feet and turned to face the others. Their eyes stared in excitement as I slowly and deliberately massaged the creamy cum into my breasts, my nipples standing erect and aching. Just a glance at my smooth pubic mound would have betrayed the level of arousal that I was experiencing. The lips were pouting wetly as they anticipated another delicious assault on their feminine vulnerability.

Joe was the first to get to his feet and move over to me. As we kissed I wrapped my arms around his neck and felt by breast fill his hand before he squeezed my nipple between his thumb and forefinger, sending a delicious confusion of pain and pleasure all over my tingling body.

‘Are you ready to fuck some more?’ He growled.

‘Yes, yes!’ I panted before he had managed to completely utter the question.

I felt my body begin to shake with anticipation as Larry joined us and pressed his body against my back, licking and biting my ear. I could feel his strong erection standing upright in the cleavage between the cheeks of my bottom. Joe had eased his own penis between my thighs and the shaft was slowly caressing the wet lips of my pussy as he moved his hips teasingly.

I sighed in surrender as I realised that my moments of being in control were over. These gorgeous guys were going to take their manly lust out on me and all I wanted was to participate in the fantastically erotic sensations that would be involved.

‘Get ensest porno down on the floor, Larry.’ Joe hissed through clenched teeth. ‘You can have her cunt. I’m going to fuck that lovely tight ass again.’

I watched Larry lower himself to the carpet and beckon me to join him. I climbed astride his thighs and gripping his hard, throbbing cock, guided it to my streaming pussy lips. It felt wonderful as inch by inch of that beautiful, thick truncheon of male flesh, slithered deeper and deeper into my tingling recesses. I could hear my cries of pleasure pierce the back of my mind as Larry slowly moved inside me, rocking his hips deliciously and sending my senses into a turmoil.

Suddenly I felt a sharp sting on my bottom and a strong hand press my upper body down onto Larry.

‘Come on bitch. Lift your ass for me.’

I felt the weight of Joe’s body suddenly on top of me and his oil covered cock suddenly pressing against the little hole of my ass. Again the sharp sting of his hand slapping my poor unprotected bottom. I squealed with pain and pleasure and the sudden distraction must have allowed me to relax the muscles of my ass, because with a sudden thrust, Joe was once again inside me.

Both men were now thrusting wildly into me. I slipped into a string of orgasms as my body surrendered to the amazing sensations flowing through it. Their cocks felt huge as we squirmed and writhed together. They growled and swore with crazy abandon as they fucked me mercilessly. I was unable to control my own vocabulary and I heard myself using the foulest of language as I urged them on in their lusty recklessness.

I felt Larry suddenly stiffen as he struggled to hold back his approaching orgasm.

‘Keep still for a moment Joe.’ He gasped. ‘I can feel you moving against my dick.’

But Joe was having none of it. He continued to thrust into me, much to my own delight. I looked into Larry’s face, which was contorted with both lust and his fight to hold his orgasm back.

‘Come on sweetie.’ I hissed. ‘Let it happen. I want to feel your lovely cum splashing into my hot cunt.’

That was too much for him and with a roar his body stiffened and he thrust hard and deep into me and I felt the sudden surge of his hot jism flooding my insides. It was enough to once again send me over the edge into another searing climax, its intensity heightened by Joe’s relentless pumping of my ass, like the piston of a huge engine.

I was only half conscious when Joe finally surrendered to his own orgasm. He pulled out of me at the last moment and turning over quickly caressed his angry cock and squirted gush after gush of creamy cum all over me. I lay back and massaged it into my body, enjoying the hot depravity of being taken so willingly by three lusty strangers.

I remained awake on the carpet as Larry and Joe collapsed onto the settee and slipped into a light erotik porno sleep. Rod meanwhile had been watching us and stood up and came over to me. He reached out his hand and helped me to my feet. I stood there a little unsteadily as he pulled me to him and kissed me tenderly on my lips.

‘Would you like to get cleaned up?’ He asked when our mouths finally parted.

I nodded sleepily.

He took my hand and led me to the stairs and up to the first floor. The shower was en suite and we had to walk through the huge bedroom to reach it. The bed was massive and looked extremely inviting as we passed it by.

I stood beside him with my head resting on his shoulder as he adjusted the flow of the shower, then we both stepped into the hot stream. We soaped each other’s body taking every opportunity to kiss and sensuously caress as we cleaned the sweat and cum from our earlier exertions. It felt beautiful as the hot water streamed over our bodies, until we were relaxed and sleepy. Rod eased me around so that my back was against the solid wall at the back of the shower then he leaned against me and kissed me softly. I wrapped my arms around his neck and returned the tenderness, feeling his long tongue exploring my mouth.

His hands explored my body as we stood there and I made no protest when he lifted my leg to hook it around his hip before guiding his now-erect cock into my tender pussy. We stood there for an age, moving slowly and sensuously as his huge erection filled me deliciously, his kisses and caresses burning into my consciousness.

I just wanted that moment to go on forever, but gradually natural lust began to take over and Rod became more and more aggressive as he thrust into me. It was his own orgasm that finally pushed me over the edge and we both ground into each other, panting and moaning as wave after wave of ecstasy overtook us.

I was vaguely aware of being carried from the shower in Rod’s arms and being lowered onto his huge bed. I felt my body being dried tenderly but it was a couple of hours later that I awoke inside the bed and in Rod’s arms. He told me that the others had gone and wanted to know if I would stay the rest of the night with him.

I said that I needed to get home to prepare myself for work the next day. We kissed and played with each other’s bodies a little before it seemed the most natural thing in the world to part my thighs while Rod climbed between them and slip once again into my willing pussy. His slow but intense thrusts quickly raised my excitement again and we made wild love using all the positions and techniques we knew. He had no difficulty controlling his orgasm this time and it was my turn to be manipulated as climax after climax racked my aching body.

When he finally relented and allowed me the delicious pleasure of feeling his spurting juices flooding my insides, I was riding his lap, with his back against the headboard. We were kissing hotly and my breasts were receiving the most delicious attention from his expert fingers.

After resting for a short time, we finally dressed and he drove me home, promising to ring me for a further date. So far he has not done so, but that was only a week or so ago.

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