A Sunday DiversionA Sunday Diversion


Sundays are our favorite day of the week. All the work is done and there is nothing left to do but relax and indulge.

On this particular Sunday, we start off like we normally do. I select a porno from our extensive library. A hot couple come on the screen. The actors are naturally gorgeous and very… healthy. Seeing hard bodies getting it on will always start to get us worked up. And we are definitely worked up.

My partner is lying on the bed relaxing comfortably. He is of average build and quite attractive. Wisps of light blonde hair cover his arms and legs as he lays on his back idly stroking his cock. He has drawn up his legs with his feet flat on the bed. With his legs apart, I have the perfect view as I kneel between them. His cock and ass are right in front of me.

His cock is a sight to behold. Its about 7 inches when hard (which it always seems to be). His cock is perfectly straight and standing at attention like a flesh colored oak tree. He’s not circumcised. He has a foreskin that almanbahis şikayet wraps tightly around his head as he strokes. However, his foreskin never covers the entire head. There is always his pee slit showing. And like know, its always oozing pre-cum. I could stare at that shimmering cock head all day.

With him on his back, his lightly strokes his cock. At this point, we have a favorite act we like to try. He knows what’s coming. Frankly, I like giving it.

I start by kneeling down, slowly moving towards his sack. His balls always feel great and I usually start with a combination of licking and rubbing his full sack over my face. This is usually good for a moan or two which fuels my fire further. As I lick, I cup each cheek in my hands and slowly open his asshole. I try to move slowly, but in reality, I’m probably moving around like a jack rabbit.

My tongue travels down from his sack to his puckered asshole. I let just the tip of my tongue swirl around the opening. I want to savior almanbahis canlı casino each wrinkle and fold of his asshole. I pick up the pace. My light flicking turns into a full scale anal tongue assault. His moans have picked up and I’m horny beyond belief. I’m sure that if I kept going, one of us would cum on the spot. However, this is just the beginning.

I sit up and reach for the bottle of lube that is always handy. I pour a nice big dollop of lube into my right hand and start to coat both hands. Its sort of like I’m some evil genius wringing my hands except with lube. You don’t see that in the theaters.

He starts to pick up the pace as he jerks his cock. His butt starts to lift off the bed ever so slightly in anticipation. With my left hand rubbing his balls, I insert one finger into his ass. Now, he’s making noise. I curl the finger around so that its massaging his prostate. I know that he’s close know. But, I’m not done yet.

I slowly move my finger in and out of his asshole. almanbahis casino All the way in and all the way out. His sphincter grabs at my fingers like its trying to suck them in. I switch from one to two fingers. Two to three fingers. Three to four fingers. Its time for the grand finale.

I pull my fingers out of his ass. I cup my fingers together so that all the fingers come to a point with my thumb tucked in. I start to ease them into his ass. I go slow because I know that’s how he likes it. I push them in further. And further. My first set of knuckles disappear into him. His asshole is starting to reach capacity but I push on. I reach my second set of knuckles. I stop to make sure all is okay.

His moans are now incoherent groans, mumbles and probably English of some sort. He is going to come. I finally push my hand past my knuckles and into his ass. His asshole swallows my hand like a hungry mouth that just wants more. That did it. He’s cumming.

With my free hand, I try to grab as much of his cum as possible. He’s shooting two…three…four milky white streams. With his cum in my hand, I pull my right hand out slowly. As a finale to his great orgasm, I rub his cum all over his cock, balls and ass. He is truly spent. However, I’m just getting started.

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