A Smile That Can Make Panties Drop 6A Smile That Can Make Panties Drop 6


‘I can’t believe I just did that. I don’t know what you’ve done to me, David, but I was never this dirty before I met you.”I don’t think you’re dirty.’Sammi raised her eyebrows. ‘Really? Because I just jerked you off into my mouth so that you could watch yourself cum. I don’t know what my mom would think about all this.’David put his arms around her and pulled her close to him. ‘Maybe we just don’t tell her,’ he said, kissing her wet hair. Sammi nodded, burying her face in her boss’ shoulder. She shivered.’Are you getting cold?”Yeah, I’m starting to.”C’mon then, let’s get back and warm up.’ David said, crouching to pick up their clothes. ‘I’ve got the keys this time.’ Sammi laughed, holding her arms across her bare breasts and crossing her legs as she watched him. ‘How far is it?’ Sammi asked, her teeth starting to chatter.’Not far, we’ll cut through those trees and that should bring us to the back of the cottage.”Is it up that hill?’ David nodded and she sighed. ‘Are you okay?”I’m so tired,’ she replied, looking sad and exhausted. David turned, handing her the pile of their soaked clothing and for a moment Sammi thought he was annoyed at her, but then he was sweeping her up in his arms. She let out a yelp of surprise as she was lifted. ‘David, you don’t have to carry me,’ she said in a small, tired voice.’Thank you,’ she said, pressing her face into his neck. Already she could feel sleep beckoning her.’You’re welcome, baby.’ Sammi’s eyes fluttered but she kept them closed, not wanting to disturb the level of comfort she was feeling. Where am I? Why do I feel so comfortable and why am I so warm? And why can I hear the rain but I’m not getting wet? She opened one eye a crack. Above her was a ceiling fan and she appeared to be surrounded by something that looked like snow. Opening her other eye, she realized that the snow was the hood of the thick white dressing gown in which she was wrapped. Looking around, she saw she was on the king-size bed in David’s room. To her left, the sound that she’d thought to be rain was the shower from his ensuite bathroom. She looked down inside the dressing gown – she was still naked, but on her feet were a pair of men’s sweat socks scrunched around her ankles.Wow, I fall asleep a lot! He must think there’s something wrong with me, like I have that – what’s that condition called when you fall asleep – oh shut up, Sammi, why do you care? Narcolepsy. That’s it.From the bathroom, the sound of the shower stopped. She looked over and David walked out, a towel around his waist as he dried his hair with another, skin stretched over hard muscle. ‘Hey, beautiful.’ ‘I fell asleep again, didn’t I?’David nodded, smiling.’While you were carrying me?’He nodded again as he reached the bed and sat down. He moved the hood of the robe that was covering half her face.’I’m sorry.”Don’t be. It was nice.”Did you put me in this robe?”Uh-huh. You were cold so I wrapped you in it to keep you warm.”And the socks?”Your feet were cold. Sorry they’re too big.”You know that you’re probably not getting these back.”I’m not?”Uh-uh, that’s what girls do. We steal hoodies and socks. And occasionally boxers if they’re comfortable.”Good to know.’ David stood and Sammi watched as he pulled the towel from around his waist, tossing it back into the bathroom.Oh my, he’s hot. I really want to have sex with him again, but I’m not sure if I can move. And my coochie feels like she is – she tried to think of a synonym but her brain was too tired – has had a lot more sex than she’s used to with a super hot guy with a big dick.Reaching over, David pulled back the sheets. ‘Climb in,’ he said softly, and Sammi slipped out of the robe and under the covers, her boss’ hot boss climbing in beside her. In the darkness, she felt him move closer to her and she turned on her side. David curled up behind her, one arm moving over, cupping her breast and she held him there, and the last thing she felt before she drifted back to sleep was the warmth of David’s body against her back. The bird outside the window gently tugged Sammi from her sleep, but unlike the previous morning, she knew exactly where she was. Behind her, David’s soft breathing made her feel comfortable and safe, which was something new for her, having suffered most of her life from bad dreams which often woke her in a cold sweat. But this morning she felt well-rested and content.He slept all night holding my boob. How cute is that? And if I’m not mistaken, that is a semi-erect penis pressing against my butt cheeks. Oh, my. Last night. Oh Sammi, what have you become?. It’s okay, Sammi, these are extenuating circumstances – you’re away at a romantic location and he’s super hot. It’s all okay…oh, and you told him that you would let him watch you masturbate.  Wait, he probably won’t even remember that. What are you talking about? Of course he’ll remember THAT.’Good morning, beautiful.’She froze hoping that she hadn’t been saying her thoughts out loud, but then she smiled as she felt David kiss her shoulder.  ‘Good morning, handsome.’ Good job.David smiled, pulling her closer, kissing her mouth. She sighed as their lips touched and she felt him stiffen against her stomach.’I really want to,’ she whispered.’So do I.”But I can’t.’David’s eyes opened and he looked at her, concern on his face. ‘Are you okay?”Uh-huh,’ she replied shyly.’No, tell me. What’s wrong?”Nothing’s wrong.”Are you sure? Did I do something last night?”No.”Have you changed your mind?’Sammi’s eyes grew wide. ‘No! I’m having a wonderful time with you.”Then what -?”I need to use the bathroom.’David’s face relaxed and he rolled onto his back, laughing.’I’m sorry. I was embarrassed.’David just smiled at her. Pulling back the covers, Sammi slipped out of the bed and headed towards the door wearing only David’s sweat socks.’Where are you going?”To the bathroom.”But it’s right there.’Sammi looked at him with a shocked expression. ‘I’m going to MY bathroom. I’m not going to let you hear me pee! And yes, I get the irony given what we’ve done this weekend, but there are some things a girl keeps to herself. So if you hear a lot of taps running, please ignore them.’ When Sammi walked back into David’s room, he was looking at his phone. Putting it down, he looked up at her. She was still wearing his socks and had put on a pair of blue panties and a tank top.’Did I tell you that you’re beautiful?’ Sammi bahis siteleri smiled shyly. ‘I don’t do well with compliments.”Well, maybe you should get used to it. Are you coming back to bed?”Don’t we have to be over at the hotel for day two?”We have about an hour before we need to head over there.’Sammi smiled, crawling up onto the bed. Suddenly David grabbed her, nuzzling into her neck and rolling her over. She squealed, her arms and legs flailing, her blonde hair falling over her face as she rolled onto her back. Sitting astride her, David looked down, his strong hands pinning her wrists next to her head. Sammi straightened her face, looking up at him, blowing a strand of hair out of her face.’So I guess you think you’re pretty clever now, huh?’ she said, looking up at him. David remained silent. ‘So, what now?’ she asked, trying to sound defiant.David didn’t speak, moving her hands down to her sides, sliding down. Sammi’s eyes fluttered as she felt him moving down and she instinctively opened her legs. David moved further down and her eyes closed, waiting for his mouth to reach the clean, blue cotton of her panties. But he stopped where the bottom of her tank met her underwear. Sammi felt her stomach flip. She felt him push up her tank top, exposing the tender flesh of her belly.’Urgh! What did you just do?’ Sammi cried, her eyes snapping open.Looking up at her, David still had his tongue in her belly button, a grin on his face.’What the hell! Why did you lick my belly button, you weirdo!’David burst into laughter, releasing her hands and rolling onto his back. Sammi grabbed the hem of her tank top, rubbing at her wet belly button. ‘You’re such a jerk. I thought you were going to, ‘y’know, go down – there and give me a, – well y’know, and instead you licked my belly button.’ David was still laughing as she looked over at him. ‘I don’t know why you’re laughing,’ Sammi said, trying to look annoyed.’Are you mad?’Sammi folder her arms. ‘No, I’m not mad. I’m just disappointed.’David’s smile stretched wider at her attempt to be serious.’Don’t smile. You’ve let me down, you’ve let your company down. But most of all, you’ve let yourself down.”Wow, you sounded like my high school teacher.’Sammi raised an eyebrow. ‘Oh, is that a fantasy of yours? You and a sexy teacher? Because after that little stunt, all your fantasy coming true- making fantasies come – fantasy-making – oh crap, I won’t be getting involved in any of your fantasies.’David tried to look contrite.’Yes, I should think you would look ashamed. I did not care for that.’Noticing David’s gaze drop, she looked down to where her folded arms had pushed her breasts up to the top of her tank. She huffed, dropping her arms. ‘Men and boobs – you’re all so sad.’The room fell silent and Sammi struggled not to laugh. David reached over and touched her leg. She raised her eyebrows again, looking over at him.’How long before you forgive me?”Oh, it’s going to be a while yet.”Really? What can I do to reduce the punishment?”Ah, I see we’re back to the teacher fantasy.”No, I never really fantasied about my teachers.”Oh I see! You would rather you were the teacher and I was the schoolgirl. Well, that’s just sick, if you think I’m dressing up as a schoolgirl just to indulge your weird fetish, well, you can think again – ‘David’s phone rang.Dammit! I was just getting into that. Stupid phone calls.’Can you just hold that thought while I get this? Then you can get right back into tearing me a new one.’Sammi’s facade broke and she giggled, putting her hand to her mouth when she realized he had already answered the call. ‘Have they canceled today’s talks?’ she asked as David finished the call. ‘Can we spend the whole day together on this big bed?”Unfortunately, no. He was just saying that the guest speaker is running late so his talk will probably go on longer this afternoon.”Oh, man! Are you freakin’ kidding me?’ David burst out laughing and Sammi continued, spurred on by his reaction.’I mean, no offense, I know it’s your company and all, but the only talk I’ve enjoyed this weekend was yours, and that was because I was trying to picture you naked in front of that freakin’ projector.’ David’s shoulders shook at her ranting. ‘Don’t get me wrong, and please don’t fire me, but the guys that do the talks are SO boring! I was like “kill me now”. I could literally see people’s eyes rolling back in their heads. I’m pretty sure at one point I snorted and woke myself up.’David held up his hand in an attempt to stop her, the other holding his stomach as he laughed. ‘I know!’ he said between gasps. We’ve been doing these seminars for a few years and after the second year I pretty much stopped attending the talks, I usually just go hiking. I only keep them going because it makes the guys doing the talks feel good.’Sammi looked up at him, aghast, and then she joined him in fits of laughter.’Sammi, that was so funny. You were just so angry.’ Her head was on his shoulder and he was holding close.’I’m sorry, it’s just that the thought of spending any longer than I needed to in that freakin’ conference room made my soul ache. Knowing that I was going to be there instead of here with you.”But I’d have been there with you.”It’s not the same. Here we can be like this, there we have to be boss and employee.’ She stopped, wishing she hadn’t said the last part. ‘I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. ‘There’s nothing to apologize for,’ David said, pulling her closer. ‘Sammi, I’m crazy about you.”You are? I mean, I know you said that yesterday, but I just figured that was something you were saying because I’d embarrassed myself and you wanted to have sex again.”No, I said it because I am.’ Sammi’s eyes twinkled and her lips broke into a smile. ‘I am too.’David’s kiss was as tender as the others he’d given her that weekend, but this one held something more. ‘How do I look?’ Sammi asked, stepping from her room. She wore a light summer skirt that came to just above her knees and a white t-shirt with capped sleeves that showed off her toned arms and shoulders. On her feet, she wore the strappy sandals from the previous evening, which she was pleased to note had dried out in his wet room where David had put them while she slept.’You look perfect,’ David said, taking her in. ‘Are you wearing panties?’Sammi looked at him in surprise. ‘Of course I’m wearing panties. Why wouldn’t I be?’David canlı bahis siteleri shrugged. ‘I just thought it would be hot knowing that you weren’t wearing any panties.’She stared at him for a moment, then, dropping her purse, she reached under her skirt, pulling her pink lace panties down and stepping out of them, tossing them back into her room. ‘They matched my bra too,’ she said sadly. When David went to speak, she held up her finger. ‘No. I am not taking off my bra too, because I know exactly what you’d do, you’d start sexting me trying to see if you could get my nipples to poke through my shirt. I’m on to you, mister.’David shrugged. ‘Worth a shot. It’ll still be hot knowing that you’re going commando. But I am going to sext you to try to get that pretty little pussy of yours wet.’Sammi’s mouth dropped open, but before she could speak, he was walking past her to the front door. She looked back into her room, considering grabbing her panties from the floor, but before she could, David reached back through the door, took her hand and pulled her out of the cottage. The conference room was already half full when they arrived. Sammi walked in first, David a few moments later, an executive at his side who was talking quickly. But David was only half-listening, his main focus on the pretty blonde in front of him. He always enjoyed watching Sammi when she was unaware, but knowing that she was no longer wearing panties made her even more irresistible, and he was sure that her lack of underwear was causing the thin material of her skirt to cling to her buttocks as she walked.’How was your early night?’ Karen asked as Sammi approached the group of girls. She wasn’t a good liar, pausing, trying to remember what she had told them she was doing so as not to say anything that would imply that she and their boss had spent the evening having sex in the woods.’Yeah, it was just what I needed after yesterday. I read a few pages and then I was out like a light.”Have you seen Mr. Hinch this morning?’ Dove said, peering over Sammi’s shoulder at David. ‘He looks good in that tan suit and blue shirt. No tie though, very casual for him.’Sammi turned to look but didn’t make a comment.’Did you see him last night?’ Dove asked. ‘We saw him in the bar for a bit but then he disappeared.Sammi shook her head slowly as if considering the question. ‘No, not really, he’s pretty much on his phone or in his room on his computer.”Looking at porn, I bet,’ said Dove, eyeing him again. ‘Or on Skype with some blonde bimbo – no offense – who gets naked and plays with herself for him.”Wow!’ Karen exclaimed, taking a step back from her friend. ‘That was a very specific thought. It sounds like you’ve been thinking about that for a while.’They laughed and Sammi tried to join in but she found it difficult, the thought of David with another woman. From inside her purse, Sammi heard her phone ping with a text message, and she almost turned to look over at David to see if he was staring at her.Hey beautiful. So are you wearing any panties under that cute little skirt?She stifled a smile.You know I’m not. You saw me take them off before we left.Hmm, I’m not sure I remember that.Really? Well then I think I should be offended because watching me take them off obviously wasn’t very memorable for you.Well, how about you jog my memory…And how would I do THAT?Hmm, let me think – I know, why don’t you go to the bathroom and send me a picture…How would me sending you a selfie prove what I might or might not be wearing under my skirt.I don’t want a selfie…And what if I say ‘no’? She stole a glance at David as he read her text, and saw that he was struggling with a reply. She quickly typed again.What I mean is, are you saying that if I DON’T send you a photo from under my skirt that my position at the company might be in jeopardy…?David smiled.Well, I would certainly have to re-think your future with us…Well then I guess I’d better do as I’m told…Do you ALWAYS do as you’re told?Depends on who is doing the telling.I bet you were a good girl at school, weren’t you. I bet you never got into trouble or got detention.And what’s so bad about that? Or do you like naughty girls?She looked over again at David but he had been caught in conversation by a little man who looked very concerned about something. Taking a look around, she decided that there were still more people to arrive, so she had some time. ‘I’m jgoing to the bathroom,’ she said, suddenly feeling nervous. She turned towards the exit when she felt a hand on her arm.’I’ll come with you.’ It was Dove. ‘I hate walking back into a busy room on my own.’Sammi sighed – Well, this is going to make taking a coochie shot more difficult. Wait, did he want a coochie shot, or a butt cheek pic? No, definitely coochie – and maybe a butt one too.The bathrooms were as plush as the rest of the hotel, and Sammi was relieved to see that there was no one else in there when they walked through the door.Hmm, now how am I going to do this? I mean, the stall seems to offer the right amount of privacy, but the mirror would make for an easier pic, but I can’t really do that with Dove here. I wish Kacey were here, I bet she sends guys dirty pics all the time, she’d know how to do it.Walking into one of the stalls, she locked the door, trying to decide if she actually needed to pee or if she was just going to take the photo. Lifting her skirt, she reached for her panties – What are you doing, you dumbass? You’re not wearing any – you slut. She giggled to herself. Hanging her purse on the back of the door, she took out her phone and tapped on the camera. Then lifting her skirt, she tried to angle the lens to get a good shot of her small, waxed pussy.Now, do I put my finger in there like I’m touching myself, or not? Maybe not. What about the angle? One foot on the toilet? No, that would look a little too “porn”. What about using the timer? That could work.Putting her purse on the floor, she set the camera timer for five seconds, leant her phone against the purse and stepped back. On the screen she could see herself as she got into position, lifting her skirt until her pink cleft was visible between her thighs.”Click”Picking up the phone, she inspected the photo – Welp, never done THAT before. It looks pretty good though. I mean, it’s not the first time I’ve looked at my own coochie but this is something new. Now, am canlı bahis I going to do a butt shot too? Sure, why not.She put the phone back into position and turned. Not realizing how close she was to the toilet, she caught her foot on the base, lost her balance and fell against the wall, her forehead making a thud on the partition just as the click sounded.’You okay in there?’ Dove asked from the next stall.’Yeah,’ Sammi replied, dejectedly, rubbing her head.’What did you do?”Banged my head on the wall.’There was a pause from the other stall. ‘How?’Sammi sighed. ‘Because I’m clumsy.’She bent to pick up her phone and inspected the second photo. Despite her accident, the picture had come out pretty well – she’d still been holding her skirt when she’d tripped but it had dropped just enough so that it caught the smooth round underside of her buttocks. She nodded, pleasantly surprised. As far as impromptu ass shots go, that one isn’t bad.’You ready, Samms?’ Quickly dropping her phone into her purse and hitting the flush, Sammi left the stall, washed her hands and they headed out the door. Walking back into the conference room, Sammi saw David straight away – he had looked up as soon as they had walked in, a half-smile just for her creasing the corners of his mouth. The room was full and everyone was starting to take their seats. Karen and Colby were sat in the middle of a row and had saved seats for her and Dove. Sammi let Dove enter the row first, very aware that she was sidling past seated colleagues with only the thin fabric of her summer skirt between their faces and her nakedness.Whatever you do, Sammi Marlin, do NOT fall over!David was standing at the front of the room next to the projector, still talking to the little worried man. He looked over at Sammi and gave her a quick “well?” look. She smiled to herself, finding that despite being nervous, she wanted to send the photos as much as David appeared to want to receive them. She reached into her purse, found her camera roll on her phone and quickly sent the two photos. As soon as they’d gone, she looked over at David – for a moment, she didn’t think they’d sent, but then she saw him take his phone from his pocket. Making an excuse to the little man, he stepped away before looking at the screen. Sammi watched as he blew out his cheeks and nodded appreciatively before sending a text.I think I have my new screen saver.Which one?Both – I’m going to edit them together. Fuck, you are such a sexy little thing Sammi. Do you want some good news?Always.Today’s speaker hasn’t been able to make it so I’ve told them to give everyone the rest of the day off – so I’ll see you in bed in about twenty minutes…?Sammi found that she instinctively crossed her legs at the thought of spending the day in bed with her hot boss.Fan-fucking-tastic!Right? I’ll follow you back over. I’ve got a short piece of work to do when we get back and then I’m all yours.Can’t wait.Me either.’Uh, ladies and gentlemen,’ the little worried man said, stepping forward. ‘Unfortunately, our guest speaker for today has been called away and so will be unable to attend. So David has said that we should all take the rest of the day off. The hotel have put on food and drinks, so please, everyone enjoy yourselves and, of course, you are welcome to spend tonight here as previously planned.”Now that sounds like an invitation to do some day drinkin’,’ Karen said, flashing her eyes wide.’I’m there,’ said Dove.’Totally,’ Colby added, nodding.Karen looked at Sammi. ‘You in, girl?’ Sammi felt flustered; she didn’t like to keep letting her friends down, given that she didn’t have that many, but there was no way she was going to turn down the chance to spend the day with David. ‘I’m sorry, I’m just not really much of a drinker.”Then you can drink water and watch us as we tie one on,’ Dove said, tugging at Sammi’s sleeve. Sammi smiled; she liked the girls but there was no question about what she wanted to do.’No, I’m going to take a rain check,’ she said. ‘I have some work I need to catch up on before next week, so I think I’ll head back to the cottage and try to get some sleep before I look at my project.’Karen looked at her sadly, but knew that Sammi wasn’t a party girl like them. ‘Okay, honey,’ she said and smiled.’Just call us if you change your mind,’ Colby said, hugging her. She watched as the three of them headed towards the bar, the room emptying around her. Then she turned and headed out the patio doors which led to the side of the hotel and then down over the grass to the cottage. The air conditioning felt good as David walked through the front door of the cottage. He half expected to see Sammi in the hallway or kitchen but there was no sign of her. He knocked on her bedroom door. No answer. Confused but figuring she was chatting to her friends, he walked into his bedroom and over to the desk and office chair in the corner. He lifted the screen on his laptop and sat down, reaching to loosen his tie before remembering that he wasn’t wearing one. He looked to where he had left it hanging on the back of his door but it wasn’t there. He frowned, sure that he’d left the navy blue tie with red diagonal stripes hanging there that morning. He shook his head and went back to his laptop. David had been working for about five minutes when he heard a knock at his door. He assumed it was Sammi, unsure as to why she was knocking.’Hello?’ He watched as the door opened slowly inwards. For a moment, no one came in, and then Sammi’s pretty face looked around the door at him.Great, he’s at his desk. That makes this even better.David frowned a little; the face peeking around the door at him was Sammi’s but she looked different. She was again wearing the dark, thick-framed glasses she’d been wearing the day before when she walked in naked, but this time she wore thick red lipstick and a worried look on her face.’Sammi?’Okay, girl, you’re all in – go!’Uh, I’m not sure I’m in the right room,’ she said, stepping in slowly.It was then that David realized she was wearing a white button-down shirt, tied up to reveal her flat stomach, a black pencil skirt rolled at the waist so that it came to the tops of her thighs, his long white sweat socks pulled up over her knees and a pair of low black Converse Chuck Taylors on her feet. His missing tie was tied loosely around her neck; under the shirt he could see a black push-up bra that accentuated her cleavage in the gap where she had left buttons undone. Her wavy blonde hair was pulled up into a high ponytail and in her arms she was carrying a folder, a legal pad and a book with a pen and pencil balanced on top.

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