A Simple Favour Ch. 04: Erotic WeekendA Simple Favour Ch. 04: Erotic Weekend

Ball Licking

Grace and Roger’s have an erotic friday night fuck session.

(This is a work of fiction meant for mature audiences. All the characters are above 18.)

It was Thursday night 2 pm and Grace sat in her hall waiting for Bobby. As usual he sneaked in and started to walk towards the guest bedroom but stood like a deer in headlights when Grace switched on the lights.

Grace spoke ” Good Morning Bobby. We need to speak about my hymen.”

Bobby spluttered in shock and started speaking, “it’s not my fault.”

Grace raised her hand and stopped him, “I went to my gyno and she said it is too hard for a penis to break.”

At this Bobby breathed free and relaxed. Grace continued, ” But as you know my father, if he come to know that you can’t take my virginity, he will blow a fuse.”

Booby became tense again and nodded.

“So, I will travel to Florida this weekend and get the procedure by a discreet doctor. I have informed my father that I will be staying with your sister this weekend. So, I need you to confirm my story and keep this a secret from my father.”

Bobby nodded eagerly and hastened to the guestroom. Grace went back into the master suit grinning like a Cheshire cat and closed the door.

On Friday morning Grace woke up when her phone started ringing. She answered sleepily but was instantly awake when she heard Roger’s voice on the other end.

“Are you still in bed darling? Send me a picture.” Roger commanded.

Grace immediately snapped a selfie, her hair was adorably moussed, her face make up free, her ample breasts spilling over the deep neckline of her white nightie and her nipples pushing against the think silky material.

Immediately Roger called back. His voice hoarse, “I wish I was there to rip your nightdress and squeeze your twins and lick your Rosy nipples.”

Now clearly aroused, Rose replied “You can tonight.”

Roger sounded ecstatic “Don’t pack any clothes, you won’t need them.” And cut the call as she scolded him adorably.

Soon Grace was up as she had a busy day ahead. She wanted to look good for Roger.

First she went to Victoria’s secret and bought a pair of daringly brief bra and panty sets along with a couple of baby doll lingerie.

Then she went to the salon and got a nice blowout and a facial. Then she went for a full body massage. The beautician asked if she would like a Brazilian wax, Grace shook her head in the negative remembering how much Roger loved her curls down south.

By Friday 6 pm she had packed her lingerie in a spacious handbag so as to not arouse suspicion and walked out of the lobby and took a cab to Roger’s apartment in discreet part of the town.

Once she reached, she confidently walked across the deserted lobby and took the private elevator up to Roger’s apartment.

In the foyer she could see a huge bouquet of red roses and a bottle of champagne on ice. His staff must have left it before going.

She called Roger, he received her call and groaned in frustration,” So sorry love my meeting is running a bit late. Make yourself comfortable. There is a Jacuzzi on the terrace. I will join you soon.”

Grace was so disappointed – “Men and their blasted meetings” she cursed loudly. She no longer felt like dressing in sexy lingerie and surprising Roger.

She did not even want to look around the house. She dropped her handbag on the sofa and moved out to the terrace.

The Jacuzzi was set on the terrace almanbahis that overlooked the city skyline. The air was cold out here and the hot water swirling in the Jacuzzi seemed welcome.

Grace removed her dress and dropped it by the door. She stepped into the Jacuzzi wearing her new bra – a shocking red strapless number with a clamp in the front. Similar to the one she wore at Matt’s meeting but this one fit better. It made her breasts look full and swell without being vulgar. The panties were Lacy things with ties by the side.

Soon the Jacuzzi relaxed her and she rested her head to the side, closed her eyes and as the Jets streamed at her crotch, she dozed.

Grace woke up with a start when she felt someone’s eyes on her and was gratified to see Roger standing at the foot of the Jacuzzi in his pants and shirt, hands pushed into pockets and beginnings of his erection pushing against his crotch.

Roger was intently looking at the rise and fall of her creamy curves in her wet bra and his expression was lusty bordering on lecherous. As he sensed Grace’s awakening, he caught her eyes and gave a crooked smile.

But Grace did not smile. She was pissed. Roger understood this and his smile widened.

He removed his shoes, trousers, and shirt and Grace gasped in shock as she pushed his boxers down and his semi erect penis sprung free.

Roger Tut tutted in mocking tones and stepped into the Jacuzzi.

Even at 60 he was quite fit – he did have slight streaks of grey at his temples but had a thick head of black hair. Which was a bit long and windswept. His forehead was high, nose long and straight, his lips were a bit thicker than average but held sensuous promise. Although not a six pack, his chest and torso were softly curved without flab.

His legs and hands were toned and strong without being bulgy. He was lean and powerful. His dick was quite large at almost 12 inches, even though Grace had not seen any other dicks (except for her husband’s micropenis) she knew he was hung well and he used it powerfully. His balls were also a bit larger than average and nestled in a bush of black hair with grey streaks.

Unlike Grace he seemed comfortable with his nudity and moved un self-consciously as he slid next to her.

“Grace is displeased, can I kiss her and improve her mood?” He said teasingly put a hand around her shoulder and pulled her towards him. Then he kissed her passionately and in no time Grace was melting.

While he inserted his tongue and explored her mouth, his right hand slid the cups of her boobs down and started drawing lazy circles around her nipples and pinching them lightly.

Grace’s body felt weightless as her boobs started to get heavy and there was a tingling sensation in her crotch as tiny jets kept crashing between her legs.

As Roger started to trail down his lips down her throat and towards her peaky nipples Grace felt a shiver of pleasure run through her spine. As Roger started to blow softly on her nipples and licked them making them hard like jems, Grace couldn’t wait anymore and begged, “Please Roger, fuck me now, fuck me hard, I need your dick inside me.”

Roger threw his head back and laughed. Then nodded his head and moved his hand down and cupped her pussy and told “get rid of this.”

Urgently with shaking fingers grace removed the bunched up bra and released her panties. She let them float away.

Now Roger lifted her by waist and almanbahis giriş let her pussy slide onto his throbbing dick. She expected him to move or do something but Roger just settled for lazily leaning back and playing with her boobs. His thumbs kept rubbing her nipples while his palms lifted and squeezed her soft flesh.

Grace looked at him in confusion. Roger shrugged his shoulders and said, ” You are the one in hurry Gracie, I am prepared to wait”. Flushed at her own arousal, Grace braced herself by placing her hands on his shoulders and started to move gingerly and slowly up and down over his rock hard dick.

Although the urge to just slam herself onto his shaft was strong, Grace knew two could play at this game, and kept her thrusts as slow as humanly possible.

Soon, she could feel Roger’s penis growing bigger and filling her up more and more. Now even Roger had stopped his lazy movements and started to squeeze hard and move his hips a little.

As Grace bit her lower lip for control and kept up the slow pace, Roger left her boobs and grabbed her waist, “you little devil” he whispered as he gritted his teeth and started to lift her by waist and bring her forcefully down his shaft.

As he increased the force and pace, her boobs started to bounce wildly. The sight clearly drew Roger mad as he bent forward and buried his head into her boobs and started to give tiny nips and bites.

Within few short moments Grace felt herself cumming and her limbs relaxing as her climax rocked her. As Roger kept moving her up and down, she could no longer stay upright and leaned into him pushing her boobs against his firm and hairy chest.

She wondered about Roger’s stamina as he kept going strong for another fifteen minutes. But he did not cum in the end. He could see she was tired and spent and just let her nap on him.

After another ten minutes, he eased her off his still hard dick and settled her in the crook of his arm and sat ruefully running his hand up and down his dick. He almost laughed because the last time he had masturbated was in his childhood bedroom when he was a teenage boy.

With Martha even though sex was mechanical, it was always available. Roger had always had a strong sex drive. He had sex with Martha almost everyday. After her death he had a steady stream of partners in bed, mostly rich widows and bored society wives.

As Roger felt Grace stirring, he lifted her in his arms and carried her to the shower in the bathroom. By then Grace was awake and Roger slid her down across his front. Grace felt his hard length and looked down in shock.

“Look at the sacrifices I make for your comfort Gracie” Roger said running his hand up and down his dick.

Grace gave him a shakey smile and pushed him back towards the marble seat at the other end of the shower. As he sat down Roger expected her to hop onto his dick. But Grace was in an adventurous mood.

Roger gasped in shock as Grace kneeled in front of him and started to lick his balls. He leaned back eyes closed in pleasure, breath becoming shallow and his dick twitching.

Grace moved her greedy tongue all over his long hard length and then as he started to push his hips up braced her hands on his thighs and started moving her mouth over Roger’s dick.

He was too big to fit in her virgin mouth. So, she grabbed the base of his cock in her hands and moved them up and down while the tip kept sliding in and out almanbahis yeni giriş of her mouth.

Roger had been aroused for too long and his dick begged for a release. So within five minutes his hips started to buck. He tried to move Grace away but she wrapped her lips tightly about his penis.

Unable to control anymore Roger thrust his hips up for the last time and ejaculated a hot thick stream of cum into the back of Grace’s throat. Her eyes were wide in bewilderment but she swallowed the whole load to Roger’s shock. Even Martha had never done that for him.

Once his cum stopped, Grace released his tip but stayed kneeling and licked his now semi erect penis enthusiastically. Roger extended a hand and gingerly touched her lips. Then he pulled her up into his lap and kissed her deeply. He could taste his salty cum mixed with her sweet saliva.

“I could have mixed you a drink if I knew you were so thirsty Grace.” Roger teased her and she blushed scarlet as she buried her head into his chest.

Then they both stood up and Roger turned the shower on. As hot jets hit her body, he patiently soaped her boobs and ass and pussy. She soaped and cleaned his now resting dick.

Then they moved to the bedroom and Roger handed her a towel.

Grace took the towel and as soon as she turned towards the bed her eyes opened wide in shock and her mouth hung open. For above Roger’s bed hung a picture of herself sunbathing in the nude. Her breasts were shiny with oil and jutting proudly up with nipples clearly rock hard, her gold and honey bush was shining bright catching the sun and Her mouth was in a pout. The portrait was cut off at her lips so that for anyone else it would just be another artistic print – a bit explicit but gorgeous.

Grace heard Roger chuckle and felt a laugh rising in her throat. ” Do you like it, I couldn’t just destroy the pendrive, I had to look at what compromising shit Matt had on you to assess future risk. Imagine my delight when I opened it and saw you spread so glorious. Couldn’t resist”

Grace returned Roger’s cheeky grin and as she dried herself, he went to the drawing room and brought her bag. While she fished out new teddy and wore it, Roger put on a pair of checked cotton boxers.

As she was struggling to stuff her big breasts in and close the clasp, Roger came over to her and helped her. “Did you buy this for me Gracie” Roger had a curious expression and when Grace confirmed, he murmured ” thanks” and rained butterfly kisses over the swells of her creamy breasts rising from the cup of her teddy.

They moved to the small coffee table on the terrace and nibbled on nuts and crackers as they drank sweet red wine in companionable silence. Grace sat in Roger’s lap content and carefree.

After the church nearby rang 10 o clock, Roger carried her over and settled her into the bed. As he removed his laptop from the briefcase he said ruefully “Do you mind if I work for an hour, this is important otherwise I would be cuddling next to you now.”

Grace smiled and said ” Don’t be silly, get your laptop here and work away.”

Roger slid into bed and hugged her close and gave an open-mouthed kiss and then he was absorbed into the rows and rows of numbers on his screen.

As Grace laid there, she suddenly felt like a married woman. She had never had this feeling with Bobby. With Roger she felt safe and content.

In another 45 minutes Roger was done. He placed his laptop onto the side table and slid into bed beside her. Grace was drowsy but felt his hand on her lower belly. She gave him a sleepy smile, and Roger’s hand slid down into her panty and started playing with her bush. Lying like that, they both fell asleep soon.

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