A Silenced Passion UnleashedA Silenced Passion Unleashed

Big Tits

She was breathtakingly stunning. Her dark full curly locks fell to her back perfectly. Her porcelain skin was complimented by intense, deep dark eyes and shapely red lips. And her body- her body was beyond beautiful. Tall and shapely, perfect breasts, long legs, thick hips… Her name was Rose, and her beauty transcended that of the precious flower.

Her good friend, Ally, was desirous of Rose for quite a while. She was 19, and younger than Rose by quite a bit, but the two connected on a level that made their love for each other ageless. Ally, petite and slender with long dark hair had bright blue eyes, thick, full lips, round perky breasts and a perfectly tiny waist. Ally loved Rose so intently that it practically consumed her. She wanted nothing more than to be with her, to hold her close and adore her whole.

Rose called her friend Ally one day, crying over a bad day, and a series of negativity that had been engulfing her life for quite some time. Ally was always there for her friend, willing and understanding as much as she could possibly be. She invited Rose over that night. And for some reason, the two felt a strange sensation after hanging up the phone with each other, like something was destined to happen…

Late that night, Rose rang Ally’s doorbell, and Ally answered in a skimpy little night dress, her hair loose and pretty. She invited Rose in, Göztepe Escort and the two sat in the living room for a while- talking, drinking wine, laughing together, crying together and just enjoying the beautiful friendship they shared.

It was 3am and Rose was rather drunk, so she asked to stay the night. Of course, Ally offered her bed generously. She sent Rose over to lie down, and she cleaned up the living room a bit, setting up the couch to sleep on when she heard Rose call her from the bedroom. Ally walked over, and Rose asked her to sleep there next to her. Ally was hesitant, and sat next to her friend contemplating whether or not to just sleep there and ignore the obvious tension that had been built up between them far longer than just this single evening. The two talked for a little while, and then looked at each other, holding their gaze. They moved in closer, and Rose took Ally’s face in her hands and kissed her eager lips gently. They stared into each other’s eyes for only a few more seconds before they began kissing more lovingly, more passionately. Their hands began to wander, and Rose slipped her’s slowly up Ally’s little dress to feel around her sleek, yearning body. She felt the tension in her legs, her tight little tummy and her firm round breasts that filled Rose’s hands perfectly.

But Ally was the one who was truly waiting Göztepe Escort Bayan for this moment. She loved Rose more than anything, and wanted so badly to please her like she deserved. Ally pulled off Rose’s shirt, slowly unstrapped her bra and pulled her skirt down her legs as she ran her hand from Rose’s breasts to her thighs. Ally was almost overwhelmed with the passion she was feeling for the beauty she was finally able to hold in her arms. She pressed her lips firmly up against Rose’s pretty mouth and kissed like she never kissed anyone before. She kissed her lips, her cheeks, her neck and breasts, then stopped to suck hungrily on them- squeezing one in her hand, tugging lightly at the nipple, while sucking and licking the other as she pressed her body up against Rose’s. The slight moans coming from Rose’s mouth were the most arousing thing she ever heard, making her hot and wet, dying to indulge further into Rose.

And Rose returned the passionate gestures; she squeezed Ally’s firm ass in her hands, and began to tease between her legs, over her black silk thong where she felt the moisture beginning to seep through. She wanted to take some control, so she pushed Ally onto her back, climbed over her and kissed her roughly, running her tongue over her lips and down her neck while she continued teasing her pussy which was now soaked, Escort Göztepe and Rose pulled the thong off. She used her thumb to press up against Ally’s clit and rubbed hard, making Ally groan loudly. But Rose silenced her by pressing her mouth up against Ally’s, forcing her tongue in and kissing her relentlessly as she slipped a finger up Ally’s pussy, pumping her in and out. Ally’s tiny body moved rhythmically with Rose’s hand, fucking her well, now with two fingers. Rose had full control, and the only audible sound was Ally’s muffled moans and whimpers covered by Rose’s kisses. Rose stopped for a second, looked at Ally beneath her and whispered, “I’m gonna make you cum so hard.”

Rose continued, harder and faster as Ally became louder. She took Ally’s breast in her mouth and tugged at her nipple hard with her teeth as she pumped her fingers into her faster. Soon after she felt Ally’s body shaking violently beneath her followed by hearing her name screamed out over and over. Rose knew she did the job right…

Ally was tired, but wanted to return the favor so badly. She crawled down the bed, where her head met with Rose’s pussy and began to eat her out nonstop. She sucked on her clit and squeezed Rose’s hips in her hands. Her juices tasted so sweet, and she kept going. Ally moved her tongue up and down her pussy, teasing her clit and fingering her hole. She loved the feeling of Rose’s body squirming on the bed in sheer excitement.

She got her wish; Ally made her gorgeous Rose cum all over her, and brought her finger to Rose’s mouth for her to taste.

The two ladies fell asleep together in each other’s arms, fulfilled- and very, very wet.

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