A September Affair Pt. 02A September Affair Pt. 02


Oral, doggie and light rough play show that Kirsten is not quite the conservative prude John thought.


We lay there for a long time in post-coital embrace, feeling each other, kissing and murmuring. I was cupping her bottom. It was soft and round when she lay on her side, I noticed. Her tits hung down slightly, little purses. I thought she looked pretty with her hair slightly mussed. It was always perfect otherwise, straight and tucked under above her shoulders.

Kirsten was doing what she does best: organising.

“Now, John, we need to be as discreet as it’s possible to be about this. Jan is one of my best friends and I don’t want to see her get hurt. This has to be our secret – forever. For that reason, we can’t always meet here, or someone will notice. You know, neighbours. Someone who knows someone. You know what this town is like. Next time, I suggest we meet in a motel or hotel. Then we should vary the location as much as possible.”

She stopped and raised herself on one elbow, looking at me directly. She held her arm across her little boobs, as if I hadn’t already seen them. She looked concerned.

“That is, if you want to have a next time? I mean, do you see this as a one-off, or do you want to carry on? Maybe I’m assuming too much, and you just wanted a roll in the hay, then bye bye?” She looked sweet, vulnerable. I hugged her to me.

“Oh Kirsten, of course I want more! A man would be crazy to want to finish this. With such a pretty, sexy woman. I want more of you, honey.” I put my hand between her legs and fingered her. Her vagina was wet and she opened her legs a bit. “Im so glad we did it and I love this sweet cunt of yours.”

I kissed her mouth, teasing her lips apart with mine and she thrust her tongue at me immediately. Her cheeky tongue was flicking into mine. She put her hand on mine and showed me how she wanted me to finger her, pressing on my index finger and thumb. She pushed my index finger back and forth to indicate that she wanted me to rub cross her clit. Then she wanted me to go top to bottom, and use two fingers. She put my thumb on the front of her vagina and pressed on it. She started fucking my fingers. She was thrusting into my hand. Her clit was glistening and felt like a little nub. Her gasps were close together and I knew she wouldn’t last long this time. I flicked her nipple with my other hand for a while. She responded by nibbling my lips and, with her free hand, grabbing my head tight.

Soon she was grinding up into the palm of my hand, gasping and sighing and then grunting once, twice, three times as she came. Her cunt was sopping wet.

She was out of breath. I said, “Kirsten, this is going to be so much fun. I want to do you as often as we can for as long as we can, honey. I know it’s got to be top secret. I don’t want the others to find out, ever. We have to be clear about that.”

She nodded. She had her breath back. “Oh God no. I agree entirely. It’s got to go to the grave with us, darling. But I have to admit, it’s so exciting! So sexy! I never thought I could have an affair, and especially now that I’m.over the hill well and truly. But to have you inside felt honestly heavenly. It was erotic, warm, comforting – but also very sexy. I could have died happy then.”

“Im glad you didn’t,” I said, slapping her butt lightly. “It might have been a bit difficult to explain!”

She giggled, and squeezed my flaccid cock, shrunk to not much more than a button.

We kissed, dressed and arranged to meet at a hotel a bit out of the way, a nondescript place where we might not be known or noticed. I would book for myself and “wife” and pay on a card my wife didn’t check. We’d spend the afternoon there and I’d pay the next day, messing up the room to suggest we had stayed the night.


And so it was that I was sitting in an anonymous hotel room a week later, waiting for a knock on the door. Kirsten rushed in to avoid being seen. When she was inside, she looked around in businesslike fashion and I suddenly had an image from the movie The Graduate. The older woman checking out the accommodation for the affair. She turned, kissed me strongly on the mouth and said, “I’ve been rushing around all morning with my old mother. I really feel I’m.stinkies and I need a shower. Now, I don’t want you barging in on me. Just get those clothes off and hop in bed and I’ll join you soon, John.”

I laughed and did as instructed. I heard her lock the bathroom door, which was just as well because I probably would have disobeyed her and crept into the shower with her. I’ve always loved sex in the shower.

I escort bayanlar was lying in bed for a while before she came out. I had a hard on and was stroking myself. My cock was as hard as it was going to get, taut and sensitive. But I had other plans than fucking her immediately. She came out throwing off the shower cap and wearing a hotel robe. She deftly took off the robe and climbed under the covers in one movement, giving me only a glimpse of bare skin, tits and blonde-grey pussy.

She lay on her back and let me roll over to kiss her. I ran my hand along her slim arm, cupped one soft little tit, then caressed her smooth round hip. Then I whispered in her ear. “I want to kiss you all over, then I’m going to eat you out.”

She stiffened. She said, “I don’t know, John. I mean, I haven’t done it for years. Geoff doesn’t really like doing it and I don’t think I’m all that good at it.”

I chuckled, still speaking softly next to her ear. “Don’t worry honey, I think I’m rather good at it if I say so myself. I’ve had a fair bit of practice and no complaints. And I think I can guarantee you’ll be a satisfied customer. Just relax and let me start by kissing you all over first.”

I lifted the covers off her torso. She looked pale lying there on her back. She was a bit stiff but I began by nibbling her ear lobes and she obviously liked that because she was purring. I licked and kissed her shoulders and neck. I ran my lips down one arm and sucked on her fingers. She giggled and played in my mouth, using a finger Iike a thrusting cock as I sucked on it. I kissed each tit, sucking the nipples into my mouth. She moaned and held my head onto her so I had to repeat. I kissed her hips in turn, sucking the skin into my mouth. As I moved down her body, I lifted more of the covers off her, so she was now effectively uncovered, naked on the bed. I looked up from my position at her waist, but she had her eyes closed. I returned to biting on her hips. I loved the firmness of the skin over her hips, contrasting with the softness of her arse. Then I ran my tongue down along the top of each thigh in turn. I found she had one sensitive knee, the right, when she jumped as I kissed it. I continued kissing along her shin and kissed each foot, then sucked on a toe. She giggled.

I started back up her body, leading with my hands. As each hand cradled a calf, my mouth kissed her shins. Her skin there was still relatively smooth. A few blemishes of course, and some moles here and there. Her calves were soft but she suddenly tensed them and I could tell they were strong. But I was amazed again at how short she was, with these compact little legs. She sighed as I kissed the tops of her thighs, my hands underneath each. They were almost plump, her thighs, certainly more rounded than when she was younger, but I found it erotic to be kissing them. Finally I got to the point where my hands cupped her soft bottom and I was hovering above her. I kissed her stomach first, her soft stomach with its cesarean section scars and a little pocket of skin. She tensed up as I kissed her there,, but I ignored that.

As I kissed her belly, I could smell talcum powder. She was clearly worried about odour down there. I hoped she hadn’t overdone the powder. I would far rather eat pussy than powder. I looked at her pubic thatch. It was like a little blonde and grey wispy beard, about the size of a tongue. I played with those hairs with one finger before I moved my mouth to her. I nuzzled her pussy now, nibbling on her fine hairs. She wiggled. I had my hands under her smooth rounded thighs, and encouraged her to spread them. I looked between her legs at her cunt. It was quite neat, and her labia was visible beneath. I took an exploratory lick along her slit. She moaned, and one hand reached down and began playing with my hair, her fingers teasing it.

I slid my tongue inside her, opening her pussy lips. At Kristen’s age, you might expect these to be a little loose, and so they were. They were very puffy too. Her smell was sensational though. Musky and fruity at once. She groaned as my tongue touched her clit, swollen and slick and smooth. I heard myself groan too, through the mouthful I had. This was going to be fun, if she hadn’t had decent oral sex. My hands crept under her butt. I smoothed each hand over each butt cheek, feeling the lovely heft of them. Then I slipped a finger up into the back of her slit, opening it wider as I licked from the other side.

She was sighing. “Oh yes, nice…oh God, John..oh…oh…”

I licked little rings round her clit for a long tuzla anal escort time, getting her used to me. Then I flicked my tongue top across the clit, stabbing at it. She put both hands on my head and held me there, as she opened her little legs wider. Her juices were dribbling down my chin by this stage. I started nibbling on her clit then, sucking it into my mouth, the little nub between my lips. She began to move her hips. I encouraged her by pushing my hands up under her arse cheeks and soon she was grinding her pussy against my face. My jaws and tongue were getting sore, but I was determined to keep going as long as she did. Her cuntlips were open to me, her vagina felt begin enough for three fingers. Her soft thighs were gripping my head between them.

Experimentally, I ran a finger down her arse crack. She wiggled a little bit didn’t stop me. I ran the finger right over her arsehole..She wiggled again. Then I let the finger rest on her hole, pressing lightly. She took one hand off my head and reached under to pull my hand away. This would have to be a project for another day, I decided.

I changed tack completely and reached up to touch a tit, grabbing and squeezing a nipple. This led to more intense facefucking as she ground that little pussy against my mouth.

I could feel she was getting close as her sighs became brief little intakes of breath. I lapped hard at her clit then, hard strokes.

“Oh my God…yes…yes…oh…yeah…oh fuck…oh…yes…”

She rubbed herself hard against me, her hips and arse off the bed as her body tensed, then she was twisting and bucking in orgasm, crying out something I couldn’t decipher with her thighs gripping my ears. She almost dislodged me, but my hands on her arse kept her in place.

When her orgasm had subsided, I kissed her pussy, licked among the sparse hairs down there and then slid up to hug her to me.

She said, “Oh my God, John. I never knew that was what it was like. No wonder women like it. I’ve never actually had an orgasm from…licking.”

“It’s called cunnilingus.”

“Is that what cunnilingus is? I’ve seen the word but I never knew.” She giggled in a deep throat voice.

“I feel as though I’ve cum from a long way back. Oh you poor boy, I made you work so hard.” She kissed my cheek. I knew she’d have trouble kissing my mouth with the smell of her on me.

“Not at all, madam. My pleasure. I love doing it. I’m glad you liked it.”

“Liked it? I loved it! What have I been missing all these years? John, you really are very good at it. The only trouble is -“


“Now that I’ve had it, I’ll want it again!”

I laughed. “And I’ll be glad to oblige.”

“But John…”


“I want you to go and wash your face before we do anything else, darling. I don’t want to smell my…self on you. Do you mind?”

“No, I expected it. But you’ll get used to it, Kirsten.” I smacked her bare bum playfully. She squirmed and gave me an arch look.

As I headed to the bathroom, she added, “And your hands too, please.” I looked back but she was looking out the window. The scrim curtains were drawn but you could see through them to a sea view from four stories up. The covers were half over her, giving me a view of her back. A lovely, smooth, strong back, which caused my prick to jerk.

When I returned, my face and hands freshly washed, she had fashioned a surprise for me. She was on her hands and knees on the edge of the bed closer to me, her feet hanging over the edge and her butt facing me. I gathered she wanted doggie and I was of course happy with that. My little prick stretched itself to full extent.

I chuckled. “I can see what you need, my dear.”

“And can you give it to me?”

“Oh, happily.”

I came up to her, running my hands over her hips, her back, her buttocks. Now, from that angle, a woman of 70 might almost pass for 17. The curve of the strong back, the round hips, in this case the almost perfectly round globes of her bum, the died hair, the smooth backs of her legs: these things don’t look much different after fifty years. Very sexy.

I caressed her globes, then with my right hand tried out a spank on her right butt cheek. She arched her back and said “Oh” but it was almost an animal sound, a gut reaction. She was not objecting. So I spanked her left cheek with my left hand. Similar reaction, and a shiver. I filed this under “interesting” and decided to try another track.

“Mmm my naughty little girl. You’ve been bad. Daddy needs to do something about that.”

Her escort tuzla bayan reaction again surprised me, this conservative woman I thought I knew. A girlish voice came out of her.

“Oh daddy, have I been naughty? What are you going to do?”

“Yes you’ve been a naughty girl, a bad girl.” I put on a mock serious tone, stroking my cock as I did.

I caressed her arse then spanked it once more. She jerked a little this time and her back arched. Her feet hanging off the bed pointed straight back as they tensed.

“Daddy’s going to have to teach you a lesson today. I’m going to put my thing in your little hole and make you feel those special feelings. I’m going to push my thing in you really hard, little Kirsten. It might hurt. I’m going to be thrusting as hard as I can -“

She moaned and said, “Mmm, yes daddy, really hard.”

“I’m going to be pushing inside you as deep as I can -“

“Mmm. Yes daddy, really deep. I hope it doesn’t hurt.”

I stuck two fingers in her cunt immediately, pushing into the fleshy tunnel. She was about half-wet. She squirmed and cried out. I rammed hard in there, pushing my fingers deep, then alternating between rubbing her slick clit and pushing hard to the back of her vagina.

“Oh daddy, I’ve been such a naughty girl. Punish my naughty pussy.”

I eventually pulled my fingers out and, holding her arse cheeks apart, I licked her slit then shoved my tongue between her labia, into the fleshy insides of her. I could smell her sex strongly after her earlier orgasm. My tongue was probing her cunt, flicking in and across her clit. I reached under her and pressed on the front of her vagina.

When I was ready, I positioned my cock at her entrance. She was so open that I was concerned that my cock would be too small to satisfy her. I stroked myself hard then rammed in till my pubic bone was stopped by her thighs. There was indeed lots of room in there, but I could feel her cunny constrict and grip me. She was sopping wet and straight away begin moving on me, her arse pushing back to get me right in her.

“Oh Daddy that feels so good in there. Can you do me really hard? I’m such a naughty girl.”

I chuckled. “Oh yes I’m going to do you hard, dirty little girl. I know your cunt my loves cock, and it’s going to get lots of cock right now.”

She sighed, and thrust back onto me, swallowing my dick in her deep hole. I didn’t know how long I could last in there, if we could get enough friction going. I found that not to be a problem, though, because she proved surprisingly adept at using her pelvic muscles to squeeze my prick each time I thrust. The friction was indeed ecstatic. I loved it and told her so.

“Oh baby you are so good at using those muscles. They are squeezing my dick hard and it feels lovely.”

“Thank you daddy. I take that as a compliment!”

Enough of the compliments. Time for punishment. I bent and reached down under her to grab a hanging tit, soft and a little floppy when she was on her knees. I tugged hard on the nipples.

Kristen squealed. Her voice was suddenly deep and husky.

“Oh God yes. Do it to me please.”

I groped her other tit and then tugged hard on the nipple. She gasped, and I twisted the nipple. She groaned.

“Oh daddy, hurt me please.”

I slapped her hanging tits then twisted each nipple again. She gasped and screamed.

Then I reached down and spanked her pussy mound. She wiggled her bottom and rubbed back to get my cock deep.

I thrust as hard as I could. As she began her orgasm, I spanked her round globes time and time again, turning her arse pink. She wiggled and squirmed and squealed, her panting and sighing seemingly unstoppable.

I still hadn’t cum myself. I kept pounding her, focused now only on my own climax. I was conscious that she had stopped moving, and then she collapsed on her front. She was laid out flat beneath me. I followed her down as she collapsed, and I was still inside her. I kept her thighs apart and kept thrusting up into her and I was cumming, spurting time and again into her. She grunted as each spurt hit her.

As we lay in embrace on the hotel bed, Kristen said, “You know John, I hope you realise that was fantasy for me. I mean, my father never…”

I laughed, teasing her nipple. “Don’t worry, baby. I assumed that. It’s just part of the fun. I never thought you had any skeletons in the closet about daddy. It was good fun anyway.”

I slapped her butt. “I must admit it was a bit of a surprise that you like a little bit of..rough treatment.”

She threw her hair back. “Well, I have to admit darling that it was a surprise to me too. I’ve never really…explored that side. I mean it hurt a bit, but it was a turn on, a real turn on for me. It made me so…horny.” She laughed. “Did I just use the word horny? Oh my God. John, you’re really corrupting me!” ‘She punched my arm.

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