A QuickieA Quickie


She closed her eyes and let it happen. Her body glistened with sweat from the exertion. Foreplay in the tropics did that to you, she thought, with a smile.

She willingly opened her legs wider to allow him unrestricted access to her. His lips touched hers and she gasped. His tongue slipped inside of her. She could feel the warmth of his breath on her sex.

He stopped and laid down beside her on his back, inviting her to ride his face.

He did not have to ask twice. She raised herself up and knelt above him, she could see his eyes wide with anticipation. His mouth slightly open. She lowered herself until she felt his skin against hers, and once again his tongue Kızılay Escort began to dance within her.

Her hands found her breasts, and began to touch, squeeze and caress them as only she knew how. She was proud of her breasts and loved to play with them, and loved when her lover touched them as she instructed him to.

His tongue slid down to the base of her sex and to the place between her sex and her ass.

“Oh god, ” she thought, “not that too…”

His tongue retreated to her sex and began to tease and twitch around her clit. She wanted to grind against his face and cum hard. It had been so long.

She’d Kolej Escort served herself a lot, but sex to her was a team effort. And right now she wanted him to take one for the team.

“oh yes, lover, fuck me with your tongue, drink me up…”

She felt it begin, inside of her. A feeling at first, then more. A burning spreading out from her sex, until she began to lose control of herself.

Her orgasm seemed fill her body with sensation, she rode it out and let is subside, but her lover continued apace, and she felt it rise again. This one was more intense than the first.

She was not a screamer, by Maltepe Escort any sense of the word, but this time she had to, it was so intense.

She rose up on her knees, and looked down at him, his face coated with her sex juice. His face was a bit red from her writhing and squirming.

Turning her head around she could see his cock erect and waiting for attention. She thought a bout it and moved around so that he could still service her, while she did one of the things that she did best. And she enjoyed doing it.

“A man can tell if you enjoy it,” she thought. “And dammit I do.”

She lowered her sex back down to his lips as she began to suck him. She took him deep within her mouth, finding the back of her throat with ease. She could feel his cock throbbing in her mouth. She relaxed her throat and let him in deep. Her hands wandered across his thighs through the hairiness that was his skin.

All the while her sex sent jolts of pleasure through her body…


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