A Portal Opens Ch. 01A Portal Opens Ch. 01


Writer’s Note: This is intended to be a multi-part story to explore passionate couplings of all kinds between lovers. The concept is that fantasy opens a portal to new worlds, and that we are, all of us, only able to expand our horizons through the exploration of those new worlds. Portals may open and close at whim in our lives, and while they are open, one must relish and savor that open portal and understand that when it closes it could close for good.

This first chapter is focused on the sensations of lovers, without names, without identities, without background stories. You can call it “vanilla,” but you can call it true passion and desire. Kink has its place, but this first pure story of desire wants only the softness of skin and the pleasure of two bodies together.

For all of us “working from home,” perhaps fantasy life has become even more important as we look forward to a time when we can touch each other safely again. Reality is reality, but fantasy can exist on many platforms and in many planes of the Universe. I hope you enjoy this. There will be more chapters, and perhaps other stories with more of a character structure. But one must start at the beginning…

There is something in your eyes that opens a portal for me each time I look into them. A portal to a different universe, or a long-ago or future era. A lost world, sunken off a coastal zone or embedded in the sand of a wind-swept desert.

There is something in your words that stirs in me a passion to find a deeper place in me, even a further depth than I had discovered before, filled with yet more meaning and understanding about myself, about the forces that are both in and outside our power, and about the meaning of the wider world, the context in which we live and breathe.

There is something in your voice that soothes and delicately stirs the cauldron of cosmic energy and conflict that I live with in my work. It is a push and pull, a sturm und drang, but when I hear you speak to me, not nearly as often as before, but still when I hear it even on a video presentation, it makes me calm and filled with joy.

We used to talk about what it would be to make love to each other, the power and intensity of the dynamic and pull between us and what wonder and new heights and addiction to it we would no doubt find there based on the kisses we shared. And it would be a lie to say I don’t think about that, that it isn’t on my mind in the small of the evening and in the new light of the morning, and so many moments in between.

So here, in this forum, I can write about what I want to do with you, how it would be if we entered kurtköy eve gelen escort the threshold of that portal and looked within. It is fictional. It is fantasy. It is not real, and perhaps won’t ever be. But it is as palpable in my fantasy life as it would be as if we did jump through that portal into an alternate life. So I’ll describe it here, on this open platform, and perhaps others will see themselves in the reflection and enjoy as well.

All of this social distancing will mean for all of us that we will appreciate touch, the softness of skin under a lightly-tracing of fingertips. So…. touch. Yes. I want to feel your angelic skin and give you pleasure from my light, tender caress.

The first thing I would do is to run just the tips of my fingers and trace an outline of each of your fingers, up one and down, and then to the next, touching each of your fingers as I delight in the softness of your lovely skin.

I’d run my fingertips down to your narrow, supple wrist, encircling it with my larger, strong hand. I’d continue my tracing up your arm, now with more muscles from your healing journey, but still so light and small that my beefy arm eclipses it. I touch your shoulder, and stop there, circling it with my touch before I move to your elegant neck, to the left side of your beautiful face.

I run my fingertips up to your ear, a favorite of yours. I touch your earlobe and the cartilage on the top and again to your earlobe, just light touches as I feel your skin bumps, knowing that my ministrations have caused you pleasure and wonderful sensations.

To your mouth now, tracing past your cheek (now rosy with arousal) to your full lips and the slight overbite that makes you sensitive, but that you don’t realize is something that gives you heavenly beauty. Tracing your lips, now wet from the tongue that cheekily licks my finger and moistens your lips for more of my touch. You invite more, and take my finger into your mouth in a way that makes me understand how you would take my thick cock, how you will in just a fleeting moment from now.

You suck my finger and look deep into my eyes, these eyes of mine moistened with the tenderness and intensity of the passion we are sharing in this newly entered portal.

You tease the tip of my finger and then dive down on the root of it, showing me how you would taste me. As you close your eyes with pleasure and anticipation, I remove my finger and replace it with my light kiss, first tender and then eager and then deep and passionate, our mouths hungry and needy now, eager for each other, nearly kurtköy genç escort climbing into each other’s mouths for a moment.

Speaking of being hungry, I am hungry for you now, to taste your wetness and dive into your folds and smell the earthy and pungent and intoxicating scent of your cunt. I taste and kiss back down your neck, to your pert breasts and erect nipples, licking slowly and slyly down your flat stomach. I tease you, moving back up and then down again, as if I had decided on another path, but then dive all at once into you, my mouth and tongue buried inside your eager and hungry cunt. After just a moment of that intensity, I back off and tread lightly, licking the sides and gently tasting you and relishing the juices I just drank.

I am drunk on your taste. I dive back in and hungrily suck your clit and devour your juices again and again, carefully noting when my tongue flicks give you pleasure and when it makes you squirm and moan, noting that for the next time the portal may open and I have the pleasure of tasting you again. I take nothing for granted, and the luxury of the open portal is enough for the both of us right now, with no expectation, at this moment.

With your cunt juice on my face, dripping down my neck to my hairy chest, and even some drops as I come back up for air dripping onto the tip of my cock, mixing with the precum that is seeping from it, you beckon me up for a kiss on your mouth, and I oblige, tasting you together.

For just a moment, my cock is in your mouth now, and I’m relishing the way you are hungry for it, worshiping the mushroom head of it and the scent and diving your mouth onto the base and licking with your cheeky tongue down to my balls. I shudder as you take it down your throat, and make love to my cock, and you take your time as you do so, giving me intense pleasure with every mouthful you get.

The cock you want is the cock you get. Fully erect and ready to nearly burst with my hot seed, I back you off and kiss you again, taking a breath and moving down to pay attention to the delicious nipples you show me and then just noticing, for a moment, the slight curve to your perfect ass, a wonder of an ass I could eat like a peach.

We are ready for each other now, fully, and no words need to be said as I move down between your legs, your legs up and around my ass now. Although I want to try all the positions in the Kama Sutra with you, I choose the most intimate, as we are lovers in this portal, and I want to face you as I look at your eyes and feel your pleasure as I enter you.

Your cunt is eager, kurtköy kendi evi olan escort nearly ready to swallow me, but I want to savor it. I push the ripe, purple mushroom head of my cock at the opening of your folds, and press gently, just entering you with the head of it. You moan and do your best to push against me to take more, but I’m stronger, and I resist. I enter you bit by bit, agonizingly slow for a moment, until I am fully in. This is not some comically large porn cock — it is real, hot flesh and pulsating blood inside, and girthy enough to fill you up, to stretch you just enough. Although at a later time and in another portal opening that could occur, I may want to watch as you take a larger cock, or multiple cocks, right now it’s my cock, and right now I am your only interest.

I fuck you steadily now, with gusto, and we move together in the rhythm of lovers, plunging into you and then out, our mutual efforts making us both writhe and moan and cry and taste each other everywhere, on our faces, our necks, our ears, your nipples. Your hands on my ass and you play with my tight asshole as I fuck you, playfully aware of the pleasures that may beckon at another portal opening, so to speak.

We are playful, we are tender, we are passion personified. We fuck and make love and ravish each other, ready to climax but yet so eager to stay in this perfect moment of clarity, the feeling that the waves could go on forever. You are wanton, a vixen that hungrily seizes my thick cock and then releases it, over and over.

Again and again, I fuck you and enter your tight cunt wrapped around my thick cock, until I feel the waves of your climax begin. As you start riding that wave, so mine begins, and I want only to shoot all of my hot seed into your willing womb. You hold me fast as you buck and writhe and shudder from your climax. I feel my balls full with cum, and in a perfect moment, I release it all, and shoot spurt after spurt of my hot seed into you, into your depths, into your womb, mixing with your delicious juice to form the perfect cocktail of our fuck nectar.

As our heat subsides for a moment, our sweat and juice mixed, we lay together, tenderly touching and kissing each other and stroking each other, waiting for the next round. You know what awaits. You’ve been eager for it. I move down and taste the salt of your sweaty skin, and I lick your freshly fucked cunt, my cum seeping out and mixed with your juice, and I slurp it up and drink it, and move back up and share it with you, kissing your perfect full mouth with our mixture.

The portal may close soon after we are done. There are so many things we want to do to and with each other, and yet there are realities, separate lives, a realistic present and future. But for now, the portal is still open. And so you feel my cock harden once again in your hand as I kiss your neck and your ears and your mouth, and our dance starts again.

To be continued… if the portal opens again.

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