A Night to RememberA Night to Remember


It’s Friday, 7pm and Rebecca is just arriving home. She unlocks the door. As she is shutting and locking the door for the night, she kicks off her shoes and throws her purse and keys on the entry table. She can’t believe another week has gone by and here she is, alone again. No dates, no idea of what she’s going to do. She’ll probably spend the weekend shut up in the house, bored out of her mind.

She goes to the kitchen and opens the fridge. Nothing there entices her. She grabs the bottle of wine that has been chilling in the bottom of the fridge for a few days. She opens the bottle and leaves it to breathe for a few minutes while she starts a hot bath for herself. As the water is running, she pours herself a glass, grabs the bottle, stops to get her big, soft bath towel from the linen closet and retreats to the bathroom to soak her cares away.

She has always kept candles in the bath so she decides to light them. She turns off the bathroom light and starts to enjoy the calmness of the candlelight. She turns off the water and starts to undress. As she is undressing she catches her reflection in the mirror. She hasn’t notice just how much her boring life is starting to show in her face. She leans in toward the mirror to inspect her face closer. She’s starting to see every one of her 37 years. She used to be a vibrant and exceptionally well looking young lady. Now she’s developed into a lonely, sad woman. She gently puts her hair up into a ponytail and climbs into the tub.

She takes a sip from her glass and leans back to relax a little. As she drifts off into a calm place, she thinks of the last time she was with a man. She misses being touched, kissed. She has a hard time remembering what it feels like to be loved. It’s been so long since she’s felt desirable. Even longer since she’s had a man make love to her. She sits up in the tub, gulps down the last of her wine, shaking her head.

“Don’t think about those things, there’s nothing you can do about it. No one wants an old woman like you.”

She climbs out of the tub, wraps her towel around herself and exits the bathroom without a second look in the mirror.

She settles in on the couch with her wine and the remote. As she’s flipping through the channels, complaining that there was nothing on, she decided she would run out and rent some movies for the weekend. She quickly dresses in her jeans and a tank top, the weather has been unusually warm for this time of year. She grabs her purse and keys, locks the door, and heads down the stairs. The rental place is just a few blocks away so she decides to walk the short distance. Even though it’s a little muggy outside, it’s a nice night for a walk, time to clear her mind. Rebecca enters the store.

“There’s a really big crowd in here tonight. Guess we all had the same thought at the same time,” she says to herself.

As she is spanning the racks on the wall, looking for the right movie for her mood, she notices a gentleman at the next rack. As she is checking him out, he looks at her and their eyes meet for a second. Rebecca’s heart skips a beat and she looks away, avoiding him. She continues looking over the racks, careful not to look in his direction again. As she moves down the row, she bumps into someone.

“Excuse me,” she says.

“Not a problem, young lady,” is the reply she receives.

The voice was deep, soothing and, oh my, made her heart skip again.

“Would you be a dear and help me, please,” the voice asked her?

She turns and replies, “Sure. What can I do to help?”

Her eyes lock with his. She draws in a deep breath as she gazes into the most beautiful blue eyes. It’s Him! She drops her gaze, sure that almanbahis she’s blushing like a school girl.

“Have you seen this one?” he asks.

She reaches for the video cover, looks at it and shakes her head no as she hands it back to him.

He took the cover back and said, “Thank you for your help. Would you care to join me and we’ll check this one out together?”

Startled at the question being posed at her she looks at him again. She notices that he’s an older gentleman, probably in his late 40’s. He has this gorgeous hair, dark with a wonderful proportion of silvery grey scattered throughout. He has a warm and inviting smile that reminds her of the Cheshire Cat, looks like he’s up to something. Then there are those blue eyes. She just melts when she looks into those eyes.

“Well, is it a date?” he asks, snapping her back into reality.

“Sorry sir. I’m just going home. It’s been a long week. I wouldn’t be much company. Thank you anyway.”

She turns and starts to walk away, he takes her by the arm and stops her.

“Please, young lady. It would be my pleasure to spend an evening with you. No strings attached, just dinner, a movie and a little company for a little while.”

“Sir, I don’t know you from Adam. I don’t think that it would be appropriate for me to accept your invitation. Again, thank you, but no thanks,” Rebecca replied.

“Okay. Then, there is a coffee shop just down the street. Let’s meet there in 10 minutes, talk and see what happens. You can grant me the benefit of the doubt can’t you?”the gentleman states.

What could it hurt, it would be better than spending the evening alone.

Rebecca shakes her head yes and tells him, “Just coffee. Nothing else. Ten minutes. I’ll meet you there.”

He nods and walks away.

“It’s just coffee. Lots of people, very public place. What could happen?”

Rebecca tries to assure herself that it will be okay. She leaves the store and slowly walks towards the coffee shop.

After a few minutes he strides up beside her, “Oh, by the way, my name is Nick. And your name is…?”

She stammers out, “My name is Rebecca..”

” Nice to meet you,” Nick says.

By this time they had reached the coffee shop. They both order a cup of coffee and sit at table at the side of the room. She stares into her cup as they have light but non-engaging conversation.

“Rebecca, please look at me,” Nick implores her. She looks up, locking gazes with those beautiful eyes again.

He continues, “You are such a beautiful woman. Why are you alone on a night like this? If you were mine, you would never be alone.”

She blushes at the thoughts of this handsome man being hers.

“I’ve not had much time for a life outside of work,” she tells him. “I’ve just conceded to the idea of being alone, starting to get used to it I guess you could say.”

Nick got this look in his eyes that baffled Rebecca, almost like they got brighter, like a light was turned on behind that sea of blue.

Rebecca changed the subject and after a few minutes of idle chat, she looks at Nick, “I want to thank you for the coffee and conversation, but, I need to be going. Maybe we will cross paths again. Thanks, have a great night.”

Without a second look, Rebecca turns and leaves the coffee shop, almost at a run. She quickly heads home, hoping he’s not behind her, trying to catch up. She slows her pace as she nears her building. A sigh of relief escapes her, so glad she got out of that situation before she did something she would regret. Nick is an attractive man, it wouldn’t have taken much for her to melt for and to spend the night with him.

She unlocks almanbahis giriş her door, about to enter, when Rebecca hears something behind her. She quickly turns and sees Nick standing there.

“You didn’t give me a chance to tell you good evening,” he firmly states. “I just want you to know that…” as he reaches for her, “…you are the most beautiful thing I have seen in a while and I must have you.”

At that moment, he pushed her into the door and quickly follows, shutting the door behind him.

“What are you doing?” demands Rebecca. “You have no right! Please leave now!”

“I’m not leaving until you have given me the chance to show you what it can be,”

Nick states as he pulls her close and leans to kiss her soft lips. She tries to push away but he is too strong for her and he plants a firm kiss on her lips refusing to let go. She can feel her knees weaken, he does, too. He wraps his arm around her to steady her. He releases his lips from her, figuring she would fight so he poises himself, ready for the storm.

To Nick’s amazement, she doesn’t move. Her breaths have quickened and they come in shallow bursts.

“Did I hurt you? I didn’t mean to,” he asks in a sincere voice.

She has no control at the moment so all she can do is shake her head no. He leans down and kisses her again. This time it’s softer, more sensual. Her knees completely give out this time. Nick reaches down and lifts her into his arms, never breaking the kiss, the hold he has over her. She can’t remember the last time she has felt this way, giddy, losing all sense of her surroundings. He walks to the couch, gently placing her on the cushions. He drops to his knees, kisses her again and runs his hand down to her heaving breast and softly cups it with his large hand.

Rebecca sits up, wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him to her, kissing him with such passion and desire. Her body is aching with the raging desire that has been locked up all this time. She needs to be satisfied. She moves her hands to his waist, grabbing at the hem of his shirt and starts to lift it over his head. He obliges, leaning back slightly to make the task easier.

She runs her hands across his smooth chest, he reaches and pulls her shirt over her head, tossing aside with his. Her soft skin, her breasts begging to be touched, heaving with every breath she takes. He buries his head into her cleavage as his hands work to undo her bra. Her scent is heavenly, driving him mad! As her bra falls down to her lap, Nick takes one nipple into his mouth, teasing it with his tongue and it hardens even more with each flick. He fondles the other, gently pinching the nipple. She grabs his hand, stands up and quietly leads him to the bedroom.

Once they reach the bed room, she faces him and drops to her knees. She unzips his pants and tugs them down to his ankles. She wraps her hand around his hard cock, closing her eyes, imagining how he will feel deep inside her most secret places. She places her warm mouth over the head of his cock, easing it into her mouth, inch by inch. She can hear him moan, a deep animalistic groan.

She starts moving at a slow pace up and down his shaft, taking it deeper each time. He grabs her hair, pulling her off of his extremely engorged cock. He scoops her up, placing her on the bed, pushing her onto her back. He kisses the cleft between her breasts, slowly kissing down to her navel.

He undoes her pants and in one strong move, pulls them off of her and drops them to the floor. He is staring at her, taking in all of her beauty. He eases her knees apart, kissing his way up from the ankles, past the knees and he softly kisses her inner thigh.

He almanbahis yeni giriş takes a deep breath, the smell of her sensual womanhood near sends him over the top. He wants to take her now but he need to know she’s ready for him. He takes his tongue and lightly flicks her swollen clit.

She moans, grabbing him by the hair, pulling him into the depths of her secret places. He takes his tongue and separates her lips, oh the first taste of those sweet juices. He plunges his tongue into her pussy, it’s so wet and hot. She arches her back as he moves his tongue in and out of her hole, begging him for more.

She cries out, “Nick, I’m going to cum on your face.”

With that, he buries his tongue as deep as he can, feeling her spasms as she has her first orgasm for him.

He can feel her relax a little and he moves up her body to her breast. He grabs them, squeezing, teasing the nipples. He leans and kisses her, sharing the taste of her juices with her. He takes one of her nipples into his mouth and he softly bites it. When he does, she squeals.

He looks at her, she tries to find her voice but only manages to mouth to him, “Please, make love to me.”

He uses his knee to spread her apart as he climbs on top of her. His cock seeking out the hot spot like a missile. He finds her opening and plunges his cock deep into her. She draws a deep breath, he doesn’t move, giving her a chance to become accustomed.

He can’t help himself and he starts to move in and out. Slowly but steady. He can feel her orgasm nearing. He picks up paces slightly. She starts to moan and her body shakes with the biggest orgasm of the night. He slows his pace, letting her enjoy every second of her orgasm. With the slightest of ease, he rolls over onto his back, keeping her with him, his hard cock never leaving that dripping pussy. Now she is on top of him and his hands and mouth explore her breasts, pinching, biting, kissing, tasting. She moves her pussy up and down on his hard cock. The sounds they make together, such wonderful music.

She can feel another wave coming on. “I’m cumming for you Nick. I want to feel you cum in me.”

He grabs her hips and helps her bounce up and down harder, deeper, and faster. She leans her head back, closes her eyes and allows the waves to take her off, her orgasm starts. Nick makes one last plunge into her hot pussy and his balls draw up as he shoots the biggest load of his life deep into her pussy, cumming with her.

She can feel his cock pulsing in her pussy and she screams. “Yes baby! Yes!”

She collapses into his arms.

He rolls to his side and she turns her back to him, snuggling up as close as she can. She listens to his breathing, feeling his arm surround her, keeping her close to him. She starts to cry. He can feel her sobs.

He turns her towards him, “What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?”

She shakes her head, “No.”

With a questioning look on his face, all he can do is look at her.

“I haven’t felt this way in a long time,” she explains. “I just don’t think I can handle not feeling this again.”

Nick lets out a soft chuckle.

“Baby, if you let me, I will be here to help you feel this way, each and every chance we get.”

With that, Rebecca shuts her eyes and drifts off into the best sleep she’s had in a while.

When Rebecca awakens in the morning, she’s laying on the couch, empty wine glass and remote laying beside her. She’s still in her towel. It was all just a dream! A damn dream! But it was so real, so exquisite.

How could she have dreamed that…she lays back down, trying to shake the thoughts. She drifts back off into her dream world.

She sees Nick, he comes to her, reassuring her, “As long as you let me, I will help you feel this way. All you have to do is close your eyes and I’m there, just for you.”

She drifts further off…wishing she never had to wake up.

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