A Night of Passion Ch. 02A Night of Passion Ch. 02


I wait a while until I’m able to catch my breath, still sliding my pussy on your hard throbbing cock, and finally I let you out of my pussy. I kiss my way down your body, with you still laying on your back on the bed, until finally I meet with my juices and your hot cock. I let my hot breath trace a line down your cock and hear you moan as I lick your balls, and take them into my mouth. I massage them with my tongue, encircling them, caressing them, gently pulling and squeezing with my mouth. You moan to me, and buck your hips up as my hand wraps around your cock and begins its slow movement up and down as I suck your balls.

I can taste myself on you, which only makes me lick more and suck harder. I love how I taste on you. I make my way up your cock, placing soft kisses on the shaft as I move up towards the head. I lift your cock with my head and place another kiss on the tip, looking into your eyes as I do, and then slide you through my lips, letting you glide once again onto my tongue.

“Ohhhhh Faaaaaaaaye…” you whispered moaning to me to continue. You laid there on the bed, letting me take your cock into my mouth, pleasing you the way I love to please, and you loved every motion my tongue, my hands, my mouth made.

I took you back out of my mouth and flicked out my tongue around your tender head, and watched as your cock became eskort bursa harder and harder wanting release, but it wasn’t time yet, I wanted you to enjoy this for a while. I began to see some precum dripping from the head of your cock and selfishly licked it up, “Mmmmmmm, Frank sweetie, you taste so amazing,” I moaned as I slid you back into my mouth, slowly bobbing my head and moving my tongue in circles around your cock.

I felt your hands rub my back, massaging my shoulders and digging into me, trying to get your cock into my mouth deeper. Your hand caressed my head as you ran your fingers through my hair, not pushing me down onto you, just enjoying the feelings I was giving you.

I could feel you bucking your hips up to meet my every stroke of your cock, and loved it, your legs tensing as my tongue would slip out of my mouth at the base of your beautiful thick cock, and lick your balls as you were buried deep in my throat. I began moving my head at a faster speed, squeezing my lips around you as I drew my way upward on your cock, drawing out more drops of cum from you as I did. You began moaning and eventually I felt your hands on my head, gently urging me to move even faster and harder on your cock. I wrapped my hand around the base of your cock to give myself some leverage and moved my hand in motion with my mouth, up and down, squeezing bursa yabancı escort and massaging you, as my other hand moved to cup and play with your balls.

I noticed as your breathing became heavier and heavier, and had an idea. I stopped what I was doing, and climbed down off of the bed and kneeled on the floor. You laid on the bed, your eyes closed, wondering why I stopped and looked up to see me kneeling there, you understood exactly what I wanted, and got up to stand in front of me, as I kissed your inner thigh and worked my hands and mouth back onto your cock and balls. You were more than ready at this point to cum, and I knew it, I could feel you plusing in my mouth on my tongue and at the back of my throat, and I wanted to give you the release you’d been waiting for. I sucked your cock back deep down into my throat and began my assult on you. My hand moving fast on the base of your cock, while my mouth worked the tip. I could feel you twitching and tensing getting ready to cum and moved my other free hand up to grab your balls gently tugging down on them. You were desperate to cum now, and I was desperate to feel it.

I began to suck harder faster, stroking you with one hand while I simultaneously suck and lick your head, and tug down on your balls. Your breathing quickened and I felt you tighten bursa merkez escort as you moaned loud, almost screaming my name out, as I felt the first spurt fills my mouth and I greedily swallowed it all, but I know there will be more.

You reach down and pull yourself out of my mouth quickly stroking your cock, you have a purpose for it. And I watch as you shoot your hot load onto my breasts. “OHHHHHHH, Faaaaaaaye! OMMMMMMMGGGGG!” You moan as I feel another stream hit my face and close my eyes as you coat my glasses. You shoot all over my face, into my hair, on my throat, and onto my tits. You rub your cock on my breasts, smearing your amazing hot cum in as I lean down and begin to lick it all up off your cock. I stay kneeling on the floor as you sit down on the bed breathing heavily, barely able to stand. You watch me as I clean your cum off my breasts, licking and enjoying every drop.

Finally done, I walk into the bathroom and get a washrag damp and come out and wipe you down, cleaning your body, and mine. I place the rag back into the bathroom and find you laying on the bed, arms open ready to accept me. I lay down next to you, my back towards you, as you wrap your arms around me and hold me close. “That was amazing my love,” you tell me, brushing my hair out of my face and laying a kiss on my cheek. I turn to look into your eyes and lay there looking at you, amazed at all the feelings I have for you, running through me. We kiss once again deeply, and I turn back around and get comfortable in your arms. As we drift off to sleep, I whisper back to you, “Goodnight my love.” And we spend our first night together.

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