A Night of ErrorA Night of Error


Author’s Note:

All the characters are fictitious and there is no resemblance to any real event.

The story is set in the years between 2001 to 2004, Fifteen years ago from the present India when India was heading towards technological advancement particularly in the field of IT sector. The usage of computer was just stepping in although TV was common to all households. Four wheelers or luxurious cars were being used by Business community, higher middle class Indians and Rich class people. The usage of Cell phones (Mobile phones) were limited to these classes of people. The usage of internet was very limited unlike essential requirements of everyone in present days.



It was a bright March morning at 7.00 AM. The radiant ray of morning sun was falling on the Terrace. Viswanath Mishra was sitting comfortably on rattan chair enjoying the pleasant morning. A small wooden table was placed beside him for the purpose of keeping news papers and Tea .He was enjoying the morning through warmth of sun; however, the atmosphere was moist and still, the blister of dew drops could be seen in the leaves of Ivy hanging over from the Terrace top and petals of roses in Flower pots. A cool breeze was flowing through the Terrace. The air was fresh, and had a fresh smell to it. He looked out over sky, birds and beautiful sunrise. He could see the orange glow on the horizon. The view was relaxing.

Viswanath Mishra looked down from Terrace to the down and he had a pleasant view of the lemon tree, the grave pine and a variety of trees in the campus near main gate. He looked down at the open field near a Telecommunication Tower in front of his Building. It was very quite outside. He noticed a blue colored Truck, parked in the middle of the field, containing large numbers of Bamboos stacked in open Dala (container).He found six numbers of Boys of Event Manager, who had started digging holes in different parts of the open field. He was happy to see that the work had started at so early hour of the day. His daughter’s marriage ceremony would take place after two days and this open field would be turned in to a decorated marriage pandal (stage), with a big Reception and Dinning places. So many Invitees and Guest would be attending the ceremony.

Viswanath Mishra was aged 48 yrs old, a tall person and very fair in complexion. He was strongly built and looking much younger than his actual age. He was a coal Transporter in Dhanbad. During a very short period, he was able to amass a lot of wealth, sufficient to feed his next two generation, carrying the legacy of his late father who started this business. His pink colored Two & Half storey Building built on 5,000 Sq.feet Area could be easily noticeable in the posh locality of Hirapur at Dhanbad, where, most of the inhabitants were Rich/Upper class Bengalese. The locality was a very neat and clean with wide lanes, less traffic and far from the crowd.


Originally, his Forefathers were from Muzzafarpur Area in Bihar, with Brahmin Ancestors. He had still huge land properties at his native place, looked after by Care Taker, and his family was still considered a Zaminder family (Landlord) in his native locality. Some decades ago, when Dhanbad was not explored & invaded by outside world, his late father, Surya Narayan Mishra was lured by heavy deposit of coal in Dhanbad and left his native place for Dhanbad for starting coal transport business. Within a short span of time, the business picked up due to demand of coal in International market, and also emerging of various plants/factories in India. Viswanath Mishra, carrying the legacy of his father was now an established big Transporter of coal in Dhanbad.

Viswanath Mishra was under little tense as; the marriage ceremony of his daughter was coming after two days. Almost all of his Relatives, Kith & kin had reached. He had accommodated all of them in the ground floor which had six numbers of big Rooms with 4 numbers of Toilets and a big Hall. He had arranged to put mattress everywhere serviced by two male servants and two maids. The second storey was occupied by his family members and close Relatives. He was fully satisfied with all the arrangements.

He heard the jingling of payal (Anklets). “Papa, Here is your news paper,” a sweet voice was heard. Viswanath turned his face backside.

His daughter, Usha was there. She was 20 years old and had just completed Bsc( graduation in science).She was very fair in complexion, tall like him, with a round face, having bright sparkling black eyes, with sharp nose and thick rosy lips. She was a typical Indian girl in her physical stature, reflecting a very attractive beautiful girl. She had glowing skin. She had an exotic seductive looks. She had olive black eyes, with spark and glow in her eyes. She had raven black hairs and the shinning silky long hairs befalling on her narrow waist. She was perfect size of 34/24/36.

She was a modern Indian girl, but looked very much traditional unlike ultra modern girls of almanbahis Metros. She was wearing salwar (Loose pajama like dress) &kameez (Long shirt & Tunic both are Indian traditional dress for girls), with dupatta (piece of clothes worn around both the shoulders, used for covering boobs of Indian girls) neatly spread above. Sometimes she was allowed to wear jeans, with tops on festive occasions by her parents. She had a natural beauty, a person will always remember.

Viswanath Mishra glanced towards his daughter, with a fatherly affection, and thought that she was the exact replica of his wife Leela. He will be missing her after two days. He loved her very much. Being the youngest and only daughter, Usha was closely attached to her father and always taking care of every small needs of her father. She was very much obedient to her parents and the moment, the marriage proposal from Kolkata came through a family friend & Relative (Father in law of her elder Brother Aditya), she happily consented, when her parents accepted the proposal, in spite of the fact that the Boy did not belong to their caste. The Groom was named Aakash Ghosh aged 25 years, a tall handsome Bengali Boy from Kolkata, doing job in Washington in a very reputed USA Company. Two months before, they had seen each other in front of their parents.


They had a formal conversation, and Usha found him very caring, gentle and docile. Both of them were very happy to be married soon. Now the time had reached, leaving only for two days.

Usha looked at him. He noticed tears in her eyes. “Papa, I will not leave you,” she suddenly sobbed and embraced him.

“What is this Beta? Why should you leave us? Kolkata is not far away from here. At any moment, we can visit and see you,” he said.

“Papa, I love you,” she said and sobbed more.

“Don’t worry Beta! Akash is a very good boy and your Father In-law & Mother in- law are finest human beings in this world. Further, Amit Uncle (Father in law of Aditya) is your next neighbor there,” he said and patted on the back of Usha. Then, he said, “Beta I am reading news paper, inform Bahu, (Debashree, his Daughter in law) to serve me a hot cup of tea.”

“Yes Papa,” she replied after wiping her tears and left.

Usha was very much nervous, thinking about the first night, she would spend with her husband, feeling jittery mixed with excitement, as her marriage day was coming nearer. While coming back from her father, she thought of Vijay Bhaiya.


Vijay was a neighbor boy aged 23 years in final year of his MBA course. His father was adjunct neighbor to Viswanath. Being the next neighbor to Viswanath, his father had a deep friendly relationship with Viswanath for so many years. From his child hood, Vijay had a free access to Viswanath’s household. He regarded Viswanath Uncle he was paying respect to his parents. Viswanath’s elder son Aditya always regarded him as his younger brother. The young Aditya had left for Delhi to pursue higher education. In his absence, Vijay was like a second son to Viswanath family and a big brother to Usha. He would take care of all kinds of needs of Viswanath family, as, accompanying Leela Aunty for shopping, or escorting them to distant journey on occasions.

He was very happy after birth of Usha when, he was 3 years old. He found a play mate. When Usha grew up gradually, she looked so cute like a Doll that she became the darling of the nearby locality. But Usha would not allow any other kids to play with her, she would only play with her Vijay Bhaiya. Even when, they started going to school, in weekend, they would play together whole day. He was very protected towards Usha and, the Viswanath family was aware of this and feeling very proud of Vijay.

The innocent mind of Vijay was corrupted after the age of 18 years when, he just entered in to his college life .Some wicked boys from back Bench confided him the secret of sex. He came to know the names of private organs of both male and female, such as, Lund (Dick), chut (pussy) and inserting Lund inside chut as chudayee (fucking).The Boys explained in details how they have watched secretly their


Parents fucking in night, fondling /squeezing each other’s private organs, kissing and sucking each other’s dick/pussy including nipples.

After hearing all of this, immediately Vijay’s growing up dick would get hardness. After school, at home, he will have a strong urge to touch his dick always. After touching continuously, he discovered that hardness will come after continuous touching. He derived a secret pleasure out of this. Gradually, another secret was revealed by some of the boys regarding masturbation. Vijay also tried that after, going to bed in night when, his parents were asleep. In the darkness of night, he experienced the real ecstasy.

He also came to know that sex was a Taboo thing among blood relations. He would often stare at Boobs of big girls and ladies and spontaneously getting hardness.


Time almanbahis yeni giriş was passing very rapidly. Vijay at the age of 19 yrs old had developed a 6.5″ cock in size engulfed with black hairs coming in around his cock and Balls. To fulfill his sexual urge, he would masturbate vigorously and sometimes, he would invite his class mate, a boy named Ramesh, who had a soft and smooth body. He would fuck in his ass hole and would ejaculate his hot semen deep inside the ass hole of Ramesh. But his brotherly affection and duty towards Usha was continuing as usual. Viswanath uncle had sent Aditya Bhaiya to New Delhi for pursuing higher education.

Vijay, now, turned in to a tall young man and was pursuing his education of graduation. The long hairs and growing of moustache and beards in his face added to his masculine physique, he was a handsome young man in the locality. Young girls in the locality as well as in his college would stare at him intently and sigh. He gradually watched the growing up of Usha, but discarded it from his mind as a natural growth, and considered her as his little sister. But whenever, he would see other girls, immediately, he will have a hard erection which was quite natural for his age. His cock had now grown in to 6.5″ size, long and thick in black color like a black cobra, with a round pink bulbous head which will be visible when, he would stretch the foreskin downwards. He was well aware of the fact that it was very risky to fuck an outsider girl or woman, particularly, a prostitute because, he might invite STD (Sexual Transmission Disease).

So it was better to masturbate to relieve him. When, he would feel very horny, he would call his old pal Ramesh and fuck him in his ass hole in doggy style. It seemed, Ramesh was very fond of his big cock from his school days since he had a small cock which did not arise automatically and was very soft.

Ramesh had a girl like qualities; his skin was very smooth and soft, had a shrill voice like girl. Nature had made him in such a way that unlike flat nipples in chest of a male person, he was having puffy nipples,


His chest area seemed to be swollen and appeared like a breast of small girl. His hips were wide and fleshy. No one knew the secret of their affairs. Vijay would always share their secret affairs as an active male partner whereas; Ramesh would act like a girl.

Ramesh was also a good actor. Whenever, any Drama will be played, he will be selected as heroine and Vijay will be the Director. Recently, few days before, they had a play staged in college, for which, Vijay borrowed women wig with long hairs, thickly padded bra resembling bulging breast of a woman and a pair of salwar and kameez from some theater personnel .He also requested Leela Aunty to borrow him the lipstick and some glass bangles for this purpose. Wearing all these outfits, when, Ramesh came to stage, all the spectators believed that he was a real girl. The play was very successful.

One day Vijay was thinking to return all those dress materials, which were lying in the corner of his room. Being a creative Director of the plays, suddenly an idea struck to his mind, and he became very horny. His parents were outside, they had gone to visit some relatives, and he was alone in the house.

Immediately, he went to the house of Ramesh, who was staying nearby his house. It was evening; he called Ramesh and briefed his plan. Ramesh was very much pleased to hear the plan but he was hesitant as his parents would not allow him for overnight stay anywhere. The parents of Ramesh knew well that Vijay was a very close friend of Ramesh. Both of them were discussing in the Bed room of Ramesh. In the mean while, Mom of Ramesh entered in to the Room with plates of sweets and glass of water. Vijay greeted her with respect.

“Aunty, May I request you something?” said Vijay.

“Yes, my son, tell me, what’s the matter?” Ramesh’s mom looked at him questionably.

“Aunty, I am facing a problem. My parents have gone outside. I am staying alone and in night, I am feeling afraid to be left alone and unable to sleep. If you allow Ramesh to give me company then we would study together in night and sleep in my house, and I will not feel alone.” Vijay requested.

“Sure son,” she said .Then she moved towards her son and said, “Ramesh, from tonight you will be with Vijay till his parents return.”

“Thanks Aunty.” said Vijay.

Then both of them left Ramesh’s house. On their way, they purchased a bottle of whisky and some snacks along with dinner package of Chicken & Roties (Indian breads).


It was 9 PM, and everywhere darkness was there. Vijay locked the main entrance of their house, and both of them entered in to the bedroom of Vijay.

“Ramesh, Let us play a real Drama. Let it to be in a realistic manner and lively. We both have to play the characters lively. I am the Director and for that you have to put on a makeup of a girl. The dress materials which you wore almanbahis giriş last time during the stage of play are lying there. Put lipstick on your lips. You have to wear bindi (colorful dot worn on forehead of Indian girl for makeup) and glass bangles which are borrowed from Leela Aunty. The atmosphere has to be slightly dark. I will put dim blue colored bulb replacing all the bright lights. You will play the character of Sapna, a fictitious character of my girl friend, I will be your lover. Tonight will be our first fucking night. But to make it more lively, we both have to be intoxicated so that real characters inside us will come out…Understand, Go, Be hurry…In the meanwhile, I am preparing drinks for both of us.” said Vijay.

Acting on his direction, Ramesh went to next room for the makeup. Vijay replaced all the bright lights of the rooms with dim lights. The atmosphere was like a night club…Sexy. Everything was visible but in a hazy manner. Vijay opened the bottle of whisky and poured the contents in to two glass tumblers, mixed the required soda and placed the plate of snacks nearby which had to be taken in intervals of drinks. He was waiting anxiously for the arrival of Ramesh.

After few moments, Vijay heard the jingling sound of Bangles. A beautiful girl entered in to the room. A beautiful girl in salwar/kameez with bulging boobs. Ohhh…God…he was mesmerized for a moment. Ramesh was casting shy glance towards Vijay.

Vijay got up and proceeded towards Ramesh and said, “Sapna, You are looking extremely beautiful in this dress, I love you Sapna.”

Then he embraced Ramesh and felt the soft body. Ramesh’s face was glowing with the Bindi put in forehead and the lipsticks applied in lips were looking very sexy. Vijay could not resist himself and started kissing in the cheeks and on lips of Ramesh. He carried him near to sofa and made him sit very closely to him.

They started taking drinks. After finishing 4 numbers of pegs, the wine had started affecting them.

The girl inside Ramesh came out. Ramesh embraced Vijay tightly and said in a husky tone, “Vijay, I love you.”

Vijay took Ramesh’s head and caressed it and just looking at him. Next, Vijay ran his finger along Ramesh’s lips, putting slight pressure and entering Ramesh’s mouth. Ramesh started instinctively to lick his finger, to suck on it, never losing eye contact.

Vijay started squeezing the padded breast and imagined it as the real breast of Sapna. Vijay was completely drunk. “Sapna, Can you come and sit on my lap facing me?” he ordered.


Vijay widened his two legs for giving space to Ramesh. Ramesh climbed on his lap, placing his two legs by the both sides of Vijay’s thighs, facing towards his face, and put his two hands on the back side of neck of Vijay tightly. The distance of their face was hardly an inch. Vijay intently looked at the face of his Sapna, it was sexy, Bindi was glazing in the darkness, the lips were covered with Red lipstick, provocatively, inviting him, and he was feeling hot breathing passing on his face coming from his Sapna.

A strange sensation was passing through his entire body. Unable to control himself, Vijay put his hot lips on the lips of Sapna and started smooching. After receiving a hot kiss in his lips, Ramesh was shivered, a Current swept through his spine to entire body. While, smooching, Vijay was also continuously squeezing the padded Breast, imagining it to be the breast of Sapna.

Suddenly, Ramesh parted his lips. Seeing this, Vijay put his tongue inside the mouth of his Sapna and started probing the mouth. Ramesh, on the other hand, started to suck the tongue of Vijay. They were exchanging their saliva, and both of their mouths were wet since, the saliva was dripping out from their mouths. Vijay’s dick was hard rock, and knocking at the ass hole of Ramesh. A sexual current was passing through the entire body of Ramesh, he felt sensation in his ass hole, and his nipples were hard.

“Sapna! Now I am opening your upper portion,” said Vijay.

Then, Vijay unzipped the zipper of Sapna’s kameez on the back side. Ramesh raised his two hands above, and Vijay removed the kameez. After removing this, Vijay also removed the artificial breasts in the form of a padded Bra. Now, Ramesh was in bare body facing Vijay. Vijay touched the bare small puffy nipples of his Sapna, and touched in his finger tips. He started cupping the Breasts by his palms. He put his lips in one of the Breasts and started sucking it.

Ramesh felt the hot tongue of Vijay on his nipple and moaned, “AAaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.”

Vijay was now grabbing Ramesh’s head playfully, rubbing it in to his crotch area of his jeans, then, he said, “Look! Give me your hand.”

Next thing, Vijay had somehow maneuvered Ramesh’s hand between his belt and waist, down his jeans and in to his boxer.

Ramesh held the cock of Vijay. It was huge, he slowly began to move his hand up and down, exploring every inch, even reaching and massaging his hairy balls, which was full and hanging low. As Ramesh kept exploring Vijay’s pelvic regions, Vijay had begun to remove his belt, lowering his jeans and kicking them off. In one motion, he loosened his boxer, kicking them to one side along with jeans.

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