A Night at the OfficeA Night at the Office

Arched Back

It’s been a long day, you have worked hard and you’re beat. You go back to your office thinking you are going to get to pack up and go home, however, when you get there you find that someone has allowed a student to make a late night appointment with you. So not impressed you go sit down and wait for the student, that is suppose to meet you at 9:45pm. Since it is only 9:30 you decided to look to see if I am online. Nope not tonight. So you text to let me know that you are on and if I can talk you are available. Within no time you receive a message back saying “sorry babe not a good time but I WILL talk to you tonight.” So you decide to look and see what you have that you could finish while you wait as your student should be there with in minutes. It’s late and dark. Sitting there behind your desk you are now focused on catching up on some mail that you have not been able to tend to. You hear the faint sound of someone walking down the hall and this late at night you are sure that it the student you are meeting with.

While sitting there a movement catches your eye and as you look up the light in your office go out. You can see nothing, all you hear is a voice whisper, telling you to stay where you are. Not sure what is going on, but sure that you are familiar with the voice you decide to stay seated. Although your eyes are open with the darkness you are not seeing a thing and the voice has stopped. You feel someone behind your chair, followed by two hands slowly moving over your shirt and lips softly kissing your neck. You sit there still not sure of who it is, but the excitement has you tongue tied. Suddenly you blurt out, “I’m married”.

The voice whispers back, “I know.”

You reply with, “then you know that I can’t do this.” Still in your mind knowing this feels good, but still not sure if this is a student or not.

The voice, no longer whispering, replies, “but babe, we have both waited so long for this moment. And you and I both know that our love for each other is more true then anything else we have ever felt. ”

Your heart feels as though it stops briefly and your mind begins to wonder, could it be really be her? You feel your chair turn around, you reach out feeling your way and place your hands on the hips of the female in front of you. Slowly she moves forwards and lowers herself to your lap. She reaches her hands around you, moving her body close to you. You can feel her breast press against you through her clothing. You sit there, smelling a hint of white musk but still not 100% sure. You are however finding it hard to hold back. You hear the sound of a lighter and then there is a dull glow of a candle flickering about your office. She sits back far enough, now exposing her face to you in the candle light. Your eyes taking only seconds to adjust to the light as you look ahead at the vision in front of you. “Gabrielle? Is it really you?”

“Indeed”, I reply. “Sorry, I promise from here on out no more secrets, but setting up a meeting as a student was the only way I knew I could keep you here and still surprise you. I know that I have not given you any warning about tonight but I just needed to finally feel your arms around me. So I know that you will not be able to stay long. No worries, as long as I get my kiss from you I will be good until we get to London and can have a longer time together.”

With a slight giggle you reply, “Are you kidding me, I finally have you right here in front of me and you think that I am going to kiss you and walk out. No way, I am going no where. That is no where without you. Give me a minute and I will be all yours.”

Now going on 11 you call home, explain that appears that porno izle someone that has broken into the college and that you need to stick around until the police are able to get down and fill out a report. As you are talking I reach down and unzip your pants and pull them down exposing you for me to play with. Taking your already slightly hard cock into my mouth, I begin to kiss and suck every inch that you give me. Sliding your cock in and out of my mouth, you are finding it hard to talk let alone come up with an excuse that does not seem suspicious. You go on to say that you are not sure how long it will take them to get down there let alone fill out the report, so, if it takes to long you are just going to crash on the couch in your office as it could be hours before you are finished. You then ask that arrangements get made for the boys in the morning and that if you have to crash you will work during the day and come home a bit sooner at night. Suspecting nothing all is agreed to and you hang up saying if you need anything just call my cell I will have it on all night.

You look down and watch me as I am sucking you. Gabrielle you are bad, do you know how hard that was to talk having your lips around my dick for the first time. By the way babe, when you said you could suck well, you were not kidding, OMG.

Not wanting to rush things I stand up for a nice long kiss. After a few minutes I ask you where you would like to take this. You reply saying you have no problem with where we go however you would like to make love to me for the first time right here in your office.

“I want to be able to come into work every day knowing that you were not only here but that I made love to here. I want to sit on my chair and know that you sat there with me. I want to see my desk and know that I cleared it so that I could sit you up on it to eat your pussy, only to bend you over it after to slide my cock deep into the wet walls of your pussy. And I want to know that I made you cum on my couch. Then we can go where ever you would like”

“Well hun, how could I ever turn down that request. And just so you know, I have all night and I’m off tomorrow.”

You reply with, “Funny, so do I as ……..I’m calling in sick tomorrow!”

That being said we both giggle and melt into each others arms. After a long embrace and a very body warming kiss you step back. Gabrielle, please forgive me but I need to turn the light on. For so long I have waited to look into your eyes and memorize your face.

No prob babe, by all means turn them on, I would prefer it.

With the lights on, our eyes connect. The moment is breath taking and we both fight back the tears. For so long now we have been deeply in love always wondering how we would feel face to face. Neither of us could have ever been prepared for the feelings that we were coming over us at this moment. All the feelings we thought we had for each other were confirmed and yet looking into each others eyes we realized the love we share is greater then either of us could ever have imagined. Again we embrace, only this time it is different, this time we can not let go. Your arms wrap tightly around me as you lean down and whisper for the first time in my ear, Gabrielle, I love you. My body trembles at your words. I lean back making full eye contact with you once again, knowing that even if I were to say nothing you would know by looking at me how deep my love was for you. However, I to share the words and saying “I love you” has never felt so right.

Prior to meeting, images of us making love would run through my thoughts. Often I pictured us not being able to keep our hands off each other, amatör porno clothes hitting the floor in seconds followed by a very intense and passionate session of love making taking place. The feelings between us made that impossible for our first time. Instead a soft tender kiss is what begins it all. We sit down on the couch and just enjoy feeling our lips against each other as our tongues intertwine. Our hands move gently about each other. I feel your hands slip under my tight fitting shirt and you begin to lift it slowly bringing it just above my chest. You look down and notice that my bra is hooked in the front. You reach down and open the clasp allowing it to fall open baring my breasts. Your hands move down slowly and you softly begin to run your fingers around my nipples which quickly become hard. Taking my time I lift your shirt and remove it. My hands move about your warm flesh making myself very familiar with you. No longer being able to resist feeling our skin against each other, you again kiss me only this time leaning forward causing me to lie back on the couch. Now laying down, you move body over mine and continue to kiss me only now your kisses are moving from my lips down to my neck. My fingers are now running through your hair and down the spine of your back causing your body to twitch with excitement. As your head moves down to suck and nibble my breast, your hand glides down my side and you shift your body off to the side a bit. Your hands reach my waist and move across my tummy and I can feel your hand slip into my jeans while your other hand begins to undo them. Once loose your hand begins to massage me. My panties are wet and the need to feel you in me is getting stronger. I reach down and undo your button and zipper allowing my hand to also move about your hardness as I to lay now facing you.

“Darlin’, please make love to me right here right now”

You remove both your pants and mine, now lying naked before each other I can feel you between my legs. I turn my body, again lying on my back and you move onto me, this time very slowly guiding yourself into me.

“Oh God, you feel so good.”

You slowly begin to move yourself in and out of me, allowing me to feel every movement you make. After awhile of enjoying you, I slip you out and before you know it you are under me.

“Sorry baby, but with as good as you feel I’m taking you into me as deep as I possibly can.”

You are so hard that there is no need to guide you in. With my knees bended I slowly lower myself onto you until you are as deep into me as I can possibly take you. Your hands reach up and firmly grasp onto my breast kneading them ever so gently. My hips begin to move allowing me to feel your cock rubbing against every nerve in my pussy. Together we have shared many words and thoughts of love and now is my chance to have you fill me with it. My body begins to thrust against you slowly yet I quickly bring you to climax. Together our excitement builds and we hit orgasm simultaneously. My body again becomes wrapped up in you and we lie there for a few moments taking in what we have just shared.

Our first time was not at all what we expected as we both thought that it would be more crazy and wild. Instead we shared in the beautiful true art of making love. We took it slow and easy, taking the time to enjoy feeling each other for the first time. Getting lost in our kisses and losing ourselves in each other. And now seeing how true our love showered through us, we both agree that we wouldn’t change a thing.

However, now we lie there ready to enjoy even more of each other. You stand up and walk over to your desk taking anal porno a seat behind it. You push the chair in and beckon me over to you. Willingly I stand up, completely revealed and walk toward you. Your hand pats your desk and without saying a word I know that you are asking me to take a seat in front you. You have cleared a space for my naked ass to sit being sure that I am placed directly in front of you. You lift my legs one at time placing them on the arms of your chair giving you a full view of my shaved pussy.

“Excuse me love, but I have some work I need to tend to in order to clear my desk off for the night.”

That being said your face becomes buried between my legs and your tongue goes to work. With your tongue licking me and your fingers making themselves at home in my soaking wet pussy, my mind goes numb. My breathing is shallow and I am barely able to sit still. I let you enjoy yourself for a while until I can take no more. Although I am loving every minute of your tongue lashing I begin to feel needy, as I long to taste you again. Not caring what mess I make, I clear your desk and lay down taking your hand to stand you up. Your face shows me that you were not ready to stop as you were enjoying every sweet taste you were given.

“Baby I will let you continue to eat me, but only if I can have your cock to enjoy at the same time.”

You smile and join me on your desk, willingly shoving every inch of yourself deep into my throat. Still tasting the slight flavor of my pussy I am reminded that we made love for the first time just moments ago and that makes me want you even more. Your pre-cum is teasing me and I so want to have you fill my mouth with as much love as you gave my pussy. I continue to lick and suck you as I also enjoy what is going on between my own legs. My hands are as busy as my mouth is as I reach up to play with your chest. You have now become focused on my clit and your rhythm has me moments away from soaking your face. As my orgasm comes to an end you begin to to thrust your hips and guide yourself in and out of my mouth. I am now getting a good taste of you when suddenly you pull yourself out and get off the desk.

“Sorry Gabs, next time, I promise but right now I need YOU.”

You lift me down and as fast as my feet hit the floor I find myself bent over your desk totally exposing my ass to you.

“May I baby?”

“Hun, with me you never have to ask, just do what feels right in the moment, you’ll know if you should or shouldn’t”

That being said you take you dick and slide it into my excessively wet pussy giving you lots of lubricant and then you slowly begin to work your way into my tight ass. You take it slow at first allowing me to ease you in. After only seconds you can feel that I have relaxed to your touch and you begin to thrust harder and deeper. My ass tightens around you with every outward thrust milking your hard throbbing dick. You reach up and grab my tits squeezing my nipples firmly. After a few minutes your hand moves down to my clit. You caress and pinch it and with your cock in my ass I cum yet again. Your thrust become harder and I beg you to fuck me hard. Not wanting to disappoint, you do just that. Soon you are exploding in my ass and I can feel the warmth of your love running from my body. With pure exhaustion and pleasure, your body lays down against mine resting your head on my back as you cock slowly slips out of me.

Moments later I looked at you and said “well baby, I think your work here is done. Why don’t we lock up and find somewhere that we can settle in together for the night.”

Making eye contact once again we both smile, knowing that the love we share is real and now we finally have physical proof. We get dressed, lock the door and walk out. You grin again knowing that coming back into your office will never be the same again! Hand and hand we walk out and look for a place to spend the night!

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