A Night at Baby’sA Night at Baby’s


1. I could tell something was bothering my son Bob the minute he came in through the door. “What’s wrong Bob?” I asked.

“Nothing Mom,” was his reply.

“What is it? Problems with Carol? You two doing ok?” Carol was Bob’s girlfriend. They had been dating for three years, but lately it seemed to me that he was outgrowing her. They were both graduating from high school in a few months and while Bob already struck me as the college type, Carol didn’t. It was hard to put a finger on, but she seemed immature.

“Carol? Oh I don’t know. I guess. It’s hard to talk about.”

“What is it Bob? You can tell me.”

“Well, sometimes I wonder if she’s just not interested in me anymore.”

“Why do you say that?”

He took a deep breath. “She won’t let me… Ah Mom, this is hard. I’m beginning to wonder if she is still even attracted to me. Be honest. Am I at all good looking?”

“Bob!” You are very handsome,” I told him. I wasn’t lying either. At 6-2 and 210 pounds of muscle, sandy blonde hair and blue eyes, he was very good looking. “Why in the world would you ask a question like that?”

“Well… Uh… Well…She won’t…Hell, all we do is kiss.”

I immediately guessed that Carol wasn’t giving Bob any sex.

“Listen to me. If Carol doesn’t appreciate you, you should find a girl who will. I’ll bet there are plenty of girls who would make you very happy. Hey! Your Birthday is Saturday night. Why don’t you invite someone new to dinner with us?”

It is a long-standing tradition in our household that the birthday person gets to choose the restaurant for their birthday celebration. My husband Dan and the kids always had fun with it. It was fun to watch the kids’ choice change over the years from fast food, to elegant restaurants. Bob hadn’t said yet where he wanted to go, but it was his choice for Saturday night. Maybe an elegant restaurant with a new date would help him get out of this funk.

“Oh, I don’t know about that. I doubt if you’d even go where I’d like,” Bob said.

“Listen Bob. We’ll take you anywhere you like. You know that,” I said.

“OK then, I’d like to go to BABY’s, but I don’t think Suzy can get in. You have to be 18,” Bob blurted.

“No Suzy? What kind of place is this,” I asked.

“It’s more of a bar than a restaurant. Hey, It’s where I want to go. You asked. I answered. If you won’t let me, its no big deal,” Bob said. I could tell he was already disappointed.

“Well let me talk to Suzy and Dan but I’m sure it will be ok if you really want to. Would you want to take a date?” I asked.

“No, just you and Dad. Maybe I’ll get lucky,” Bob answered, smiling.

I got a surprise that night when I talked about the Bob’s choice with my husband Dan. “BABY’s?” he asked. “That’s that new adult club.”

“What new adult club? What is it?” I asked.

“Some guys at the office were talking about it. Topless dancers, lap dancing, porn vids, a sex shop, stuff like that. I guess it gets pretty wild.”

“Oh my God!” I groaned. No wonder he said Suzy couldn’t go.

“Yeah, I’m sure you have to be 18,” Dan said. “I can’t believe he had the balls to even suggest us taking him there. I’ll talk to him.”

I sat stunned thinking about it all for a few minutes. “Well, maybe it’s just what he needs. I think he’s having a problem with sex. He all but told me Carol isn’t giving him any. Maybe he’s too nervous. Maybe having us there would reinforce that sex is normal and ok. What do you think?”

Bob stared at me. “Well, it’s up to you. If you don’t mind, I think you’re probably right. I imagine it will do him good. The only thing we don’t want to do is to go half way with this. If we’re going to show him that sex is ok, it’s cool, but we can’t go in and turn around. That would be worse than saying no up front. If we tell him it’s ok, we’ll have to stay and enjoy ourselves too, or at least let him have his fun.”

“I know,” I said. “But it might be fun. We haven’t had any really wild times for so long. Well, I must be out of my mind, but I’ll talk to Suzy. If she’s not too upset to be let out, I’ll tell Bob we’ll be celebrating at BABY’s.

I was very nervous getting dressed that night. I could tell Dan was very turned on by the prospect of this family outing. We had always had a fairly active sex life, but it had grown a bit routine however since we had made the decision to take Bob to BABY’s we had had sex every night. We had also started to do some of the things we hadn’t done in a long time. We were both pretty wild when we first met and until Bob came along, we had been fairly wild. Since we had agreed to this evening, I was having feelings I thought were gone forever.

As I said, I was nervous getting dressed, but I felt sexy too. I put on a loose low cut knee high sleeveless black dress. I put up my hair and put on more makeup than I had in a long time that gave me a sultry look. I looked in the mirror. “Perfect,” I thought. “Not bad for a 38 year old.” My workouts had paid off. I looked sexy.

Both Yenimahalle Escort Bob and Dan made a fuss as I came down the stairs. “My men,” I thought. “This is fucking nuts.”

Suzy was also there. “Wow Mom. Sexy!” She didn’t have a problem with being left out. She had been giving Bob and her Dad a hard time all week about their night out with the sluts. Plus she had inviting her boyfriend over. She got up from and gave me a hug. “Don’t let those bitches out sex you Mom, you look great.” When she sat back down, the way her breasts jiggled, I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra. “No, you don’t mind being left at home tonight at all,” I thought.

“Well, let’s go guys,” I said. We walked out to the car. Bob held the door open for me. I got in the middle, between Dan and Bob. After about twenty minutes we arrived at BABY’s. It was a large pink building with lots of neon. “BEAUTIFUL GIRLS! ADULT ENTERTAINMENT!, XXX SHOPPING!,” all screamed in blinking neon. We parked and walked up. Bob opened the door and smiled at me.

We walked in.

2. It was dark in the club and the deep bass rhythm was emanating from the next room. Just inside the entrance was a counter with a very pretty blonde girl behind it. The girl was wearing a black vest that barely contained her breasts. Portions of her aureoles were exposed. Behind her was a drawing of a girl riding a rocket, but the rocket was really half rocket, half penis. On it was the word BABY’s. A sign on the counter said: Tonight! In person! Porn Star, SUNNY!” “Hi,” the girl said as she stood up, “Welcome to BABY’s.”

I was taken aback by the drawing, the sign, but mostly by the girl. Bob stepped right up. “Hi,” he said, “Got any girls here?”

“The girl gave him a big smile. “Sure do,” she said, “hottest girls in town. Friendly too.”

Bob turned to me. “Sounds like the place, Mom,” he said.

The girl smiled at me. “Mom?” she said. “Far out!”

“Boy,” Bob said, “I should get Carol a vest like that.”

I looked down and saw that one of the girl’s nipples was exposed. She looked down and smiled, then deftly returned it as far as it would go, just hiding it in the vest. “I’m always flashing everyone in this damn thing,” she said, “but the guys kinda like it. So what will it be? Visitor’s cover for three is thirty dollars.”

“What do you think, Dad?” Bob asked.

“Sure,” Dan said. “It’s your birthday.”

“Well, Happy Birthday!” the girl said. She came around the counter and gave Bob a big hug, which pressed her breasts against his chest. When she stepped back, the nipple was out again. This time she left it exposed and walked back around the counter.

Dan paid the cover and the girl gave us each a BABY’s token and led us into the club. She was wearing a thong that exposed almost all of her butt as she walked past me. Bob quickly stepped in front of me, behind the girl. At first this surprised me. Bob is always a perfect gentleman. He never fails to hold doors open for me and it surprised me to see him step in front of me. It surprised me, that is until I noticed his hand on the girl’s ass. I saw Bob talk to the girl and she led us to a table near the stage. She sat us so Bob was between Dan and me at the table. “Have fun,” she said to us and walked back to her counter.

I looked around the room. The room was dark. Music was playing that had a very deep bass rhythm. The room was crowded with many men in chairs, either facing the stage or facing a girl sitting with them. The girls were in various stages of undress. Some were dancing in front of the men, some sitting on their laps, some sitting next to them watching the stage. The stage was the focal point of the room. It stood about two feet off the floor and was surrounded by lights. Four poles extended from the floor to the ceiling. A door was at the back of the stage.

On stage was a girl with long red hair. She had an athletic body with a very slim waist. All she was wearing was red platform shoes and pink thong panties. She had her eyes shut and moved her body slowly to the music. She ran her hands up her body and cupped her breasts as she moved her hips slowly back and forth.

“Can I get you a drink?” A waitress had come up to our table. She was wearing a frenchmaid dress that was very black, very short, very frilly, and very, very low cut. I realized I had been staring at the girl dancing on the stage and blushed.

“I’ll take a beer,” Dan said.

“I’m not sure what I want,” said Bob. “What would you like Mom?” The waitress smiled at me. I guessed that Bob would be making a point of telling people that this was a family outing tonight. The fact that I was here must have been a bit of a turn on.

“I heard you were a family. I think it’s great,” the girl said to me. “How about if I bring you one of our girl’s specialty drinks?”

“Sure,” I said.

“And what would you like?” she asked Bob.

“Well to tell you the truth, I could really use a blow Ulus Escort job, but I’ll settle for a beer,” Bob said.

I was stunned, but the waitress laughed, then I laughed too. At that moment I knew that this was going to be a fun evening. Bob was enjoying himself, so I would too. The waitress left and I turned back to the stage.

The girl onstage was still dancing. A man had approached the stage and the girl was dancing very close to him. He had a bill and he slipped it deep into her panties. She smiled and kissed him.

3. The song finished and the girl picked up her clothes and left through the door at the back of the stage. The lights dimmed and a new song started. An announcer said, “Let’s all welcome Stacey!” The door opened and a very pretty girl came out. She was about 5-4, and had long blonde hair. She was wearing a black metallic dress, platform heels, and a tall black top hat. Everyone watched her slow and sensual dance.

“Here are your drinks.” The waitress had returned to our table and had again caught me staring at a dancer.

She stood next to me with our drink order and passed them out. “Here you go Hon,” she said and placed a drink in front of me. It was a tall glass of a white liquid. “It’s called a cum shot. All the girls love them; and two beers for the guys.” Instead of going around the table, the girl reached over the table and placed the beers down in front of the guys. Two things happened when she did this. First, the guys got a good, close look down her top, second, her hips rubbed up against my shoulder.

“That will be $11.50,” she said. Dan took 15 and tucked it into her top between her breasts.

“Keep the change.”

“Thanks sir,” she said.

The next song had begun for the girl on the stage. She was now only wearing her shoes, hat, and a g-string. She had large breasts that swayed as she danced. Bob asked me for a dollar. I asked him what it was for, although I knew why he wanted it. “I want to give it to that girl, Mom,” he said. I smiled in spite of myself and handed him a five then placed a stack of bills on the table. He rose from his seat and headed toward the stage. I told my husband that I never imagined myself giving our son money to slip into a girl’s g-string.

Dan laughed. “The night is young,” He said, “There’s bound to be some more surprises before it’s over.”

Bob approached the stage with the bill I had given him. The girl saw him and danced over to him. She got on her knees, leaned toward him, and arched her back so that her breasts were inches from his face. He leaned in, but as he did she smiled and leaned away, teasing him. The stage was about two feet above the floor level and when the girl stood up again and turned around Bob’s face was then inches from her ass. Her head was low, but her hat stayed on her head. She then lifted one leg and turned so that her knee was over his shoulder. She held his head with her hands and started to grind her body. In this position his face was inches from her crotch. If she hadn’t had the g-string Bob would have had a clear view of her pussy. Suddenly, she pulled his head forward and into her crotch, and just as quickly pulled her leg down. She then allowed him to slip the bill into her g-string and gave him a full kiss. They talked for a minute and she danced away. As Bob cam! e back to the table two things were very noticeable. One was the smile on his face the other was the bulge in his pants.

One unnoticeable thing was how much I was getting turned on.

4. Bob sat down with a big smile on his face and said, “That was great.” The song ended and the girl picked up her dress, but instead of leaving through the door at the back of the stage, she walked down the steps next to the stage. She was still only wearing the g-string and a top hat, and as she walked her breasts bounced slightly. I quickly realized she was heading toward our table.

She walked around my husband and up to where Bob was sitting. She sat on his lap and asked him if he would like some company. He of course said he would. The topless girl sitting on my son’s lap introduced herself as Stacey.

She asked if we were members. My son showed her the tokens we had received from the door girl. Stacey looked at them and told Bob that she couldn’t stay with him for very long. She explained that there were two kinds of passes at the club, the visitor pass and the membership pass. The visitor’s pass which we had covered entrance. A dancer could stop at a table and visit, but with a visitor’s pass she had to be hired for a twenty-dollar dance or she could not stay. With the member pass the entrance fee was half, and a girl could stay at the table of the member, until she had to dance on stage again.

That night it also turned out that a pornographic movie star was making an appearance at the club. Visitors could not get into that area of the club, only members. My son wanted us to join immediately and my husband was ready too, but I was still not sure it was worth it, after all we would probably never be back. Then Stacey told us that because of a city ordinance the club closed to the public at midnight, but members could stay until 3:00 am. That did it. It was already almost ten o’clock and I didn’t think I would ever get my husband or son out of there within two hours, so we decided to become members. Stacey said she would take care of everything, got up, and headed toward the door. There was not a bit of shyness in the girl as she walked across the room toward the front door, still wearing only her g-string and top hat. She returned with the girl in the black vest and thong that had taken our covers and showed us to our seats.

Stacey introduced the girl who took the cover and sat back on Bob’s lap. The other girl explained that the membership fee was $200/person and confirmed the benefits as Stacey had done. She also apologized for not explaining it to us further when we had first come in, but she told us she didn’t think we would be interested (She looked at me and said that they didn’t exactly have a family plan). She then assured us that she would credit our membership with the money we had already spent. She then went round the table and wrote us each out a membership card. While she wrote them out, her wayward nipple poked out of the vest again.

All this time Stacey was on my son’s lap and his hands were roaming all over her body.

5. Stacey wasn’t a bit shy sitting topless on my son’s lap. It was odd, but I felt very comfortable talking to her. She asked all about our family. More than once I thought to myself, how happy she could make Bob. She was 19 and was studying at the local college. She said she was dancing because the money was good, it was a great way to keep fit, and because it was a turn on to make so many men horny.

We had watched a few dancers go through their routine when a girl in a long white dress came out onto the stage. I did a double take. The girl looked very much like Suzy. I looked at Dan and thought from his stare that he was thinking the same thing. It wasn’t Suzy of course. This girl was a bit taller and her hair was a bit shorter, but the resemblance was really kind of startling.

“Wow!” Bob said, “That girl looks just like Suzy!”

“Really?” said Stacey, “That’s Jenny. She’s one of my best friends here. She’s great! A total slut.”

As Jenny started her dance I looked at my watch. 11:30 p.m. I wondered what Suzy was up to.

The girl looked very young and innocent in her long white dress. It was hard to imagine that she could possibly be described as a slut.

The music played and she danced. At one point she ran and leapt to the pole wrapping her legs around it and sliding slowly down. She pulled herself up then slid back down. With her legs wrapped tightly around the hard steel, I was sure she was feeling it rub her with the motion she was giving it. She got off the pole and ran to another. This time she flipped her legs up as she grabbed the pole with her hands. Her legs then wrapped around it above her and she was again straddling it, only this time upside down. Of course the dress fell down exposing legs. At first she appeared naked under her dress and the crowd cheered and clapped. She was however wearing a pair of flesh colored panties. She held onto the pole with her hands and unwrapped her legs. Still upside down, she split her legs and straightened her knees until they were parallel with the ground, her toes pointing toward opposite ends of the stage. The song ended and she deftly flipped back on her feet, s! miled and took a bow.

The next song started and she was soon out of the dress. Many guys came to the stage to tip her. She smiled and kissed each one. The song ended and the next one began.

6. The song was a slow sensual one. Jenny stood in the middle of the stage, almost completely still. Slowly her body began to move with the music as the song picked up tempo. She began to spread her legs as she lowered herself to the stage floor. There her hands began to roam all over her body, caressing, squeezing, and rubbing.

The entire club was quiet, watching this innocent looking girl practically masturbating on the stage.

Stacey whispered into Bob’s ear and he nodded in agreement. Without asking he reached over and took another five from the money sitting on the table. The two of them stood up and headed toward the stage.

Stacey arrived first. Jenny slowly moved over to her and the two girls kissed deeply. As they did, Jenny caressed Stacey’s breasts and Stacey caressed Jenny’s ass. Bob watched as he stood next to Stacey. They broke their kiss and Stacey kissed Bob. Stacey then turned so she was sitting on the edge of the stage. Next, she reclined back so she was lying face up on the stage with her hips at the stage edge. Motioning to her, Jenny quickly lowered herself so that she was straddling Stacey’s face. Stacey’s hands reached up and grasped Jenny’s waist and pulled her down further. The only possible barrier between Stacey’s mouth and jenny’s pussy might were the panties Jenny was still wearing. It was impossible to see if Stacey’s tongue had pushed the panties aside because Jenny’s legs blocked our view. Based on Jenny’s reaction, it sure did seem likely that she was being eaten.

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