A New Teacher’s Welcoming Pt. 04A New Teacher’s Welcoming Pt. 04


Apologies for being so tardy in writing this next chapter. I’ve already commenced the next, and possibly final, chapter.

You can read this in isolation, but it will make it easier to read the previous three chapters. Enjoy.


So much for a quiet country life.

When I moved to Coolamein as a first year out teacher I wasn’t expecting to have had a wild threesome with two students at the school, watch an orgy involving my head teacher and the principal’s wife, fucking an Asian housemaid married to a violent husband or the experience of double penetrating the mother of one of the aforementioned students I’d fucked on my first night in town.

I was expecting mind-numbing boredom and sport. Not cock-reddening sex.

With my mind and body still sizzling from my first ever MFM threesome only an hour earlier I took the back entrance, so to speak, into the pub.

I had about another 30 minutes before Erika, the owner of the hotel and mother of Georgie, the other schoolgirl I fucked in the threesome, wanted me to work in the bar. Quickly I shuffled myself into the shower, had a shave, splashed on some cologne, took a multivitamin, donned my black jeans and a white shirt, and headed downstairs.

On my way I noticed that all the rooms upstairs had been booked out and various signs were stuck to the doors indicating who was staying where, and a bunch of acronyms like WDRC and SDRC were handwritten under each.

The bar was certainly humming when I wandered in and Erika and an unknown bloke were busy pouring the beers and glasses of wine for the throng of older middle aged people that were no doubt the centre of tonight’s event.

Erika eyeballed me as I scanned the room for a recognisable face and as soon as our eyes met she pointed towards the dining room. I spun on my heels and tucking in my shirt I headed into the throng.

I nodded at a few of the guests and saw that they all wore name badges indicating that they were from various district Rotary Clubs. Even at this early hour many of the members were discernibly drunk and in my experience working in pubs while at uni this was going to turn ugly, but in a fun way.

They were all clearly in their mid to late 50s and beyond, and apart from myself there was only one other person below that average age in the meeting, Erin.

Three podgy men at the bar were eyeing her off as she poured beer after beer with a skill that belied her relative inexperience.

After I nudged and nodded my way through the crowd and got behind the bar I could see what the old pervs were captivated by. Erin was wearing a very sheer and short white blouse and a black mini skirt that clung nicely to the arse I wanted so desperately to grab a hold of.

“Hi Erin, I just fucked your mum, fancy a good shagging after work?” Is what I wanted to say, but I kept the filthy thoughts to myself and just spoke her name as a way of saying hello.

Erin looked at me with welcome surprise and gave me a quick up and down. “Well hello…..” she paused as she seemed to think about what to call me. “….Julian, I didn’t know you were helping out tonight.”

The three fat leers turned as one like a row of carnival clowns towards me.

“Yeah well, Erika must have been pretty bloody desperate to get someone like me in,” I said to them.

“Do you even know how to use the till? Or pour a beer?” Erin quizzed.

“Both,” I said with a ‘don’t be a smart arse’ smirk. “I’ve been working in pubs since I was your age.”

With that cute smile she sat on a nearby stool, crossed her long tanned legs, pulled out her phone and said, “Off you go then. Time for my break.”

“Just the one login for the till?”

“It’s Coolamein, not Coogee Bay.”

I just chuckled at her retort and began the process of inane chatter, pouring beers, glasses of Savvy B and Rose for the ladies whilst trying not to stare too much at Erin.

The three clowns eventually made their ways back to their rotund wives and the bar emptied as the inanities of a Rotary Club meeting began.

“It’s like a cult, isn’t it?” Erin whispered after finally ending her 15 minutes of mindless scrolling. “Or at least how I think cults would be.”

“Well, yeah I suppose they are, in a way. A cult without blood sacrifices.”

Erin sidled up right next to me, her hip brushing mine, clearly breaking the normal distance two employees would maintain between each other.

“We’ll need to serve them their meals soon,” she whispered, “One of us stays here at the bar, the other does the meal drops.”

I nodded and ever so gently moved against her to see if she’d move. She didn’t.

“You can do entree and dessert, I’ll do mains,” I said to her.

“No,” she quickly replied. “You’re doing all the drops. Some of these blokes are dirty old pervs. They’ll probably try to feel me up.”

“And what about the women? Crikey, some of them aren’t much better. Give them some lady petrol and they’re all up for it.”

“Lady petrol?” Erin asked.

“Rose`,” I said. “Gets them going.”

Erin let out a soft, çankaya escort sexy chuckle and then spun around 180 degrees and rested sensually back on the counter. As she did so her breasts lifted and her midriff became exposed. I so wanted to rest my hands on her tight abdomen and slide my hand either up to her pert tits or down to her tight twat.

“You know,” she whispered, “I’ve heard that some of them swap partners after these meetings, that these regional meetings are a real shag fest.”

I almost laughed out loud but instead I gazed into her beautiful brown eyes before glancing down towards her beckoning bosom.

“Ya reckon?” I said. “Not too many here that I’d wanna see naked.”

Without words Erin just tilted her head ever so slightly, raised an eyebrow and gave me a wry smile. I knew what she meant.

“Yeah, well. There is one.” Erin softly bit her bottom lip and turned her head toward the group.

“I know that,” she said softly. “But do you see that lady over in the corner with the short grey hair?”

I glanced over towards the lady and gazed long enough for her to see me doing so, and subsequently she smiled back.

“Yep,” Erin continued, “She’s been staring at you since you came in.”

“Piss off,” I said. “She’d be at least 50.” Then I considered how old Erin’s recently fucked mother was, and I reconsidered.

As I gazed back at the woman I failed to notice that Erin had dropped her right hand down below the counter because the next moment I felt her hand upon my groin.

I flinched as if someone had thrown boiling water on my lap.

“I think she wants a piece of Mr Hornyman,” she said. I was genuinely flustered as I corrected myself, looked over towards the main bar to see if anyone had seen what had happened, adjusted my growing cock and felt my face redden as an involuntary blush made itself present.

‘Fucking hell,” I said. “Simmer down, woman.”

Of course the one person who saw what happened was the grey-haired woman whose knowing look was also noticed by Erin.

“See,” she said before peeling away from the bar and heading into the storeroom. “She’s up for it.”

I began the restacking and clearing of glasses as the meeting continued when Erin whispered out to me.

“They’re ready for entrees in the kitchen. It’s just back behind the other bar. I’ll take over here.”

I gave her a salute and dutifully walked into the kitchen to be met by two more women I was kind of happy to see.

Standing behind a large table upon which sat alternating plates of entrees was Georgie and next to her was Lin, the Asian cleaner I’d nicely fuck again, despite the potential for serious violence to be meted upon my person.

“Ladies,” I said as a way of greeting. “How are you both?”

“We’re actually all fine,” Erika said from the corner of the kitchen that I hadn’t paid any attention to whatsoever.

“Hi Erika, sorry, didn’t see you there.”

Erika just shook her head and got straight into business.

“Alternate drop, let them sort out what they want but there are no spares so they just have to deal with it. There are four vego ones coming and I’m sure they’ll let you know who they are.”

“With a nod and a smile, and a quick glance at Georgie’s arse, I grabbed the first handful of plates and headed back to the dining room.

As expected the vegetarians protested, plates were swapped and when I got to the lady with the grey hair.. I realised that Erin was right.

No one else said anything as I passed the plates out, there was barely a thanks. Not with Mrs Greyhair though.

“Hello there,” she said. “I’ve never seen you here before.”

“New to town,” I said. “Teacher at the high school and just helping out here tonight.”

“Oh interesting,” she said. “Are you living in town?”

“Actually, I’m staying here for now. The search continues for somewhere better.”

“Here at the pub? A group of us are staying here as well,” she said with a hint of mischief.

“I noticed the signs on the door. Quite the crowd in here tonight.”

“They get a bit rowdy these regional meetings,” said a gentleman to her right. “We should have a drink once it’s over, what do you say?”

I looked at them both and very quickly ascertained their objective.

“Sounds like a great idea,” I said with a wry smile that even Erin noted on my return to the bar.

“What did I tell you?” she said. “Get an invite to their swingers club did you?”

“If you weren’t a student of mine I’d tell you to fuck off.”

She giggled and leaning on the bar looked me deep in the eyes. Once again I could see her mother in hers.

“How were Lin and Georgie?” She asked.

“Great thanks, much nicer than you of course.” To be honest, they weren’t.

“If you weren’t a teacher of mine I’d tell you to fuck off too.”

Our little flirtatious slanging match was interrupted by the meeting throughout the evening with both Lin and Georgie also adding their own remarks whenever I ventured into the kitchen.

Once cebeci escort the meeting was called to an end and the guests began to disappear the grey haired lady and her suitor approached me at the bar. There were still about 30 of them gibbering on.

“I’m Mandy,” she said. “This is my husband Phil.”

“Julian,” I said, extending my hand for the customary shake.

“We can see that you’re busy but seriously would you like to join us for a quick drink after you’re finished,” Phil asked. “We’ll either be over at the bar or up in room 14 with a few other friends if you’re interested.”

I could see by Mandy’s look of horny expectation exactly what Phil meant.

“And it’s Erin isn’t it?” Mandy called out to her. Shocked, Erin just nodded and went back to serving another old bloke.

“By the way,” Mandy whispered to me, “Her mum Gill, she says hi.”

I felt my eyes widen and my stomach did a loop as I once more realised that the small town telegraph worked faster than fibre-optic cables.

I was unable to speak at that moment and just forced an uncomfortable smile. Was she threatening me? How much did she know?

“So, room 14, don’t be too late,” Phil whispered.

As soon as they moved away Erin flung a damp rag at me and said “What was that all about?”

“Somehow they know you,” I said. “Fucking country towns, you can’t fart without everyone talking about it.”

I really didn’t want to go to room 14, but now I was trapped. If Mandy told Erin about me fucking her mum, that would be it, all over, Red Rover.

I kept a close eye on the group dynamics of the remaining Rotarians as they gradually got drunker and drunker. None of the women were really offensive although some of the men were carrying far more kilograms than what is considered a healthy weight.

I gathered up the last of the crockery and dutifully carried it into the kitchen where only Erika and Lin were now at work. The front bar was nearly empty except for one surly looking fucker, one nerdy bloke that looked kind of familiar and Georgie who was cleaning out the trays and washing glasses.

“Big night then,” I said to the room.

“It went well,” Erika said, “You’ve done this a few times before. I can tell. Thanks.”

“The pleasure was all mine.”

“I’ll be sending the girls upstairs soon, could you help Lin and I finish up? We’ll make sure you’re compensated.”

“Certainly,” I said, imagining Erika and Lin in a threesome.

“When will I cut them off?”

“Whenever you like. They’ll just go to their rooms and carry on all night.”

In the background Lin smiled and winked at me and I gave her a quick smile back.

I sauntered back into the bar where Erin was wiping down the bar and at least half the group had left, leaving only eight of them mingling together.

“So, I have to go now,” she said as she nodded at the clock on the wall. “10.30 is far too late for us young folk, apparently.”

My disappointment filled the room. “What, you’re pissing off?”

“Erika just texted me. Georgie and I and Uncle Bob.”

“Who’s Uncle Bob? Is he that surly fucker in the front bar?”

“That’s him. Erika’s brother.”

“Erika’s brother is Lin’s husband?”

Erin looked at me as if I was mad, and said so.

“You mad? Her husband is the complete opposite. He’s a teacher as well. Geography and stuff like that.”

Then it dawned on me. The nerdy bloke in the bar was Lin’s husband. It was no wonder he looked familiar. He worked in the same school as I did, just in a different department. A man who looked like Mr Bean and couldn’t crack the skin on a custard was supposedly some violent assassin. I knew that I had been had.

“He’s nice and all, but she’s a mail order bride. There’s heaps of them around town. Big community of them.”

I was silent as Georgie’s warning replayed in my head. Erin could read it.

“You’ve worked out that Georgie was having you on?” She laughed softly at my stupidity.

“Okay,” I said. “Piss off upstairs. Before Uncle Bob finds you here talking to me.”

She flung the detergent and beer soaked rag at me once more before stepping back into the small store room.

With a quick glance to the remaining eight in the bar she stepped back out of sight, took a pair of sheer panties off the shelf and waved them teasingly at me. With that cheeky smile that I adored she lifted her right leg and hooked her foot around the elastic before doing the same with her left and then very slowly pulled them up to her thighs.

“Missed that opportunity, didn’t you Mr Hornyman?”

I shook my head in bitter disappointment and wondered if Georgie was the same.

“So,” I said, “Third period tomorrow isn’t it?”

She sauntered up to me and whispered, “I like to drive down there in the morning, go for a run along the river then I usually have a dip at Robertson’s Beach.”

“Robertson’s,” I said, to reinforce the location. “And what time do you usually get there?

“It varies,” she teasingly çukurambar escort said. “Just get up early and wait there.”

I watched her arse as she passed me by and she must have felt it as she looked back to make sure I was.

When I turned back to the bar, Mandy was there with three empty glasses in her hand. Phil was standing right next to her with a wide grin on his dial.

“She’s just beautiful,” she said to me, “Reminds me of myself about 30 odd years ago. They’re all so self-assured nowadays, full of confidence.”

I nodded and asked her what she would like.

“Well,” she looked me up and down, “If I can’t be 30 years younger, at least my men can be.”

I was somewhat taken aback by her straightforward speaking, but in a way it was refreshing to the complicated innuendo by so many of my city compatriots playing their mind games and gender wars.

“And apart from that, what would you like to drink? A slippery nipple? An orgasm? Between the sheets?” I asked.

“All of the above and more,” she laughed. “But for now, two vodka sodas and a straight Irish whiskey.”

“Coming right up,” I said, to which she quickly responded, “Wherever you want!”

After I handed over the drink Phil handed me a handful of bills, coins and a blue tablet that I’d never thought I would ever need.

“From what we’ve heard from Gill, you may need a bit of assistance after that workout you your mate gave her this afternoon,” he said. “You’ll have no problems fitting in.”

I just smiled and put the pill in my top pocket, but Phil was insistent.

“Go on now, it won’t hurt. Besides, there’s about four ladies that you’ll need to satisfy.”

There weren’t four ladies left in the bar so I could only assume the little party had already commenced.

“It can’t hurt,” I said as I popped the pill in my mouth and washed it down with a glass of disconcertingly warm water.

I continued my duties cleaning up, preparing for the bar to close, and asked Erika if she wanted me to turn the beer lines off, she said yes so I headed into the cellar and began the process. I was unfamiliar with the somewhat aged system and it took longer than expected.

When I was finally sure I’d done my job I climbed back into the bar to find Erika alone at the till, bagging the cash and printing a total.

“They’ve gone, thank Christ,” I said.

“They’re an interesting bunch,” she said, “Mandy mentioned that you met Erin’s mother.”

Once more my skin crawled in fear as she continued.

“Looking at staying in her cottage or something?”

I’m not sure if she could hear my breath slowly exiting my mouth in relief, but I could.

“Yeah, yeah, the agent Marcus took me out there and showed me around this afternoon.” I was getting good at creating a lie on the fly. “I’m not sure about it to be honest, I like my privacy and that seems a bit, well, odd.”

“Odd she is,” she said. “I didn’t tell you this, but Erin caught her with two of her friends from school. That’s why she’s here.”

“I take it she wasn’t tutoring them in maths or anything.”

“Physical education, and that’s about it.”

What I did find interesting is that Erin had invited two friends over in the first place, but I didn’t pose that question.

“It looks like I’ll be here a bit longer then,” I said, to which she replied that she enjoyed having someone on call that wasn’t her brother.

“He’s such a moody prick,” she said. “His second wife pissed off just like his first one because of his totally fucked, agro attitude.”

“Right, he does seem to have issues.”

“Lays on the charm during the seduction process, then becomes our father when they’re hitched.”

Erika pulled $150 out of the bag, wrote a note on a piece of paper, added it to the bag before handing me the cash.

“Woah,” I said. “That’s far too much.”

“It comes with the condition of extended accommodation, and the odd shift here and there because this weekend my charming brother is fucking off to work in a mine up north.”

“Oh, good stuff. Do you have someone to do all your shifts?”

“Nope,” she smiled at me. “I was kind of hoping that you could help out of a night, not every night mind you, just the busy ones.”

“I can do that.” I could see where Georgie got the charm from.

Erika tapped her hands on the bar and announced that as her brother was leaving and she would need to open up in the mornings, that tonight it was time for a drink.

I accepted the invitation and within a minute two glasses of Irish whiskey and a half open bottle of Green Spot were on the bar.

Erika made no secret of her desire to get plastered.

As soon as she loosened up her story came out. An unfaithful and abusive ex-husband, her battle for the hotel was retold, the difficulties of finding a partner and living in a small town.

Then I retold my story of relationship remorse and it was about 30 minutes after we had begun that the booze really seemed to hit us both.

“Maybe we should both just go up to room 14,” she said. “I really would enjoy a nice hard fuck.”

“Woah,” I laughed out loud. “Where’d that come from?”

“Well, you know, whiskey makes you frisky, plus, I’ve heard that your little visit to Gill’s wasn’t all as innocent as you suggest.”

“Oh,” was all I could muster. “I wasn’t sure about, you know, the girls. How they’d react.” I nodded upstairs.

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