A New Nudist Family Ch. 02A New Nudist Family Ch. 02


Susan’s eyes opened wide as she saw the huge, circumcised, 7-inches throbbing member dangling between her son’s legs.”Wow, look at his dick!” Justin heard his sister, Emily, exclaim. “It’s huge!””My, oh, my!” his mother exclaimed. “My son is shaved like me too.”His cock was engorged and swollen, and it looked big for sure. He realized that his cock was getting hard again, but before he got fully erect, he quickly sat back down on the chair and managed to push his fast-hardening cock down between his legs and out of their sight.They started eating their dinner completely naked. Susan did most of the talking, and sometimes Emily joined her. On the other hand, Justin was silent. All through the dinner, he kept his boner tucked between his thighs, hoping it would go away eventually. Unfortunately, it was the opposite. After being erect for a while, Justin had already started leaking. The head of his cock glistened with the fresh precum, covering most of his inner thighs. His mother understood why her son was not talking, but she didn’t say anything. She hadn’t expected that her young son would be so big and thick! She was glad to see him as big as her late husband, Justin’s late father. She felt her nipples getting erect and moisture forming between her legs. She quickly crossed her legs and tried hard to concentrate on eating and sometimes talking to her kids. Justin glanced at his mother’s and sister’s tits. He was surprised when he noticed both of their nipples were erect. He wasn’t sure whether it was for him or something else.”Emily, you need to rinse the dishes today,” Susan said, as she cleared the table.”It’s Justin’s duty today,” Emily said.”Nope,” Susan said, shaking her head from left to right and vice versa. “Your brother did that yesterday; so, you need to do this today.””Okay, fine!” She said and reluctantly walked over to the sink.Susan asked her son to leave the kitchen as soon as Emily had her back to him, so she could scrub the floor as well. He got up so fast, pushing the chair over, that it fell on the floor. The loud crash caused his mother and sister to turn around, and his erection, which he had tucked between his thighs, popped up, making a loud smack when it hit his stomach. The excessive amount of precum made Antep Escort his inner thighs so sloppy that they couldn’t hold the huge boner in between them.It was so sudden that everyone was shocked for a moment. The three of them stood in stunned silence as his sister and mother stared at his huge, hard cock. His boner was stuck out in front of them in all its glory, and the large flaring head was throbbing with each heartbeat.It felt like an eternity until Susan said, “Justin, honey, go to your room.”Justin walked quietly to his room and closed the door. He felt embarrassed and humiliated. He lay on his bed and started stroking his cock, holding it in his right hand. It was their first time naked together, and he wasn’t able to control his cock!What were they thinking about him? How could he face them? They might be thinking how perverted he was. All sorts of thoughts ran through his head again.Justin had his back to the door; his face was red with embarrassment, and he was gently stroking his cock.”Justin?”He turned around and saw his mother standing at the door.She came into the room and sat on his bed. He felt so ashamed that he couldn’t bear to look at her. He turned his head away, covering his boner with both of his hands.”It’s alright, honey.” She tried to soothe him and put her hand over her son’s hands, on his hard cock.”I know it’s difficult for boys of your age to control their erections,” she said, squeezing his hands and erection. “I’ve already explained it to your sister.””I want to tell you that it’s absolutely fine if you get hard around us. We understand it, and we don’t think it’s bad,” she added, guiding his hands slowly up and down his shaft.Justin didn’t say anything and looked at his mother. He was old enough to understand what his mother was doing, but he wanted to go with the flow. Soon, she picked up the pace, holding his hands in hers and bringing him close to cumming. Susan stood up and leaned over him so that her breasts, with erected nipples, could brush her son’s chest. As she gave him a gentle, motherly kiss on his lips, she let go of his hands and reached down, cupping his balls and fondling them.”Ahhh…” Justin moaned and shot huge loads of gooey cum all over his mother’s tits and Antep Escort Bayan a little bit of it on his own belly. Susan stood up with a grin on her face. She looked at her son, who was then lying in his bed, exhausted. His rock-hard cock had already become soft, shining with sticky white cum. She could again feel the moisture between her legs. She kissed him on the forehead and left with her swollen, wet pussy. As Justin watched his mother walk towards the open door of his bedroom, he noticed that his sister was standing in the doorway. Her nipples were erect, and her facial expression was adequate to tell him that she had seen everything.”Good night, dear.” His mother turned around and turned the lights off. He was so tired that he instantly dozed off. That night, he not only dreamed of jerking off for his mother and sister but also had wet dreams while sleeping.When Justin woke up in the morning, his stomach and chest were covered in dried cum stains and flakes. His door was still open, and he could smell the coffee and the delicious smell of breakfast. He walked down the steps and entered the kitchen. He saw his mother cooking and talking with Emily, who was sitting at the breakfast table.”Justin’s awake,” Emily said. “Good morning, bro.””Good morning, son,” Susan said as she turned around and looked at him.”Good morning to both of you.”Justin was about to sit at the table when his mother stopped him.”You look like a mess,” she said, pointing her finger at him. “You need a shower first.””I’m hungry,” he said and sat on one of the chairs. “I’ll take a shower after breakfast.”Susan didn’t say anything and poured him a cup of coffee. Justin noticed his sister looking at him. It took him a few seconds to realize that she was looking at the dry cum on his body. He looked at himself and then at Emily. As their eyes met, they both blushed.”I-I guess that I should take a shower first,” he said hastily.”You’ve already started eating, so finish your breakfast first,” his mother ordered. “You can bathe with your sister after you finish eating.””What?” Both Justin and Emily exclaimed at the same time. They glanced again at each other, and their faces turned beat red.”Well, my dear children, since we’re all nudists, Escort Antep I don’t think there’s any reason for us to bathe separately anymore. Also, the shower and tub are big enough to hold the three of us.”“Are the three of us going to shower together?” he asked.”Not today,” his mother replied. “I’ve already showered, so you and your sister can shower together after breakfast.””But, mum…”Justin was about to say something, but Susan stopped him, saying, “No more talking. Both of you finish your breakfast and head straight to the shower.””This is going to be even better than I had imagined,” Emily giggled.Justin and Emily finished their breakfast and helped their mother clean the dishes. Susan left as she wanted to sunbathe by the pool in the backyard before it got too hot. Emily and Justin headed to the bathroom. On their way to the bathroom, he tried hard not to stare at his sister’s ass. He couldn’t help but watch his sister’s little tight ass wiggle as she walked, and her long, straight blonde hair felt halfway down her back. When they got to the bathroom, Emily reached into the shower stall to turn the water on, lifting her left leg to balance herself and giving her brother a magnificent view of her lovely pussy.”Oops, sorry!” She turned to face her brother, one of her index fingers resting on her lower lip and gently biting it.Justin couldn’t keep his eyes off his younger sister. His gaze moved down from her free-hanging breasts to her flat and toned stomach and eventually to her well-trimmed pubic hair.Suddenly, Emily grabbed his hand and led him into the shower. He saw her sit on the shower stool and spread her legs open. Then she tugged on his hand, and he slowly sank to his knees between her spread legs. For the first time ever, Justin found himself gazing into his own sister’s aroused cunt. He could smell the intoxicating odor of her arousal.”Do you want to taste it, big brother?” she asked, looking down at his face.Justin raised his head and looked at her. She was eagerly waiting for an answer. He couldn’t help but shake his head up and down. He slowly leaned forward and gently brushed his tongue over her swollen pussy lips. His ears filled with the sound of his sister’s moaning as he spread her pussy lips apart before pushing his tongue deep into her cunt. He sucked and licked her swollen, wet pussy, savoring the taste of her. Emily’s pussy tasted so tangy and ripe from her juices. She began grinding her pussy over her brother’s face and started moaning harder and harder.

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